My Team 2013: Version 3.1

myteam31The NAB Cup is underway! After seeing half of the teams in the competition I thought it was time to get a new My Team article up after the last one had over 3500 comments in two weeks. Wowee!

Make sure you post your team in an easy to read format to that people can easily see your squad and it’s positions. Also, it’s handy to chuck in there how much cash you have left. See the previous ‘My Team’ posts on how this has been done in the past.

Please be constructive with your comments. If you expect some advice on your team, make sure you help others! We’re a big happy family here at DT Talk!


  • backs

    a little bit different from the norm however i think it is pretty balanced.
    anyway if you guys think differently give it a bashing and let me know where iv’e gone wrong cheers

    • 48k in bank

    • Not too bad mate.

      Waters has had a slightly interrupted preseason and I think will be more of an upgrade target for most. Maric and Cox could be considered a bit of overkill but as long as Maric maintains his form from last year you will be laughing as he seems to be fairly unique.

      Waters to say Heppell/Duffield etc. would allow you to upgrade Carrazzo (Pendles?) as I’m not sold on him but if you think he can avg 100+ then go for it. Tambling not for me personally but has shown a bit so far and with the extra trades could be worth the punt.

      Good luck!

      • cheers for that i was a little concerned about waters but had him last year and did me well,will consider changing.

        Carazzo until he did his shoulder(?) was going good guns so i will give him a go a bit different from the norm.

        i’m hoping berger will kill it early and trade him or Maric out and bring cox into rucks and get another preforming fwd will see.

        Tambling for his price will make money and by all accounts out of west lakes will be playing in round 1 and after his last few starts i think he wil make some decent money.

      • do u rate stanley or grimes?

        • Grimes over Stanley, Waters > Grimes could be a good move.

          Sounds like you’ve got a plan with the rucks which is great. Carrazzo is a good player and was awesome when he was available as a defender. He definitely knows how to find the pill but his tagging role is the thing that worries me. Unless you can see a slight role change for Carrots I think you can find better value elsewhere, that’s all :)

  • Team 1:

    DEF: B.Goodard, B.Gibbs, D.Heppell, R.Tambling, J.Pittard, B.Goodes. (S.Docherty, D.Terlich.)

    MID: D.Swan, G.Ablett, M.Boyd, T.Cotchin, M.Murphy, J.Toumpas, B.Crouch, J.O’Meara. (K.Mitchell, J.Viney.)

    RUC: S.Jacobs, M.Leuenberger. (S.Rowe, M.Daw.)

    FOR: D.Cox, T.Rockliff, M.Wright, D.Martin, T.Varcoe, B.Macaffer. (J.Growden, J.Neade.)

    $41,900 Remaining.


    Team 2:

    Team :

    DEF: B.Goodard, J.Grimes, B.Gibbs, D.Heppell, J.Pittard, B.Goodes. (S.Docherty, D.Terlich.)

    MID: D.Swan, G.Ablett, M.Boyd, T.Cotchin, B.Moloney, J.Toumpas, B.Crouch, J.O’Meara. (K.Mitchell, J.Viney.)

    RUC: S.Jacobs, M.Leuenberger. (S.Rowe, M.Daw.)

    FOR: D.Cox, T.Rockliff, M.Wright, D.Martin, T.Varcoe, B.Macaffer. (J.Growden, J.Neade.)

    $18,400 Remaining.

  • Def: Goddard, H.Shaw, Gibbs, Duffield, Stanley, Docherty (Van Unen, Terlich)

    Mid: Ablett, Swan, Beams, Greene, Embley/Boak, Lonergan, Crouch, O’meara (Hrovat, Viney)

    Ruc: Bellchmbers, Leuenberger (Currie, Daw)

    Fwd: Cox, Pavlich, Zorko, Hurley, Daniher, Macaffer (Hitchcock, Dick)

    Feedback would be great. Cheers guys

  • DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Hanley, Pittard, Goodes (Vlastuin, Stevenson)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Barlow, Moloney, Wines, O’Meara, Viney (Lonergan, Crouch)
    RUC: Jacobs, Leuenberger (O’hAilpin, Currie)
    FWD: Cox, Rockliff, Riewoldt, Martin, Varcoe, Macaffer (Patton, Neade)
    CASH LEFT: $4,200

    Is Ablett worth it? Almost a cert. to start with a bang but Boyd will average maybe 5ppg less, and costs ~$50k less.
    Barlow can certainly lift his average to 105 I feel.
    Maybe Riewoldt to Wright? Cox to Chappy?

    Thoughts appreciated!

    • I’d Keep Cox, but I don’t think That Reiwoldt will start off that great.

      Overall this is a very solid team, good job.

    • yes he is
      maybe avg 5less however gablett can go huge
      which riewoldt after watching wright reckon he will step up and get more time in centre, by the way i would have wright b4 martin.
      cox i would keep so when the cash cow berger injures himself i would swap across and get another premo fwd

      Also O’hAlipin what the? He did nothing in the GWS game surely better options

      i thought with the name u have fyfe would have been a lock instead of barlow

    • Very solid mate and with a nice spread of premiums on each line. I’m also backing Hanley in and can certainly see Barlow/Moloney netting you around 200pts between them each week.

      Not sold on Riewoldt but appreciate that he has some upside given his early draw. Would have Wright slightly ahead of Dusty too but you know the moment you switch them Dusty will break out and you’ll be left cursing that tattooed head every week until you trade him in and he lets you down for the rest of the season.

  • Moloney or embley?? Reasons why would also be appreciated

  • DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Tambling, Goodes, Pittard (Docterty, Terlich)
    MID: Swan, Ablett, Boyd, Thompson, Ryan O’Keefe, Toumpas, O’Meara, Hutchings, (Mitchell,Viney)
    Ruck: Jacobs,Leuenberger (Rowe, Daw)
    FWD: Cox, Chapman , Zorko, Rockliff, Varcoe, Macaffer (Lee, Neade)
    Cash Left: $15,000

    PLEASE feedback i need this!

    • Hutchings is cover for the eagles at this stage. I don’ think he will play in first 5 weeks or so
      People are awful quick to jump on Tambling based on form in a scratchie. He’ll need to do a lot more than that for me
      Like O’keefe, Toumpas good POD

      • sanderson rates him at west lakes and after the internal trial NAB matches and freo game last weekend he will start across back!!

  • O’keefe, Jack or Fyfe?

  • Def- Goddard, Gibbs, Duffield, Hanley, Pittard, Goodes (Stevenson, Turlich)
    Mid- Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Deledio, Fyfe, Wines, Lonergan, O’meara (Crouch, Viney)
    Rucks- Jacobs, Berger (Currie, Osborn)
    Fwd- Franklin, Rockliff, Riewoldt, Blair, Varcoe, Macaffer (Neade, Lamb)

    Ive gone with blair as a smokie fwd, think he can fly under the radar and average 90’s. Deledio looked good and doubt will get tagged that often with Cotch smashin last year. Also looking at some of the teams franklin is looking semi-unique and can hopefully prove everyone wrong and pump out some big scores early.

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated :)

    • Only 1.5k left also

    • I really like this side, nothing to criticise really.

      Blair is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you can see some upside in him then go for it. Personally I see Buddy as more of an upgrade target but you’re spot on – if he lights it up early you will have an advantage over most. Buddy > Cox for mine.

      Best of luck!

  • D: Goddard, Grimes, Gibbs, Duffield, Pittard, Stevenson (Docherty/Terlich)
    M: Swan, Ablett, Cotchin, Pendlebury, Fyfe, Wines, O’Meara, Viney (J. Lonergan/Crouch)
    R: Jacobs, Luenberger (Grundy/Currie)
    F: Cox, Rockliff, Wright, D. Martin, Mayes, Macaffer (Rowe/Neade)

    Cash left: $12,100


    • Nice team, Very similar to mine above. great minds must think alike haha

    • i like the Rowe pick however has a few in front of him, however saying that he is a muture age and if he keeps on presenting like he did might get a chance this year

      grundy injured BACK

      nice premo mids

  • gibbs or waters?


    beams, boyd, watson, cotchin ?

  • moloney and martin
    murphy and varcoe

  • D: Goddard, Gibbs, Heppell, Suckling, Vlastuin, Goodes (Docherty, Terlich)
    M: Swan, Ablett, Deledio, Fyfe, Moloney, Embley, O’Meara, Viney (K.Mitchell, B.Crouch)
    R: Roughead, Leuenberger (Daw, Rowe)
    F: Franklin, Rockliff, Riewoldt, Martin, Varcoe, Lycett (Macaffer, T.Lee)

    • Nothing wrong with that although your midfield is maybe a little light on. Much cash left?

      I’m planning on bringing Deledio later in the season, after seeing how the other midfield options shape up but if you have faith in him, go for it. He certainly looked good in the NAB

    • Team looks great as is. Not sure about roughy.
      Lycett looked great and should get a few early games til nicnat is back.
      Consider maybe dropping ablett back to Boyd and upgrade fyfe to a full gun.
      Not sure if buddy will fire first few games either, zorkman may be a better option til a bit later in the season

  • DEF: Gibbs Goddard Grimes Goodes.B Osborne Pittard (Docherty Terlich)
    MID: Swan Cotchin Watson Selwood.S Barlow Lonergan Savage Mitchell (Viney Stark)
    Ruck: Griffen Leuenberger (Daw Grundy)
    For: Zorko Rockliff Riewoldt.N Martin Byrnes Varcoe (Patton Mayes)


    • You’re better off swapping Savage for a Crouch or O’Meara, as they will make you more money in the long run. I assume thats Gold Coast’s Lonergan?
      Patton is a lot of money to have sitting on the bench and key position players are not that great DT wise, maybe swap for Macaffer?
      You should only have one of Zorko and Rockliff.
      If you have enough cash upgrade Griffen to a better ruck like McEvoy or even Cox if you can afford him, as Griffen’s scores are likely to go down when Sandi comes back.

      • Yea that Gold Coast Lonergan, I was thinking swapping out Griffen when Sandi comes back,
        Cheers for the advice

  • no one seems to be picking stanley from GLD CST is he injured?

  • I need help with my first four defenders. I currently have Goddard grimes Gibbs and Heppell however I need to get some cash from somewhere so I can upgrade my forward line which is Franklin, Rockliff, Martin and Lecras. Do what you must ill accept any ideas or whatever

    I also have $20,000 in hand. Cheers :)

    • Sounds like you’re in a dilly of a pickle there mate.

      If you’re looking to start 4 gun defenders I’ve found it pretty difficult to start with all of the 3 ‘G’s’ without sacrificing your side elsewhere. Grimes to say Duffield/Hanley or God forbid Broughton and a slight tweak elsewhere would free you up enough cash to turn LeCras into a premium forward. I guess that’s all part of the fun though!

  • Varcoe or Byrnes?

    • Based on what I saw from nab cup Varcoe by a mile

    • I have Byrnes at the moment, but Varcoe looked better this week. Keep watching them, particularly the role which Varcoe plays.

  • Forwards:Cox,Roughead,Zorko,Rockliff,Bock,Macaffer(Stringer,Paparone

  • Firstly, can’t decide between Murphy/Redden (have them both in my team at the moment) and Dangerfield. I really think this season he could push his ceiling and average higher, but I think that of Murphy and Redden as well. Anyone care to weigh in?

    Secondly, forward line looks like this:

    Cox, Rock, Roo, Knights, Varcoe, Byrnes, (Macaffer, Neade)

    but I would really like to fit Wright in there. I have the money (bit over 200k in the bank) so my question is who to ditch out of my three mid pricers? Anyone particularly dissapoint over NAB Round 1?

  • Rucks:Leuenberger,Bailey,(Rowe,Daw)

  • Mids:Ablett,Watson,Kennedy,Barlow,Rich,Moloney,Crouch,O’Meara(Vlastuin,Viney)

  • out of Chapman and M.Wright who would you pick?

  • i have rocky and roughead can suck a dick its out of chapman, stevie j and wrighty

  • def; B.Goddard, B.Gibbs, D.Heppell, G.Broughton, J.Pittard, D.Terlich (B.Goodes, L.Stevenson )

    mid: D.Swan, D.Beams, M.Boyd, J.Redden, M.Murphy, A.Embley, J.O’Meara, J.Viney< (B.Couch, K.Martin )

    ruck: D.Cox, M.Leuenberger, (j.Witts, M.Daw)

    Forward: S.Johnson, T.Rockiff, M.Robinson, T.Varcoe, S.Byrnes, B.Macaffer (J.Neade, S.Dwyer)

  • Goddard,Scotland,Waters,Heppell,Pittard,Goodes(Van Unen,Terlich)

  • What are everyones thoughts on Sam Wright from North Melbourne, he seemed to be playing the quarter back role in the first round and the way North chip it around he could be a viable option. THoughts?

  • Mumford or McEvoy for my DT ELITE?

  • who would you bum Ablett or Swan?

  • Ok here we go,

    DEF: God,Gibbs,Suckers,Hartlett,Goodes,Pittard(Docherty,Terlich)
    MID: Swan,Gaz,Boyd,Murphy,Barlow,Wines,Couch,O’meara(Mitchell,Viney)
    RUCK: Ivan,Jacobs(Daw,Currie)
    FWD: Zorko,Rock,Wright,Varcoe,Mayes,Macaffer(Kerrige,Neale)

    Not sold on berger as he did not play,give us some feed back ,cheers.

    • First team I have seen all season with no Berger
      Suggest an downgrade of Jacobs and upgrade Mayes as he may not play

  • backs: goddard, grimes, gibbs, goodes, pittard, vlastuin (terlich, docherty)
    mids: ablett, beams, deledio, greene, fyfe, ball, k. mitchell, omeara (crouch, viney)
    rucks: maric, leunberger (daw, rowe)
    fowards: cox, chapman, zorko, gray, krakouer, patton, (varcoe, neade)
    $26,500 left.
    please let me know what you think, any feedback welcome cheers.