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Welcome to week 2 of the Writer’s League review. If you missed it last week, this is where you’ll get to see exactly how your favourite DT writers teams are travelling and how you would stack up compared to them. Also this week we have included all our teams IN’s and OUT’s for the week before.

Congratulations and Commiserations 

Our top scorer this week was Kev’s ‘Delerium TeeTees’ with a huge 2146 which in a low scoring round has seen him scale the rankings, with relatively unique selections in Josh P Kennedy, Pierce Hanley and Dustin Martin all paying dividends and pushing his score up.

Our lowest scorer this week was Roy’s ‘destROY’ with an unfortunate 1821 which has seen him slide to the bottom of our ladder. Dayne Zorko and Toby Greene continued their sabotage effort on Roy’s team but surely they’ll come good soon… surely!

Here is how our overall standings look after round 3. I’ve (dodgily) included last weeks positions so we can see if a team has risenfallen or not moved

 Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.58.57 PM


This week our Head to Head leagues kicked off with a few surprising results.

Warne Dawgs 1904 Jeppa’s Boys 2064
Brent Moloney Gary Ablett Jnr Justin Westhoff  Dane Rampe
Josh J Kennedy Patrick Karnezis Josh J Kennedy Patrick Karnezis


Adzman’s Aces 2089 anNEALEiation 2069
Justin Westhoff Patrick Karnezis Jake Neade Patrick Karnezis
Matthew Leuenberger Tom Bellchambers Matthew Kreuzer Zac Smith


DestROY 1821 Rockstars 1966
Paul Chapman Mitch Robinson Justin Westhoff Dane Rampe
Josh J Kennedy Patrick Karnezis Matthew Leuenberger Jude Bolton


Dunny’s Destroyer’s 2072 Calvinator 1871
Paul Chapman Matthew Wright Jimmy Bartel Mitch Robinson
Sam Dwyer Patrick Karnezis Josh J Kennedy Patrick Karnezis


JedAnderson’s Army 2024 Tbetta Than You 2111
Matthew Leuenberger  Zac Smith Jobe Watson Toby Greene
Jonathon Patton Brent Macaffer Justin Westhoff Dayne Zorko


Griff’s Fury 1977 The Running Man 2046
Justin Westhoff Dayne Zorko Ollie Wines Brad Hill
Charlie Dixon Jack Watts Jake Neade Scott Lycett


Merv Gray Autos 2042 Wrath of McRath 1891
Justin Westhoff Jude Bolton Brent Moloney David Mundy
Michael Walters Patrick Karnezis Matthew Kreuzer Patrick Karnezis


Delerium TeeTees 2146 Cousins Coke n Ice 1949
Sam Dwyer Dayne Zorko Matthew Leuenberger Dayne Zorko
Justin Westhoff Patrick Karnezis Josh J Kennedy Patrick Karnezis
The Rainmen Cometh 2117 The Fear Boners 2000
Scott Pendlebury Daniel Rich Brent Moloney Toby Greene
Josh J Kennedy Dayne Zorko Ollie Wines Dayne Zorko


So here is how our ladder looks after the first round. As I mentioned last week, it is a long season and anything can happen in head to head!


Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 10.59.31 PM

Dunny and Kev both got off to excellent starts. Adzman is a little livid as he is leading our overall and ranked 250, but finds himself just outside the top 8 courtesy of a hard fought match up with Aki’s anNEALEiation. This weekend promises more close match ups.

anNEALEiation VS Jeppa’s Boys

Adzman’s Aces VS Calvinator

Warne Dawgs VS Rockstars

Dunny’s Destroyer’s VS The Running Man

DestROY VS Tbetta Than You

Griff’s Fury VS Cousins Coke n Ice

JedAnderson’s Army VS Wrath of McRath

Delerium TeeTees VS  The Rainmen Cometh

Merv Gray Autos VS The Fear Boners

So where do you rank compared to our overall ladder? Who do you think will be tasting victory or defeat this weekend? Or maybe some of our trades made no sense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or follow us on twitter to ask us anything or even join in on our league ‘smack talk’. Personally I’m thinking those Rockstars look pretty impressive… Good luck to everyone this weekend!

Twitter Links
Roy – @RoyDT – destROY
Warnie – @WarnieDT – Warne Dawgs
Calvin – @CalvinDT – Calvinator
Chook – @ChookDT – Merv Gray Autos
Tbetta – @Tbetta9 – Tbetta Than You
Rainman – @RainmanDT – The Rainmen Cometh
RLGriffin – @RLGriffin85 – Griff’s Fury
Jeppa – @JeppaDT – Jeppa’s Boys
McRath – @McRathDT – Wrath of McRath
TeeTee – @TeeTeeDT – Delerium TeeTees
Adzman – @adzman78 – Adzmans Aces
Dunny – @pkd73 – Dunny’s Destroyers
JimmyBob – @jimbobholder – The Running Man
Aki – @Aki_DT – anNEALEiation
Tom C – @tomcraigie – JedAnderson’s Army
Leigh – @Douthteez – Cousins Coke n Ice
Crutton – @CruttonHutton – The Fear Boners
Anthony – @AnthonyDSmith86 – Rockstars


  • Why are some brining in kreuzer?

  • i got 2223 this week. smashed all of you :)

    • That’s awesome bud! Well done! Where would that place you on our overall ladder?

  • I want to know how many are holding onto Dorko.

  • Would be competitive, rank 5 on total points had 2066 this week avg 2024, 6073 points total. Come on Tbetta, represent for us West Aussies and show these boys how it’s done champion.

  • Hey Anthony this is really interesting. Thanks for putting it up.
    Hopefully it will continue throughout the season.

    For me the strategy has completely changed this year. The first 6 or so weeks are about cash generation. I have also gone with a GnR strategy to ensure a reasonable score during the early rounds.
    I got rid of Zorko after round 1 as he was always going to lose $ in round 3.
    I had the top 10(lowest negative) BE’s last week and am revolving trades much the same way this week. With only 2 trades a week its not about getting the max from each player but getting a mixture of players who reach the peak at different times, so you can offload them.

    Anyway thanks again and I’d be doing ok in this league (so far).

    • No worries bud, I’ll definitely be throwing this together weekly, just have to work on a format that reads better.
      Sounds like a sound strategy you have, seems to be a cash vs points trading system this year which is really throwing different trades out there. Fun times ahead ;)

  • get rid of plowman for terlich

    or get rid of kommer for crouch?

  • My Trades this week:
    Liberatore out for Hodge
    Currie out for Berger

    Very happy with hodge, he looks in top form, i reckon he will have a ball this year!
    btw, thoughts???

  • Any love for lecras in this week and then Johnson the week after?

  • Hey guys i traded nick riewoldt for westhoff and kommer for crouch good trades??? and i decided to leave jack steven in this week will he be good??

    • I have him too, although assistant coach is warning me that he usually doesn’t score well against the bombers…

    • Have you got anyone else to swap for the Hoff? Roo has a BE of 61 and averages 108 against the dons so should still go up in price

  • this week’s trades

    Bartel – hoff
    Pittard – terlich

    dont really want to get rid of bartel but i really want the hoff
    who could i get out instead of bartel

    Franklin martin rockliff

  • Kreuzer for Goldstein or any other ruckman not over 490k
    And Zorko for kennedy
    Thoughts on them trades?

  • Struggling to understand the warn dogs trade of ablett to moloney… Someone please explain?!?!?

    • I’m guessing its the same logic as why I’ll be trading out GAJ this week. I’m trying to get Hodge in but I’m effectively $7K short of my ideal trade of Karnezis to Hodge. But if I trade GAJ to Hodge this week, GAJ’s BE is very high so he should drop cash next week. Hopefully that means I’ll be able to trade Karnezis to GAJ next week.
      So what this accomplishes is what I need, I won’t miss out on Hodges first price rise (estimated at $35k) and I’ll dodge GAJ’s very likely price drop, saving cash.
      Of course it is risky and many things can go wrong but it’s an extra trades/different thinking strategy

      • How do you do that?
        Isn’t hodge and Ablett both midfielders and Karnezis a forward?

        • I have a dpp link in my mids which I would lose

          • @Anthony, great article.

            Can you please explain this further, I don’t understand how you could trade a non DPP forward to a mid.

          • No problems JT.
            You do this on the trade page on your web browser. Don’t think you can do it on the mobile app.
            For example sake we’ll say I have Karnezis in my fwd line and Dwyer (who is a Dual Position Player) in my midfield.
            You will select Karnezis to trade out, this will create a blank space in your fwd line.
            Instead of selecting a player to trade in, click the ‘S’ next to Dwyers name. This will move Dwyer into your fwd line where Karnezis was, leaving the free space in your midfield.
            From here you’ll now pick the midfield player you’ll like to bring in.

            Hope that helped bud. If not, hit me up on twitter and I’ll be happy to explain it better.

    • Abletts price will decreased a bit and Moloneys increased, so he will make so money out of it, then probably switch Ablett back in.
      I’m just guessing cause I’m obviously not Warnie.

  • ATM I have Kreuzer and Embley,

    What are the best options:

    Kreuzer -> Rowe OR Kreuzer -> Berger … With Kreuzer out, Rowe might get more time on the ground and more points… As well as a nice price rise.

    Embley -> Hodge OR Embley -> Crouch …. With Van Berlo out, I’m thinking Crouch will get more game time in the 4-6 weeks that VBerlo is out. But then again, Hodge is a GUN!


    • Good trades no matter what you choose, I would go with Rowe and hodge, hodge is extremely cheap for a player of his ability, and he will rise a heap.

      • Yeah, but Crouch is probably going to go up 50k or so, as Anthony above said, Hodge might go up 35k, that’s an extra 15k in my pocket, then maybe the week after I can trade out Kommer for Hodge, as well as the fact Hodge is up against Freo and may get a Crowley/De Boer tag to reduce his output, decisions decisions… Anthony, if you’re reading this, will Crowley go to Mitchell or Hodge? Or both? Cheers!

        • Haha! I’m not sure mate. From the sounds of it they’re looking at Crowley -> Hodge and DeBoer (who Lyon is turning into quite the tagger) on Mitchell/Birchall. But who knows what Lyon will do on the day.
          Something to keep in mind with Hodges price rises is that his 135 will be in his rolling average for the next 2 weeks, so even if he doesn’t score that great this week, he will still rise a fair bit and have an attractive BE the following week.

        • I think you’re spot on Kam, crouch will go up and you don’t want to miss that boat, and Hodge will always be a target but rookies seem more important atm.

  • I made my 12 year old brother a team, and it beat all of you with 2156. Also beat me by almost 200 points, absolutely livid

    • And your point is???

    • I wasn’t quite as bad, but I spent stupid amounts of time planning out my mediocre dreamteam and on a whim decided to make a Supercoach side only to forget all about it, and (aside from having rooks that aren’t all playing) am scoring better in Supercoach (yes I know SC usually has higher scoring) than DT. FMDT.

  • I have kommer/patton/zorko, and quite a lot in the kitty.

    I am considering quite a risky trade with zorko -> sinclair & kommer -> crouch. It means dorko doesnt bleed anymore, and I get all the bubble boys. I will have a very under strength fwd line.

    • You’re forward line won’t be any worse off considering zorkos form so seems like a good idea as long as Sinclair plays

  • Kreuzer -> Rowe over Kreuzer -> Goldstein

    Ballsy or suicidal?

    • Incredibly ballsy mate, I think your sacrificing too many points going with Rowe

  • i want Westhoff in
    but i don’t know to swap him out for

    please help!

  • Probably NRoo out of them.

    • thanks mate

      • Yep agree it’s NRoo. The others will be in the top 6 fwds at the end of year.

        Although its about cash generation its also about getting a finished team.

        The question is – who will be the top 6 fwds?

        Franklin / Bartel / Rockliff / Johnson / Chapman / ?

        • rioli, jjk,westoff, pav, there are heaps

        • Here’s my planned final 6, Hoff, Franklin, Kennedy, Martin, Rocky and Pav, already have 4 of them, subject to change, banking on Hoff and Kennedy staying in form!

        • i reckon thomas will slot in there possibly with a bit of improvement

  • Tricky one this week.
    I have gone Zorko->JJK & Patton->Rowe leaving $374k in the kitty to bring in Rockliff next week by selling Dwyer, Macaffer or Daniher. Thoughts? Iv’e heard Daniher might be a chance now Ryder is out for 3.

  • Team is relatively devoid of premos (lots of rookies like everyone else + a few mid pricers like Fyfe, Moloney, etc), and all trades have been for cash generation. I’d scrape in at 5th overall on total points. Happy chappy!

    Hard qustion now is continue bringing in rookies on the bubble, or dump Dorko? Will have to look at predicted price drops and rises and/or hope he pulls his stuff together.

    • Chose to dump Robbo instead of Dorko last week for Westhoff thinking surely he’d leak more money but it wasn’t to be…

  • Is there any reason not to bring in someone like Cotchin or Stanton for Swan and enjoy the extra 100k while it’s still there to be had?

  • ALSO.
    I can see faults in this idea, but if traded swan to mullett id have enough money to trade;
    M jones>wingard or someone better

    leaving only a couple of blokes in the side likely to average under 90.