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G’day fellow DTers – with all the talk this year around Draft-Based Leagues, DT Talk is going to be doing an awesome job keeping you in the know and up to speed with the best advice going around. For those that are keen to give this a try in 2013 (or have already tried it before), we have identified the massive rise of interest in this type of Fantasy Football and have created the Ultimate Dream Team Draft-Based Competition. Dream Team Veteran Douth and the man behind team Cousins Coke n Ice has teamed up with DT Talk Author McRath to create the DT Shiva.

What is the DT Shiva exactly?

The DT Shiva is a draft-style cash-based relegation and promotion league that will be ran through Ultimate Footy starting in 2013. The aim is to create the biggest draft-based Dream Team Community in Australia, with multiple leagues that will feature some of the biggest names in the larger DT Community – including DT Talk’s own Warnie as well as several other well-known authors and contributors.

With registration now open (details below) – it remains to be seen if the hype that has captured the hearts and minds of the Social Networking Universe this preseason will translate into Season 2013. Our money is on the DT Shiva becoming the single biggest collective Fantasy Football league in the world – so jump on board and share the ride!

Check out the details below then come visit us at our new base at www.dtshiva.com.au to join the Shivalution.

Registrations are only open until Sunday the 10th of February 2013 so get in fast!

So what do you need to do now?

  1. Register with us at www.dtshiva.com.au (Under 18’s can register, but will be playing in cashless leagues)
  2. Register with Ultimate Footy
  3. Keep an eye on the website for updates on how the draft order will be decided, and also what division you have been allocated!

Once you’ve joined and registered, come join the conversation in our Facebook Group and start hash tagging #DTShiva on Twitter.

Are you ready for ULTIMATE Fantasy Football experience?

Click Here to Register!


  • Really looking forward this man!
    You forgot to mention Chelsea Roffey becoming the division 2 ambassador! ;)

  • Well be sure to talk it up on Twitter! Need to get as many ppl as we can!

  • This looks awesome, was going to watch the league, have to do that now.

  • Has anyone else attempted to make a sh!tty Roxin smacktalk video?


  • sub nipple! hahahaha, i’ll pay the video! have been tempted to get into it myself with the guys – miner mate? looks like a standard FIFO set up?

    • Haha yeah standard FIFO setup of course. Nothing better to do after work than make smack videos this year!

  • as part of the shiva-lution i wonder if one could become a DT eskimo brother by beating the same person; possibly knocking out of eliminator? either way, it’s a very important matter slash by-law which i feel should be payed particular attention too!