Dayne Beams – Deck of Dream Team 2013

dec23_beamsName: Dayne Beams
Club: Collingwood
Position: Midfield
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $599,400
Bye Round: 13
2012 Average: 116
2012 Games Played: 21
Predicted Average: 115

Why should I pick him?

It would be difficult to argue that Dayne Beams was not the most improved player in the competition in 2012. After form and injury contributed to his omission from Collingwood’s 2011 Grand Final side, mini-Swan went on to claim the club’s best and fairest award in 2012 and earned himself a position in the leadership group. But more importantly, Beams managed an incredible average of 116 DT points per week, playing every game of the year after missing round one with shin soreness. He relished in his increased midfield role, averaging the most points out of all forward-eligible players and boasting the third highest average out of every player in the competition.

There’s also just that x-factor about Beams that screams fantasy slut. It could be the ink, it could be the name, but it’s probably his ability to hit the scoreboard and clock up those bonus +6s that us coaches love. Of the 50 highest-averaging DTers in 2012, only Lance Franklin and Matthew Pavlich kicked more goals than Beams during the home & away season.

Bucks was quoted the other day saying that Dayne is “hungry” and is still “not satisfied” with his current (fantasy) output, so keep an eye on Beams throughout the Summer as he thrives to take his game to yet another level.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

The risk that comes with selecting Beams is the unknown of how he’ll go in the Collingwood midfield with Luke Ball back from injury. Many believe that Beams played a similar role in 2012 to what Ball has in past seasons, and as such it is valid to question whether Ball’s return will impact on Beams’ role and fantasy output. In the two games they played together this year, Beams had scores of 74 and 93, his lowest and fourth lowest of the season. However, these were his first two games of the season and you’d expect he was still building towards full fitness.

Deck of DT Rating

ACE – Despite Ball returning to the side, it would be very surprising to see Beams’ midfield minutes take a massive dive given his stellar performances through the middle in 2012. Even if he was to spend more time forward in 2013, his ability to find the footy and impact the scoreboard will continue to make him a valuable asset to the Magpies and fantasy coaches. Some coaches may be quick to dismiss him due to losing his forward eligibility and Ball returning, so Beams could end up being one of the more unique premium midfielders selected in 2013.


  • Not sure if Beams will improve on his 2012 year. Ball will take up some of the midfield time that was his last year. I feel there are better value options available.

  • I wouldn’t go there with Pendles so cheap… Unlikely he will reach Swan’s heights this season.

  • Yeah, even tho he DT whored beautifully last season I wouldnt go there as I’d pick pendles for the value and swanny for the captaincy option. Im unsure like the article says about what will happen with him and Ball working alongside each other.

  • A player that has a projected decreased average is classed as an “ace”? That is asinine.

    • He’s an ace if he is still a top 8 midfielder… just because Cox may not average as much as he did the year before, he will still be the best ruck (IMO) and therefore an ace.

      • As far as I’m concerned an “ace” is a must-have player. No player that decreases his average from the previous year is a required player.

      • gun gun gun gun gun..the only reason im even thinking!! of going without him is because swan/pedel… i have no worries that he wont score enough,,and its a pity ya cant play him fwd but ball isnt going to effect his score,he scored well when ball was playing the yr before..dead set brownlow chance this yr
        iv got a bad habit of starting without swan/ablett so heez still a big chance for mine

        the boys got this ranking of ACE right.. heez the hardest decision to make from the deck so far

  • Beams as a unique? Count me in. Definite ace.

    Even with Ball there, I doubt Buckley will change his role too much from this year. I mean, he was only the Pies best and fairest this year after all, why the f would he change his role around?

    Will be keeping an eye on Beams along with Murphy, Cotchin, Jack and Gaff come pre season. Jack for his tackling high rating scores and Gaff for a potential breakout season.

    • A fully fit Ball and Pendles will make a big difference to his dominance! Pendles is way cheaper and will average 120 lol

  • Beams will get more attention from targets this year after his breakout year.

    Pendles and Swan to reap the benefits of that.

    Pendles for me, would have picked Beams if he still had dual position.

  • What’s not to like?!

    His work ethic and drive is second to none, his game puts him almost in the untaggable bracket, and he is a magnet for the footy. If anything, Ball’s return will mean more outside footy. And let’s face it you dont win a B&F and then cop a role change. Tagging him, and leaving the likes of Pendles running rampant, is also a fast track to defeat.

    In at the moment, and even better as a unique! The only reason you’d pass imo is if u have all of Pendles, Swan and Ball and feel like you’re too Pie heavy. He’ll be in any good DTers midfield by season’s end.

    • And don’t forget Beams and Ball were in the same side at the end of last year and Beams still averaged some big big numbers!

      • yep and before ball got injured…he started last yr at a massive price ,that was for a reason..its a no brainer ,its just wether u want him or not or dont want too many pies in ya mids or side…but his output is a total non issue with me

  • I’m also of the opinion that, because we don’t know what Ball’s influence will be, I’m not paying that much for a ‘Premium’. I think the chances of him moving forward are low, but there is still a chance, and for that reason I’ll be going Swan/GAJ/Boyd over him.

  • I think the big thing that hurts Beams (and Watson) is sharing the rd 13 bye with so many other options.
    Apart from that I’d be starting him – as it is he will be an upgrade target for me.

  • The biggest Lock in my team. Ball won’t impact him. He averaged 100+ in 2011, Ball was in the side then.

    Happy for everyone else not to have him.

    • True Rainman, but from memory it was low hundreds. For me, a 105 average may just be enough for an M8 spot. Nothing more. In my eyes, he just represents too much risk.

  • Will probably hold his average. With so many other good options and a rd 13 bye he doesn’t get a spot.

    • An average of 116 isn’t good enough for a starting spot?

      • rainman… it is not that he isn’t good enough; it is just that with people like murphy and pendles whom are underpriced; there simply isn’t a spot for him come round 1. however, he definitely will be one of the first upgrades i make.

  • I can’t start him at that price but he’s a priority upgrade target like Murph, provided they both live up to expectation.

    I want him in though. I jumped on him right away last year and he didn’t let me down. I think i even captained him one week and he repaid the faith with a massive score. As silly as it might sound, i want to be loyal to Beams but it’s gonna be hard to start him with how my team is shaping up so far.

    He’ll be in my team before the byes, i reckon :)

  • Lock and Load! The more unique the better for me :-)

    I am confused by all this talk about Ball to be honest. Swan averaged 133 last year. Beams averaged 116. I would be more concerned that Swan will be affected by Ball returning. No more Wellingham. No more Didak or Ben Johnson rotations through the midfield. Daisy having a possible late start to the season. Not sure if Ball’s return will actually impact anything to be honest.

    Would have loved to see a few more stats and possible comparisons between Beams and a few other ‘nearing’ young ubers but it is the crazy season after all!

    Stay safe over the break to all!

  • Locked and Loaded in my team! The more unique the better. Hopefully everyone will go cold on him and he can push his average close to 120. Beams averaged 124 in the last 5 games of 2011 with Ball playing. That was when Beams was starting to become a smarter and better footballer. Since then he has improved dramatically so i don’t see Ball being a problem at all.

  • Nice write up Tom.

    I’m not really sure on Beams. I’ve already locked in Swan & Pendles, so unless I decide to start without GAJ, there will be no room for him.

  • Sidebottom’s waxing partner will probably end up top 5 mids this year so we must have him in at some stage…the question is when ???

  • as a crows fan i would argue that Dangerfield was the most improved player this season went from being a flashy inconsistent player to a genuine top 10 player and star of the game

  • The problem with all these midfielders is that you could mount a solid case for 10 of them to be locks in your team but unfortunately we can only have 4 to 5 of them.
    There is no doubt that Swan and Ablett will probably be certain starters in most sides as will Cotchin.
    but you could then throw a blanket over Murphy, Pendlebury, Beams, Boyd, Watson, Thompson and my POD Josh Kennedy.
    The B&F of the premiers will have an even better year in 2013 imo.

    • i am liking the look of jack ahead of kennedy, had a better kick to handball ratio, and also has a slightly higher points per minute, with improve fitness he’ll get more TOG% and more points :) also he wont get the attention from opposition that kennedy may have to deal with more this year

      • Could be right Birdy. I’m struggling to find some swannies that are good value next year.
        Am hoping Mitchell will get some serious game time if he can overcome all the injury issues he had last year.

  • Pass on Beams for me.

    But on an unrelated note, has anybody given Krakouer some thought? Priced at ~47, would make $140k or so if he can get back to his 2011 average. Assuming he is fit, he’d a certain starter for the Pies… but is coming back from a knee, and getting old…

  • My personal opinion Collingwood have some very good midfields and he is another one, but my thinking is that there are finite amount of points that can be scored by the Collingwood Mids. So therefore I am looking elsewhere at other teams with worst midfield with only 1 or 2 quality onballers to rack up the points.

  • Ticks all the boxes for a midfielder for me.

    1) Young with upside

    2) Wins his own ball or gets into space for cheap possessions.

    3) Great goal kicker

    4) Fit and hungry

    5) Plays in a winning team

    6) Tackles hard

    7) Great pre-season so far

    8) Has other great players around him, so could avoid harder tags.

    9) Captain option

    10) All of these points above I believe should keep the points ticking over.