Jack Redden – Deck of Dream Team 2013


Name: Jack Redden
Club: Brisbane
Position: Midfield
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $531,100
Bye Round: 11
2012 Average: 103.1
2012 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 115+

Why should I pick him?

Jack Redden is a class act, and will only get better.

In 2011, Jack and Tom Rockliff set the world on fire and became known as the “RedRock” Combo. Jack in particular really showed the positive impact of a tackling machine on DT scoring.

Jack finished out the 2011 season with an average of a massive 109.2. Many thought that he would not be able to back it up in 2012…and for the start of the year, it looked like they may be right. After 5 rounds in 2012, Jack was averaging a paltry 84.4…. but then somebody must have reminded him that he was Jack Redden and better pick up his game… and he did.

His stats for the first 5 rounds as opposed to the rest of the year make for some interesting reading:


Ave Kicks Ave Hball Ave Tackle DT Ave
First 5 rounds


12.6 4.6


Post first 5 rounds





He remembered to kick the ball, tackle when he didn’t have it and also snuck forward for the odd goal or two.

Whilst his RedRock counterpart suffered from Vossy thinking that he was a full forward, Jack had the freedom to do what he does best, attack the pill or the guy holding it.

He is a guy that doesn’t get a lot of kudos, but his numbers over the last 2 years are simply salivating.

Out of 44 matches across 2 years, he has scored over 100 29 times (66%) Compare this to say Trent Cotchin @ 26 out of 44 or (59%).

He doesn’t have an enormous ceiling, 138 in 2011 and 127 in 2012, but what he has is a very low standard deviation…non nerd speak. He is very consistent. Again if we compare his consistency to Cotchin

The lower the number the better:

 Year Redden Cotchin







I think the thing I like most about Redden is that when he scores a ton, 84% of the time that becomes over 110, and 38% over 120.

I can only see him getting better.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

He has some competition for midfield spots in your team given the number of spots available this year and how you want to structure your team.

He does traditionally finish better than he starts the year (10 points higher in 2011, 3 points higher in 2012) so may look at as an upgrade target.

What will crazy old Voss do with him? I cant see his role changing, but Vossy…hmmm..who knows (Is he becoming the new Ross Lyon?)

With the recruitment of Moloney, Rocky back into the mids and the continued development of some of the youngsters, will there be enough points to go around?

Not very convincing arguments I know, and I may be a little biased cause I think he is a dead set jet.

Deck of DT Rating.

ACE – I really cannot see any down side in picking up Jack. He has averaged over 100 for the past 2 seasons. I really like the Lions draw and I think that the recruitment of Moloney will really help Redden’s game. He is only 22 years of age, so I see a lot of years of DT goodness left in Jack.

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  • Nice one Griff!
    I’ve been waiting for Redden and his numbers do stack up, however I’ve got Rocky in my squad at the moment. In saying that, it’ll probably change 100 times between now and kickoff!

  • Great write up Griffin!! Agree on everything! He is only of my biggest lock’s in my side right now. Sitting at M4 in my team along with Beams, Cotchin, Pendlbury, O’Keefe and Embley.

  • Lock him in Eddie!
    I’m on the Red Roc Berger combo this year and I’m hoping it’s gonna be fat and juicy!

  • Should be a good pick. But my concern is why did he have a down year? There is no reason behind it like a Murphy or Mundy.

    • Agree w/ Justin

      Between the changes going on in the midfield with Moloney coming in, and the fact that he’s unlikely to go apesh!t crazy on the scoring due to his low ceiling, why not just wait and upgrade to him later?

      • Oops apologies Rainman, great article, made for interesting reading.

      • Uhhh. The Brisbane Lions have a midfield like this:
        Leuenberger Moloney Rockliff
        Rich Black Redden.
        I think he fits in there…

    • +1. That’s a slight concern for me as well. He could well be a slow starter. Whereas I had Murph to begin with this year and he was firing from the get-go (he actually increased in price despite the MN drop) so that’s probably swayed me towards Murph. We all know how Stanton started the season, so that’s probably why I’ve got these two and no Reddden at the moment.

  • Love your work Rainman!!!

    This is why you are held is such high regard when it comes to DT. The amount of research you put into these articles is second to none.

    Rids and rainman doing 2013 preseason together is looking better by the day ;-)

    Fossils for the FJ!

  • Gotta love a guy who racks up the possessions while being a tackling machine. Cant see Moloney/Rockliff affecting his scores too much. One of my locks for ’13

  • Wonderful work Rainman!
    Most definitely an upgrade target for me, but yeah, would be a terrific pick to start with as well!

  • Very nice article Eddie Griff Griffin, now theres a name I won’t forget!! Loved your use of stats, the ave of tonnes over the last 2 years and how often the become 110’s,120’s was particularly tasty. The kids only 22 and will only get better, was already in my team but not 100% locked before this, now he’s bolted up like fort knox. cheers Ed!!

  • I realize everyone says this about nearly every player, but the news out of the Lions camp is that Redden is blitzing the early preseason training. Given his young age and the fact that he is still bulking up, and that Black will still be the one copping a hard tag most games, I see nothing but upside for Redden. The only problem for me is my side’s looking like its going to be a little stacked with Lions. Red Roc Burger is a lock for me, but then there is Staker (assuming he’s cheap), Beams (rate him), Docherty (assuming he’s cheap too), Zorko, and even Callum Bartlett (if his body is finally healthy, he could be a nice ‘maturish’ rookie option depending on how he goes in pre-season). Hmm. Decisions.

  • I’ll wait on him. I”ve got the mids pretty set for the time being and would like to see how he’s going first

  • Two words – super durable.

  • Keep an eye on him during preseason.

    I have NDS and Mundy as 4 and 5 midfield options at the moment.

  • my concern is he will now get the big tag. cant see black playing the full season, already had a bit of a knee clean up. My thought here is if rich starts the season like he finished it with moloney redden and sometimes black smashing folk left right and sundry then rich is the man for the scraps to hammer it large into the square or through the middle. Racking up points and averaging 100+ for 100k cheaper. I think the lions are going places!!!!! thoughts?

    • I don’t see his disposal as damaging as that off Rich, Black or Rocky. I would think that opposition coaches would target them first.

      Also 25% of his points are through tackles, opposition attention is not going to change that.

  • I personally passed on him the past couple years so its about time I give him a chance. Near-lock for me!

    • yeah me too, was one of those guys i wanted to pick but just couldn’t. Now its stupid not too.

    • Yeah same here… however I am getting him this season for sure! As purple Army said earlier “Gotta love a guy who racks up the possessions while being a tackling machine”… Love your write-ups Rainman!

  • This article has persuaded me into picking him and changing my whole team structure.
    In nine months time I’ll let you know if I love ya or hate ya griff :)

  • for all those experts out there ……………….. any chance you can post who were the form players for last five rounds of the seasons

    • I have one. Off the top of my head (As i just mentioned this in MyTeam) O’Keefe averaged 110.5 in 11 games after his bye. He continued this to average 145 in Sydney’s three finals. If we were to Include these finals scores it would bump his 2nd half average to 118 from 14 games.

  • Long way to go, but I’m struggling to decide between Murph and Redden, both DT guns…