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Welcome to the another edition of Lefty’s Leftfielders – hopefully you all followed my advice and had Nick Suban in your team on the weekend… love it when a plan comes together and logic does pay off (although 5 frees for in the first half and 3 goals was a massive help haha).

This week on Lefty’s Leftfielder’s is Swan’s son of a gun Kieren Jack – currently sitting in only 2.6% of all teams….

Name: Kieren Jack
Club: Sydney Swans
Position: Mid
Price: $505,800


Argument For

Jack is rapidly becoming one of the stars of the AFL – indeed many would suggest he is already there after his huge efforts in last year’s finals series. Tagging roles on Dangerfield and Swan in the QF and PF respectively barely slowed him as he not only limited his opponent’s influence but managed to have a large impact himself. Then in the GF Jack turned in a master-class of tackling with a huge 10 tackles for the game (to go with his 2 goals).

At 26 and with 7 preseasons under his belt Jack seems cherry ripe to take his game to an even higher level, and there have been no reports of niggling injuries over the pre-season.

In 2012, Jack played all 22 games for an average of 98.5. This included 9 scores of over 100 including 6 scores of 115 or higher. His best return was a nice score of 131 when he was supposedly tagging Griffen but 34 touches and 2 goals makes me suggest it was a ‘loose’ tag at best!

Jack has benefited from an apprenticeship of tagging the competitions best players over the last 3 years and learning how to become an elite midfielder himself. The emergence of Hannebery, Bird and Parker in the last year has also helped Jack as he seems to have more of a license to run off his man these days.

The biggest reason I believe Jack is a great leftfield choice is the Swan’s early draw and Jack’s record against them

The swans first 4 games in 2013 and Jack’s 2012 scores are:

Jack’s 2012 scores

GWS (115, 127)
GC (125)
Nth Melb (89)
Geelong (100, 79)

So if Jack maintains his 2012 form against his first 4 opponents he will be averaging a tick over 105 after the first 4 rounds.

I can’t see Jack getting tagged much with the likes of Kennedy, ROK, McVeigh and Jetta running around for the Swan’s so I think he will pretty much be left to keep doing his thing.


Argument Against

I always am a little nervous picking a player from the premiership side early the following year. There is no doubt that the teams that play in the magical final weekend in September have a reduced preseason and can struggle to get up and going in the early rounds the following year. Jack has only played 1 full length NAB cup game for a reasonable return of 80 in 2013, not sure how much we should read into that as Longmire seemed more interested in finding out more about his rookies than his established players.

Jack is capable of throwing a low score – highlighted by his lowestreturns of 63,72 and 72 again in 2012.


Lefty’s Call

I have said it before – St Kilda and Sydney have very friendly starts to the year with GWS and Gold Coast games, and I am looking to maximise my chances to gain points and/or cash with under-priced players from those clubs.

Picking Jack isn’t about trying to make some quick cash – I see his role in my squad as equalling the returns of higher priced mids like Danger, Beams etc whilst saving the $’s on his initial purchase price.

I am hoping he will average 110 up to the bye (aided by his soft early draw) and I think Jack will be a long term keeper in my team – but hey if he throws a few average scores then we have 2 trades each and every week to trade out underperforming guns…..

Good luck all


  • Nice one Lefty.
    Being a swans supporter I had Jack in my side however found the extra cash to go Kennedy instead. Would still love to have him though.

  • i have had him in and out a couple of times, probably because i love him, in the end i think i will be sticking with the uber premo’s.

    great read though!

  • Cheers for article! Certainly a left field selection but those two first games he should run riot. Might be an option to get him in for two then switch to Montagna or Barlow for round 3…

    Speaking of Kieran Jack, someone fill the last spot in the DT Talk NSW league, invite code 770772. If not we’ll have to put Kieran’s Flash Jacks in there

  • Pass for me

  • Last 6 rounds of last season I had an ongoing conversation with mtooler (I think) on DreamStats during games, where he continually put forward the idea that Jack was turning into an elite player, and 2013 would be his year. I was convinced, and had him in my pre-season side for weeks. I have been getting cold feet for the last few weeks though, and JPK has replaced him due to his brilliant pre-season.

    With Boyd out due to injury, I have to make a tough choice on who to replace him with. leading contenders are Deledio, Pendles and Beams. But I am considering Jack instead, and pocketing the extra cash for a Boyd slot in later. Could certainly work, for the above mentioned reasons, and more.

    Good luck all, and thanks for the article!

  • You nearly convonced me, but I chose to stick with my guns in Cotchin and Pendles.

  • kennedy or dangerfield

  • As a Swan, I originally had Jack in my side for all the reasons as outlined above, however I have now pocketed even more money by replacing him with MvVeigh. I expect to replace him after 3 – 4 weeks after having made some more cash again.

  • Any interest in Watts as a left-field FWD pick? $360K and playing as rebounding defender type who can sneak forward for a goal or two. No longer under the spotlight, ball should spend a lot if time in Melbourne’ back half and by all reports he’s had a great off-season.

    Is this a eccentrically brilliant POD pick, or have I just lost my mind?

    • I’ve picked Watts up FWD Luke. He is another of my gut picks like Wright was. Oh and Duffield too :@

    • Luke Skywalker. I tried the “ball will spend a lot of time in the weaker teams back half” strategy last year and it didn’t really pan out. What I found was that the ball was coming in so often and cleanly that the weaker teams defenders struggled and the defenders from the experienced teams reaped the rewards. Cheers

  • Luke Skywalker – I just can’t bring myself to pick Watts, I had him on my shortlist and the reasons you point out are all valid – but the same points have been made for the last few years with little to show for it. It could very well pay off though so good luck if you go for it

    • Thanks for the feedback, albeit mostly negative.

      I’m still tempted by Watts – the Dees’ first five rounds are Port (MCG), Essendon (MCG), WCoast (MCG), GWS (MCG) and Brisbane (Gabba), which don’t look too daunting (or close-checking), so I reckon my smokey Watts should rack up lots of easy possessions and marks. Perhaps even a few goals.

      Now to find the balls to actually select him…..

      Thanks again.

  • Went Kennedy but ROK is even cheaper at 499 and also has some big scores against his first few opponents. Loading up with Swans could be a genius move, especially with collingwood guns Swan, Beams & Pendles playing Carlton (OK I dont really rate them) and the Hawks Rd 3.

  • Nice summary Lefty. Have been tossing up between JPK and Jack for a while however I think I’ll be going with Jack. Looking at JPK’s kick to handball ratio worries me, in one game he had 35 disposals 28 of wich were handballs! So for JPK to improve 10 points he will need to turn 10 handballs into kicks whereas for Jack to improve 10 points he only needs to get 3 or 4 more kicks on average per game. Can’t see Kennedy’s game style changing alot so it’s Kieran for me.

  • Shares my name and my display picture. Locked in!

  • I rate Jack but have gone with Ryan O’Keeffe after a stellar 2012. Both good value in my opinion.

  • I was tossing up between Jack and Hannerbery. Have ended up with Hannerbery purely because I names my team with him in mind! Also have JPK running alongside him… Possibly wearing the C vest this weekend as he smashes out a giant score against GWS.

    On another note…

    Spots open in my League just for Swans Fans! Join up guys; lets go Back to Back!!!

    League Code: 861115

  • Spots open in my League just for Swans Fans! Join up guys; lets go Back to Back!!!

    League Code: 861115