DT Talk Footy Tipping 2013

footytippingJoin our 2013 AFL Footy Tipping competition thanks to ESPN’s footytips.com.au.

While we all love our fantasy footy, there is always footy tipping to hang onto if your DT is struggling for the week. We have had a huge league running for the last few years through footytips.com.au with over 1200 members. Make sure you are registered and on board for the 2013 competition.

Take us on!

Click here to register and get tipping ready for the the season to start!


  • Any prizes this year? The footy tipping got pumped up last year but it seemed to fall over in the prize department.

    • Yeah – it’s always a struggle to make something worthwhile for this league… but at the bare minumum, we’ll do a DT TALK Pre-Season Merchandise pack for next year worth approximately $100. Prospectus, AFL Record, stubby holder… and whatever else we can rustle up!