Round 3 Lockout Discussion

lockoutchatIt’s Round 3… the week that prices start changing and for most of us, the time that our league battles start and the sledges are sent out to our mates who we’re playing against!

The no brainer trade this week for a lot of coaches was going the dropped Patrick Karnezis to the cash cow Josh J Kennedy. This has been completed by almost 10,000 coaches while just over 7,000 coaches traded Karnezis to Sam Dwyer. Along with Dwyer, coaches should have looked to have got in other rookies on the bubble. Interestingly, Charlie Dixon and Justin Westhoff are the next most popular inclusions… who would have seen that coming 3 weeks ago?

Chat about your teams over the weekend here and your progressive scores. Make sure you post how many have played so we can get an idea of where you sit.


  • Super 2nd quarter from JJK

  • I’m liking today so far, Swallow as captain, JPK and JJK…Now I just hope that Hoskin Elliott isn’t sub again.

  • Seeing JJK doing so well is killing me… as in my stupidity pre-lockout I forgot all about him and did the zmsith to leuey trade instead of getting jjk in!!!

    • I’m in the same boat, I haven’t got him, plus my opponent has him this week.

      Keep in mind that JJK played Melbourne and he usually averages 70-80 so he won’t necessarily continue the way he is going.

      I’m not saying not having him is a good thing (worst case he would be a good cash earner), I’m just saying it isn’t the end of the world

  • LOL to everyone who jumped off swans kennedy…

    • Yep this season is showing the dangers of over reacting over 1 or 2 bad performances.

      Vickery gets a tonne, people bring him in and the next week he is awful
      Dangerfield and JPK have average starts, people dump them for Jobe and Jobe gets 65

  • LOL. Fanfooty gave the Superman logo to every Swans player for that 3rd quarter destruction

  • A huge last quarter from Swallow would be nice :)

  • JJK was a unique at start of the year… these trades means everyone has him :(

  • JJK, what a star. Glad to have had him since round 1. Only had room for one mid priced option in the forward line, and deciding to stick with the tried and true option rather than Karnezis never felt better.

  • jimmy toumpas a nice downgrade in rd 5-7?

  • Grimes is so dropped next week.

    • Agree, probably for Waters or Stanley if either of them start next week. Paying an odd 470k for a premo who has pumped out a 70 a 50 and now this as well is just outrageous.

      • Yep. Was this close to dropping him this week, but decided to give him one more chance…..big mistake, hope his value doesn’t drop too much.

  • Well, wasnt Scott Selwood as captain in my draft league a good idea over Dane Swan…

    • Swan scored 162 in a game against Hawthorn last year…

      The odds are definitely in your favour but your going to look silly for bragging before Swan plays if he gets 150+

    • Wait until Swan plays before bragging

  • An uphill battle in my main league match!

    Only 4 uniques

    Me: Zorko, Hanley, Cloke, Jacobs (none yet played)
    Them: Swallow 123, Kennedy 113, Cox 132, Wright

  • SO good at the moment
    456/4 with goddard, fyfe, cox and kenndy

  • Whitfield trolling again….

  • Put the Big C on Patty Dangerfield.YOLO

    • Good luck Khal, too much stress putting the C on someone other than Swan for me :)

      Too many bad memories

  • I needed Reieoldt in my team 3 weeks ago.

  • thoughts on jack grimes?

  • 552 from 5 players so far. Pretty happy with that.

  • 508/4 in my draft league with my captain very happy

  • 660/7 only one midfielder played JPK 114 projected score 2183

  • Geez that did not look good for Patton.

  • 557/6 hoping to be 1300 from 13 tonight with Gibbs, Bartel, Kreuzer, Rockliff, Leuenberger, GAblett and Jaeger.

    • yeah like wise i got Gaz Gibbs Rocky J,selwood Jaeger Kreuz so hopefully pushing past 1300 still with swan sammy mitchell burchill dusty wines and a handfull of rookies for tomoz fingers crossed

      • If I hit that and then every player gets their projected tomorrow (players such as Pittard with 33 I mean c’mon) will hit 2220. If I go all projected from here I hit 2109 not bad considering Watson hit 65 but its only one

  • WTF Whitfield !? Ruining my 125 points per player average!

  • Only 4 uniques in one of my league matches.
    Me: Bartel, Stevens, Wright, Danger.
    Them : JPK 114, Viney 63, Riewoldt, Kruezer.

  • 6/633 with swan as c :)

  • Patton! FmdtF

  • Montagna turning out to be a great unique pick

  • Whitfield! fmdt

  • I bet next week when i put Whitfield on the pine again that will be the week be has another 100 point game. What exactly is his role? All i see him doing is stay 40 metres off packs constantly and run away from the f**king ball. Oh and run up and down the middle of the ground….i bet his km’s traveled are higher than his f**king DT score atm.

    • Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Put him on the field get a 47 and a 36. Scores a 102 when he’s on the bench. Will probably knock out another ton and outscore Crouch or Viney (his bench replacements) next week.

      • It’s unfair to be harsh on rookies, but the difference between his best and worst numbers make it very frustrating!

        • The difference is most rookies attack the ball, he didnt attack the ball once in the whole game. Being pick number 1 gives you a free pass only so long. I mean look at Neade for comparison, he weighs as much as my keyboard and has a real go. I cant say the same for Whitfield atm.

      • Yeah i watched the whole game and had no one else but Whitfield. I never saw his number 6 guernsey anywhere near packs or fighting for the ball, he laid 1 whole tackle and took 2 marks. This to me only signifies one thing, hes a pussy and doesnt want to get his hands dirty and his teammates dont respect him. I dont even know where his 2 marks came from, i didnt see ANYONE even look to give him the ball. Pathetic effort and hes gone this week for me, id rather keep Kommer if hes not rubbed out, at least he has a crack.

        • I watched it too (Saints fan). He’s not in and around the packs at all and was hardly ever sighted. I think it’s a bit early in his career to be calling him those names, but something’s definitely up whether it be his role, whether he’s being protected by his coaching staff, his attitude, or a mixture of other things.

          • Yeah if you hadnt guessed he has just made me angry :D I was trading out Kommer this week to Crouch but now i think id rather bank some extra cash and get rid of Whitfield instead.


  • looking alright at this stage 503/5 but jack steven still to finish his last quarter

  • What happened to Patton?

  • No Kreuzer whyyyyyy

  • This is absolute bullshit. Kreuzer, Whitfield, Watson and Patton on the field. FMDT.

  • Oh and to top it off, i WAS rank 124.

  • What are people doing with Varcoe after this week? He’s going down in price.

  • Bloody Zorko if Karnezis had of played I wouldn’t have kept him.

  • Did Jaeger just give away 10 free kicks, he just went to 0 from30 something…. ha ha ha

  • Kreuzer hurt or something guys ??? just looked he has only 21

  • I have Varcoe unfortunately, but luckily my opponent has Kreuzer.