The Numbers – Round 4


Numbers… let’s be honest – it’s what DT is all about. Price changes; averages; break-evens… the list goes on. In 2013, on a weekly basis I will strip the records clean and scour the AFL for the numbers different to those we spend our days staring at… Staring at in the hope that we’ll have a fantasy football epiphany; and all of the secrets of the DT Universe will be revealed.

The Numbers… a unique look at the world of Fantasy Football.

1Coach by the name of Mark Neeld who will be extremely relieved after his side’s drought-breaking win over GWS on the weekend. After more than a few shaky moments during the first three quarters, where it looked like GWS would triumph – the Dees kicked away in the fourth, taking advantage of some of the worst umpiring decisions (all against GWS) of 2013. Whilst only beating last year’s wooden-spooners in what some would say a fortuitous victory, Neeld is safe – for now. How much time the Demons’ hierarchy give him is the question he’ll no doubt have at the back of his mind.

1.28% of teams who currently own current competition points leader Kane Cornes. With a Round 4 average of 129.75, he is in the form of his life. How long will this run continue for? How long is a piece of string?

2 – Clubs that popular clubman Brendan Goddard has shed tears in whilst wearing their colours. In an emotional post-match interview with Cam Mooney, Goddard admitted to being quite emotional about playing his old club, before breaking into a tear-fest. What do you think? Should he suck it up; or is it okay for footy players to cry over an ex?

3Dustin Martin crashed down to earth again this week after his previous huge score. Put in another increasing well-known ‘3-Quarter’ performance as he fell away for a disappointing 58 DT points against the Pies. Maybe we should nickname him Dustin ‘3Q’ Martin?

4Quarters of football that injury-magnet Scott ‘Gumby’ Gumbleton got through on the weekend without hurting himself. Time will tell how long this amazing streak lasts, but if he keeps performing this well (18d and 4.2 goals) then the Bombers will be very happy he chose to stay loyal to the red and black after several cross-town offers in the trade period.

7.7% of coaches who took the plunge on underpriced gun forward Travis Cloke at the start of 2013. I was one who had him in my team then took him out for other, ‘safer’ options such as Dayne Zorko and Jimmy Bartel. He scored an impressive 147 on the weekend against the Tigers, and now averages an awe-inspiring 108.2 points so far in 2013. Hands up if you wrote him off prior to Round 1? *curses in highsight*

8Total points between popular Port rookie defenders Lewis Stevenson, Campbell Heath and Jasper Pittard as at Round 4. In what is becoming the handiest rookie trio this year, the boys in black n teal are growing nicely as cash cows and proving solid players in our D5 and D6 spots in defence. The only problem? Trying to work out which 2 will score the highest each week. Now, Jeppa will no doubt go through who to pick on your ground this week. But based on the stats so far, each player has been the highest scorer of the three at least once, with the same to be said for the lowest scorer. At this point though, I’d suggest your order be Pittard, Heath then Stevenson.

18Touches managed by early-season bolter Andrew Swallow in his side’s win over Brisbane at the weekend. In a rare quiet game for the Kangaroo’s captain, he only notched up 6 kicks and 5 tackles to tally a paltry 64 DT points in a winning team. He joins the likes of Watson (65), Murphy (84), Selwood (66), Ablett (84) and JP Kennedy (86) to have had the odd poor game inside the opening 4 rounds. Expect the champion midfielder to bounce back this weekend against the Hawks.

74Hands up if you traded in Sydney breakout contender Luke Parker this week. This would’ve been one of the worst trades you could’ve made as he went missing to post a low score of 41 on Friday night. The difference in his best (high score of 115) and worst (Round 4) is still too wide to suggest Parker as a reliable option in 2013 – however all things considered, this kid will be a star – it’s just a matter of time. The Swans have developed their midfield beautifully as the ageing stars of Bolton, Goodes and ROK are quickly making way for the talented and hardened youth brigade of JPK, Jack, Hannebery and Parker.

204The highest recognised DT score of our generation was posted on that fateful day in R10 last year. It was a day when Star Hawk and gun forward Buddy Franklin smashed the North Melbourne team with one of the great modern-day games. It may be a case of ‘shotgun not’ for the North defenders on Sunday as Buddy will look to capitalise on his team’s form and rack up another massive score for his owners as he looks to once again kick a bag on the Roos.

Send me your ‘Numbers’ for the week @McRathDT


The Benchmark

It’s the girls’ turn for a shout-out this week, as Kimmy_Kat coach Kim topped the Leaderboard for Round 4 with a huge score of 2355 – the highest of 2013 to date! Her gun-heavy backline of Birchall, Heppell, Gibbs, Goddard and Grimes fired for her, with Goodes not letting anybody down with his handy 115. Here’s where it get’s interesting – she only has 2 ‘Guns’ in the midfield as she backed in the Swan/Ablett combo to take her through the opening of the season – with Wines, O’Meara, Jones and Whitfield holding the fort before upgrade time. Maric and Roughead combined beautifully in her ruck division, before her star forward line of Hoff, Cloke, Rocky, JJK, Cox and Buddy catapulted her team to the top of the tree for the week. I question whether this structure can get her into the top 100 at this stage due to the vulnerability of the midfield rookies – but she’s beating me at this point, so keep on keeping on!


Talk of the Town

After notching up 2 x DT Talk Golden Stubby awards inside the first four weeks, Port young gun Oliver Wines has proved to live up to the expectation and be an absolute revelation for DT Coaches so far. His opening month in the AFL has brought about 2 tons (and a 99), giving him an average of 102 points. Selected on the ball every week, he has AFL Rising Star written all over him. And at just $2.50 odds – the punters agree.


Whore of the Week

With several notable mentions this week, including Birchall (151) and Cloke (147) – there was one who stood out above the rest, and that man is Kane Cornes. A previous DT Stud of yesteryear, Cornes is turning back the clock as he leads the competition in points scored with 519 for a Swan-like average of 129.75. His performance on the weekend against a fighting Gold Coast was simple sublime as he went on to accrue 35d (25 kicks), 16 marks and a huge 156 DT points. Time will tell exactly how long his form holds up, but given the form of Port Adelaide – who knows. Either way – a well-deserved nominee for this round’s WotW.


The Round Up

Highlights – Westhoff continued to repay the faith with another ton (121); whilst Birchall is having a ball mopping up down the back for the Hawks after a career-high 151 against Freo. Cloke (147) kicked a career-high 7 goals and GAJ overcame his supposed hand injury to score a solid 118. Wines (100) and Goodes (115)

Lowlights – If you jumped on Dale Thomas early, you would’ve been disappointed with his sub-affected 35; whilst there was once again a raft of underperforming superstars, with Swallow (64), Bartel (66), JP Kennedy (59), Shaw (66) and Deledio (80) all failing to get close to their respective averages.

Team McRath – My season is back on track after last week’s debacle. Swanny finally delivered as captain with a handy 130; whilst Hoff was a great inclusion and Berger continues his good run of form back from injury with a nice 86. 2085 points and a rise in rankings gave me something to smile about as I somehow managed 4 wins.

How was Round 4 for you? Are you sailing forward or stuck in reverse as our teams start to really take shape.

Feel free to shout out some feedback in the comments, or perhaps put forward your own creative Numbers for the week. Also – if you’re not already… follow me on the Tweetvine @McRathDT


  • Is it too late to trade in Ollie Wines?

    • Not really, he is forecast to jump 60k again this week if he scores 100, which is a possibility as the eagles don’t normally tag heavily, and they wouldn’t pick him.

    • He’s still gonna make some good going because of the 100 in his average for the next 2 weeks, but maybe there is more cash to be made elsewhere.

    • dude, as if you didnt jump on him before price rises, bit late now, more money to be made in rookies who have only played to games

      • I don’t know, Wines is shaping up as someone who could be a keeper, and getting a guy who averages 100 for $315K is still good going. Even if he tapers off, there’s still a lot of money to be made off of him, all without the risk of low scores accompanied with other rooks.

        • Yeah, more cash to be made in Evans, Mayes etc,

          With 2 trades a week I don’t know why you would carry through a rookie… Maybe if a guy like Zorko came through and became a proven scorer then maybe they would be an exception. Even though his legs could belong to a seasoned All Blacks veteran, he is still only a guy in his first year of footy and Port won’t play Melbourne and GWS every week. The kid is great but I’d take a lot of premo mids over him.

    • True, the Selwood brothers are our only main source of tagging. With Adam doing it down back and Selwood taking his turn in the midfield. If anything they would go to Cornes or Hartlett. I would be 99% sure that Woosha won’t captain a 5th gamer.

  • Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Goodes, Stevenson, Pittard (Terlich, Heath)

    Swan, Ablett, Watson, Pendlebury, Cotchin, Wines, O’Meara, Viney (Crouch, Mitchell)

    Cox, Burger (Blicavs, Daw)

    Bartel, Rockliff, Westhoff, Robinson, Kennedy, Neade (Macaffer, Dwyer)

    16k remaining

    Thoughts/Advice on trades to make??? Thanks in advance
    I was looking at possibly getting Mitchell, Viney or Robinson OUT

    • gotta get on one, if not both of Mayes and Evans this week. Got massive break evens and decent JS and even if you only hold them for a week or two they will make you some serious cash. With two trades a week this becomes a lot more viable in my book.

      My recommendations: Mitchell -> Evans; Viney to Mayes (giving you DPP access).

      Could also sideways premium trade as well and get Bartel out and Birchall in (using one of the rookie trades above to work it). Can then pick up Bartel in a few weeks once his price decline is over

      • Thanks!! They were the initial trades I put in…..I really want Birchall but no idea how I can
        Get him in atm

        • 1. Bartel (due to drop 30k in next 2 weeks) to Mayes (gain $321,600)
          2. Viney (stalling on making money) to Birchall (cost $335,600). You would need to swing Brett Goodes into the midfield as part of this trade.

          So with your 16k in the bank you can get in Birchall if ya want, with 1 or 2k to spare haha.

          Good luck. I was thinking something similar to the above but per my post further down think i am going to go with bringing in the two rooks.

  • Great article as always!

    I am torn this week about my trading strategy. I have already reversed my trades 3 times haha. Here is what I am working through, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated:

    1. JPK to Stanton; Stevens to Mayes (around 350k in bank) – planning on jumping on Birchakl next week
    2. JPK to Birchall; Viney to Mayes (utilising Goodes from Def to Mid) – Leaves around 350k, with a crack at Stanton next week
    3. JPK to Evans; Stevens to Mayes (around 770k in bank) – This is what i am currently going with. I figure that Stanton’s price won’t go up massively this week, and Birchal is only set for a 30k rise. Mayes and Evans are set for 70k each. I would then double upgrade next week to Stanton and Birchal (or similar premiums).

    All end up with similar ultimate people in my team, but am thinking No.3 will be most cost effecient. Thoughts??

    • Heya Brentus,

      I’m in a similar boat. I have had Birchall from the beginning though, but can either go:
      1. JPK to Stanton; K Mitchell to Evans
      2. Viney to Mayes; K Mitchell to Evans and bank it all.
      Deciding when to start upgrading to guns is tough. Do you need to upgrade to get the win or can you hold off another week?

      • predicted to win 4 out of 5 with the No.3 trades above, but tight across the border. A risk, but I think worth it at this stage of the season.

  • I think you’ll find it was Cam Mooney mate, Ahhh I think you’ll find it was Cam Mooney mate I k ow that much is true.

  • Who do you guys suggest out of Jelwod and Murphy!

  • Awefreak

    Who do I trade out of Vlastuin, Daniher or Viney?
    If I traded Vlaustin would I trade him to Wright or Hutchins?
    Do I trade either Daniher or Viney to Mayes? Which one?
    Please help!

    • Daniher to Mayes.

      Daniher is a lot of cash sitting on the bench not doing anything. Word is Vlaustin might get a game this week. Whilst Viney is doing sh*t, if you have bench space he will still go up over the next few weeks, though if you have trades to burn, Viney to Evans will make you more cash quicker.

    • Why do you still have Vlaustin and Daniher? Daniher may play this week so wait till teams, but trade out Vlaustin and Daniher

    • Vlastuin is a big chance to play this week, all bit it as a sub
      Daniher looks likely to replace Hurley
      So really going on that possibly Viney, dude to the 18 sticking in his rolling average for a few weeks

  • Is it too late to trade out zorko? Already leaked a bit of cash, maybe worth holding?? Or trade out for Mayes??

    • Hold him now redcan. Won’t leak too much more cash and scored a season-high 88 in a terrible game for the Lions. Can only go up from here.

  • I have been looking forward to this read and you haven’t let me down! Love your work McRath.
    56 – the number of times I’ve looked at Kommer’s price and knowing I am $22k short of achieving Kommer > Evans, Karnezis > Cloke. Still no matter how long and hard I look at it the price difference isn’t going to magically change. Looks like Viney to Evans or miss the Evans boat and do Kreuzer > Leuenberger if Daw doesn’t get named…

  • what you guys think?

    Viney – Evans
    Jpk- Cornes

    Only rbinging cornes for price rise , next week trading Cornes for Swan

  • No mention for Hodge’s numbers? I guess it’s been mentioned enough…

    Another number I like the sound of is 13… TOG% that North’s big man Majak Daw spent before getting concussed – yet he managed to score 23pts in that time. I can’t wait to see him unleash over a full 4 quarters!

  • First upgrade will be Atley to Birchall next week. Went Bartel>Stokes as he will jump about $60k this week, the Karnezis to Mayes. Will bring in Scotland in 3-4 weeks when he bottoms out to about $400k

    • Angus, it is always good to have a plan when looking to trade. A plan……not a dream!!!
      For Scotland to get to 400K, he would need to score 60 for the next 3 weeks in a row. To be honest, you would be very lucky to get him at 450K.

    • And for Stokes to jump 60k, he will need to score 140……hope you have the C on him!!

      • Haha mixed up some stats there with Stokesy, but I don’t think it would be a stretch for Scotland to drop $50-60k in 3-4 weeks. Idunno. Got to have a bit of optimism.

  • $89,500 cap remaining,
    looking at following trades

    Viney to Evans then
    Moloney to JSelwood/Hartlett/Birchall (would need to bring someone into Mids from Def to get Hart or Birch)

    Selwood trade would give me $14,300 left.
    Hartlett would give me $107,200 left.
    Birchall would give me $12,300 left.

    If i wait on JSelwood i may not have the cash to get him in the week after? depending how scores go?

  • hey guys. just wondering, im starting to bring in these 3 next week. but am unsure of what order to do it in. J Selwood, S Mitchell, A Swallow. i cant decide who would be the best to bring in… leaning to jelwood atm

  • Some trade tips would be good – this numbers article attracts DT’ers who have similar mindsets to myself so I think it’s a fair point to post this trade query here.

    Viney (proj +$11,800) > Evans (proj +$73,600)
    Karnezis (proj -$14,700 IF HE PLAYS) > Cloke (proj +$47,000)
    Cash remaining: $20,900


    Kreuzer (proj +0) > Leuenberger (proj +$23,700)
    Karnezis (proj -$14,700 IF HE PLAYS) > Cloke (proj +$47,000)
    Cash remaining: $72,100

    I am more inclined to pick the first option if Majak Daw is named, otherwise I just have Blicavs as my R2 option. I think Leuenberger is better long term option than Rowe for now. And next week I plan to bring in the likes of O’Hailpin into my forward line offering DPP.

    • Kreuz & Karne, Viney still has some cash to be made down the line. He will still get a game.

    • option 1

      • I reckon you atleast bring 1 of mayes or evans in your team this week. big money to be made with them.

        • that’s my issue – i had a shocker start to the season so the focus is more on leagues now. The big query is should I be looking to make cash on Evans or an extra 20pts and not as much cash on Leuenberger? The extra points comes from Leuenberger playing Melbourne and Daw playing Hawks. Where as Evans will probably sit on my bench this week with GWS and Suns playing each other.

    • My current team:
      DEF: Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Hibberd, Goodes, Pittard, (Stevenson, Terlich)
      MID: Swan, Ablett, Watson, JPKennedy, Moloney, Wines, O’meara, Whitfield, (Viney, Kommer)
      RUC: Cox, Kreuzer, (Daw, Blicavs)
      FWD: Westhoff, Kennedy, Monfries, Zorko, Dwyer, Neade, (Karnezis, Macaffer)

      Injury to Kreuzer, Kommer and Karnezis not playing. Probably best to fix the Kreuzer / Karnezis sections as they aren’t making money – but at the same time more money could be made by doing Viney > Evans then Karnezis > Cloke.

      • viney will still make some cash id get rid of kommer instead if you get evans. You could go kreuzer Goldstein don’t lose points that way. then next week karnezis for forward rook or upgrade.

        • thanks for the reply, but if Daw plays he’ll score well. So I’ll only do Kreuzer > Leuenberger if Daw is not picked – concussion.

          If Daw does play I was thinking of doing Kreuzer to Gawn next week if Gawn puts out again.

          I am abou $20k short of doing Kommer > Evans, Karnezis > Cloke… Hence the Viney plan.

  • how much money will i want in the bank before i start upgrading probably next week

    • depends who you are upgrading if so I am going for $300.000 seeming I have $220.000

  • what is zorko’s BE

  • Hi everyone,

    I was wondering what people thought of my team. and ideas for trades for the next couple of weeks cheers.

    my team is defence

    heppel, gibbs , goddard, terlich, Stevenson, pittard, goodes and heath

    swan, abblett, Watson, murphy, barlow, wines, omeara, viney, jones and whitfield

    luey, Goldstein, blicavs and rowe

    kennedy, bartel, westy, cox,rocky,dwyer, mcaffer and neade

    60000 in the bank

    was thinking about bringing in evans and mayes this week and next week maybe a ruck rook for blicavs and an upgrade for someone. thoughts would be appreciated

    • Check if Caff is playing, or even if he is consider trade to Mayes. Viney to Evans/Mayes for sure. That 18 gonna dampen cash growth.

      • cheers sounds like a good plan. if caff is playing would you consider neade instead as I think he may be a chance to be subbed off again this week for gray

    • I recon that sounds pretty good to me. good team. Could use another back premo, with Birchall being the obvious choice. I am planning to bring him in next week, as he is predicted to rise 25k this week, but Mayes and Evans predicted to bring in 70k each this week.

      • Yeah I would love to get him in asap but still some fattening to be done from the rooks and I don’t have a lot of cash. that will all change in a couple of weeks so if i’m patient I should be able to bring him in or a quality keeper down back.

  • I guess I am in a lucky position where all of my premos are performing and no need to trade out. Problem is though deciding who to trade out to get Mayes and Evans.

    Which 2 would you recommend out of Caf, Viney and Kommer?

    I am thinking Viney and Caf (if not named), if Caf is named then ill trade Kommer.


    • Caf and Kommer.Kommer out for another week and JS when he gets back will be 50/50 I recon. Caf’s JS has already been put into question and only got a gig as a late change last week. Viney was sh*t this week, but has more money to make once his 18 is out of his price cycle, and in the Demons side his JS is good.

    • Trade kommer. Viney will earn money this week.

    • Problem is I can also see Viney being rested soon, Kommer will make more cash if he returns, willing to take the risk. Viney will not make that much

  • Goddard Heppel Gibbs Goodes Pittard Stevenson ( heath frost)

    Swan ablett pendle boyd dangerfield wines o’meara crouch ( viney mitchell)

    Jacobs berger (bllcavs daw)

    hoff rocky buddy martin kennedy dwyer (patton macaffer)

    round 4 trades stevenson – terlich and patton – mayes

    thoughs??? are there any better trades that i could make???

  • Jack

    Should I go with get my rookies sorted this week or get points and don’t get rookies sorted I am leaning towards getting rookies sorted and I just wanted ur opinion on wat u r doin this week thanks

    • Im going rooks. They will start getting less and less over the coming weeks, so make money while you can I recon

    • Depends on your current structure. I went points last week, & although I am very happy with my score, I missed the boat on crouch. Rookies will eventually dry up, although there has been a really nice staggering so far.

      • Jack

        Trades I have done can do r
        Viney –> Evans Mitchell –> Mayes
        For points but stuffs up my rookies is hodge –> colquhoun and move heppel into mids and Stevenson to birchall and put colquhoun on the bench

        • Jack, DO NOT bring in Colquhoun yet…..wait for him to play.
          Leave Hodge in your side, he will get some big scores along the way with a few low one. Hodge only needs to average about 85-90 for what you paid for him. He could very easily get to 480+K in 6 weeks.
          Mitchell must go (no guarantee to play again this year), and Viney probably should too when you have Evans & Mayes on offer.

  • Do Mitchel -> Evans, Patton -> Mayes

  • what do people think of my field should I put Evans or crouch on my field and put Mayes in my forward line and start with my forward line as Dwyer and Mayes and in my midfield crouch or Mayes or should I put Mayes in my midfield and put Rowe on my field

  • Which 3 rookies should I play out of

    Wines, O’meara, Crouch, Viney, Evans and which one should I put as emergency

    • PLEASE HELP!!!

      • wines is a certainty, omeara is playing GWS so i would start him as well and flip a coin to pick the last one

      • Brak

        you didn’t really need to put Wines in that list did you? And are you really contemplating putting Viney on the field this week after that shocker? I didn’t think so. So that leaves JOM, Crouch and Evans, I would put the E on Evans, as his 100 came of kicking goals against a terrible GWS.

  • Thanks Matty. Great article as always. The Port numbers are exciting, but you have to wonder when they are going to crash back to earth. Meanwhile I am happy to enjoy the ride.

    And as I did with Tbetta, I will pass on all the thanks from the people who have forgotten to do so, and are just using your article to sort out their trade problems.

    • cheers champion – wasn’t really a grab for attention… just kind of a frustration I needed to get off my chest.

      can always count on you for some great feedback though!

  • Hey guys this is my team after round 4 and i would like to know if there is any good changes i could make?

    Def: Heppell, Gibbs, Goddard, Hartlett, B Goodes, Terlich ( Frost, Vlaustuin)

    Mid: Ablett, Cotchin, Wines, Rockliff, Fyfe, Dangerfield, O’Meara, Crouch (Viney, Kerridge)

    Ruck: Cox, Leuenberger (Grundy, Currie)

    Fwd: J Kennedy, Martin, Chapman, Monfries, Zorko, Rowe (Daniher, Macaffer)

    Salary: $144,100

    Would be great if i could have others opinions

    • i would be looking at getting mayes and evans in this week probably mayes for daniher and evans for viney or kerridge

    • Look go bring in Docherty from Brisbane (if he keeps getting games) for one of back rookies.

  • Jack

    If I trade for rookies this week all my bench plays but if I go to points I have two bench that doesn’t play so I am just asking for the advice on what is your opinion???

    • Jack, given you some advice above. You need all your bench playing as much as possible to make cash for upgrades later, especially when the bench players on offer will likely rise about 70 to 80K each this week alone.
      Also don’t rush into getting Birchall, his current price is very high (yep he will rise again this week), but I’ll guarantee he will drop below 500K again before the bye rounds. Better value picks out there at the moment.

      • Jack

        I can trade mitchell to Mayes and viney to Evans
        Trade matt wright to cloke and viney to Evans

        They r the two trade structures I have to choose from which one do u think is better if I get the one with cloke I miss out on Mayes but cloke in two weeks will be a good price to downgrade to buddy and in the other one I still have wright and he will just keep dropping in price but I have Mayes and the dpp from mids to fwds so wat one do u think is better opinions

        • Jack

          And I will have k.mitchell in the trade with cloke

        • Why would you get rid of Viney before Kitchell? Trading him not give you enough cash to get Cloak?

        • Wright has pretty much bottomed out, BE is about 73.
          To set up your forward line you probably want to get Buddy and Stevie J.
          Cloke is an interesting one……could finish up in top 6 fwds, but some concerns after how he played last year. Will be more up and down than others. But the money you make from getting Mayes and Evans in will more than cover any increase Cloke has.
          The other one that will probably need to go soon is Neade, Robbie Gray will take over his role (one game left for him IMO).

          • Jack

            Ok thanks

          • Jack

            I was only gonna get cloke for two weeks and upgrade him to buddy but then if I get cloke I will still have k.mitchell so going with 2 rookie trades this week thanks for the help mate means a lot

  • Thanks for another great read McRath, love the numbers.
    I’ve got a couple to add…

    3000 – The Rd4 benchmark for Centrebet AFL Fantasy this week.
    Made my 2800 odd look average. Gotta feel for the bloke who got 2992 only to come second!

    680 – The difference between my AFL Fantasy team and Centrebet Fantasy teams. The only player difference was one had Ablett the other Jelwood.

  • 91457- The Number of people who were happy to see Macaffer get a late call up and a price rise

    Great read McRath

  • Wright or Lewis Who should i trade out?
    150k left.

    • Trade out lewis. Wright hasnt been great, but not many fwds have been. BE of 80 is achievable.

  • Not really DT relevent.
    13 The amount of minutes of enjoyment Majak Daw provided Kangas fans b4 being subbed off.

    • I disagree mate.
      Daw is or at least will be DT relevant, more importantly your comment is relevant to McRath’s article! You’ve obviously taken the time to read it and replied with a pertinent comment, which is more than can be said for a lot of the comments above.

  • Backs: Gibbs, Goddard, Hanley, Hartlett, Goodes, Terlich (Stevenson, Pittard)

    Mids: Stanton, J.selwood, Deledio, Pendlebruy, Moloney, Hodge, Omeara, Viney (Crouch, K.Mitchell)

    Rucks : Griffin, Luenberger (Currie, Blicavs)

    Forwards : Cloke, Rockliff, Martin, Bartel, Kennedy, Dwyer (Neade, Macaffer)

    In a bit of a trade dilemma this week. Had an absolute shocker last week with viney, hodge,hanley,bartel all below parr and deledio as my captain. I have 200K in the bank and my eventual goal is upgrading deledio to GAJ and hodge to Swanny.

    These are my trades for this week, K.mitcell to evans and Bartel to Buddy.
    Not sure whether to ride bartels shite form and keep him for another 2 weeks, instead bringing in mayes for viney this week, then doing the double upgrade in my mids next.


    • Brak

      Mitchell to Evans is a must. Viney to Mayes probably the smart move, but, Bartel doesnt really deserve the chop, will average 90+ IMO. You could trade out Molony and move Bartel to the mids and get get Buddy or just plain upgrade Molony to Ablett now.

      • The straight upgrade from moloney to ablett was another option. But im thinking in 2 weeks i will downgrade pittard to docherty and then have enough $$$ to upgrade moloney to Boyd. Do you think that could work?

    • Bartel is a keeper IMO, he had 1 bad game. Buddy will have the occasional bad game as well. Kitchel -> Evans, and maybe Caff -> Mayes (Caff no guarantee to be named, and I’m not liking his JS, and if his is named, Dwyer might be the omission anyway). Hold off on Buddy IMO.

      • Cheers mate, I have been hearing tell that Bartel is in for the role downback he was playing agaisnt Sydney all year. I dont really think he will score to well and i dont know if i can afford his price drop if im going to upgrade later! Also who do you think is a better option, Buddy or Stevie J

  • 3,457 – The number of ‘coaches’ who take for granted the work put in by the DTTalk authors, and look for any forum/excuse to post their sub-par teams and ask for endless amounts of advice! ;)

    Thanks for another fine article McRath.

    • Through them asking advice, I hone my DT skills.

      • That might be true Shags, nothing wrong with taking advantage of that… but look at the difference between Matt & Crouchy’s comments below.
        One is relevant, quite amusing and offered some thanks for McRath’s efforts… the other has nothing to do with the article, nor bothered to show any thanks to the author.

        • Interesting point. For me, these comment sections are the best forum around for discussing DT. If we only allowed witty comments relating to the article (as entertaining as they are), it would really reduce the amount of time people spend here.

          I show my appreciation by regularly coming back and taking the time to use this as a forum for discussing DT and occasionally contact the authors directly via Twitter. Im sure the authors don’t have an issue with any of that.

          • I agree, definitely the best forum for DT discussion. I’m not expecting to read witty comments, but find it frustrating to have to search for relevant ones… due mainly to the endless amount of trade talk.
            I don’t mean to single you out either, just the timing of both comments were apt. Your regular contributions do show appreciation, however there are many times where you wonder if people even read the article before posting.
            As for any issues, a recent tweet from McRath alarms me

            It seems as though #TheNumbers has become a #MyTeam and trade talk article seeing as that’s all the comments are @WarnieDT #whydowebother

        • I agree to an extent. I already offered my feedback, I think there should be a continual trades and teams superthread constantly on the front page of dttalk.

    • Brak

      well maybe we could stick to the topic and discuss the issues in the article more directly, but DT is all about trades and trying to improve our crappy teams.

    • I don’t think its taken for granted. People are coming back every day AND posting comments and getting involved on their site… ask any blogger and they would be very happy with that response

  • What to do with Jacobs? He’s under performing and leaking… I already have Cox/Berger/Rowe/Blicavs so is it really worth offloading him or should I sit back and hope for more?

    • Brak

      too sideways for the moment I think to get rid of Jacobs. Come the pointy end of the season Cox back into the rucks with the 2nd best ruck alongside him will happen, and I don’t think Jacobs will be too far off being that guy, at least he shouldn’t lose to much more of our cash.

  • 20,000 – the predicted number of New Zealanders that are going to be bermused by the slide rule and score review system this Thursday.

    Great work Matt! Always enjoy reading the numbers over lunch on Tuesdays!

    • Hehehe… but wait, I’m confused by your comment’s relevance to this article. Shouldn’t you be asking for the millionth time for my thoughts on Jiney –> Evans?

  • Brak

    375,000 – The expected price for both Wines and Molony next week, Wines giving Molony a $150K head start at the start of the season.

    • A lesson for next year, perhaps? Good rooks become mid-pricers quicker than mid-pricers become premos. Unless your name is Westhoff! ;)

  • Cheers for the feedback lads. Certainly appreciate the relevant comments and acknowledgement of the article – happy to answer any questions over twitter too!

    Might be we’ll have a regular ‘My Team’ article/forum for the new coaches who need a lot of team related advice… watch this space.

  • Anyone else struggling to find a player in their 30 they can use for the loophole Captain with Swan as the VC ?!?

    Daw may be an option for me, but imagine if last week you used someone like Macaffer (I know he plays for Collingwood so wont happen) who suddenly gets called up from the emergencies and you cop a score in the 60s instead of Swans/Watson/Pendles/Stanton’s 130+

    So in reality, you really need to have someone who is not listed even as an emergency. Although, last week Brisbane altered their emergency list on Saturday to include DT relevant Billy Longer. So even then you are not safe.

    With the new trading rules having non scoring rookies is almost a sin so i imagine i am not the only one in this boat. Is this when people with the delisted KMitchell get an edge?

    • Sorry McRath, meant to say at the start of my rant “Great Article”. And Magpie 28, just for you:

      0 – The number of non scoring players i most likely will have this weekend killing my chance to use the loophole ;)

    • Im leaving Kommer in for this very reason. No other options.

    • The edge of having a non scroing rookie :P.

      I don’t think it’s worth holding onto Kitchell to do the loophole

  • what you guys think?

    Viney – Evans
    Jpk- Cornes

    Only binging cornes for price rise , next week trading Cornes for Swan

  • 16,464 – the number of DT Coaches who still have Kreuzer, myself included. I have been too busy fixing other issues over the recent rounds, good to see I’m obviously no alone!

  • Would you guys consider trading out Ebert or Mitchel?

    • I also have Ebert Andrew, im holding onto him, I know he wont get his breakeven this week but you have to remember why you brought him in, he is a proven DT machine. Last year when port were playing disgusting footy he was the only one scoring well, he runs hard late in qtr’s for plenty of +6’s, and lays lots of tackles and Port have a tough draw coming up, where he actually scores better against better opponents. I think he will go bang this week against his old team WCE at AAMI stadium ( fingers crossed ). I have used my trades elsewhere to make some more $$ by downgrading. Hope that helps

      • Thanks. Yer that was what I was thinking but was a little worried that maybe with all the other port players playing well he might not keep scoring well. But Ill stick with him at least for this week.