Deck of Dream Team 2013 – Starts December 11

The annual Deck of Dream Team signals our official start to the DT preseason and it’s about to begin for 2013, starting Tuesday December 11. Make sure you check the site every day from 8am AEDT as we cover 52 interesting players over 52 days – right up until AFL Dream Team officially opens on February 1.

We have a huge crew of writers for this year to bring you the best Deck of DT we have put together for DT Talk. If you are on Twitter, make sure you are following all of these dudes for their insight over the year. They’re all top blokes! We appreciate their input and hopefully all of our readers will too!

The writers for #DeckofDT are as follows: Warnie, Roy, Calvin, Tbetta, Dunny, TeeTee, JimBob, McRath, Griff, Tom Craigie, Rainman and Jeppa. Click on their names for their twitter accounts.

We’re looking forward to this series to take us through to the official opening of AFL Dream Team for 2013! Make sure you get invovled in the comments of each article and give your two cents worth on every player!

DT 2013 is just about to begin! Get excited!


  • Bring it on boys. Interested to see who the joker will be this year.

  • We’re pretty excited about this! A massive year ahead with a massive group of dudes making it possible this year. We’re heading into our 7th year of DT Talk! Crazy to think we have stuck at something this long!

    Hope everyone is keen to read what we all have to say. We are keen to hear everyone’s thoughts on the player that will come up each day.

    Giddy up! #DeckofDT is nearly here!

  • Can’t Wait!!!

  • Lets get in on!!!

  • Warnie,
    Even though i am an avid Swans fan, I am finding it very difficult to find any real value in anyone wearing red and White next year – strange when you consider they are the reigning premiers.
    Would love to see a couple swannies in the deck.
    At this early stage Tom mitchell is my only probable swan and even though Mitch Morton will be very cheap, I have doubts on his JS with McGlynn and Rowan going ahead of him..

    • The likes of Mitchell and Lamb have showed how hard it is to crack a game for the Bloods. No doubt Morton will compete for a spot after his finals campaign but with the return of McGlynn and Rohan it’s hard to see him getting too many games either. Rohan offers some value but isn’t proven like LeCras, Winderlich, Krakoeur, Kennedy (Eagles) or a fit Gray.

      • Mitchell is highly thought of at the Swans and it was injury that kept him off the park last year rather than lack of form. I agree that Rowan could be good value but a serious broken leg is not an easy injury to come back from. I’ll wait to see how his pre-season goes.

  • So I assume the likes of Ball, Prismall, Winderlich, Berger, LeCras etc can’t be added to the Deck until December 17 when we find out what sort of discount they get?

  • Thanks for doing the deck again. It’s great countdown to the start of the Dreamteam. I would like it in order from the 52nd player to the No 1 player. Any chance of that?

    • But how do you determine their ranking? LeCras will probably average 50 less than Swan but offers way more value, so who’s better?

    • That won’t be happening. Just 52 players we think are interesting… that’s about it! You will probably only pick 15-20 of them.

  • Bring on Mr Broughton.