Dale Thomas – Deck of Dream Team 2013

Name: Dale Thomas
Club: Collingwood
Position: Midfield/Forward
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $480,000
Bye Round: 13
2012 Average: 93.18
2012 Games Played: 17
Predicted Average: 102

Why should I pick him?

Last year Daisy Thomas was widely touted to be a top pick from the start of the season, however, he didn’t fire exactly as expected.  Two of his first three games were in the early 90’s and the other was an 85.  However the problem was that in that third game he got injured and we didn’t see him again until round 8.  After a slow start in that game he only came up with 69, but the following two were 124 and 133.  This is more what we expected to see from him.  7 of his17 games were over 100.  He also had couple in the 90’s. One game though was affected by a red vest which was a33.

Back in 2011 Daisy played 19 games for an average of 102.95.  The year before he played every game and averaged 95.  So last year was his worst for 3 years but it was both injury and red-vest affected.

Let’s be honest, the Collingwood midfield has a vast supply of midfield guns.  As a result their opponents can’t shut down everyone.  With the emergence of Beams, Sidebottom and then already having Swan and Pendlebury in there, there is plenty of chance for Daisy to drift forward and cause some havoc or if Beamer or Swanny are getting tagged out of the game he can swing through the middle and rack up some quick possessions.

Oh, did I not mention that?  Yes, Daisy is a Mid Forward for 2013!  With his team-mates losing this eligibility it makes this guy a lot more attractive than he may have been otherwise.  The reduction in some of our favourite M/F’s this year it makes him one of the more attractive guys.  In addition the fact that he averaged below 100 will mean that he is a little more reasonably priced than guys like Beams.

The key for him is that with those guys coming through for Collingwood means that he can drift forward more often and get those valuable +12’s.  He will have the tall timber to rove to up forward with Cloke’s slippery hands to crumb from and the big Q Stick up there too to bring the ball to ground there will be plenty of opportunistic goals to be found.  During 2012 he averaged just over a goal a game which was his best of his career.  So if he can lift his average disposals back to the 25 it was in 2011 (he averaged 21 in 2012) as well as having that goal a game then 100 should be the minimum I would expect to see out of him.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

The main reason that I would be concerned about picking Daisy is the aforementioned guys in that Collingwood midfield.  There are plenty of options for the Pies to work the ball through.  The emergence of Dayne Beams and Steele Sidebottom means that they don’t rely on Daisy to get the ball through the midfield and this will hurt his possessions.

Another issue for me is his injury status.  Last year he missed a few games through a hamstring injury he picked up in round 3 vs Carlton.  He will turn 26 during the 2013 season and I am nervous of guys with soft tissue injuries.  Is this enough on its’ own to not select him, no I don’t think so.

Deck of DT Rating.

KING – I think that Daisy is one guy that you have to very seriously consider this year.  He won’t be cheap, but he should be one of the first guys that you consider for your forward line along with some of the other gun mid forwards that are around the place this year.  Personally he will be in my team very early on.

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  • Nice write up mate, just about a lock (half way between rocky and SJ) Should be able to average 95

  • Yes, a good pick Dunny. Hard to fit in at this stage but might be a good upgrade target.

  • Great write up Dunny! He is a Lock or me at his stage in my fan planner. So thats 3 out of 4 for me in terms of Deck of DT’ers in my side.

  • Should note he has also just had ankle surgery & is not in Utah training with the rest of the Collingwood players.

  • Really tight for mine. I’m keen on Sylvia, Rocky and LeCras are just about locks so I’m left to pick two out of SJ, Buddy and Daisy. Not sure if I’m brave enough to leave Buddy as an upgrade. I’d always be a bit nervous if my opponent had him as their VC loophole or their C against North in round 12.

  • He’s in my starting squad – the only concern is that he’s had ankle surgery which could mean an interrupted pre-season.

    Has anyone heard how he’s recovering so far?

  • Upgrade target for me. Limited midfield time and would prefer SJ at this stage…

    • Yeah, clearly Bucks rates Sidey and Beams ahead of him in the midfield and Ball will play midfield too, it’s obviously his best position. Good for 95 but possibly both more improvement and higher ceiling in SJ and Buddy.

  • Apologies guys, I am not sure how I missed that he had recently had surgery.

    I don’t think an interupted preseason will hurt him, it may give him that extra rest his body needs. Keep a close eye on him in the NAB though.

  • Off topic but Colquhoun just confirmed Mid/Def by Dr DT

  • Thomas cost me badly in finals last year, and I think he has stupid hair. I also hate Fasolo. They’re like B1 & B2 for kids you don’t like. Anyway…

    That aside; it would be hard to go past Daisy, especially considering his price won’t be super-premium like some other forwards. You’ll need a guy around his price tag this year, with so many midfield spots, and tag teaming with Rocky or Stevie J could be a great way to start off the season.

    He’s locked for me, until he does something stupid with his stupid hair cut in the NAB, and then I’ll re-evaluate.

    Summary: He has dumb hair, but can play good.

    • He is too smug, and too cocky and has an awful haircut, even when it is short.

      I had him in 2011 when he was going well but then he did stupid things like punch the St Kilda player in the face. It was just so stupid of him, and he had a smug face when he did it.

      If all the young Melbourne groupies spent one year avoiding having sex with him like they did with Cameron Ling, then he would mature into a much better player without a smug attitude.

  • As a Pie fan I’m a touch worried about his ankle surgery and the amount of midfield time he’ll play. Prefer Robbo at this stage. Will most likely come into my side just before or just after bye time.

  • lock and throw away the key, his a gun and will be a top 6 forward by the end of 2013.

  • Does anyone want to have a stab at the who the top 5 fwds will be for 2013?
    I’m assuming Pav, Cox & Chappy will decline so for me it looks like:
    1. Buddy
    2. Stevie J
    3. Rocky
    4. Thomas
    5. Robbo
    Would love to see what the rest of the comp thinks.

  • For me it’s out of Thomas and Robinson. I reckon Robbo could average 100+, so who would everyone choose out of them?

      • That would be good, but I’ve already got the locks in Rocky and SJ, then bargains in Sylvia, Lecras and probably Knights. So can’t fit in both.

        • ATM I have Stevie J, Rocky, Daisy, Robo and Sylvia. Providing the prices dont change too much, potentially have 5 of the top 6 forwards in my starting squad. Buddy will hopefully be traded in b4 he plays GC, GWS and Melboure just before his bye.

          • Yeah that would probably be the ideal forward line. But I like the rest of my side, so don’t want to ruin the structure of it. Hence I have to choose one out of Thomas and Robbo.

          • toss a coin mate.

  • Fitness permitting, lock

  • Big fat pass early on, far too much value around

  • agree with many others it would seem, no certainty to average much more than 95 (which is pretty much on par with 2012), interupted preseason and reasonable chance of getting injured again. SJ, rocky and robbo all present more upside for mine. definate upgrade target though.

  • Still not sure on Daisy. Agree with Griff on the stupid hair comment :D

    Not sure if I will go Stevie J off the bat because he has a tendency to put in a stinker and drop in price enough to pick up later

  • “Cloke’s slippery hands to crumb to” Umm he’s by far the best mark in the competition and has far from slippery hands??

    • Yeah, harsh to say slippery hands.

      When he tries to mark, his wrist cross over.

      More a fumbler than slippery hands. LOL

    • Best contested mark in the competition. Very different from being the best mark in the competition.

      There’s a truckload of blokes who’d be a safer uncontested mark than him.

    • You’d think most AFL players would be classified as good uncontested marks :D

      Contested marking he’s the best which is no doubt where small forwards more often crumb to. In any case I think the commentor got confused between Dawes dropping a lot of marks & Cloke being generally down on last year.

    • i wouldnt say he is the best mark in the competition, and definitely not “by far” not with the likes of J. Brown and S. Reid

  • Not sure on Daisy, cause of the other good onballers from the pies. But, because he dual position player he maybe handy as a forward.