Adelaide-St Kilda-Port Adelaide NAB Round 1 Review


It might be February and it might have been 38 degrees, but bloody hell, the footy was back and didn’t I enjoy it! Along with son Josh (he gave some thoughts on the Power players that I have added in below), I made my way down to AAMI stadium to see the Tri series of games between St Kilda, Adelaide and Port.  Everyone at the ground was clambering for the shade, including the players at the breaks!  I must say I agree with Scott Watters that they should have done more to help the players today.  In terms of the results there were certainly advantages to the teams that were fresh.

One thing that I must say is that this out of bounds rule that they use in the NAB Cup is tough to take.  There just didn’t seem to be any consistency in the rulings and there was a fair bit of confusion.  Also, the nature of these games make it hard to get a real read on players, but at the moment, it is about all we have got!


St Kilda 8.2 50 def Adelaide 3.6 24

Port Adelaide 1.9.2 65 def St Kilda 2.3 15

Adelaide 6.7 43 def Port Adelaide 4.3 27

St Kilda

Certainly came out firing in the first game against Adelaide, however, the heat and having to play two games in a row in it were too much for them.  There were some good signs, but it was clear that without their big captain they were struggling a touch up forward.

Next Game vs Sydney Sunday Mar 3 at Etihad Stadium

Arryn Siposs (FWD $325,000) This guy might be listed as a forward, but he was consistent in his role in both games which was a sweeper across half back.  he was their set up man and was effectively taking the role that has been vacated by Brendon Goddard.  He was the guy that linked up the play and he didn’t seem to be taking the most dangerous forward, rather he was floating and taking one of the half forwards.  The issue I have is his price.  Really dropped out of it in the second game.  he was hardly sighted in that one.  I think the amount of the work in the first one may have seen him paying the price.  I am just thinking that there are better options around that price.

Tom Lee (FWD $108,500) Must say I was keen on watching this guy, and I was sadly disappointed.  He looked a little lost as he was playing as the key target up forward.  With no Nick Riewoldt, he was getting the best defender coming to him.  They need not of bothered.  He did play a bit better against Port, but was horrible against the Crows.  I would want to see a lot more from him in his next couple of games before I think he will get a regular game or be fantasy relevant.

Beau Maister (nee Wilkes) (FWD $287,500) Beau embraced his name change and also his role up forward.  He, along with Lee, was a key target up forward, but unlike Lee he didn’t disappoint in his first game, but did fall away in the second.  Was strong overhead against Adelaide and picked up a couple of goals.  Was starved of opportunity though in the second game.

Jack Newnes (MID $271,600) A few people asked me to keep an eye on him, and he was ok.  He was quiet against Adelaide but was a bit more prevalent against Port.  There were times where he was also entrusted with the kick in duties.  Not someone that I would be picking though.

Nick Dal Santo (MID $471,200) Nicky Dal was great against Adelaide, he was everywhere and played predominantly in the midfield.  Against Port he was also in the midfield but didn’t seem to do too much in that game.  A good price for a guy that is going to be a key midfielder for his side.

Ben McEvoy (RUC $457,900) Big Boy McEvoy didn’t have much competition in the only game he played due to Jacobs being out for Adelaide, but he certainly showed he is nothing to be sneezed at.  He racked up 8 hit outs and 5 kicks.

Scores for St Kilda v Adelaide

Ray 52, Gwilt 48, Geary 46, Maister 42, Steven 42, McEvoy 41, Armitage 40, Saad 36, Siposs 35, Montagna 34, Jones 32, Dal Santo 31, Blake 28, Dennis-Lane 25, Milne 19, Milera 19, Gilbert 18, Roberton 18, Ledger 17, Hickey 17, Curren 11, Newnes 11, Lee -4, Wright -4.

Scores for St Kilda v Port Adelaide

Montagna 42, Steven 40, Gwilt 3o, Lee 28, Newnes 24, Armitage 23, Dennis-Lane 23, Ross 21, Hickey 21, Wright 20, Saad 20, Koschitzke 19, Ferguson 15, Saunders 15, Gilbert 14, Curren 13, Fay 12, Webster 12, Jones 11, Dunell 8, Shenton 6, Maister 3, Dal Santo 2, Siposs 2.

 Adelaide Crows

Took a while to get going today and the lack of a true target in their first game was quite obvious.  However, the second game saw Josh Jenkins really take the role up forward and it really straightened them up and gave them someone to kick to.

Next Game Vs Geelong Saturday 2nd March at Skilled Stadium.

Matthew Wright (MID/FWD $438,700) Wright seemed to have himself a tagging role on Dal Santo in the first game.  He was always near the ball and as a result had 4 tackles along with 6 kicks and 3 handballs.  During the second game he seemed to be off the leash and was able to gather 29pts and only the one tackle.  Certainly a candidate to up his scoring and if he finds himself around the ball as much as today then regular high scores won’t be out of the question.  I think he is worth the punt this year.

Brad Crouch (MID $108,500) We have been long awaiting the arrival of Brad Crouch who spent the last year playing with West Adelaide.  He certainly didn’t look out of place and spent a large amount of his time on the ball.  We know that he is a favourite of Sanderson and is likely to play regularly.  However, with the midfiled missing the likes of Vince, Van Berlo and Thompson (who looked in good nick when I bumped into him) I am not sure how much time Crouch will spend in that midfield rotation.

Sam Kerridge (MID/FWD $108,500) Many of us have been keeping an eye on this youngster who is in his second year.  Sadly he didn’t seem to find his niche out there.  He seemed to get a bit lost on occasion and the main times I noticed him was when he was running on and off of the bench.

Josh Jenkins (FWD/RUC $316,100) Whilst he was lost against St Kilda he shone against Port.  He was the key target up forward and he really took over.  In the absence of Taylor Walker and with Tippett gone (Jenkins was in his number!) he was the best option that Adelaide had up forward.  The price simply makes him awkward, but if he gets a regular game he could be a valuable bench swing player that could make some dollars.

Aiden Rilly (MID $229,800) A cheap option in the midfield who has a knack of finding the ball.  He certainly did well in each of the two games he played.  Playing around the midfield he could develop into an option and I see him having a breakout year.

Adelaide Scores v St Kilda

Wright 42, Johncock 37, Tambling 30, Laird 26, Riley 25, Lyons 24, Mackay 23, Douglas 21, Martin 21, Callinan 20, Smith 20, Jaensch 18, Otten 18, McKernan 18, Lynch 17, Crouch 17, Brown 16, Talia 14, Kerridge 13, Ellis-Yolmen 13, Henderson 10, Hartigan 8, Johnston 2, Jenkins 2.

Adelaide Scores v Port Adelaide

Jenkins 52, Riley 50, Lyons 44, Douglas 38, Mackay 37, Tambling 36, Wright 29, Crouch 28, Graham 26, Lynch 23, Grigg 21, Martin 20, Otten 19, Brown 19, McIntyre 16, Callinan 16, Kerridge 16, Ellis-Yolman 16, Laird 15, Mckernan 14, Henderson 12, Thompson 11, Smith 9, Hartigan 8

Port Adelaide

With a lot to prove this year, Ken Hinkley sent out a fairly strong team in game 1 but they also had a lot of rookies.  Hinkley was prepared to throw his youngsters to the wolves and that he did, and didn’t some of them show that they have got what it takes.  From a DT point of view we couldn’t have asked for more!

Next Game vs Melbourne Sunday March 3 in Renmark

Kane Mitchell (MID $119,300) This guy is probably the biggest lock of the season along with O’Meara, the only problem is that he has to be elevated off the rookie list.  With Salter on the LTI this is a certainty.  He tore it up and was absolutely everywhere.  He linked up with many players in the mids and across the backlines.  I can certainly see why he won himself a Sandover medal.  Josh was very keen on his setting up of the attacks forward and his set up of a goal for Ollie Wines.

Oliver Wines (MID $156,700) He has been dubbed Quadzilla by his team-mates and he certainly has massive legs!  He is very powerful unit that could get his own ball and certainly knew what to do with it when he got out into the open.  I must say I was surprised to see him with so few points in the second of the two games but I think that the heat may have been a factor here.  I think that he is worth the extra price over the standard rookies as he will certainly get games and will have an impact.  Josh loved this guys kicking and his attack on the pack to win his own ball.

Jasper Pittard (DEF $132,600)  Jasper is looked upon as the link up guy across half back with Hartlett and he was good at that role in the first game.  As with Wines I was very surprised to see that he had such a low score.  I think that he will be much better for the run after being out for the majority of last year.  I will be keen to see how he goes next week.  Josh liked him and thought he had a good attack on the ball when given the chance.

Hamish Hartlett (DEF/MID $421,400) Hartlett played the majority of his time in the midfield and on occasions was the link up guy across the half back line with Pittard.  He showed us exactly why many of us were going to pick him in the first game.  Once again I was surprised to see his score in the second game.  However, the Power midfield were outplayed fairly significantly in that game so I guess this expains the score.  I see Hartlett being the gun that we all know he can be and with his DPP eligibility and 2 trades a week I can’t see a reason to avoid him.  Josh thought he was strong in the contest and made some solid marks under pressure.

Angus Monfries (MID/FWD $352,300) Having come back home Angus didn’t fail to disappoint his home town fans.  He started up forward but then found himself in the midfield and on the ball for a fair bit of the game.  He was clean around the ball and scored well, particularly against Adelaide.  An awkward price, but I think he is underpriced for his new role at his new club.  Think about the freedom that Brad Ebert got when he came to Port Adelaide.  However, he did managed to strain a Hammy in the game, so just keep an eye out for how serious this is.

Lewis Stevenson (DEF $108,500)  Lewis was unassuming in his gathering of his possessions, but he certainly looked good and was a good fit for the new look Power backline.  With the youth in the backline and the options available I don’t know how secure his job is, but he should be closely watched over the next two rounds.

Just a couple of other quick fire points

  • Jake Neade was a very good pick up.  He only played the first game but was all over the ground and what he lacked in experience and skill he made up for in pace and enthusiasm.  Josh like his marking and thought overall he was really good!
  • Sam Colquhoun also looked the part and was played around the midfield and wing.  He was not out of place as he had played against the bigger bodies last year.  He will play but I am worried about him being a vest candidate.
  • Campbell Heath played minor roles in both games and was ok, but nothing outstanding.  I think he needs to do a bit more to find himself a regular spot in the team.
  • Kane Cornes continues to find the ball and if it wasn’t for his errant disposal at times he would be still up amongst the teams best.  From a DT perspective he still knows how to get the ball!

Port Adelaide scores v St Kilda

Cornes 48, Brad Ebert 44, Schulz 42, Hartlett 40, P Stewart 38, Wingard 38, Neade 35, Westhoff 33, Broadbent 33, Boak 30, Brett Ebert 28, Monfries 27, Wines 27, Redden 26, O’Shea 25, Pittard 22, Jonas 22, Stevenson 20, Colquhoun 19, Mitchell 16, Trengove 16, Newton 14, Carlile 10, Heath 9.

Port Adelaide scores v Adelaide

Monfries 42, Mitchell 34, Young 29, Cornes 26, Thomas 25, P Stewart 24, Trengove 23, Stevenson 22, D Stewart 21, Blee 18, Westhoff 17, Moore 17, O’Shea 16, Hoskin 16, Clurey 16, Schulz 14, Broadbent 13, Ah Chee 12, Jonas 12, Carlile 11, Heath 10, Pittard 7, Wines 6, Hartlett 0

These are just the things that Josh and I noticed, I am sure you guys watching at home had your views too.  Let me know what they were and who impressed you and who you are going to pick for your teams below!

Give me a follow, @pkd73  for more of my thoughts as the season progresses.


  • Great stuff Dunny
    i am really liking port this year have got 4 of them in my team so far. What did you think of Brad Ebert???

    • Brad played about how I would expect him to play. Very well! I don’t think he has missed a beat over the off season.

  • Great write up bud!
    I might be crazy here but I’m thinking Otten might be worth a punt as a cheap def… Might have to watch him close over the next few!

  • Good show Dunny!!
    Who do you reckon would be a better forward around the price range of Siposs if you think there is some?? Thanks mate, looking forward to your next write up!

    • Siposs at $325k is just a bit too risky for me. For a bit less cash you can get yourself Josh J Kennedy, Varcoe or Shannon Byrnes. All of them are in the 230-275 price range.

      For an extra 10k you can get yourself Michael Hurley or 25k for Monfries. $30k would find you with Mark LeCras.

      Personally I would drop down to Varcoe or Kennedy at the moment. However all bets are off til the NAB is over.

  • Thanks for that Dunny. Yer for some reason I am really liking ebert this year!!!! Could this be his year I wonder

  • Good points Dunny, I would also like to know who you think may provide better value than Siposs, he’s a pick that I’m wavering on a bit…

    I also wouldn’t mind some thoughts on picking a saints mid given their early fixtures,
    Steven v Armitage?

    • I did keep an eye on Armitage and Steven. Steven was the better of the two from a scoring perspective, but I just can’t be sure of it from those two games as to which one I would pick if I had to. I must say though, neither are on my radar currently.

      See above comments for Siposs

    • steven was very good jabboiz.

  • I was at the game as well and I have to say that I though Kane Mitchell was quite disappointing, looked a bit lost and slow at times.
    Jake Neade was awesome though great attack on the ball and good energy. Definitely worth a look.
    Tom Lynch could be worth a look if he gets a game, loves the open space for a easy +6. Tonned up in 1 game last year.
    It kills me to say this but Richard Tambling actually looked alright, good pace and delivery playing lose but Reilly will probably take that role when he comes back.

    • I was there as well, and i thought that Mitchell looked a bit lost in his first game, but against the crows really looked quite good. Always seemed to have the ball near him and had a bit of acceleration on him.
      Neade was very impressive in the first game. Looks tiny compared to the others, but has the skill and speed that will surely get him games at some stage this year (if not round 1).
      Matty Wright was impressive for the Crows, and i agree with Tambling. If he could keep up the way he played today, i wouldn’t be surprised if he started round 1.
      Tommy Lee looked alright in the second game, but Talia wore him like a glove in the first.

      And if Johncock can get the 3 easiest goals i’ve ever seen every week like he did against the Saints, i would lock him in.

    • Hey guys, I thought Mitchell looked pretty good. I guess I was marking him as a rookie, but I thought that he fairly quickly got the pace of the game and also the feel for the game. Much like anyone in their first real hitout at that level I thought he was fine.

      As for Tambling. I agree that he looked good, but he simply won’t get that role. With players like… S Thompson, Sloane, Van Berlo, Vince, Dangerfield and B Rielly still to return I think he will get bumped back to the SANFL.

      Not sure on Johncock. I think he stood out up forward because they didn’t have any other options. If he does get a regular game up forward then yes he would be worth a look. However, he was targetted where it would normally be Walker.

      Tom Lee was ok in the second game, but still nowhere near what I would want to see to pick him up. But, I want to see how he goes with Voldt in the team, it may free him up a bit more.

      Cheers for your thoughts guys. Hope you weren’t the ones sitting out in the sun!

    • Kane Mitchell will be alright, i remember him in the grandfinal last year playing for Claremont, his second half is one of the reasons that the tigers beat my side East freo. He can explode at anytime he is a lock for me.

    • HAAHAHAHAHHA!!! Lynch was worst on ground crowsrock…..

      • Worst on ground?? You kidding? There were a lot worse players than him on the ground. As I said is good at getting into space and has a good kick on him.

  • Good work Dunny! I have Wines, Mitchell and Pittard. They all showed enough to stay that way.
    No doubt the heat was a telling factor in Ports second game.
    Their kicking efficiency really stood out in game 1.
    Will win a few games this year.

    • Cheers Kev. Yes the Heat was a massive factor in both of the second two games. The two teams that played back to back really suffered from it. No one’s fault, it is just how the day was.

  • Good write up Dunny. Looks like Kerridge and Lee have to come out of my forward line.

    • Don’t run away from Lee just yet, but keep an eye on him. Like I said above, I want to see what happens when he doesn’t have to be the focal point.

      Kerridge just didn’t do enough to warrant a spot yet in my team. Keen to see how he goes in a proper game, he isn’t off the radar, just not up the top at the moment.

  • Great Write up Dunny

    Anyones thoughts on James Gwilt? Just browsing through the scores he got a 48 and a 30. I was thinking he might be worth a look considering he 270 price tag if he can average 80 odd ( which I believe he can at his best)

    • Could be good, but to be honest, I think there are more solid options than him. He has never really stood out to me, but I will keep an eye on him over the next week or two. I just don’t see him as an elite scorer.

    • Sorry, hadn’t finished there. At that price of 270 he may not be your best option. Have a look at any one that is way undervalued. Gwilt for me is probably a bit hot and cold throughout the year. However, I haven’t done too much research on him.

  • i thought pittard and wines showed plenty for their first game. the worry is siposs. who are some alternates to siposs in hes price range?

  • Good work Dunny.
    Not much mention of Greary – what were your thoughts on him?

    • Kept an eye out for him… wasn’t unimpressed, but didn’t excite either. He scored well but I would like to see him in a full game first before jumping on board. Certainly not the worst out there though.

  • Problem is Dunny, Salter is due back early in the season. I’d want another LTI before picking Mitchell.

    • If Salter is out til R5ish then I would jump on Mitchell he will make you a stack of cash. I don’t think he will be a vest candidate given his bigger body, Wines would be more likely.

      I must say I haven’t read when Salter is due back. I am sure, unfortunately, there will be another injury by then.

  • At the end of the day the discussion on Mitchell is whether he’s named in rd 1 or not. If he is – jump on. If not – pick someone else!

  • nice dunny! I was also at the game and agree with most of what you said. Although I was dissapointed with hartlett tbh. Only really had one good half against saints in the 2nd when the game was wrapped up. also brown and tambling were solid for crows and may have to step up in b.smith and doughty’s absence!

    • Yes, Hartlett certainly had a purple patch. I liked what he did in the middle though. Was disappointed with second game from him, but I am giving him a pass for that given the heat. Unfortunately all our preseason games are in hot spots now (Renmark and Alice Springs).

      Brown was ok. Tambling good, but see my comments above for him. I can’t see him gettting that sort of role when the stars come back. With Smith out that does open a spot but a lot of good crows to come back in.

  • Hey Dunny,

    I was one of the few suffering through the 38 degree heat and $8.20 pints of Carlton Draught yesterday (a lazy $5 for a Chiko Roll too just quietly).

    Pittard is a lock and Luke Brown is also very tempting as DEF 5 with Brodie Smith out for a couple of months. I’d almost have Neade over Lee on my forward bench for the time being too. Definitely some value in Monfries but he doesn’t fit my structure personally.

    Crouch and Kerridge looked pretty average but I expect the manchild Crouch to play early. Wines and Mitchell look very good chances at this stage.

    Thanks for the write-up and go the Power!

    • Don’t forget to throw in the $15 parking! Up from $12 last season. Glad all other business can’t get away with that! Where’s the ACCC when you need them.

      Aside from the fact they are trying to extort every cent out of us in the final year of the stadium… I agree with your comments there mate. I think Crouch will get the hang of it. I see a lot of West Adelaide (Live near the oval and Josh loves going to see them) and he was certainly good in their games and didn’t run away from the bigger bodies. Once he gets the pace of the elite level he will fit in just nicely.

  • Cheers for the post Dunny and all of your responses. I am in central america and dont get to see the games so your comments are greatly appreciated. Fair bit of talk about Hitchcock pre season but dont think he played sunday. Any idea why and thoughts on him this year?

  • Luke Brown anyone; especially with Brodie Smith out for 8 weeks

    Tambling is 200K but he unfortunately burns the ball too much. I want to like him but I could only trust him as a forward in a game (crows do not kick too straight anyway)