Hamish McIntosh – Deck of Dream Team 2013


 Name: Hamish McIntosh
Club: Geelong
Position: Ruckman
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $421,300
Bye Round: 12
2012 Average: 90.9
2012 Games Played: 7
Predicted Average: 88

Why should I pick him?

McIntosh plays the modern day ruckman role very well. He can dominate the hitouts, he is skillful around the ground for a big bloke and he can definitely take a contested grab when resting up forward, I’d say this is why Geelong recruited him. At the Cats, McIntosh will be the No. 1 ruckman spending most of his time on the ball rather than up forward. More importantly, Goldstein is not there to take any of his precious midfield time and don’t worry, he is far better on the ball than Trent West or any other Geelong ruckman.

McIntosh’s glory days were in 2009 where he averaged in the 90’s and proved himself as a very worthy ruckman choice. In 2012, Hmac looked to be back to his best form before knee injuries ruined his season. At 28 years old, Hmac is in the prime of his career. If fit, I think it is a given that he will continue to score well playing at Geelong given their attacking style of play and the numerous blokes that will be able to hit him lace out when he is free.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

It’s no secret that Hmac has had more than his fair share of injuries over his career. So ask yourself, will McIntosh play the majority games in 2013? Maybe? Probably not? So why pick him? After LARS surgery in August, Mcintosh’s pre season to date has been limited with no contact work but he is expected to partake in full training in the New Year. Time will tell if he will be a little underdone come Round 1. Even if he is fit, I don’t see a lot of value in Mcintosh early as he’ll need to find his feet in the first few games and understand his role in the side.

With many premium ruckman having DPP eligibility and Leuenberger the obvious second choice ruckman, I can’t see where Hmac would fit especially given his hefty price tag. I’d say that the most popular ruck set up this season will be PREMO (DPP), LEUENBERGER, ROOKIE, and ROOKIE. If you want McIntosh in your rucks, you would need to either play him as your premo with MCINTOSH, LEUENBERGER, ROOKIE, ROOKIE or spend big and play PREMO, MCINTOSH, LEUENBERGER, ROOKIE but lets face it, they’re both not sensible options.

Deck of DT Rating.

JACK — McIntosh is a risk that could come off given that he wont be a popular selection among many coaches. Those at Geelong obviously believe he can get back to his best and if you think he can stay fit then he is definitely worth a punt. However, I feel there are better ruck options to start the year with but if Hmac plays well and proves his worth then keep your eye on him as a mid-season upgrade target.

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  • Reasonable player but really shouldnt be a starter for any serious DT’er. He could however come into consideration later in the year if your short on cash and you lose a Luey / Sandi for example to injury. He is a good player and I wont write him off totally.

    • i dont see how a serious dter can start with berger anymore than him,,heez just as injury prone and not as good

      • Leuey? injury prone? I don’t think a ruckmen can be injury prone and yet play 47 straight games!

        • Agree Shorty, 2012 was an aberrance for most ruckmen. Blokes that are injury prone, like Ryder, McIntosh and Sandi, will just keep getting injured, but players like Berger, McEvoy and Mummy will pull up okay.

          • mummy didnt pull up ok last yr ..i hope he does though because ill be starting with him

        • games played in 2012…. ‘7’… unless im thinking of another player im pretty sure if ya looked at his career you might agree…but i dont wanna talk ya out of him

  • Good point getter just too injury prone

  • Interesting article but it’s a no for me.
    I’m more interested in finding out how people think Vardy will go.

  • Even if he stays injury free I don’t see how he will lift his average.

  • not happy about the price(given he played 7 games last yr)
    ..but if heez ready to go il def be considering,ill be starting with 2 premo’s eitherway ..and im not touching berger

  • i really like the player, but its going to be hard to move me off the gold-berger combo and upgrading via fwd DPP somewhere around the byes once I can assess whos gonna dominate more out of cox and nic. Im interested to see if jelwoods output improves with Hmac though….
    good article jep

  • The days of picking Sandi are over, massive risk of missing at least 5 games per year

  • Because of the price difference you amateurs.

  • Sorry Jeppa. Been burnt by HMAC once and once only. Pass.

  • If he was 100k id give him a run ;)

  • He messes with my Goldy/Berger combo. When he plays he is ok but would be a bit of an injury risk for a full season.

    Like the write up Jeppa but not for me

  • Not for me this year. Was good value in 2012 but after going down with injury and virtually no discount means that he is on the no go list.

    Either the Vardy Berger combo or the NicNat Berger combo for me this year

  • At a very good price, he is worth the gamble.

  • Jeppa, you made a far stronger case for NOT picking him than you did for going with him.
    I think most people will go that same way. I certainly will as I am currently on the Gold/Berger combo.