Welcome to the new DT Talk

newsiteimageWelcome to our new site design!

This has been a work in progress over the off-season ready for what will be our biggest year yet! We were aiming to ‘brighten’ things up a bit and make all of the important information stand out as we believe we have the best AFL Fantasy content on the interwebs.

A huge thanks to the crew who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen. Firstly to Griff (Robert Griffin) who had put in many hours helping to build our branding… eg. playing with the upgraded logo, blog design and the awesome new avatar images that our writers will be sporting all over their social networks. Hairybeard (Nathan Wheldon) took some awesome photos of us this week – some of which are in the header… and we will see plenty more soon. Also a big shout out to Pikey (Matt Pike) for the brilliant new header! All looks awesome.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the last 6 years of DT Talk… we’re ready to ‘kick some goals’ for our big 7th season in 2013!

– Warnie, Roy & Calvin


  • Looks great guys, Well done on all the work you guys have done over the off-season enjoying it.

  • must be getting serious if Roy’s had a haircut for the new banner

  • So much better! Great Work guys, it looks awesome!

  • Looks good boys.
    Might be still some tinkering required as I’m using I Pad and it keeps going to 1/4 size of screen and has to be expanded

  • Had a small sizing problem with the android browser on loading. Seems to squeeze whole page into the top left third of the screen. Looks tops otherwise!

  • Currently working on the sizing thing. Something is going wrong with the footer code. I’ll nut it out soon… hopefully! ;)

  • Good work guys. A great start to the new DT era.

  • Looking like absolute pros. Somebody give these guys a TV deal FFS.

  • Boomshakalaka.

  • Looks fantastic guys. Thanks to everyone involved!

  • Looking awesome guys. Bloody well done! Very clean and easy to navigate. Which is just as well seeing as we are all going to be spending 18 out of every 24hrs here.


  • Well done to all of you, the best has got better. Clear, bright and easy to read. Look forward to the challenges ahead!

  • Clarity is brilliant – easily readable.

  • Well done guys!!! It really is so much brighter!
    I love it!

  • Well done boys with a big cheers to Griff, Hairybeard and Pikey!!!
    Keep up the fantastic efforts fellas.,
    Can’t wait for the season and leagues to start :)

  • Good to see you are diversifying. It was a great idea to replace the Irish pirate with a drunken Albino.

  • Warnie and the boys- nice work it looks so fresh and so clean clean! Like that you can now enter your login and then tab to put your password in as used to tab you to the bottom of the screen. Thanks for all the work you put into the site and look forward to getting into a DTT league you guys put up this year! Am already in the group.