Jimmy Bartel – Deck of Dream Team 2013

Name: Jimmy Bartel
Bartel Club: Geelong
Position: Midfield/Forward
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $492,700
Bye Round: 12
2012 Average: 95.6
2012 Games Played: 19
Predicted Average: 94

Why should I pick him?

James ‘Jimmy’ Bartel is a loyal servant of the Geelong Football Club; and between the years of 2007 and 2010 – a reliable premium option in many Dream Team midfields. Jimmy has a great all round game and has added several strings to his bow over the past 10 years. Firstly, his durability – Bartel is one of the most reliable players in the AFL. So much so that over the past 8 years he has only missed 9 games! Whilst he’s turning 30 in 2013, he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down.

Whilst not a ‘premium’ scorer as a pure midfielder in 2012, as a DPP forward his feats were exactly what you’d want from him. His consistency and scoring power were both evident this season with 10 x scores above 100 (including 5 at 110 or more). He also had 3 in the 90’s and an 88; leaving only 5 scores below 88 (with a not-overly-low of 69). With other options around his price low on consistency, you might want to have a guy like this in your forward line to ‘steady the ship’. Especially when you consider he has not averaged under 95 in a season since 2005.

Now, like his brilliant Norm Smith Medal-effort in the 2011 Grannie, JimBob always seems to have that ability to lift in big games. Especially against top-4 teams such as Sydney and Hawthorn, who he scored 118/107 & 110/94 (respectively) against in 2012, this bloke loves a challenge – and especially a game in the wet (his forte in recent years). So rest assured when Jimmy lines up for a big clash, he won’t let you down.

Jimmy Bartel deserves a medal for his stellar DT career (which is far from over may I add) – oh wait, he already has (several). Not only is he a good bloke and a solid option in your DT forward line, you can feel proud having a Dual-All Australian, Norm Smith and Brownlow Medallist racking up 100’s for your team in 2013.


Why shouldn’t I pick him?

With the above sounding very rosy, the pessimist must simply look at his yearly averages to see his steady DT decline. From 2007 he has gone 114, 113, 109, 105, 97 and 95. This pretty much assures us that 2013 will see another reduction in Jimmy’s numbers. How much that is by appears to be the foregone question. With a reduction in midfield time (hence the DPP) due largely to Geelong’s many young up and coming midfielders (Caddy, Bundy, Duncan etc) – Bartel is being given the less glamorous jobs, which is clearly resulting in a drop in DT productivity.

There’s not much else that I can really fault about this bloke, except maybe his age (although he’ll still be on the right side of 30 until after next season finishes) so it really comes down to what you’re wanting in your team. I can say with confidence that there are several other picks around Bartel’s price that are younger and may average more, but few with his consistency and durability. So in saying this, can you find room for the Champion from Geelong?

Deck of DT Rating.

QUEEN – Whilst Bartel may not give you a return of a 100+ average in 2013, you can rest assured that he will give you 100% each and every time he lines up for your team. With his consistency, durability and ability to lift for big games – every team needs a Jimmy.

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Happy New Year DTers!


  • I won’t be going near him at the start of the season. I can only see him averaging 90 because of his continuous drop off over the years and less midfield time to develop the other younger midfielders as said by Scott. Will look to him as an upgraded target maybe for F7 once he has dropped in price.

    • Agree completely Shorty. Won’t be starting him but may look at him as an upgrade option.

      • I think that if you can find a forward who has the potential to average 90+ you have to at least consider him surely?

        • It’s the age old question of paying for a proven, consistent performer with not much room for improvement vs a bloke who might improve their average a fair bit but you have to take a bit of a punt.
          Last year I started with Sidebottom and Dangerfield and it paid off – I’m looking for something similar with my forward premo’s for this year.

          • It is an age old question. The Balkans have been asking it since the Macedonians raided. Perhaps DT 2013 will help us solve mystery once and for all.

            I’m leaning toward proven performer.

        • In reply to Josh, ATM my forwards look like this Cox, Johnson Rocky, Robinson and Sylvia, so all of them should average higher then Bartel, so i’ll look at him as an upgrade target.

          • will Sylvia play enough games to score more points than Jimmy? I doubt it. Barrel may only average 90 but he’s almost guaranteed to play every game.

  • Nice one McRath. Jimmy use to be the mainstay of my teams, but I think he is past his use by date. He may make a good M9/F7 with his DPP.

  • My thinking he will average in the 90’s and there will be very few forwards as consistant as he has been and will continue to be.

  • Jimmy used to be Dane Swan esque years ago, but even as a MID/FWD, I can’t see him in my side as he will likely continue to decline and will not be a top 6 FWD

  • I initially had him in my side but have decided to go with Jonno instead. Ill look to him as an upgrade target depending on how he is going.

  • With blokes such as Stevie J, Rocky, Thomas and Robbo around the same price it is hard to find him a starting position.

  • I didn’t realise his price was that high. I might be forced to pass as there’s a lot of guys i’m looking to squeeze into my forward line as is. Tricky. Definitely on the radar though. If his form in the NAB demands it, i’ll pick him ahead of some other guys i’m considering. But at the moment i think he’s gonna miss out.

  • It’s hard to imagine putting someone in your starting squad that history tells you will decline in scores and hence in value. as much as he had been a regular in my teams up till around 2010 he is not even on my radar either as a starter or an upgrade target.
    You are right, McGrath in saying he is durable but even his consistency is questionable imo. He actually had 5 scores last season below 80 (68, 69, 74, 75, & 77) and I think that trend will continue to grow.
    There are numerous options both younger and as durable who are on the rise unlike JimBob who is on the decline.

  • With Buddy as my #1 upgrade target, Jimbo could be one of the options as my final upgrade or LTI replacement alongside Cox, Chappy, Pav and two of Zork/Daisy/Robbo (I’ll be starting with one of them).

  • He had stress fractures in his foot and played with them for half the season, the guys capable of much more, watchlist in the NAB for sure.

  • Geelong remain hopefull that Bartel will be available for round 1 after being in a moon boot pre season with a stress fracture of his foot .. if he was 100% id think about it ……

    @BigFella .. You took a punt on Dangerfield and Sidebottom last year lol .. 2 gun players that had position changes putting them into the midfield .. that was brave of you :b

    • So you started them too.
      From memory there weren’t a lot of good things being said about Danger at the start of last year and I know a fair few people that didn’t start him so yeah – it was a punt.

      • Barely anyone had Sidebottom but almost every team on this site had Dangerfield

        • That’s interesting because I just checked the archives and there wasn’t a deck of DT article done on Danger.
          Must have been a lock last year so they didn’t decide to do one on him.

      • Yes your right BigFella there were alot of people saying Dangerfield was a spud and they wouldnt go near him .. how stupid do they look now.

  • Oops i meant to say round 1 of the Nab