Tom Rockliff – Deck of Dream Team 2013

Name: Tom Rockliff
Club: Brisbane
Position: Midfielder/Forward
Assistant Coach 2013 Price: $481,700
Bye Round: 11
2012 Average: 93
2012 Games Played: 22
Predicted Average: 110

Why should I pick him?

If you are not already sold on Rocky for your 2013 Dream Team, you will be by the end of this section. I am about to talk the big fella up and I can hear my critics from here saying things like “it’s because Roy loves him” “dude has a man crush” and “Roy is a cock head, and don’t listen to him”. All quotes have merit; however, Rocky is the real deal and should arguably be your first picked in 13.

In 2011, Rocky smashed his previous average of 87 out of the water to a premium 112 which sat him with the games truly elite. During that season he came home like a steam train averaging over 120 in the last 10 games. In 2012 he started in a blaze of glory with a whopping 130 from 3 goals 5 and 10 marks. Little did we know that his brilliance here would bite him and his owners on the backside in the long run (I will talk about this in the ‘shouldn’t pick him’ section) as he went on to average 93. The reason I mentioned his low (by his standards) average of 93 in the ‘pick him section’ is because it places him at a bargain price for what he can do. Throughout the year, Rocky showed that when he plays predominantly through the midfield, he scores with the best of them, recording 110, 119, 125, 128, 141 and 143 in his better outings.

Looking forward, in an interview with @brisbanelions Rocky was asked about his role as a fwd in 2012 and he basically labelled it “different” and “due to circumstance” as the main reasons he was playing out of the goal square. He went on to say he sees his 2013 role as a midfielder who can rest forward, as opposed to what we saw throughout large patches on 2012.

From the horses mouth: I contacted Rockliff prior to writing this article to ask why we should pick him and he said he said he is in the best shape he has ever been in (must not have spent this off season walking around Bali with a Bintang longneck in hand: see 2012 pre season). In my opinion, this will send Vossy a clear midfield message.

So at this stage, he ticks all boxes for me. He is fit, good looking, durable, looks set to return to the midfield, he should get more outside ball with the addition of Moloney and the big Berger will also return to spoon feed him a few +3s. I also like the idea of him resting fwd due to his ability to be such a scoring threat and boost his scores with the odd +12 bonus. He kicked 18 for the year with multiples on 6 occasions.

Why shouldn’t I pick him?

The main reason not to pick Rocky is that he is too good. As stupid as it sounds, the Lions fwd line looks better when he is in it and when they need an avenue to goal, he tends to be the call up. The worry here is the last 6 rounds, while playing as a fwd he produced scores of 73, 82, 66, 81, 69 and 43….. enough to raise concern. There is also the issue of potentially having too many Lions in the fwd line with Dayne Zorko putting his hand up for a spot after one of the all time great rookie seasons.

Deck of DT Rating.

King – If Rocky was named purely as a midfielder, there would be an element of risk, but as he holds DPP, the positives far out way the potential (permanent fwd) negatives. There are few fwds out there you can select who have the ability to average 112 for a season so in my opinion, it is a no brainer selection.

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    • Come on! As soon as I finished typing you had to comment. I think I’ll never get first comment. You’re right though, he should be a lock in everyone’s team.

  • Nice article, ever since he’s been announced DPP, he’s been my FIRST player locked in.

    PS: Sorry guys I had to do that

    • That’s your FIRST fail of the preseason

    • Please. We don’t want to see any of this ‘first’ business this year. If you do, you’ll be deleted and blocked from posting. It’s just annoying for those who want to see some constructive DT discussion.

  • I generally don’t like being a sheep when it comes to team selection – but I’ve locked him in – too good to miss.

    That’s 2 from 2 locked in so far – how do you fit a whole deck into 30 positions?

  • Yeah agree Roy, absolute LOCK, can’t see any reason why he can’t average 100+. Any team without Rockie just isn’t a team….

  • Nailed on. Nice work Roy direct link to the next man upstairs the Rock God.

  • Love ya work Roy. Rocky is Locked in. Even if he has a similar season to last year he’ll be a top 6 forward at end of year.

    tbh I probably would be selecting him even if he was mid only… SO much value to hard to ignore.

  • Locked and loaded. As soon as he was officially a MID/FWD he was signed on again as a Warne Dawg. As long as we don’t hear anything about him being a permanent forward, then we’re laughing. Vossy, when you read this, keep the gun in the guts. He’s your best player at your club… sorry Browny.

    Go Rockwiz!

    • He was my pod gun mid last year and it caused some angst amongst the team – here is to a second chance this year buddy – do not hurt me in my soul again!

  • Lock! Will be the best forward in 2013 by a long way! So many quality forward options this year!

  • Top exhibition of man love Roy – good read
    Mega ultra lock!

  • Absolute lock for me.
    He replaces beams as the best fwd dpp and he will only increase in value.

  • 100% lock.

  • Lock and Lock!
    Roy – it starts with a man crush and then the next thing you know you’ve got your own float in the Mardi Gras!
    Time to break out the hot pink, sequinned hot pants for DT13???

  • Unconviced. He put up some stinkers as a forward last year. If anything I can see him spending just as much time in the forward line this year. With the inclusion of Moloney and the rise of Zorko I don’t see his scores getting back to the previous 110 avg he was getting. I wouldn’t expect anything above a 95 average from Rocky to be honest. However having said that as a forward that likely puts him in the top 5. Lol – lock.

  • Thoughts on Zork’s anyone?

    • I currently have him in the mids with a view for him being a permanent M8/9 and permanent DPP link to the forwards.

    • Not for me, normally mids that have such a massive first year struggle to sustain the scores, especially if they cop a bit more attention for opposition teams.

  • Rocky & Eddie Betts will be fighting for a spot in my forward line this year. Let’s see who has the better pre season

  • Locked and thrown away the key, enogh said. Still averaged 93 sitting in the forwardline for most of the year.

  • Couldn’t agree more mate. Rocky Lock 2013!

  • Lockity Lock! Along with Cox/NicNat

  • Few Questions. Is Kane Mitchell on the Rookie List?? and Whats the Go with Jack Martin (GC) is he to young to play in 2013???

  • Be unique not to have him. That raises a question in itself, who would be your POD.


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    Ran it last year and it went well :)


  • No brainer in the forward line. I can’t justify not picking him. I just… the only reason i wouldn’t pick him is because ‘everyone else is’ so i might want to make my team more unique. But i don’t play that way.

    While i said Broughton was a lock, i could still see him being pushed out by other, better locks, simply because i might not have room, if that makes any sense. I can’t see Rocky being pushed out of my team in the same fashion.

  • Anyone without Rocky in their team is obviously more than happy driving their Daihatsu Charade.

  • Nice write up Roy, Rocky is massive lock for me.

    I had him from the start this year… very frustrating to say the least. But with DPP, you just have to lock him in.

    This year was pretty much worst case scenario for him, and he still managed a 93 average, which is great for a forward. If playing in the guts, can easily average 110.

  • Third year with Rocky in my team, pretty happy he gets DPP status.