Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 5

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Arrggggg welcome back to the greatest captains advice going around. Wow I have a big edition lined up for you, it’s going to be huge. Make sure you read it VERY carefully, especially the info about the Loop Hole because it can be a little tricky for the dummies out there.

loopdeloopThis week is going to be verrrry interesting as we have a LOOP HOLE ©. When the first Thursday game starts (Coll/Ess), all Collingwood, Essendon, St Kilda and Sydney players will be locked in. Yep ALL. Plus, you can not reverse trades after this time either.

Simply… put your VC on someone playing in these games, such as Swanny/Pendles/Kennedy/Watson and if you like their score, place your ‘C’ on a player NOT playing (maybe Patton/Currie). This will score you a 0 and the score from the VC is doubled and stays. Make sure you have also selected an Emergency in this position so their score replaces the 0 as well.  If you don’t like the score from your VC, then place your ‘C’ on another one of your superstars as you normally would. Easy hey!

You just need to really make sure you DON’T have a guy playing if you are doing this. A late inclusion will devastate you and completely ‘balls up’ your weekend.

ANZAC Day Specialists

What an amazing day ANZAC Day is. A day of reflection and thanks … and a day to sit back and watch our DT scores pile up as well. In the past this has been just the case. Scott Pendlebury is an absolute ANZAC Day specialist. He has scored 113 and 166 in the last 2 years in this game and had 106 and 113 on the Bombers last year. He only had 86 last week, but there’s not many better on this big day on the MCG. Jobe Watson will be there and he had scores of 112 and 104 last year against the Pies. They won’t man him up and if he can find enough of the pill, he too should be pretty good. As might his teammate in Brent Stanton. Despite never carving the Pies to pieces, he’s the type of player who just might have a field day with all their head-to-head match ups. He’s averaged 127 in his last 3 games this year and had 142 (vs Melb) last time he was at the MCG. Over his career of 17 games against Collingwood, he has cracked the 100 mark 42% of the time with his only massive score occurring in 2011 (155pts). But it’s the DT scoring pig, Dane Swan who once again gets me barnacles bouncing this week. He averages … (wait for it)… 176 on Essendon in his last 3 games with scores of 187 and 171 (42d) last year when he won the ANZAC Day medal. Add to that the 171 and 104 he had on them in 2011. This year he has averaged 119 at the MCG and is a dead-set no bloody brainer this week; the DT pig will be an oinking monster once again.

Just Quickly…

Patrick Dangerfield – Pumped out a huge 142 against the Blues last year… his best DT score in his entire career. Sadly, his form hasn’t been solid enough, averaging just 85.
Justin Westhoff
– Keeps getting it done and is currently averaging 138 in his last 3! Had his second-best score of 2012 on the Eagles last year (104) and is back at AAMI where he has had 140 and 154 already this year.
Grant Birchall – Despite his 151 and a great start to 2013, don’t chase him this week. He hasn’t cracked the ton on the Roos in his last 10 games. Gotta pass based on that.
Brett Deledio – Copped the Crowley tag twice last year for scores of 78 and 78. Will certainly get it again as taggers tend to go to guys they have beaten before.
Tom Rockliff – Vs Melbourne is juicy! He had 119 and 130 on them last year and is coming off 117 last week in a 10-goal hiding. In games Melbourne have lost this year, they have allowed the top 5 opposition scorers to average 127 (WC), 134 (ESS) and 113 (PA). Look out!
Matthew Boyd – First game back for the legend last week for just 89. He had 131 and 111 on Geelong last year and will slowly start to get back to his best.
Trent Cotchin – Had 101 and 112 last year on the Dockers without a tag. Destined for a tag of some sort (De Boer) he might go ok considering what the Hawks did last weekend when they had 6 guys over the 100pt mark. If you’re listening Matty… go easy mate and tag the muppet King ha ha.


Good luck and follow me for more captain info and for if I ever change my top 5 – @CalvinDT

Who will you have as your captain for Round 5?

  • Dane Swan (62%, 1,421 Votes)
  • Tom Rockliff (8%, 192 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (13%, 305 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (6%, 134 Votes)
  • Brent Stanton (2%, 42 Votes)
  • Justin Westhofff (5%, 116 Votes)
  • Someone else (4%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,296

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  • Awesome write up, going to put Pendles as VC and Gaz as Capt as he’s versing GWS. I really have to trade in the Pig next week!

  • Good work calvin swan is the man

  • Great Read Calvin. Captain Loophole with Crouch this week!

    • Same here. I was a little worried about Currie getting a call up considering Daw’s concussion concerns. However Crouch has volunteered for the role! terrible to lose him for a few weeks but atleast theres a small positive of using him for the loophole.

  • I’ll be trading in the Pig this week to all my teams which don’t already have him, and locking the VC loophole on him in all of them.
    I really feel it’s now or never to get him in, with him set to go BANG on Anzac Day, and with my OUT candidates (K Jack & Deledio) set to further drop in value.

    Cheers Calv

  • any chance of currie playing?

    • If Goldstein’s a late withdrawal, he’s very likely to play. Otherwise probably not (but I guess he could replace Daw). But do you want to take the risk?

  • Great write up Calvin. I’m actually going with Watson as my loophole captain. He’s an absolute ball magnet and will no doubt get 40+ possessions.

  • i am confused so once the 4 teams are locked up and you haven’t done your trades you can still do them you just can’t trade in anyone from the 4 teams is that right

    • correct, but if you do your trades with players from the other 14 games before tomorrows lockout you won’t be able to reverse them.

      • thanks so spading some work on Friday to work on my team with crouch out for 2 weeks with a hamstring

  • Whats the bet someone will ask how the loop hole works. Spuds

  • How bout this cos cant really find any trades

    D.Martin to Mayes

    or would Macaffer instead of Martin be better

    • I’d hang on to Moloney this week as he’s playing Melbourne. Then he has Sydney after that so maybe get rid of him next week.

    • Do the Moloney-GAJ trade next week mate… Ablett could loose some value with a b/e of 133 and Moloney could well smash his b/e of 73 against his old side.

    • dont change any of them

  • Got no idea what to do.
    Should i go neade-mayes and moloney to stanton leaving 48,000
    My current mid and fwd

    • yes and yes.

    • Neade has this week then get rid of him next week

      • But Mayes is on the bubble, so if he’s going to pull the trigger, it should be this week; especially if he’s got the trade to burn now (and might not next week).

        • Yeah, but now thinking of going whitfield to mayes and moloney – stanton/cotchin/jselwood

    • surely gotta get in Evans + Mayes this week to add 130k plus in team value … no value in Mitchell (back on rookie list) or crouch (hammy injury)…

      • +1. I think everyone should jump on both these 2 unless (like me) you’ve already got heaps of cash or you’ve got something that desperately needs fixing which can’t be temporarily patched with either of these two.

    • I would have thought Mitchell was your current trade out priority. Bring in Mayes for him and save Neade for the future. I suspect that, with a BE of 6, Neade has 2 more weeks of value in him.

  • Creat stuff Captain!
    4 out of 5 for me this week… I wonder if I’ll ever pick Stanton.
    Crouch fits well into loophole this week, but I’ve also got Hanley so will have to make a decision there.
    The only worry with the loophole is if there are late withdrawals.
    Can this be covered by selecting 2 emergencies in that position?
    Or will you receive the lowest emerg. score and a donut?

    • Taken from AFL Fantasy website…

      Where there are 2 emergencies selected in one position and only one of these is required, the lowest scoring emergency will be used.

      I guess that means if both required you’ll get both scores.
      Something to consider if your VC playing Thurs but majority of midfield not playing until Sat/Sun

  • Great stuff Calvin but not sure about brent stanton had him captain on Anzac day last year and got 70 and I have a quick question to ask Heath or Terlich or Stevenson on the field need one options please

  • Gonna put swan as C and rockcliff as VC coz he is playing Melbourne and he scores very well against them and it is at the gabba

  • Feedback would be great thanks.

    Team Name: Do U Even Rocklift
    DEF- Goddard,Birchall,GIbbs,Heppell,Goodes,Pittard(Terlich,Stevenson)
    MIDS- Swan,Ablett,Pendles,Danger,Fyfe,Moloney,Wines,Crouch(vc)(Viney,O’Meara(e))
    RUCK- Cox,Berger(Blicavs,Daw)
    FWDS- Rockliff,Bartel,Dusty,JJK,Mayes,Dwyer(Macaffer,Neade)

    Next week going Stevenson > Docherty and if Danger or Moloney do bad > Watson.

  • Just making sure I get the loophole correct. I put the C on Crouch with Jones as the emergency and put the VC on Swan, then if I don’t like Swans score I then take the C off Crouch and put it on someone else?

    • Assuming that Crouch isn’t playing this week. Would think he’d be a good chance to play unless i’ve missed some info that’s recently come about.

      As long as you have a player you are sure isn’t playing you can use the VC loophole. Otherwise if you don’t then it won’t work for ya. I’ll be using Kommer myself.

      • Crouch did his hamstring at training.. largely because he’s in my team(s) “Future Injury List” !! I’ve claimed another victim ;)

      • Crouch out for 2 with a hammy according to

      • BTW you cant use Kommer. Have to use someone outside the first games or you may as well put the C straight on Swan/Pend/Jobe/Stants.

    • correct

  • Hodge to Cloke (Dwyer in Mids) and Stevens to Mayes. 212k Remaining.
    Stevens to Mayes and Viney to Evans? $316,200 Remaining.

  • Calvin, great write up as always,

    just one thing. i think your missing the fact that buddy is playing north melbourne this week. last time he played them he belted out the highest dt score ever with 204. i think he deserves a mention

  • nice one Cal.

    trade out stevenson or vlastuine. if vlastuine is named???

  • I’d be wary of the Rockliff pick. I took the advice on Deledio last week and got burned! atleast I have a pirate to blame it on instead of self-loathing :p

    • Calvin did the hours of hard work putting the stats/figures and research together and presented them to you, then based on his HOURS OF HARD WORK he made his top 5

      You were the one that clicked the button.

      If you think Calvin stuffed it up for you, don’t read this article and do your own research

  • Hey guys a couple questions…
    If i make Swan my VC and Vlaustin My C and swan does average i can change Vlaustin C to someone else is this how it works??
    Also Should i swap Neade for Mayes or Mitchell for Evans ?
    Thanks guys

  • Great read calvin
    What do you all think is a good score to go by for the loophole?
    For example pendels is my vc and if he scores over 120 I use the loop hole.

    • depends on who you have as ‘VC’ and who u have as ‘C’ options. Eg: Pendles a 115 would be a fair to stay with as long as you dont have any other worthy players pumping at least 120. Normally though you would be safe with a 120

    • I think 120 might be acceptable Patty to leave the VC on Pendlebury and the C on your non-playing non-Pie/Bomber/Swan/Saint bencher, although it depends on your appetite for risk and your other high scoring options.

      I suspect Ablett might top 120 in his Auskick Showdown with GWS.

      It took me ages to understand the loophole, and it’s still all too hard.

      Swanny for me.

    • Yeah my other options are ablett, Rockliff so if pendles grabs me 120+ ill stick with him but if not, ill lock in one of the two who will have fun playing against boys, cheers guys.

  • Will M. Daw play this week after concussion last sunday (4 days) could be my VC option there. Or could just chuck the C on swanny since my only other options are gazza and rocky (MIDPRICER MAHEM!!!)

    • chuck the VC on Swan and then the C on someone that is not playing tomorrow and if Swan smashes it then put it on a non player or if he duds it put it on a Gaz or Rocky. i know this what it says above but what u are doing here is not using the loophole wisely

  • Great work mate… Will Daw play?

  • Ok, honestly…. Who is going to be doing the loophole with Swan and Currie? This is my only option… As I am trading Kitchell out and the only non playing guys I will have is Kommer and Currie. I’m curious if people are going to just chuck the c straight on swan or try the C with Currie.

    • There’s that little chance that Currie will get up and play, but 36 hitouts for Goldstein is above average, so they surely wouldn’t drop him for form! Majak Daw is very likely to play, and with Petrie there as another back up ruckman, it’s very safe in my opinion to pick Currie in the loophole.
      If I had him I would be.

      • What about if Goldstein’s a late withdrawal? Maybe he picks up the flu or something? Is it worth the risk? Maybe. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A RUMOUR. I HAVE NO INSIDE KNOWLEDGE. I AM JUST SAYING IT’S A POSSIBILITY TO CONSIDER.

  • Cheers for the article Calvin! Is it worth keeping Patton for the loophole? My trade options are:
    Kommer – Evans and Robinson – Cloke (this would allow me to use Patton in the loophole)
    Kommer – Evans and Patton – Mayes (this would give me about $71k more)

    What does everyone reckon? It would be great if you could reply Calvin!

    • I’d probably go with the second option otherwise you miss the boat on Mayes (and a chance to get rid of a season ending injury). You’d be alright just backing Swan with the C, he should get 120+. The only reason people are loopholing is just incase he injures himself.

    • Seany, delaying a long term necessity (getting rid of Patton) for the mere possibility of a short term advantage (the captain loophole) is not good policy. Take care of what HAS to be done and then look for the luxuries like the loophole.

  • Micheal Evans or Jaeger O’Meara or Matt Jones to start?

  • I’m not saying he should necessarily be in the top 5, but I’m surprised K Cornes didn’t get a mention being the no.1 DT player at the moment, even if it was just to show stats against having him as captain.

  • Crouch out means i can use the loophole on Swanny

  • hey if i start a player not playing in the backline and have 2 emergencies will i get the highest score of the 2 emergencies?? just curious that’s all

  • the loop hole may not help me as i reckon every one of my team members will play. Daw might be the only exception… swan could be vc but if everyone plays be left with Hoff Rocky or Gibbs as captain… hmmmmm OINK , OINK CAPTAIN PIG!! backed all the way !!

  • Mmm, I have found a sneaky double loophole..!
    This all depends on that Currie does not play!
    The first loop is the pig as VC with Currie in waiting for the C with Cox as emerge.,
    The second loop is Dwyer as emerge in my mids with Crouch on the park, if Dwyer scores nicely I leave it as is, if not I swap Crouch out and put Bomb on!

    Is this risk worth the biscuit? Or should I just do the Swanny / Crouch loop? Cheers!

  • quick question about partial lockout. I get the whole VC loophole thing but with trades, we can’t reverse them after first partial lockout even if we’ve only traded player from friday games onwards? If that’s the case, are we better off waiting for rest of the teams to be names before doing those trades? Just don’t wanna get to friday and not be able to do my trades or alternatively have the trades completed then have currie play to screw with my vc loophole and not be able to trade in a non-player…

    • I’ll be watching this post for clarification too. The trades I would like to do (bringing in Mayes and Evans) don’t affect today’s games, so should I wait until final teams are named on Friday, just in case one of them does a Heath Shaw?

  • gonna vc swan and if he doesn’t crack 120 at least (which he probably will) im gonna put the c on rocky who is playing melbourne should be good for 120+

  • I want to try to use the loophole and therefore I have Swan as Vice captain at the moment.
    I have Dwyer on the bench in my forward line, but if I have him as a sub will he replace my non playing captain (if Swan does well) in the midfield? Or is he restricted to the forward line as that is where I’ve picked him?

  • I had Beau Waters but replaced him with P Hanley. I was going to put waters back in if he is named this week (real possibility). However, his B/E is high and I am tossing up between Birchall (doesn’t historically play well against NM but his price will keep on increasing short term) or Burgoyne which will give me extra $$$. Any thoughts?

  • Overlooked Buddys 204/13 goals against the Roos last year

  • Was annoyed at Hanley getting banned as it weakens my backline quite a bit (and I’m busy trading in Evans + Mayes), but it does mean a sure fire loophole candidate!

    VC on Swan and will #YOLO Captain Westhoff or maybe go with safer Rockliff/Dangerfield if Swan somehow manages to spud it.

  • I’ve not seen any discussion on the variation of the captain loophole. This doesn’t involve captains at all but just high scoring emergencies. In Round 2 I had Mayne on the bench and he scored 104 in an early game. I then shifted Mayes onto the field (he wasn’t playing at that stage). That subbed Mayne’s 104 onto my score.

  • Swan – 35% of ownership
    yet 66% of visitors here will make him captain…..go figure

    This site has a high enough vistation rate one would think it would sample a similar proportion to the 35% that actually own swan

  • hey calvin, ive done the loophole and put swan as vice captain, i dont know whether to risk it and go sumone else as captain -(cotchin,ablett,rockliff,cox,) or leave it as swan?

    could you please give us some advice

    would be much appreciated