Andrew Embley – Deck of Dream Team 2013

Name: Andrew Embley
Club: West Coast
Position: Midfielder
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $264,300
Bye Round: 12
2012 Average: 57.0
2012 Games Played: 6
Predicted Average: 88.0

Why should I pick him?

Andrew Embley is the first player covered this year in the Deck of DT that shows unreal value for money. He should be discounted on the 57 he averaged in 2012, making him one of the best value for money picks.

So let’s reflect on what went wrong for Embley in 2012. Firstly, the dude played just 6 games (8 if we include finals). In these games, he wore a vest 3 times and missed 18 games due to a dislocated shoulder. After having surgery, he returned in Rd. 20, only to find himself in the dreaded green vest once again for his 35pts.

Once he returned, Embley recaptured his DT form of old scoring 94pts (28d) in Rd. 23 and 121pts and 93pts in the Elimination and Semi Finals (avg. 103 in his last 3). The dude got it going! Now, if we include all the ‘full’ games he played this year (excluding vests), he would have averaged 91. His scores in the finals, do not count towards his average/price in 2013… ummmm, get my drift? No? He’s a bloody bargain!

Embley is a proven gun DT scorer. In 2011, he averaged 94 from 21 games and average 92 in 2010 from 20 games. In 2011, he scored 8×100+ scores with 5 of them being over the 120+ mark.

Plus, he’s a cool cat – just watch the video here and you’ll love the man! “You ticklish?”… “Dare you to touch me” . Ha ha what a legend and what a great man to have in your DT.

There is no doubting it whatsoever, he is a must have as a cheap option in you now extended midfield. With your line there going 8 deep, there’s plenty of room for a guy like Embley.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

He’s old. Embley will turn 32 in 2013 and is certainly at the end of his career. The plus side to this is… the Eagles still must want him playing a big part as they set him for the finals series last year where he played full games and dominated.

Is it time for the old vet to step aside and let the young Eagles blood flow through? And does this mean more vests for the old duck in 2013?

Deck of DT Rating.

QUEEN – This guy might average you 85+, he may even push the 90+ mark like he has in previous years. He will be massively underpriced and ready for the picking in 2013. Yeah, he’s ripe (old) but I can tell you now, the way he returned late in 2012, you’d be mad not to have him on the radarrrrrrr. He’s certainly on mine, and pretty much locked in.

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  • Don’t think i’ll be going with either Ball/Embley. But Embley represents MASSIVE value for money…

    • At the minute in my fan planner team i have Ball instead of Embley, even though Embley has a much better bye. If Ball does not get the fan planner discount, that he has at the moment, then i’ll certainly bring in Embley for Ball. They both show huge value!! You would expect every team will have at least one of these 2 players.

  • He’s great value for sure! I also probably won’t pick him though. With the MN’s natural decline over the first couple of months he won’t gain enough $ for me even at 30ppg increase. An avg of 90 in mids also not high enough for me to keep. Would only consider him as a Porplyzia 2012 type (cheap mid-pricer who ends up on my bench by R23).

  • Unsure at this stage – worried he’s going to be a super sub in 2013.

  • Great write up Vin. Obviously on the radar but being a super sub is a danger at his age. Watch pre season closely…

  • Lots of good value mid pricers available, not sure how many can be fit in a squad without stuffing up the structure too much (guns and rookies). NAB Cup will need to be monitored to determine who is 100% fit and what roles will be played (super sub). At this stage my team has two mid pricers and Embley isn’t one of them.

  • I dont want to risk Embley. Already taking a few punts in my midfield with Ball Fyfe and Greene

  • I do agree with shorty in that Ball (based on fanplan figures) is a better option than Embley.
    I am concerned with Embley’s age although in saying that there are still plenty of good quality midfielders running around who are the wrong side of 30.
    I would only be taking the one of them at this stage as there are too many great value mids rooks who will grow $s much quicker.
    If we discover next week that Ball is $60K dearer than Embley, I may have to reconsider.

  • Good write up Vin. But Embley is a pass for me.

    That stubbed toe grubber kick in the final against Collingwood is enough to discard from any team (fantasy or other). For those that do pick him, I hope Woosha doesn’t hold grudges…

  • He breaks one of rules of Dreamteam, don’t pick anybody over the age of 30.

  • Tempting. I resisted the urge to pick a lot of guys last year like Lake / Porps / Hargrave and i don’t regret it. I don’t think i’ll regret not picking this guy. Props to anyone who does and cleans up because of it, though. I’m told we might need more mid pricers this year, so i’ll keep him in mind if the price is right. We’ve got more trades too so i’ll be willing to do a couple of gamble selections and he could be one. He’s on the radar, at least.

  • Decisions… I guess you have to consider if WCE use him as a vesty again in ’13. Obviously they wanted/needed bigger bodies with experience in their run into and during the finals. The word ‘caution’ springs to mind. On the old radar however unlikely to be one of my bullies.

    • remember they used gaff heaps before… maybe time for another rookie to have it. Embley only ever had it coming back from injuries

      • Vin my Capt guide and DT pro mentor… You used the word ‘injuries’ and that just scares me. He is only getting older and the game ain’t getting slower.

  • Will be a big watch rounds 1 & 2. If no vest and he gets full games then his JS goes up and I’ll probably trade him in.

    • I suppose 30 trades allows that type of generous tactically – at 32 he’ll need resting sooner rather then later and be ready for the finals charge.

  • could be a good first use of the rolling lockout, check whether this bloke is the sub or not, as he plays a week earlier then most round 1 if he is just trade him out

  • Definitely good value Calvin, but combined with age and injury risk I think Ball is a slightly better pick. Of course if I don’t have him he will smash out massive numbers.

  • Surprised to see how many will pass him up. You have to realise the green vest in round 1 was on the back of an interrupted pre-season. The red vest in round 2 was for the injury. The green vest in round 20 was coming back from the injury. There is no danger of him being a “super-sub”. Also shoulder injuries are not correlated with age.

  • Psst.. Calvin, you forgot to put the link in! :P Here it is for anyone wanting to watch it:

  • I’ve liked the pattern of the first 3 deckers so far. Thoughts On Broughts (an opinion-divider), Rock the Lock (self explanatory) and now another guy that is in some teams but not others. Things would get boring if there 5 days straight of universal locks. I’ll probably pick him and definitely will if Ball only gets a 10% drop. Hopefully we see the SeptEmbley of 2012 last all year.

  • What the hell did I just watch? Haha Ember’s reactions were spot on.

  • Gets plenty of the ball, loves a goal, extremely underrated player. Barring injury or unexpected pregnancy he’s a certain starter for me. Depending on how he is travelling, he could be one of the first upgraded once he and a rookie fatten up a bit. Wouldn’t keep him for the season as he will no doubt be rested in the latter stages leading into September. If you can find an All-In Norm Smith market early in the year, he’d be worth throwing a few pineapples on.

    Too good to pass up.