DT Talk Clubs and Stars Leagues


DT Talk Crows – 282486 FULL
DT Talk Dangerfield – 664532
DT Talk Thompson – 715127 FULL

DT Talk Saints – 580891 FULL
DT Talk Hayes – 985732

DT Talk Lions – 305126 FULL
DT Talk Rockliff – 627278 FULL
DT Talk Redden – 442919

DT Talk Swans – 327273 FULL
DT Talk Kennedy – 197921

DT Talk Eagles – 907127 FULL
DT Talk Cox – 882739 FULL

DT Talk Bulldogs – 567676
DT Talk Boyd – 112233

DT Talk Blues – 851350 FULL
DT Talk Gibbs – 374118
DT Talk Murphy – 845952

DT Talk Pies – 592234 FULL
DT Talk Swan – 173468 FULL
DT Talk Pendlebury – 260578 FULL
DT Talk Beams – 164619

DT Talk Cats – 344676 FULL
DT Talk Selwood – 895246
DT Talk Bartel – 435759

DT Talk GC Suns – 438613 FULL
DT Talk Ablett – 532193 FULL

DT Talk Bombers – 476851 FULL
DT Talk Goddard – 257390
DT Talk Watson – 767534 FULL

DT Talk Dockers – 771895 FULL
DT Talk Fyfe – 907230
DT Talk Sandilands – 417545

DT Talk Giants – 224314
DT Talk Greene – 909919

DT Talk Hawks – 298588 FULL
DT Talk Franklin – 986671 FULL
DT Talk Mitchell – 777583

DT Talk Demons – 218055 FULL
DT Talk Grimes – 428036

DT Talk Kangaroos – 984246 FULL
DT Talk Swallow – 483535
DT Talk Harvey – 885064

DT Talk Power – 773833 FULL
DT Talk Hartlett – 612521

DT Talk Tigers – 281368 FULL
DT Talk Cotchin – 481901 FULL
DT Talk Deledio – 480986


Please comment when a league you in is full so we can update it on the list. If you miss out, don’t stress… there will be multiple leagues released over the pre-season.


  • Any Welsh DTers out there? Come and join my league and compete against your fellow countryman….. 144670

  • Dt kangaroos has 3 spots left

  • Any people living overseas keen on an Ex-Pats League join in….league code 161427

  • Are all these now full, would like to join a WA league or any DT talk league for members going for a high league rank.

  • still one spot left in DT TALK Kangaroos

  • seeing as all of these leagues are now full I have gone to the effort of adding my own.

    I have made a league for people aged about 21 and under, we have a few positions left. This league is comprised of expert Dream Teamers. The league code is 784235.
    I have also made a league for expert dream teamers of all ages. The League code is 698774.

    • Are these full mate? I tried to enter but cant for some reason. And is this for dream team or elite dream team

  • I’m a fan of Australian Rules Football from the USA. I have a public team and invite Dream Team coaches from outside Australia to join. League is 833056. Good Luck to all.

    • Hi Bill it’s always good to have a fan from far away. who do you support? Be very careful who you choose? :)))

      • Hey, malteaser, I support Geelong. But after last year doing Dream Team I also liked the Tigers and this year also think the Lions are an up and coming team.

  • Trying to join DT Talk Goddard – 257390 but it’s not working. Keeps loading up another league I’ve already joined.

    Any ideas?

    • League must be full, it looks as though the boys have not updated which leagues are full from the comments since about 10pm last night I think.

  • Good work. A few slots left for any overseas players.

  • Anymore Richmond based leagues to join. Deledio is also full now.

  • anymore Melbourne DT leagues

  • if you want to join ‘Footy’s finest’ league, send me a message on this website, or tweet me @MaxH_Bird and tell me why you deserve a spot. the aim for the league is a top 20 finish, which i think is achieveable. Cheers and goodluck

    • hey mate would love a spot, have been top 1000 for three consecutive years and in 2010 i won the Richmond Group and a team signed jersey. Really keen for some high quality opponants so would love a spot =) Cheers Mate

  • Hey guys,

    If anyone is keen to join my dreamteam league, it is 159160.
    Public league there for anyone who enjoys a bit of friendly banter and/or supports Geelong (or doesn’t – as inconceivable as that sounds).

  • In 2012 I was ranked 424 out of 490,517. So well inside the top 1%.

    If you fancy a challenge and think you can match it with the fantasy elite, then join this league: 525088

    Not for 1st timers…I will destroy you.

  • DT talk Allstars
    only join if your gonna finish the season and take this seriously, im not gonna go and check everyones rank from last season and start kicking people, but please lets not be noobs here.

    Cheers, Mufc

  • Hey people. I’ve set up a South Aussie league. Serious DTers only, aiming for a high average. 154922

  • any more dt talk leagues, as most of these seem full?

  • dig to join iam a serious player

  • mufc February 11, 2013 9:37 pm i would dig to join

  • any south aussie leagues open for someone to join

  • DT Talk Dangerfield is full.

  • Somebody has left the overseas league so there is a free spot (161427)

  • Any geelong supporters welcome to these competitive leagues cheers.
    Dream Team: 987643
    Supercoach: 956323

  • Hey guys looking for some serious players, would love to have a league that makes the top 100 so please only serious dream teamers. Trash talk is welcomed but remember, if you talk the talk i expect you to walk the walk haha

  • If anyone wants to join a local Tassie league, the code is 941876! :)

  • Lions league: code is 330740

  • When are the next lot of DT TALK LEAGUES coming out??????????

  • 212087 please join my league – 2nd season in should be an easy win for u!! haha.. im also looking for other leagues so shoot me a msg

  • Anyone want to join a $100 DT cash league?

    GF winner – $1000
    Runner up – $600
    Overall points – $150
    Minor final winner – $50

    Email me at sam.kimber@cgu.com.au for further info.

  • If your after some solid competition join 499028

  • Still some spots left in a league I created. open to anyone who enjoys a bit of friendly banter.

    league code: 137791

    *also looking for some blokes I played with last year – team names – brew crew and oxygen thieves. Get in fellas if you haven’t already joined too many leagues*

  • Anyone looking for an AFL Fantasy Elite league join 449674.
    Draft is tonight Saturday 16th March 7PM AEST.

  • Any Tiger fans can join 641897

  • Anyone want to join this league? Magpie fans? 759526