NAB Cup Grand Final and Scratch Matches



The Lions won the Grand Final but that doesn’t matter for AFL Fantasy purposes! We were more worried about how some guys on our radar went in the last hitout for the two clubs before Round 1. Bryce Gibbs is one of the biggest locks and his 107 points probably made him even more popular. He was all over the ground and even managed to kick a super goal. Dayne Zorko‘s 127 has well and truly put him in contention for a spot in our forward lines. He was unlucky not to have won the Michael Tuck Medal. Tom Rockliff (88) did enough as did Mitch Robinson (88) to hold their places if you have them in your team. Jack Redden (57) was very disappointing and hurt a few who locked him in as captain in their Match Day teams.

The story of the night was Patrick Karnezis who was subbed out at 3 quarter time for 81 points. At $238,500, he is the best mid-priced forward going around in my opinion. With 94 and 80 the last two weeks, he is locked and loaded for me!

Anyway, here’s the scores from the match.

Bryce Gibbs 107 Dayne Zorko 127
Matthew Kreuzer 104 Pearce Hanley 104
Kade Simpson 102 Jed Adcock 93
Kane Lucas 101 Rohan Bewick 93
Chris Yarran 92 Tom Rockliff 88
Mitch Robinson 88 Daniel Rich 82
Andrew Carrazzo 70 Patrick Karnezis 81
Nick Duigan 65 Josh Green 76
Brock McLean 64 Jonathan Brown 72
Marc Murphy 58 Brent Moloney 72
Dennis Armfield 54 Billy Longer 68
Michael Jamison 54 Elliot Yeo 68
Josh Bootsma 49 Stefan Martin 64
Shaun Hampson 46 James Polkinghorne 58
Chris Judd 45 Jack Redden 57
Levi Casboult 38 Mitch Golby 49
Andrew Walker 36 Matt Maguire 47
Eddie Betts 28 Joel Patfull 44
Sam Rowe 28 Ashley McGrath 40
Lachie Henderson 28 Daniel Merrett 38
Zach Tuohy 25 Claye Beams 38
Aaron Joseph 23 Andrew Raines 28
Simon White 19 Aaron Cornelius 11
Ed Curnow 16 Sam Docherty 6


No other games are televised this weekend, so we’re relying on updates via Twitter and news articles. Feel free to discuss the matches in the comments and post updates. I will update this post with scores thanks to @FantasyFreako.


TOP DT SCORERS: Swan 118, Pendles 104, Bartel 93, Caddy 93, Beams 91 and Selwood 90. OTHERS OF NOTE: Macaffer 60, Varcoe 48.


TOP DT SCORERS: Watts 114, M. Jones 107, Ablett 94, Terlich 91, Magner 87, Hall 81 and Grimes 71. OTHERS OF NOTE: Broughton 43, Toumpas 52.


TOP DT SCORERS: Kennedy 138, Boak 121, Brad Ebert 111, Pittard 108, Parker 91 and Stevenson 81. OTHERS OF NOTE: Wines 56 (from first half), Kane Mitchell 41 (from 17 minutes!!), Campbell Heath 49, Hartlett 79, Mumford 70, Lobbe 73.


TOP DT SCORERS: Steven 128, Greene 121, Treloar 100, Coniglio 97, Bugg 90 and Montagna 90. OTHERS OF NOTE: Giles 56, Whitfield 61.


TOP DT SCORERS: Griffen 125, S. Edwards 99, Murphy 97, Maric 95, Grigg 91, Deledio 90 and Boyd 88.


Game was called off in the last quarter due to weather. TOP DT SCORERS: Grima 103, Gunston 103, Mitchell 93, Buddy 90, Hale 82 and Mullett 76. SCORES OF NOTE: Currie 26 (47% game time), Goldstein 59 (52% game time).

More games to follow…


  • Yeah Gibbs, Zorks, Rock and Karnezis are locks for me

  • Good right up. nice work Swanny

  • Great for Karnezis, not great for my DT, have had him in my team since the first NAB cup match when 0.6% of coaches had him. Smokey has been smoked out…

  • thoughts on Rohan Bewick?

    • Thinking the same mate, could be a real good unique? Over 90 in the past two matches

      • Doubting his consistency tho. The nab suggests a lot but doesn’t always translate.

        • considering it was a NAB cup final and given the intensity of the match I think it’s a pretty fiar indication. Bewick is in my team now for Cornelius.

    • I think he is an outrageous ranga,

  • Actually, Giants vs Saints is live on their website

  • The 101points from Kane Lucas only 250k am i getting excited over nothing?

    • just remember when heath scotland comes back he will probably play the role lucas played last night, could be pushed to the dreaded sub position

    • I’m quietly hoping he’s done enough to get a run to continue that role. Seems to have done a lot to push contention. But it’s a very risky pick with some rookies in the midfield with better JS.

  • i want to have rockliff zorko and karnezis in my fwd’s but i dont think it can work….

    if the lions get flogged it could really lower their scores, which is half my fwd line…

    • On that note, Zorko vs Rockliff, a great article posted a month ago on it that said Rockliff but is it different now?

    • If they play like last night they are unlikely to be getting flogged any time soon
      You can afford to take a low score or two from Karnezis anyway at his price, and Rockliff and Zorko have both shown they can score will in a losing team

      • Not to mention that they all play in the Middle throughout the game, so scoring should be consistent, even in a losing game

  • Games like last nights make me sometimes wish dt scoring was a bit more positionally balanced. Merrett, Patfull and Moloney were outstanding last night, but were mediocre to terrible based on dt stats. Why not count spoils and clearances for extra points? If nothing else it would open up a whole new range of strategies and combinations of players to dt relevance. Dammit AFL its fantasy footie not the Brownlow! Quit being so biased towards midfielders.

    • That is true, there are lots of good players that don’t score well in dream team, but this game is about stats and now about who the best players are. I haven’t played supercoach but I believe this game counts other stats, some of the ‘1 percenters’ that you talk about. Perhaps Supercoach might be closer to what your after?

      I don’t concern myself with wether the best players get rewarded with the most points in dream team, I just try to pick the players that will score the highest according to Dream Team stats.

    • you mean, like, supercoach?

  • 30 touches for each Swan, Pendles and Beams – but that’s their score? What were they playing – tunnel ball?

  • Have any fantasy elite players worked out the trading system??? It seems very clunky. I can’t for the life of me work out how to propose trades for multiple players i.e. Propose to trade two players from my team for two players from another. Anyone able to help me on this?

    • I wanna know the exact same thing mate

      • Yeah its ridiculous – multiplayer trades are what make this format fun. No good just having one for one trades.

        So does anyone else know about this?

        • U have to know ur league really, talk about multiple trades and agree on them, then trade

        • Actually, Fantasy Elite (and the Super Coach equivalent) seem to have many weaknesses. The handling of multiple trades is one. The lack of back up players on your list (other than emergencies) is another.

          • Because of this I was thinking about transferring our league to ultimate footy – only thing stopping this is that some players position eligibility is different e.g. Hodge and Carrazo. Annoying!

    • AFL elite is definitely a few years behind in terms of their features.

      Ultimate Footy allows for the trading of multiple players which makes it so much better/easier. If you purchase the ‘Pro League’ update they will actually let you change the player positioning to suit the DT format (Hodge, Carrots). It’s a far superior game IMO


    Stream for PA vs Sydney game.
    Port is beating a near full strength team only missing 3-4 premiership players :)

    Pittard among the best. Has about 20 touches off half back

  • Disposals: Boak 29, Ebert, Pittard 25, Westhoff 23, Cornes, Stevenson 21. Marks: Pittard 10.

  • anyone know how mumford went?

    • yeh he picked up 70, would probably go for roughead/goldstein/jacobs over him in the ruck

  • Will there be full team scores up soon?

  • Anyone know how Bachar Houli went

  • Is there any way we can get the DT scores for all 22players in each team?

  • When is the cheat sheet coming out Boyz?

  • What is happening with Greg Broughton???

    • depends if mckenna decides to play him through the middle or not. we saw the worst of him DT wise when he was played in a lockdown role and a small forward at freo, but when he was given freedom and played through the middle he could get scores of 120+ on a weekly basis. wouldn’t start with him, see how he goes in the first few games

  • Pittard a lock now!

  • Good to see Goldstein put Currie back in his box. Impressive numbers in terrible weather for ruckmen.

  • dangerfield or murphy?
    pendles or watson?
    stevenson or terlich?
    goldstein or roughead?

  • If Leuenberger doesn’tt play round 1 it completely ruins my team structure.

    Out of any ruckman, who is the best to partner Cox if I have Daw and Currie on the bench?

    • Currie to R2 if he gets named for r1, hopefully he does since I share your problem :/.

      • cant believe im saying this, could ruin my shot at the money, but for instance;

        cox and jacobs in the ruck, varcoe in the fwds

        once berger is fit, swap cox into fwds and varcoe for berger

        • Nah, good strategy..! I’m going with Cox & Jacobs from the start and am very nervous on Varcoe, I think he might be a waste of time unfortunately but so few replacements…

  • jack watts has done all the right things to find a place in my DT, great price too

  • Brad Hill anyone?!?!

  • Anyone know how many points Tony Armstrong made and how he went?

    When do the trades start? Round 1 or Round 3 when league competions start?

  • How did McVeigh go anybody?

  • Thoughts on Main Ruckman being kreuzer?

    • Wonder what impact Warnock coming back will have. Should improve his average regardless, but I would look to make him R2

      • What did tony armstrong get??

      • yeah true, im just trying to find a good ruckman that can be cheap, i’ve gone with Maric at the moment just for a change because everyone else has cox. Just thinking of potenitally sparing some money up by taking a risky option of kreuzer!

      • Hampson will be Carlton’s fwd/2nd ruck. Warnock & Kreuzer structurally don’t work in the same team, so Warnock won’t hurt Kreuzer’s scores. If they ever pick all 3, it won’t last long before they realise yet again that it doesn’t work.

        Regardless, Kreuzer is fools gold. Pick two proper premo ruckmen, it’ll save you a lot of grumbling later :)

    • Don’t pick Kreuzer, people fall for him every year. If Leuey isn’t playing in round 1, pick 2 proper premo rucks.

      • ATM, I’ve gone Kreuz, Currie and 2 disgusting cheap guys who should play a bit.. (Gorringe and O’Hailpin, (yuck))
        Planning and moving Cox in from my forwards eventually but I just like my chances of 1/3 playing each week to partner with Kreuz. Cox can swap with Setanta if none play.

  • Geez Jack Steven is doing pretty well tis P/S, anyone thinking he might go bang this year?

  • If it hasn’t been posted yet:

    Would think this could spell the end for Currie as R2 in many teams… straight from the horse’s mouth. Though I had a big hunch this would happen, as would some others.

  • What are peoples opinions on the order of must-haveness for the backline rooks Terlich, Pittard, Stevenson, Goodes, Vlastuin


    • I personally have all of them as they seem to be the best rookies for the defence. Vlastuin looks an amazing player but out of all of the rookies here is most likely to get subbed. Terlich won’t score well but should do ok. For my money, terlich is the one you shouldn’t have out of them but if vlastuin keeps getting the sub he will score at best what terlich should which makes terlich more favourable as you’re saving 40k. However, Vlastuin is a gun.

  • What about Billy Longer if the Burger doesn’t front up Rnd 1?

  • Hawthorn found some form for the first time this pre-season with a thumping 19.8 (122) to 5.11 (41) win over North Melbourne at Craigieburn with Richmond beating Western Bulldogs 14.8 (92) to 12.11 (83) at Visy Park, Port Adelaide downing Sydney 15.12 (102) to 10.12 (72) at AAMI Stadium and the Giants beating St Kilda 16.6 (102) to 12.14 (86) at Blacktown.

    -sports news first

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  • Goddard, Heppell, Gibbs, Hartlett, Goodes, Stevenson (Colquhoun, Terlich)

    Swan, Ablett, Pendles, Stanton, Crouch, Wines, K Mitchell, O’meara (Viney, Lonergan)

    Cox, Kreuzer (Currie, Blicavs)

    Franklin, Rockliff, Bartel, Robinson, Karnezis, Macaffer (Rowe, Neade)

    $5 200- Cash Remaining:

    Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!

  • did ben kennedy play against the cats???