My Team 2013: Version 2.0

Now that the Assisant Coach Team Picker is available for us to use, we can actually start putting our 2013 AFL Dream Team squads together knowing ALL of the official positions and prices for the game.

If you were a tightarse and didn’t subscribe to the Assistant Coach last year, then you can still use the Fanplanner over on FanFooty.

Make sure you post your team in an easy to read format to that people can easily see your squad and it’s positions. Also, it’s handy to chuck in there how much cash you have left. See the previous ‘My Team’ posts on how this has been done in the past.

Please be constructive with your comments. If you expect some advice on your team, make sure you help others! We’re a big happy family here at DT Talk!


  • My Team:

    DEF: B Gibbs, J Grimes, D Heppell, G Broughton, L Stevenson, J Pittard (S Colquhoun, D Terlich)

    MID: D Swan, G Ablett, T Cotchin, M Boyd, M Murphy, J O’Meara, B Crouch, N Hrovat (K Mitchell, J Viney)

    RUCK: B McEvoy, M Leunberger (Currie/Daw, Grundie/Witts)

    FWD: L Franklin, S Johnson, T Rockliff, D Martin, B Staker, B McAffer (J Growden, T Lee)

    Please tear it to shreds guys….. am i missing anything?

  • This is my first crack at a team this year your thoughts would be appreciated.

    Goddard Gibbs Heppell Hartlett Broughton Docherty
    Terlich Colquhoun

    Ablett Cotchin Pendlebury Murphy Fyfe K Mitchell Omeara Crouch
    Hrovat Viney

    Goldstein Luenberger
    Daw Grundy

    Rockliff Johnson Martin Sylvia Stringer Mayes
    Menzel Staker

    Cash Remaining 14 600

  • Monster Mash
    Attempt 1 settled for moment with premiums.Rooks obviously flexible as season draws closer.
    Would appreciate feedback ESP from any dt gurus that may care to offer advice +or-
    Thanks to all that contribute to this site cheers

    B: Goddard Gibbs Broughton Vlastuin Docherty Stevenson ( Terlich Colquhoun )

    M: Swan Ablett Cotchin Murphy O’Keefe Mayes Crouch O’Meara ( T.Mitchell Viney )

    R: Cox Leuenberger ( O’Hailpan Grundy )

    F: Franklin Johnson Rockliff T.Walker Sylvia Growden ( Kerridge Sumner )

  • Made a few changes as per normal at this time of year…….any advice appreciated…….

    I’m not overly keen on the backline at this stage

    Not really sure on the last 3 players of the forward line……just thinking Staker or Macaffer on the bench is too much money to sit there???

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Hartlett, Pittard, Docherty
    (Colquhoun, Terlich)

    MIDS: Swan, Ablett, Thompson, Murphy, Embley, Wines, Crouch, O’Meara
    (Viney, Hrovat)

    RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger
    (Rowe, Currie)

    FWD: Franklin, Cox, Johnson, Rockliff, Breust, Macaffer
    (Staker, Lee)

    $14 000 left…….

  • draft #?
    DEF: Waters, Birch, Suckles, Duffman, Malcheski, Terlich (Siggins, Colquhoun) no changes
    MID: J Selwood, Dangers, Kennedy, Zork, Wright, Ball, Viney, O’Meara (Hrovat, Crouch) 2 changes: Wines – Crouch, Howe – Zork
    RUC: Mcintosh, Leuy (Currie, Grundy) 1 change Witts – Grundy
    FWD: Porps, Breust, A Walker, Christensen, McGlynn, LeCras (Simpson, Lee) 1 change T Menzel – Simpson
    Cash left: $36,200

    DEF: i think waters is injured but im not sure, Malcheski is someone i personally just like to pick, suckling i decided in october last year i wanted
    MID: Zork is a good addition for me but im also thinking about rocky
    RUC: I dont have anything to say since i havent concentrated on my rucks much
    FWD: Simpson was picked cause i thought there is a chance of him playing, christensen was moved down from the midfield, mcglynn is a player ive had at some point every year since i started dreamteam in 2010, breust i decided i wanted since the finals last year

    • Your fwd line has not one gun in it.
      You have no real captain option.

      You can take risks with mid pricers, but you prolly need to work on a safer structure.

      Move wright an zorko forward if your keen on keeping them.
      Why put such potentially top forwards into a midfield where they will not score like a premo mid?

      Each to their own, I’m just throwing my 2 bobs in;-)

    • Hit the restart mate. Look to have 3-4 top end players on each line and work you mid priced players and rookies around that. That team is very unique and won’t be very consistent

  • Option one: B. Goodes and M. Jones
    Option two: S. Colquhoun and B. Crouch

    Need help with this because I don’t find Colquhoun getting games and Goodes is the only other mid/back rookie I see getting at least a little bit of game time. However to complete the trade I’d have to trade out Crouch for Jones. I have also already got Stevenson and Pittard.

    • This is the time of year you start playing with team structures. You can knuckle down on what guns an super premo’s ya want…
      But not the time to pick exact rookies. Chuck them all on your radar a. Wait for NAB CUP form an ultimately see who gets picked come round one.

    • Haha you did this all last year too. Rookies are just there to see if your under the salary cap. You say you have pittard and Stevenson but there is no guarantee they will even start round 1. Just relax alittle

  • Duffield and Deledio
    Grimes and M.Murphy

    Your Opinion would be great!

    • Grimes and Murphy more MBR friendly….Duffman and Lids probably a safer bet in terms of injuries…
      Coin flip I reckon……Would probably go with Duffman and Lids at the moment

  • TEAM NAME: hamish’s team
    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, G. Broughton, B. Goodes, S. Docherty (D. Terlich, D. Van Unen)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, J. Watson, L. Ball, S. Mayes, J. O’Meara, N. Hrovat (S. Colquhoun, J. Viney)
    RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (L. McBean, D. Currie)
    FWD: L. Franklin, D. Cox, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, T. Menzel, B. Staker (B. Macaffer, T. Lee)
    CASH LEFT: $74,800

    Byes: 2/2/4 – 4/1/5 – 2/2/0 – 3/3/2 = 11/8/11 (in the format of R11/R12/R13)

    most of my rookies arent set yet
    would like to keep all dpp links
    and not cant see where to spend my spare cash or if i should just keep it
    your thoughts would be great??

    • u should consider s coloquin in your back line instead and then pick up anouther promising rookie mid ie o wines b crouch etc

  • TEAM NAME: That’s What I’m Talking About!
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, J. Pittard (S. Docherty, D. Terlich)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, M. Murphy, A. Embley, B. Crouch, J. O’Meara, N. Hrovat (S. Colquhoun, J. Viney)
    RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (J. Witts, D. Currie)
    FWD: S. Johnson, D. Zorko, T. Rockliff, C. Sylvia, T. Cloke, B. Staker (B. Dick, M. Paparone)
    CASH LEFT: $18,800
    BYE STRUCTURE: 12/8/10

    Would you recommend downgrading Duffield to Stevenson and upgrading Embley to Stanton, or just keep it the same as it is? Apart from that I’m pretty set considering it’s only January.

    TEAM NAME: Footy fanatic
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, J. Pittard, S. Docherty (L. Stevenson, D. Terlich)
    MID: D. Swan, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, B. Stanton, M. Murphy, O. Wines, B. Crouch, J. O’Meara (N. Hrovat, J. Viney)
    RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (J. Witts, D. Currie)
    FWD: S. Johnson, D. Zorko, T. Rockliff, C. Sylvia, C. Knights, B. Staker (B. Dick, M. Paparone)
    CASH LEFT: $82,000
    BYE STRUCTURE: 13/7/10

    Should I downgrade Murphy/Stanton to Embley/Moloney then upgrade Knights to Cloke/Martin? Or keep it the way it is now?

    Differences between the teams:
    Duffield vs Stevenson
    Ablett vs Swan
    Embley vs Stanton
    Colquhoun vs Wines
    Cloke vs Knights

    Sorry for the length of the post, but it would be great if you could give me some feedback!

    • I’m starting to turn my back on the 5-gun Mids. Yet another option is team 2 but going Swan to Gaz (Gaz always starts seasons well but Swan can take a little longer to reach his season average) and then Wines –> Embley. All of the options have some merit.

      • Yeah that’s a good idea. I just thought of another option, swap Swan and Murphy/Stants with Ablett and Embley, then upgrade Stevenson to Duffield/Grimes. What do you think of that mate?

        • Well, my forecast averages have you losing 30ppg from the first two then probably gaining that much from the Def upgrade. Then when you consider the slight amount of captaincy points you’d lose from ditching Swan for Ablett and also the odd VC score to slap on Stants (if you chose him) then you’d probably be at a slight loss ppg wise, but you would then have the trading power of Embley, who will be around 370k after 6 rounds, which certainly wouldn’t be the case with Stevenson. That’s the evaluation, but the decision is yours.

          • Thanks for helping me out mate! Yeah now you’ve dissected it I would probably rather not doing the trades. But I’ve just thought of another trade, Swan to Ablett, then Knights to Cloke. I reckon I might do that, but what do you reckon?

          • Sorry mate, was busy. But if you feel that Cloke can be a keeper then yes, definitely. I don’t have Cloke at this stage as with only six forwards I’m aiming to have all my keepers going 95+, meaning Cloke would have to do as well as he did in 2011 which will be no easy feat.

    • No worries mate, I’ve only just got back from something aswell. Yeah I like Cloke this year, but we’ll see how he goes in the Nab. Thanks for your help mate!

  • Semi Pro

    B: Goddard Gibbs Heppell Goodes Pittard Docherty (Terlich Stevenson)

    M: Swan Ablett Pendleberry Murphey Thompson Wines Crouch Lonergan (Omeara Jones)

    R: Maric Leunberger (McBean Grundy)

    F: Franklin Cox Rockliff Johnson Staker Macaffer (Lee Growden)

    Could smeone please tell me how much Heppell and Maric cost?
    Im not sure if my team works or if its in the budget as i dont have Dream team Picker!

    Feedback would be appriciated!

    • Not sure if I’m allowed to plug other sites (it’s not mine), but you can sign up for free to fanfooty ( and use their fanplanner. It has all the prices for the players and you can build your team there and port it here, or swap players in an out etc.

      Maybe see whether you come in under the cap and then re-post the team? It’s usually easier for people to comment if they know how much cash you have left so they can suggest upgrades etc.

  • hi Guys, thoughts on my team would be greatly appriciated.

    Goddard, Gibbs, Duffiled, Broughton, Bock, Staker, Bench Pittard & Docherty

    Cotchin, Pendles, Murhpy, Rocklift, Hartlet, Emberly, K Mitchell, B Crouch, Bench Omera & Viney

    HMac, Leuenburger, Bench S Row & M Daw

    Cox, Martin, Cloke, J Kennedy(eagles), Patton, Daniher, Bench T Mezel & B Macaffer

    i hvae a dpp switch from mid to back and mid to front, have dpp rucks

    any thoughts or suggestion would be great

  • TEAM NAME: 5knucklesshufflers
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, G. Broughton, D. Pearce, J. Pittard, S. Docherty (S. Colquhoun, D. Terlich)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, P. Dangerfield, M. Murphy, N. Fyfe, A. Embley, K. Stevens, K. Mitchell (J. O’Meara, J. Viney)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, N. Vardy (S. O’hAilpin, D. Currie)
    FWD: L. Franklin, J. Bartel, T. Rockliff, D. Thomas, J. Kennedy, B. Macaffer (B. Staker, T. Lee)
    CASH LEFT: $90,300

    So I put Danyle Pearce in there as a smokey as hes coming into a new club where he wont get the main tag/s. I’m not sure if i should keep him or upgrade him to Hamish Hartlett?
    I’m satisfied with my team so far but not sure if having only 3 rookies in the midfield is a very good idea.
    any thoughts will be very appreciated thanks.

  • TEAM NAME: Top 8 mid
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, S. Docherty, C. Heath, W. Sierakowski, L. Stevenson (S. Colquhoun, D. Terlich)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, D. Beams, M. Boyd, J. Watson, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, B. Deledio (N. Hrovat, J. Viney)
    RUC: M. Leuenberger, J. Witts (B. Grundy, D. Currie)
    FWD: L. Franklin, D. Cox, T. Cloke, B. Kennedy, T. Lee, M. Paparone (S. Kerridge, T. Membrey)
    CASH LEFT: $5,600

    So using top 8 mids you could get a team like this, I wonder how it would pan out?

    I’m guessing its not viable(sorry if you feel I wasted your time, just merely showing what you can get with top $$ 8 mid), there may be a few donuts here and there, and theres not enough value around the place and not always playing rookies for cash generation and points.

    • bit of team fiddle, came to this logically. However, had to add Vardy and Varcoe to fill field posi’s and rnd 12 byes. Personally I dont think they are that great DT selections but do the job to get the rnd 12 bye players filled up nicely. Thoughts? Got an extra uber mid in there, and rate K.Mitchell and O’Meara to do well highly.

      TEAM NAME: mids to dominate
      DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, G. Broughton, J. Pittard, S. Docherty, L. Stevenson (S. Colquhoun, D. Terlich)
      MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, D. Beams, J. Watson, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, K. Mitchell, J. O’Meara (N. Hrovat, J. Viney)
      RUC: M. Leuenberger, N. Vardy (D. Currie, L. McBean)
      FWD: D. Cox, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, C. Sylvia, T. Varcoe, B. Staker (T. Lee, B. Kennedy)
      CASH LEFT: $100

  • ah, dream team, how i have missed you….

    firstly, f’ing great work on the DT talk site guys. i read and re-read your excellent write-ups on a daily basis. brilliant stuff.

    i have thrown together this team so far. it’s by no means set in stone, but i thought i would contribute my two cents to the general dialogue. am interested in what people think, of course.

    i’m not in it for the car, just league bragging rights and the thrill of the trade (if they set up a trade addict centre in melbourne i’d have to stop living in denial and check myself in first thing tomorrow)

    my main theory is that the midfield is where the points are at, so i’ve concentrated on that. as a result, my back and forward line are a bit weaker, but i would be planning to upgrade obviously as the season wears on.

    BACK: Goddard, Gibbs, Enright, Broughton, Staker, Docherty (Terlich, Colquhoun)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Pendlebury, Stanton, Rockliff, Fyfe, Crouch, O’Meara (T.Mitchell, Viney)

    RUCK: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Grundy, Currie)

    FORWARD: Franklin, Cox, Robinson, Varcoe, Daniher, Menzel (Kerridge, X.Richards)

    any thoughts appreciated. happy dreamteaming and bring on the season!


    • oh and btw. cash left = $0.00 exactly

      • Good team I’d say, though I don’t share your confidence in Enright. Reason for thinking he’ll get back to his best scoring? And if so, what’s his excuse for this year?

        • thanks man,

          look, to be honest, i don’t have a hell of a lot of confidence in enright, but if he plays 21 games and averages 80 ish as he did last year, i’d be stoked. i am just looking to have at least 4 defenders that i can leave and be certain they will play and rack up reasonable points until i can afford to upgrade. that’s the logic, anyway. quite frankly, if i had the cash, i would get a suckling or an adcock or even bloody shaw! but i would need to tinker with the rest of the team first cos i have zero cash left. i’ll have a think about it though. thanks again.

  • This article gives us a little bit of insight into how Port are going in the pre season. But more importantly DT-wise, there is a bit about Colquhoun, Wines, Stevenson, Pittard etc. aswell.

  • DEF: B Goddard, B Gibbs, P Duffield, N Bock, S Docherty, L Stevenson, (S Colquhoun, D Terlich)

    MID: D Swan, G Ablett, M Boyd, P Dangerfield, T Rockliff, A Embley, J O’Meara, B Crouch, (N Hrovat, J Viney)

    RUCK: T Goldstein, M Leunberger (Rowe, McBean)

    FWD: S Johnson, M Pavlich, T Walker, L Bruest, M LeCras, B Staker (J Growden, T Lee)

    Hi Guys this is by no means a locked team….. any input would be good

  • What do you guys think of this team?

    TEAM NAME: Fair Dinkum
    DEF: J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, G. Birchall, D. Heppell, B. Staker, L. Stevenson (S. Colquhoun, K. McIntosh)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, M. Boyd, B. Deledio, L. Ball, B. Crouch, J. Anderson, J. O’Meara (M. Jones, J. Viney)
    RUC: I. Maric, M. Leuenberger (J. Witts, L. McBean)
    FWD: D. Cox, T. Rockliff, M. Robinson, D. Martin, J. Kennedy, J. Growden (T. Lee, V. Michie)
    CASH LEFT: $26,100

    • you need goddard in there mate

      • Yeah, that’s not the first time you’ve excluded him. What are your (obviously negative) thoughts on him?

      • Brett, I disagree. I don’t believe there are any players you ‘need’. There are players who are DT guns and whom it would probably be good to start with. I just think all of the players I’ve selected offer more value. Goddard probably won’t improve his average much, whereas the other Def premos all have the ability to increase their averge by 5-10 points. He will be my first upgrade target.

        • burning a trade for no reason imo

          • That makes no sense Ryno. Even if I had Goddard in there, I’d still need 2 upgrades in Defence, why does it make a difference if I’m upgrading to Goddard or to Birch/Scotland/Heppell/Gibbs/ anyone else.

          • Upgrading a cow to Goddard or a mid pricer to goddard isn’t burning a trade.
            That’s called “using” a trade.
            I have Goddard in my team but I can see ur logic in not starting him.
            I hope your wrong an he rips it up at the new club haha ;-)

        • A lot of people (including myself) are in fact tipping him to increase his average by 5-10. But if you don’t think he will, that’s fair enough that you’re not picking him.

        • I know you havent quite got the cash Joker,but I would have Goddard any day of the week over Grimes.

          • So would I Reprobates. Reckon I’ll try and find a way to get him in, but as you said, don’t quite have the cash. I’m sure he’ll prove me wrong, but I just want to see him in NAB first. You never know when a player changes clubs. Thanks for your advice though.

        • I think Goddard potentially has the MOST improvement out of the premo defenders. Reason being is he has been earmarked purely for mid time and the bloke did churn out a 113pt average back in 2010 – the young Bombers will feel great security in getting to ball into his hands, my 2 cents worth :)

    • G’Day Joke_R I know its early and people are throwing rooks around left right and centre but Ill give you one piece of advice being a South Australian get Grundy IN he already is two-three years ahead of Witts in talent and ability. And do yourself a favour leave Colquhoun alone. Loosing Chapman to the Tiges Pearce to Freo leaves massive holes in experience they are not going to throw Colquhoun in their with Pittard Jonas Moore all developing types and all yet to really establish themselves. Like I said I know its early but seriously, people considering Colquhoun need a re-think. Ps Viv Mitchie…. No good.

      • Pittard Jonas Moore and Paul Stewart another will get the games early on and they have too, these are the guys who have been in the system for 3 years and Hinkley will want to see them for himselm unfortunately leaving Colquhoun applying his trade in the SANFL for a little while, he will get his chance but later on only.

  • NAME: Brunswick Bruisers

    DEF: Goddard Gibbs Heppell Broughton Duffield Pittard (Vlastuin Terlich)

    MID: Ablett Pendlebury Fyfe Robinson Ball Hodge Crouch O’Meara (Colquhoun Viney)

    RUCK: Leuenburger Z. Smith (Daw Grundy)

    FWD: Franklin Bartel Breust LeCras J.Kennedy Daniher (Staker Paparone)

    CASH: $31,400

    I have links to MID-DEF, MID-FWD and FWD-DEF.

  • What amount of cash should I keep in reserve – following completion of my Dream Team?

    • Depends on how you feel with your team. If you can just squeeze a squad under the cap but you think it is the absolute bee’s knees, guaranteed car-winning formula (i.e. you are happy with your side) then stick with it, but if you finish your squad with 50k spare and feel that you can only spend it for the sake of spending it and it won’t be of any great benefit, keep it and you’ll have more options in case of, say, injury or trading a spud rookie to another that’s just pumped out two tons before round 3 or something like that and if it isn’t needed, it’s a small head start to upgrades later on.

  • Any and all help appreciated! Looking at it now, forwards look undercooked……

    NAME: RandomDents

    DEF: Goddard Gibbs Heppell Duffield Broughton Duffield Docherty (Stevenson Terlich)

    MID: Ablett Pendlebury Stanton Rockliff Ball Crouch O’Meara Hrovat (Colquhoun Viney)

    RUCK: Ryder Leuenburger (Currie Grundy)

    FWD: Cox Thomas Martin Sylvia LeCras Staker (Macaffer Lee)

    CASH: $600

    • Must be pretty keen on Duffman to pick him twice! Haha but that’s a very standard forward line, wouldn’t call it undercooked at all, assuming Dusty can go 95+ after having Choco on his case all preseason. Also, turn Daisy into Robbo. Daisy is still in a moon boot and Bucks played him forward this year, will he go back to predominantly midfield with Ball returning? Personally I don’t think he will. I see you’re favouring the more expensive premos in LeCras and Ball which is fair enough. I must admit I would be tempted to go Ball –> Embley, LeCras –> Knights, Heppell –> Pittard then Hrovat –> Murph or something like that, but if you’re keen on those mid-pricers then stick with them.

      • Thanks bud – great feedback.

        Yeah, screwed up in the typing – copypasted someone elses and forgot to delete one Duff……

        Appreciate the work…….food for thought

  • TEAM NAME: test2
    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, J. Pittard, S. Docherty (D. Terlich, N. Wright)
    MID: D. Swan, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, N. Fyfe, L. Ball, A. Embley, K. Mitchell, B. Crouch (J. O’Meara, S. Kerridge)
    RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (J. Witts, C. Sinclair)
    FWD: D. Cox, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, L. Franklin, R. Gray, B. Macaffer (S. Menegola, S. Dwyer)
    CASH LEFT: $1,100

  • TEAM NAME: ????
    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Duffman, Broughton, Vlastin, Docherty ( Terlich, Colquoun)

    MIDS: Swan, GAJ, Pendles, Greene, Mundy, Toumpas, Wines, O’Meara ( T Menzel, Viney)

    RUCKS: Goldstein, Berger ( Gawn, Grundy)

    FORWARDS: Buddy, Johnson, Rocky, Martin, Stringer, Mayes ( Growden, Lees)

    Cash left: $11,100

    Looking at higher end rooks so if anything needs changing can down grade them. Reall like the look of this team especially if Greene can hold last years average. Thoughts are first cow to be culled can use to upgrade Mundy and Greene to über premo’s.
    Any critisim welcomed…

  • DT just died!! Got this from VS

    Here is the details

    AFL FANTASY coaches will be allowed to make two trades a week, every round this season.

    The change gives coaches a maximum of 46 trades, up from 24 in 2012.

    However, with trades still limited to two per round, they cannot be saved up for later use.

    The increased number of trades is one of several changes to the AFL’s official fantasy game.

    The field structure has also been altered, with gameday squads now featuring six defenders, eight midfielders, two ruckmen and six forwards.

    In previous seasons it has been seven-six-two-seven.

    And coaches will also be allowed to set four emergencies each round, up from three in past seasons.

    This gives teams the ability to cover for late changes on every line – backs, midfield, rucks and forwards – for the first time in the game’s history.

    By popular demand, the green dot has been reinstated, giving coaches an easy snapshot of the ins and outs for their team every Thursday night.

    Unlike its major competitor, AFL Fantasy will not introduce a rolling lockout, with teams to be locked at the bounce of the first game of each round.

    This allows coaches the freedom to set their team for the weekend without having to worry about checking back before every match for late changes.

    It makes AFL Fantasy the game for those who want to have a life beyond fantasy football.

    As has already be announced, there will be a change in scoring during the bye rounds, with only the 18 best scores across each coach’s squad to count.

    And AFL Fantasy will continue with the same, easy to understand scoring system, which makes it easier for coaches to follow the progress of their players during matches.

    An announcement on new game formats will be made in the coming weeks.

  • Taking out the guts of the game in my opinion Shorty ‘the strategic’ element to this game is what we live for. Rewarding miss management is all this is doing. Piss Poor!!

  • This is my first team since the ’44 trades’ got announced

    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Grimes, Staker, Docherty, Stevenson (Terlich, Colquhoun)

    MID: Ablett, Cotchin, Pendlebury, Deledio, Redden, Crouch, O’meara, Hrovat (Viney, Jones)

    RUC: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Grundy, Mcbean)

    FWD: Franklin, Cox, Johnson, Rockliff, Robinson, Macaffer (Lee, Sumner)

    Cash: $34,400

    I have gone with Guns n Rooks strategy (except rucks) and left a bit more cash in hand for upgrades early on, now having 44 trades. I dont like having this amount of trades but it will make scoring higher, the serious DTers should never have any donuts and it will make Bye rounds a lot less stressful

    Thoughts on this team would be appreciated!

    • Really good forwards! This obviously means pretty weak backs but that could be a good plan. To do this you’d need at least 4 of your back rooks getting regular games, and as a Port supporter I’d put Pittard ahead of Stevenson and Colquhoun.
      Nice midfield with a good unique in Deledio there. Well done!

  • Does the no rolling lockout mean that the captain loophole can’t be used every week?

    • It can be used just put the C on a rookie on the bench 5 mins before lockout, put the VC on another rookie on your bench and it will automatically give the C to your highest scoring player…..

      Just joking by the way of course it can’t be if your locked out in the fri night…

  • Two trades a week has not ruined the game, just changed it. I actually like it, I think it will force more uniqueness between starting squads as risks can easily be overturned. It also means players with an easy early draw can be picked and traded after a few rounds. This is my initial thinking, I’m looking at going with two Sydney midfielders as they play GWS then GC first two rounds. Hanley also has a great early draw, and Cox should start well with NicNat being eased into the season. I’m happy to take the risk of no Goddard, and Ablett as the only real captain choice as realistically it’s only going to be for four or five rounds, and is a great POD from 99% of teams.

    B: D. Stanley, B. Gibbs, P. Hanley, G. Broughton, L. Brown, J. Pittard (L. Stevenson, D. Terlich)
    M: G. Ablett, M. Murphy, K. Jack, R. O’Keefe, T. Greene, O. Wines, B. Crouch, J. O’Meara (S. Kerridge, J. Viney)
    R: B. McEvoy, M. Leuenberger (J. Witts, M. Gawn)
    F: D. Cox, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, D. Martin, C. Sylvia, T. Menzel (B. Staker, T. Lee)

  • How is Adam Goodes fairing? Too old? or would Colin Sylvia be a better option?

    • Sylvia. The only possible thing that could make Goodes a premo again would be playing Tippett, Reid and a resting ruckman/LRT up forward, forcing Goodes further up the ground. I wouldn’t bank on it, plus I like Sylvia this year.

  • TEAM NAME: Leather Poisoning
    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, J. Pittard, J. Thurlow (S. Docherty, D. Terlich)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, M. Murphy, A. Embley, S. Mayes, N. Vlastuin, J. O’Meara (M. Jones, J. Viney)
    RUC: I. Maric, M. Leuenberger (S. O’hAilpin, D. Currie)
    FWD: D. Cox, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, T. Walker, J. Daniher, T. Menzel (T. Lee, C. Bartlett)
    CASH LEFT: $59,700

    I’m considering two trades
    Walker to Sylvia
    Rockliff to Franklin

    All thoughts, comments and opinions will be taken into account

    • Pretty difficult to give a thought, comment or opinion Aidan since most of us now have no confidence in what to do ourselves.

  • week one im going to trade ablett for swan then use my second trade to swap swan for ablett! cant wait! :D

  • TEAM NAME: Gutted Ewoks
    DEF: Goddard, Gibbs, Broughton, Pearce, Bock, Docherty (Stevenson, Colquhoun)
    MID: Stanton, Fyfe, Mundy, Christenson, Lower, Ball, Caddy, Embley (Viney, O’Meara)
    RUC: Cox, Leuenberger (Grundy, Rowe)
    FWD: Johnson, Rockliff, Sylvia, Gray, Kennedy, Knights (Staker, McCaffer)
    CASH LEFT: $30,900

    Going off an article last year
    Looking to do something similar….

  • DEF Goddard Gibbs Broughton Atley Vlastuin Bews (Terlich Colquhuon)

    MID Swan Ablett Boyd Okeefe Gaff Ball K Mitchell Omeara (Towers Viney)

    RUC Cox Leuenberger (Witts Naismaith)

    FOR Johnson Rocky Martin Kennedy Harper Growden (Membrey X Richards)

    $142 800 left in the bank.

  • with now there being more trades to be used is it still as important to keep our dpp links. i am still planning on keeping my ruck links but for our midfield to back line and forward line links, i was thinking of getting rid of these now that it is so easy to use more trades and not need to bother switching our teams around. I currently have s.mayes and s.coloquhoun in my midfield giving me links to both my forward line and back line should i keep these two there or switch them for better only centre rookie options. your thoughts on this would be great. thanks

    • I reckon it could still occasionally allow you to use one trade where you would have had to use two without DPP, allowing you to use the other trade for the round on something productive. But yes, I think the value of it has dropped slightly as you don’t have to save trades as much.

  • is leuenberger, vardy & O’hAilpin a good ruck option?

    • Personally Im not a fan of the last two, but it seems the best way to get a cheap almost guaranteed round 12 + FWD/RUC combo going.

  • Team name: Sooners

    Let me know what I’ve done wrong, don’t hold back…

    Jack Grimes [MEL]
    Bryce Gibbs [CAR] [MID]
    Grant Birchall [HAW]
    Dyson Heppell [ESS] [MID]
    Lachlan Plowman [GWS]
    Sam Docherty [BRL]
    Dean Terlich [MEL]
    Sam Colquhoun [PTA] [MID]

    Gary Ablett [GCS]
    Jobe Watson [ESS]
    Scott Pendlebury [COL]
    Jimmy Bartel [GEE] [FWD]
    Chris Judd [CAR]
    Nick Vlastuin [RIC] [DEF]
    Troy Menzel [CAR] [FWD]
    Brad Crouch [ADE]
    Jaeger O’Meara [GCS]
    Jack Viney [MEL]

    Dean Cox [WCE] [FWD]
    Matthew Leuenberger [BRL]
    Nathan Vardy [GEE]
    Majak Daw [NTH]

    Lance Franklin [HAW]
    Patrick Ryder [ESS] [RUC]
    Dustin Martin [RIC] [MID]
    Robbie Gray [PTA] [MID]
    Josh J. Kennedy [WCE]
    Jake Stringer [WBD]
    Brent Macaffer [COL]
    Ben Kennedy [COL] [MID]

    20k left.

    • I don’t mind the Judd selection. What are your expectations for Goddard which justify not picking him?

  • Now that we know there will be 2 trades per week, every week, is anyone looking at NRoo for the first 5 rounds? He plays GCS, Rich, GWS, Ess and Syd, where he had the following scores against in 2012.

    Rnd 1 GCS: 126 and 136
    Rnd 2 Rich: 100
    Rnd 3 GWS: —
    Rnd 4 Ess: 135
    Rnd 5 Syd: 100 and 65

    Average: 110.3 and expect a score of around 110 against GWS as well.

    As far as I’m concerned he is locked. If he can get those scores he should rise quite significantly from his starting price of 441k. Which will make a great upgrade to Stevie J who will hopefully be over his traditional slow start . Stevie J starts at 501k so if he gets those scores and Johnson has his slow start you would expect NRoo to make up that 60k for a straight swap.

    So anyone locking him in?

  • TEAM NAME: power2win
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, D. Heppell, G. Broughton, J. Pittard, S. Docherty (S. Colquhoun, D. Terlich)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, J. Redden, H. Hartlett, B. Goodes, K. Mitchell, J. O’Meara (M. Jones, J. Viney)
    RUC: D. Cox, A. Sandilands (M. Leuenberger, D. Currie)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, M. Wright, D. Martin, C. Knights, L. Johnston, B. Macaffer (B. Staker, S. Rowe)
    CASH LEFT: $11,400


    TEAM NAME: power2win
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, J. Pittard, B. Staker, B. Goodes, S. Docherty (S. Colquhoun, D. Terlich)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, J. Redden, D. Heppell, H. Hartlett, K. Mitchell, J. O’Meara (M. Jones, J. Viney)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Leuenberger (S. Rowe, D. Currie)
    FWD: D. Cox, T. Rockliff, M. Wright, D. Martin, G. Broughton, C. Knights (L. Johnston, B. Macaffer)
    CASH LEFT: $11,400


    TEAM NAME: power2win
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, D. Heppell, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, J. Pittard (S. Docherty, D. Terlich)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, J. Redden, B. Goodes, K. Mitchell, J. O’Meara, S. Colquhoun (M. Jones, J. Viney)
    RUC: A. Sandilands, M. Leuenberger (S. Rowe, D. Currie)
    FWD: D. Cox, T. Rockliff, M. Wright, D. Martin, C. Knights, L. Johnston (B. Macaffer, B. Staker)
    CASH LEFT: $11,400

  • Defenders
    Brendon Goddard $501,300 Bryce Gibbs $473,300 Beau Waters $472,100 Matt Suckling $426,900
    Greg Broughton $408,000 Brett Goodes $121,300 Dean Terlich $102,700 Sam Colquhoun $102,700

    Dane Swan [COL]
    Gary Ablett [GCS]
    Scott Pendlebury [COL]
    Marc Murphy [CAR]
    Andrew Embley [WCE]
    Oliver Wines [PTA]
    Kane Mitchell [PTA]
    Brad Crouch [ADE]
    Jaeger O’Meara [GCS]
    Jack Viney [MEL]

    Todd Goldstein [NTH]
    Matthew Leuenberger [BRL]
    Max Gawn [MEL]
    Brodie Grundy [COL]

    Lance Franklin [HAW]
    Steve Johnson [GEE] [MID]
    Tom Rockliff [BRL] [MID]
    Colin Sylvia [MEL] [MID]
    Joe Daniher [ESS]
    Troy Menzel [CAR] [MID]
    Tom Lee [STK]
    Sam Dwyer [COL] [MID]