DT League Classifields


Looking to fill a league, or looking for a league to join? Maybe you’re running a draft and need a couple more to join in. Here’s the place to advertise.


  • supercoach league poodlewalkers has 1 spot to fill 608092
    ultimate footy 275592 has lots of spot to fill or does any one have an ultimate footy vacancy

  • supercoach league poodlewalkers filled thanks

  • few DT spots remaining: ‘the zoo’ #965349

  • Supercoach league 922730 has a few spots open if anyone interested.

  • Just gotta top up my main DT league guys…..pretty competitive league and no ghost ships…….Pies and tigers supporters especially welcome as there is a few of us……


    get on board lads and ladies was a good league last season….

  • Any one got any last minute spots in any DT Leagues? Got a couple spare. Usally pretty competive in the leauges im in. averaging 2000ish

    Or if if people wanna jump in another leauge to use all their leauges jump on the leauge – Last Min Legends DT code 158799

  • Still have 1 or 2 leagues free in all forms of AFL Dreamteam, if you need your leagues filled. Will check back here later on.

  • 1 spot left in a good dream team league. Code is 948658