The Sunday Knee-Jerk – Rage Edition

Friday night I was sitting there, content with my pre-season’s study. This is it I’m thinking, could it be my year? I’ve done a ridiculous amount of planning on my team, I had settled on my structure and was just mulling over a couple of 50/50 calls. The timer ticks down to 0… It’s lockout. Time to just relax and see my first 3 premos run around like superstars and smash out 350. All is good. *Alarm goes off*. Shit… so what really happened? Funny story. This article is that story! I have a feeling it’s not a good one…

The Legend

Not that I owned any, but I think Jobe Watson (113) deserves it for his performance. Perhaps it wasn’t the most DT friendly game in the wet, but he was simply sensational, putting the Dons on his back when they needed him most. Not a bad way to start his Brownlow medal defence with another 3 votes. Champion. Of course I’m a diehard Eagle’s supporter, as if my weekend couldn’t have gotten any worse. So it pains me to place Dockers under this category, but underpriced premos Barlow (126) and Mundy (117) were fantastic.  Both will average 100+ I reckon, Mundy could be an absolute steal at just $451,000. Josh Kennedy (99) gets an honourable mention as many coaches mid-priced forward.

The Sunday Chop

Oh how I’ve waited for this. I know it’s round 1, we shouldn’t be panicking yet and it’s going to be a long season. But Dangerfield (51) was just about as painful to watch as Jigsaw strutting his stuff. It was a horror. To get tagged out of the game like he did was extremely concerning. I mean, 70-80 would have been acceptable first game of the season. I would be looking at it thinking, he’ll smash it next week, no worries. But 51 is almost unrecoverable. It was fine when he was in our forward lines last season, but when I’m paying $525,000 for a premium midfielder I expect more. Much more. I think this may be the type of year he has, the capability for 50’s and 150’s. Do I really want to be worrying about a premium mid scoring well? That’s the rookie’s jobs! Brendon ‘Not a Clue’ Goddard (71) was pretty hard to watch also. He seemed a bit lost at times. Selwood (71), Gaff (63), Thompson (75) and just about half the comp round out the players on the chopping block.

The Clown

The Clown for Round 1 is of course, me. Captain hindsight came crashing down on me harder than a 21 square metre block of granite. The 50/50 I mentioned earlier was Dangerfield, the unestablished future superstar or JPK, the Swans ball magnet. Kennedy has super premo breakout written all over him and plays GWS and the Gold Coast in the first 2 rounds. My logic is that… well, there is no logic. Not now that Danger has scored 51! I’m behind the eight ball already. Special mention to the umpires at the derby though for this review. “You’re sure it’s been touched?” “Yeah that’s what I saw”. “Alright, all clear one behind”. “Hang on… no, I’m calling a score review”. Turns out the ball nearly took Walters hand clean off. The whole review system seems like a waste of time to me. When do they ever expect to get a ‘conclusive’ score review, the umpire’s get paid and trained to be in a better position than the camera and make the final call. Unless it hits the post, in which case they’ve missed it and no review will be called. A third umpire can stop the game if something’s been missed, ok. But no more 50/50 reviews thanks.

What we’ve learnt?

This is a new segment introduced by Adz over on our FPL site. Here’s a light hearted take on what I’ve learnt this week…

  • No matter what, every year I will waste 36 hours on planning my team, only to change it just before lockout.
  • Planning is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine…
  • Ballantyne is the second most hittable person behind… No actually, he is the first.
  • Dr Dream Team has about as much as clue as my goldfish at Dream Team.
  • Soon he will be called ‘Dr Supercoach’.
  • Watson has to be the Brownlow favourite. You just see him everywhere when the dons play!
  • The Eagles game plan surrounds one person. Nic Naitinui.
  • Freo have won their premiership in Round 1, they’ll enjoy Mad Monday tomorrow.
  • Our failures don’t get another crack for 2 weeks.
  • I can’t even rage trade for another 10 days.
  • I will be formally labelling Dangerfield, ‘Dangercun’ for the next 2 weeks.
  • The AFL drives us all around the bend with 2 games this weekend. Why? Start the season as one, period.

This game sh*ts me

Where do I begin? I know every year I’ll plan, then re-plan, then re-re-plan knowing that it’s all useless. I just can’t help myself! Every year I think my team looks undefeatable, only to score 280 from 4 of my best premos. God knows what this article will be like after the rooks play, I may not be in a fit state. 1500 anyone? What really shits me about this game is that no matter how much research I do, all my POD’s and smokies are put to bed prior to Round 1. When will I ever learn this game is not played, won or lost until trading begins. That’s when shit gets loose. However I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to help myself, and that’s why this game sh*ts me.

Ah, that feels better. I’m sure I’m not alone this weekend, the worst part is having to wait another week to see some of my other blokes try and resurrect my team! Not only that, but I can’t even rage trade for another 10 days! Danger’s score is going to be staring me right in the face. Anyway that’s it from me this week, I hope I’ve filled half of Adz shoes, I’d be doing a good job! Let’s hope for a much calmer knee-jerk next week, however the Pig doesn’t play until Monday… Caution. Cheers.

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  • because of the trades this season, I think we can be a bit more harsh with the chop. I know that if danger doesnt wow me next game hes gone and hello JPK

    • Exactly mate. A lot of people are living in last year’s DT and saying don’t chop Danger. I probably won’t this Round, but fact is even though he will go 100+ I’m not sure he will be consistent enough nor score high enough to beat a fit again Barlow, or an underpriced Mundy. Greene will also be a serious gun this year. He’s also competing with a proven 110+ in Murphy and an absolute gun in Kennedy! It might be naive to hold him. Then again, he may go ahead to average 110+ from here. I just highly doubt it with the attention he will get.

      • Plus even if he scores 110+ in the next two games, he’ll lose value (I’m guessing about 30k+: average would be 51+110+110 = 271 / 3 = 90) after round 3. And that’s if he scores quite well for round 2 and 3. Worst case, you could bring in Barlow/JPK next round wait for Barlow to drop after round 3, and if he is looking more consistent, swap back in round 5 or so, or pick him as an upgrade target round 7-8. With 2 trades per week, I want to weed out any major value drops earlier on and maximize growth in my team value so that I can bring in upgrades as soon as possible.

  • Didn’t have danger but I am surprised to see no comments about fyfe?

    Still got an 80 but was on 75 odd at 3QT. Thats rage-worthy I would have thought

    • I think people we just number of Goddard/Dangerfield. Sigh. Thought Fyfe was going to smash it when he was 30-odd after Q1 and then again when he started to get his hands on it after half time. Then he seemed to go to sleep Q4. It worried me a little how often you’d see him near the ball just at the corner of the screen, but not getting it. Hopefully just bad luck with the bounces.

  • Fyfe and Heppell were disappointing, especially because I was 50/50 Fyfe v Barlow.

    But I have had the long held view that Goddard is on the journey down, and didnt take him. I guess I can take his score out as a positive

    • I’m worried that the dons have changed goddard’s role to more a defender instead of the midfielder he was at the saints. dissapointing…

      • Interesting that he scored much nearer to projection in the other game. Something has changed but I’m not sure what. Perhaps he will be given the ball more than winning it this year???

  • A bit harsh on Freo (“Freo have won their premiership in Round 1…”). They’re a good team – could well end up beating West Coast again come finals time :)

    Most people have scored below expectations so far – it’ll turn around this weekend, many big scores to come!

    • Of course I’m harsh on Freo ;) Not denying them as a threat this year, we’ll just wait for when the derby really matters.

      I’m hoping for some big scores to come, big pressure on what rooks we pick. Will be the difference

  • both the derbys matter theyre nearly 8 point games they matter that much to the w.a sides and where we finish …but i feel ya pain id luv to play on ballantyne myself …..but if ya gonna get upset with us losing get used to it or take a valium sandwich now because we wont win as much as last yr

  • AND EVEN WORSE HOW CAN YA LEAVE LYCETT!!!! ON THE GROUND THAT LONG INSTEAD OF EMBLY …HE CANT EVEN PLAY he was gassed in the first quarter ..if woosha is gonna play him again then theres alot of pain ahead this yr ,,he deadset cant play at afl level

    • Lycett had no relevence last year as a dpp, I got no idea how coaches picked him this year. C Sinclair shoulda been upgraded off rookie list

  • I wonder how many other people are on 280 after 2 games with Goddard, Heppell, Dangerfield & Cox scoring? Dangerfield’s dismal score was a shock and it will be interesting to see how many people trade him in for, say, Michael Barlow just to protect dollars given the new arrangements for trades.

  • I’m on the same (280), but I have Fyfe rather than Cox. I’ll be having a serious look at Danger to either Barlow or Greene depending on how Greene goes. Yes it’s knee-jerk, but the extent to which Danger was tagged both this week and the last round of the NAB, coupled with how much the game turned as soon as Danger was tagged, has me very nervous. As pointed out in the article here, I don’t want to be worrying about a premo. I want to pay 525k for set and forget. Plus after round 1, I just want his misshapen noggin out of my sight!

  • Anyone else think Dempsey might be a not bad pick? priced under 400K and cracked out a ton first game. im definatly keeping a close eye on him

  • I was ranked 400th in 2012 and have been resisting to post my thoughts as I can keep a competitive advantage over some of the fools on here. But here goes:

    People need to remember that mathematically the round 2 scores are TWICE as important that the round 1 scores. The prices adjust on a 3 round average starting in round 3. This means the round 1 score will only have 1 week of influence in the price change at round 3, whereas the round 2 score will have 2 weeks of influence in the price changes at round 3 and 4.

    My point is, don’t knee jerk after round 1! Dangerfield may have bombed out in round 1 with 51, but if he goes bang in round 2 and 3…then to be honest the price drop will minimal in round 3…and more to the point his round 1 score will then be removed from the 3 round average heading into round 4.

    But you won’t care about this as he will no longer be in your team…knee jerker!!

    • Contrary to this point…a big score in round 1 should be dis-regarded as it will only have 1 week of price influence. You really want a big round 2 score so your values explode!

    • Dickhead alert!!!

      • Good point Master DT. I don’t think you should disregard a big score, but perhaps it shouldn’t have as much weighting on a player’s performance. I’m personally hoping Kommer can score okay against the Dees next week.

  • Decided to finally give Elite a go this year and decided to draft Lecras! Now that there is one sorry story. Guy was already on 80 DT at the time he went down just before 3/4 time and would have easily got 100 . I’m now contemplating whether to hold him in an elite league as they’re saying just 4 weeks or so. So much easier if it was just normal DT Fantasy:)

  • lol, problem is though I was manually drafting my players then stupid auto draft picked me Kerr, Hodge, Horsley and Shiel. Not too concerned by them but they’re all midfielders and 2 are already out on this injury list!