Tigers v Blues Partial Lockout Discussion

partiallockouttigersbluesThe second partial lockout of 2013 is here locking our Richmond and Carlton players into position along with the already locked away Adelaide, Essendon, Fremantle and West Coast dudes.

Discuss your decisions in the lead up to the lockout and the match as it unfolds.

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Melbourne have announced that Jimmy Toumpas, Jack Viney and Matt Jones will debut… meaning that Dean Terlich won’t be this week. [source]

Travis Boak says that up to five players could make their AFL debut… with Jake Neade, Ollie Wines and Kane Mitchell all likely to play on Sunday. [source]



  • Tyrone!

  • That’s more like it Cotch!!!

  • DUSTY!

  • Kane handball Lucas.. Kick the ball!!

  • Robbo is my Priddis of 2012. FMDT!

  • Kane Lucas 16 posessions, 41 points

    Lucas was a late change for me. I swapped him for Koby Stevens to give me 50 grand extra for a change elsewhere

    • He looked rushed, shat himself and dished it off quick, Carlton have some quality but a fair chunk of their list just isn’t good enough.

  • While watching Chaplin come off concussed I wander about the concussion sub rule, does anyone know what happens if the sub has already been used and a concussion occurs after..

    Can the guy that has been subbed off come back on as part of the concussion rule?

  • Rate kreuzer, racking it up easyyyy

  • Is Martin on the field or getting his Tat re-inked out the back somewhere?

  • Cotchin 29 posessions under 100

  • Should’ve seen it coming how Lids never cracks the ton against the Blues.

  • HereIam86

    Where is Martin?

  • 3/3 in my tips so far this round.
    The lockout has come back to haunt me once again, the VC was gonna go onto Gibbs as a little punt, turns out I was 42 secs too late!!

  • Don’t you love it when you trade Leuenberger out for Kreuzer in the last minute until the partial lockout and he scores 114!

  • 525/5, where’s everyone at??

  • 525/5 in a rough week for many….well done! who are the 5 who have done the job for you? I’m 444/6

    Only Gibbs playing tonight, helped me gain some respectability. Last week Danger 51 and Luke Brown 35 were big let downs. The other 3 scores in the 70s

    • Wright, stants (wounded pride, after he dogged me last year), BJ, Gibbs and Cotch… Goddard only one not to tonne up. These guys are all premos, not sure how i’ll get on with guys like varcoe, roughead, atley and jack. Personally I don’t know what everyone’s talking about, never even considered danger early on;)

      • Based on the first week….I wouldn’t consider Dangerfield, but he had a break out year last year and averaged 100 so no reason not to consider him :)

        I’ll give him more than one game before I dump him!

      • Yeah I was looking at bringing him in after the byes… Just needs to learn how to break a tag.

    • me 2 at least brown didn’t break anything and u wouldn’t think Danger could do that again

    • 474/6 played danger, heppel, cox, gibbs, houli and martin

  • 826/10

    I’m fuming I put in Robbo over Zorko in the last minute. Watch this backfire on me. Gonna rage trade Robbo out!!!!!

    • I’d put money on Zorko pumping out a 120+ hahaha

      • Yeah I know! That’s what stings! I’d put money on it too! He fooled me one last year, shame on him. He fooled me again this year. Shame on me!

  • 608/7
    Probably about par I think