Lefty’s In-Vestments – Round 5 Part 1

LeftysInvestmentsWelcome back to Lefty’s In-Vestments, where I will have a crack at picking the dreaded green vests for each weeks games. Last week I was pretty happy with 9 of my first or second vest picks being correct – 50% is a pretty fair average for this sort of thing I reckon?

This is Part 1 of round 5, so here are my predicted greenies for the first 2 games of this round.


Collingwood Magpies

In – Goldsack

Out – J. Thomas

Last 4 Subs – Dwyer, Seedsman, Fasolo, D. Thomas

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Seedsman

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Dwyer


Essendon Bombers

In – Colyer, Crameri, Hardingham

Out- Pears, Hurley, Melksham

Last 4 Subs – Zaharakis, Kommer, Colyer, Winderlich

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Davey

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Merrett


Saint Kilda Saints

In – Dempster, Saunders, Lee, Murdoch, Koschitzke

Out- Simpkin, Maister, Milera, Milne, Ray

Last 4 Subs – Dennis-Lane, Schneider, Ray, Ross

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Saunders

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Murdoch


Sydney Swans

In – Bird, Everitt

Out- LRT, Morton

Last 4 Subs – Armstrong, Bird, Bird, Morton

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Bird

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Armstrong


So there you have it – my views on the likely vests for the first 2 games of this round. Hope this helps you in deciding who to start on the field (or even trade in/out)

I will do the other 7 games tomorrow night once teams are announced.

Enjoy the magical atmosphere of one of my favourite games of the year – the hairs stand up on every true Australians neck when that bugle starts playing at the start of the Pies and Bombers blockbuster.

Lest we forget – raise a glass to remember our brave servicemen.



  • i hope dwyer isnt im the kermit suit

  • You will be able to bench him if he is before partial lockout

  • Lest We Forget

  • Where is a reliable site to find out late changes and especially the sub for any game? AFL.com, since it has been “improved” has become decidedly unfriendly to the point of being fantasy irrelevant. Despite advertising being “the first for all the teams” they did not have the Pies vs Dons teams yesterday until very late, after a number of other sites.

    • The AFL’s twitter is a quite reliable source of info, also the DT Talk twitter.

  • Who has the best js, mayes or evans?

    • Mayes has better JS. But Evans has better cash generation in the short term.

    • Both I reckon have good js considering where there teams are, Mayes edges on class but doesn’t mean he will out score Evans.

    • seems pretty equal. perhaps mayes with rich being out?

  • Shags- Jeppas Juniors is the best source i reckon on the rooks, like him i have mayes on top and am getting him this week

  • dwyer, macaffer or mayes on the field?
    heath, stevenson or terlich on the field?

    one from each line please?

  • do you guys reckon its worth doing the loophole when youve got swan?

    • Hird says they are going to try and limit swans impact on the game. So with that in mind yes I would if I could but I can’t which sucks

    • Can be risky. Tried it a couple of weeks ago and got caught a player short when Beau Waters dropped out at the last minute and I was not tuned in to get the info.

  • Thanks lefty
    It is a tough article this one.
    Just wondering what do u think Mayes chances are of getting the vest?
    Or should I just play it safe and go either dyer or macaffer on the field as I will know if they are the sub or not.

    • brisbane are playing melbourne so its very unlikely they will play mayes sub against such an easy side

    • With Hanley, McGrath and Rich injuries, I would’ve thought one of the replacements would be prime candidates for the vest. If not them, then there are a couple of guys already in the team who would be ahead of Mayes IMO (Paperone, Docherty).

      So no chance.

  • Dinky Di – cheers mate. I have the same issue between dwyer, mcaffer or mayes. If dwyer isnt the sub then i may just start him over mayes

  • anyone else having trouble viewing the fanfooty website?

  • What does JS stand for?

  • Should i start Dwyer or Mayes on the field?

  • Are subs named at all before the game?

  • Who should i start on field Dwyer or Neade

    • if dwyer isn’t sub then i’d have him on field

      • I would think Neade will get green or red this week, Dwyer won’t be sub and Colyer will be for Ess not merret.

  • Brak

    Now we know Goldsack has the Green vest who to start out of Maccafer or Dwyer. I’m putting Neade on the bench as don’t want to risk the chance of him getting the gree. (which I doubt, and he will score pretty low I think vs Eagles)

    • I have none of them on my field. Dwyer is my MID emerg, Caff is my FWD emerg and Neade is FWD bench

      • Brak

        Then are you starting rookies which haven’t even been named to play yet or could be a potential green vest sub? I know we can still change our teams and I haven’t made any trades yet, as I will wait for full teams and today’s games won’t affect my plans.

        • Brak

          from your post I take it you would put Caff before Dwyer so thanks.

          • Brak

            wtf would love to delete that shite I just wrote, I mean at least the two magpies before Neade.

    • How did you find out Goldy was the sub?