Tbetta on the Footy Rhino podcast

footyrhinoAfter I appeared on the Footy Rhino podcast last week, the whole world wondered how it was going to be topped… and it was just one week later where our very own Tbetta had a chat with Ryan about all things AFL Fantasy.

Yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek as I say that… but in all seriousness, Ryan is doing a brilliant job and going from strength to strength with each podcast after setting the bar very high with his first podcast with Matt from Footy Prophet. We’re looking forward to all of the guests he has coming up.

To listen to Tbetta chat DT on via the website, click here. If you want to get yourself all iTunesed up, click here and to subscribe, click here.


Make sure you check out his website and read Ryan’s brilliant musings from the NAB Cup weekend gone and follow his very entertaining season on the site. His Twitter account (@FootyRhino) is a must follow.

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  • great podcast, bookmarked and will be a definite weekly listener. only criticism would be with the segment where you pick one of two players have the background music just a tiny bit lower. found it hard to hear tbetta at times. that’s if footyrhino actually reads these comments or not lol