Player Value Spreadsheet

nixtraderGreetings all,

I have a player valuation spreadsheet for you.  This tool will help working out who to trade in or out of your team to get the best money changes after the end of round 3.

Brief instructions:

  • You only have to enter information into the green cells, the other cells are protected to prevent any errors.
  • Confirm or change Magic Number estimate for the end of round 3 – cell Q2.  I’ve put it at 5,050 – if you think you know enough about MN to put another number you can change it.
  • Enter your players using the drop down menu.  In the menu only the players who fit that position are named in full, other players are reduced to 3 letters.
  • For each player in your team data is pulled up automatically –
    • Team and position for 2013.  If this is different to 2012, their previous team and position is also shown, or if this is their 1st year playing.
    • 2013 starting price.
    • Points expected based on that price (using initial magic number 5,150).
    • The difference in points between their 2013 base and their points average for all of 2012.  For most players who played last year this difference will be zero.
    • 2012 Performance in 3 columns – average points, games played, standard deviation.
  • There are 3 green cells to enter the actual scores (or your estimates) for your players for the first 3 rounds.  Based on these scores the last 2 columns calculate the price change and new price after round 3.
    • If you leave any cell blank the calculation assumes the player gets their 2013 base score for that round – i.e. the score in column G is used in the calculation.
    • The player has to play 3 games for their price to change, so if the players miss a game the price change won’t happen until after they play 3 games.
    • I’ve put in scores for Goddard, Gibbs and Heppell to give you the idea; you can remove these.   Also the captain’s score isn’t doubled so the total score won’t match your real DT score for the rounds.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet there are 2 more tables.  One table looks at the structure of your team, the other looks at distribution of byes.

Download the spreadsheet (excel 2007): DT2013 R1pub

I don’t want to write too much here, as many players on this forum have good understanding of how this works.  But if you don’t understand or have any questions or comments please post below, or tweet me @NixTrader.


  • So its basically Assistant Coach?

    • I am an Assistant Coach subscriber.

      While AC may be different this year, I doubt it will let you change MN or put in your own guesses for future scores and see how the price changes.

  • Says for me that Pearce Hanley got 76 in round 1 but he actually got 87.

    • That’s Heppell’s score – you’ve removed him. Those 3 scores are just there as dummy data to show you how it works. Enter the actual scores for your own players.

  • Great planner – hat tip to Nix for sharing

    • Thanks Squarez,

      Hopefully I will have an update later in the week that will pull up everyone’s Round 1 score as well. But it takes a while to get data file together.

      • You shouldn’t have to find out all the players scores for people.. If you cant manually enter the data your self then maybe you shouldn’t use the spreadsheet. Honestly I stopped reading after the first paragraph and downloaded the sheet, It was so self explanatory that reading on was not necessary. Great work on the sheet appreciate it, Thanks!

  • I’m doing it on my iPad and it says it requires a password??

    • I don’t have an iPad, but I know the OS doesn’t support MS excel.

      The file doesn’t need a password to open or to use it as a calculator by putting data into the green cells. It does need a password to change the formulas, layout or add new sheets etc.

      I believe there are 3rd party apps that allow iPad users to access excel files in a limited way, but they probably don’t support full excel functionality.

      Do you have an app that claims to support excel files? Where you able to open the file? When does it ask for a password?

      • It must have something to do with Macs cause mine is not working either.

        • I’m not an Apple person. But it depends on your OS. If you have some sort of Mac / Apple computer with an operating system that supports Microsoft Office, and you have excel (2007+) installed it should work.

          However, iPad and mobile phones are viewers and players, with limited crunching ability, rather than full computers. Unless you have some app installed that specifically adds excel functionality, I don’t think it will work on iPad.

  • Really appreciate it Nix. Magic spreadsheet.

  • Great stuff Nix, thank you..
    I had Karnezis on his way out until I saw if he continues with 66’s (easy) he’ll still raise $7,000. Probably outing Riewoldt and JJK.
    JPK and Vickery don’t excite me just yet, they wont kick bags every week. (JPK on the radar)
    Is this going to be a weekly thing Nix?

  • For the next few weeks yes. The issue at start of year is to get on the right side of as many price moves as you can to maintain and build capital.

    After that will probably go back to similar format as the Trader spreadsheets from last year which looked at which trades were better than others.

  • I think a good team value pick is vickery

  • Thanks Nix, will this only work for the 1st 3 rounds or can we add in round four and take round 1 off?

    • Not really. It would be correct for players who miss a game and don’t play their 3rd game till round 4, but not very accurate for the other players. Plus round 4 should have a lower Magic Number than R3.

      However, I hope to have an updated version in next few days that picks up Round 1 scores automatically, and allows you to put in R4 scores and get price changes after R4 as well. You should be able to just copy your team across into the updated spreadsheet, plus any scores you’ve estimated for R2 and R3.