Dual Positioning Updates


Champion Data (the official statisticians for the AFL) have slowly been releasing some key changes to Dual Positions Players (DPPs) for the 2013 season. Some players are gaining the much loved status, whilst some are shedding it.


For those who aren’t aware, Dual Positioning allows you to select a player in different positions in your team (Defence, Midfield, Ruck or Forward lines). The status is officially given by Champion Data, however a move by Virtual Sports (the designers of AFL Dream Team) in 2010 allowed these players to be swapped within your team during the year (from the midfield to the forward line for example) and then in 2012, allowed DPPs to be involved in three-way trades, fully utilising their multi-positioning status.

Confirmed 2013 Changes

Players who are set to lose their DPP status:

Ryan O’Keefe – Attended the third most centre clearances for the Swans and as such, is now a midfielder only.
Nat Fyfe – He only played nine games in 2012, but it was enough for Champion Data to declare him a pure midfielder.
Dayne Beams – This is not a surprise. Got most of his possessions in the midfield, and as such, that’s the only place you can pick him next year.
Steele Sidebottom – Possibly a little unlucky to lose his DPP status, but then again, he was havily in the midfield rotations. Mid only.
Alan Didak – Champion Data include ‘hot mapping’ in determining where a player spends his time. As the interchange gates are located in the middle of the field, and Didak was always hobbling off injured, he is now a midfielder only.

Players who are set to gain their DPP status:

Jude Bolton – Despite rumours of an early demise it looks as though Jude will be back next year, resting up forward, waiting for his grandchildren to come and visit him (Fwd/Mid).
Tom Rockliff – The whipping boy for Michael Voss, Rockliff will be truly represented as a DPP next season (Fwd/Mid).
Jimmy Bartel – Another midfielder who is getting older and slower, Jimmy “crack corn and I don’t care” Bartel will be available in your forward line as well as midfield in 2013 (Mid/Fwd).
Hamish Hartlett – In a true representation, one of Hartlett’s hamstrings will be able to be selected in defence, whilst his other one will be stretchered off via the midfield (Def/Mid).
Greg Broughton – Not only has Broughton snuck away from Ross ‘Hates Dream Team’ Lyon, he has gone to a team that is desperate to find another bulky midfielder to feed off Gary Ablett. If he is on your ‘Never Again’ list, and you simply can’t forgive, well, it sucks to be you. Load up! (Def/Fwd).

Major Updates:

Dean Cox – The big man from The West has been given the gold star for his last season, and will now be a Ruck/Fwd next year. Is he too old for you in 2013? That’s what was said last preseason.

Nic Naitanui – The partner in crime has done the time (in the forward line) and also gets Ruck/Fwd status. Is he ready to take the next step and take the #1 ruck mantle from Dean Cox? Well the All-Australian selectors seemed to think he already has. He must come into consideration now!

Bryce Gibbs – He burnt owners and left them hating him last season, but with new coach Mick Malthouse who has publically said he expects him to step up, Gibbs comes raging back into contention (and, well, lock-status) as a Def/Mid next season. Only five more defenders to find.

Patrick Dangerfield – The crows who excelled under new coach Brenton Sanderson lost his forward pocket lulls last season, and next season this will result in his loss of his forward eligibility. Midfielder only.

David Zaharakis – The injury plagued Bomber of last season will not be avaiable in your forward line next season, with Champion Data believe that he is now a pure midfielder. Mid only!

Patrick Ryder – As expected, after the Bomber started numerous games in the goal square last year, he gains Ruck/Fwd status this year.

Daisy Thomas – After having him as my sixth midfielder last season, I can personally vouch that he spent way too much time in the forward line in 2012. Luckily Champion Data have noticed and made me feel better about my horrid selection, with Daisy being a Fwd/Mid in 2013.

Steve Johnson – Stevie J is now locked in everyone’s team, as he officially gets Mid/Fwd Status. I won’t even analyse this move, except to say we are lucky he isn’t a pure mid after his second half of the season last year.

Dyson Heppell He returns where he belongs, floating between the backline and the centre. You have to question how Goddard will affect his scoring, but if Heppell can learn to score in the fourth quarter, he could be a great option down back. Def/Mid.

Cyril Rioli – He can turn a game on its head in five minutes, but is it enough to get him into your team? Maybe his new DPP status of Mid/Fwd will help? Probably not.

Matthew Pavlich – Just like Ryan O’Keefe, after years of emergency switches between the forward line and the centre, next season we will be without this option. Pavlich is now a Forward only.

Adam Goodes – Well he will be a little cheaper after a horrid patch last year, not to mention his injuries, but if you want the veteran Swan, it will be up front only. Forward only.

Danny Stanley – As Guy McKenna plays with his squad, Stanley moves from a forward only player to Defender Only. How will Nathan Bock’s return and Greg Broughton‘s addition affect his output?

Brendan GoddardGood news. He is still Def/Mid.

Andrew Carrazzo – Bad news. The Blue spent too much time through the centre square last year, and has subsequently shed his defender status.  He will be Mid only in 2013.

Brett Deledio – And the bad news gets worse. Deledio, defender stalwart for the past five years has been stripped of his defender status, and will be a Midfielder only next season. But after last year, he still has to come into contention, surely?

Jack Watts – Despite some late trouble with injuries, former #1 draft pick Watts had a solid season last year switching between the forward and backline. Next season, he can do the same in your teams, picking up Fwd/Def status. A partner in crime for Broughton anyone?





New Kids on the Block

Troy Menzel – Carlton’s first round draft pick, and brother to the Geelong’s Daniel Menzel, will be a slightly higher priced rookie player next season. If he can keep his shin bone connected to his knee bone, and his knee bone connected to his thigh bone, we may have a winner. (Clearly I am as much a doctor as Dr Dream Team). Troy gets Mid/Fwd status.

Nick Vlastuin – The Tigers pounced on Vlastuin at pick #9 in this years draft. A great stoppage player with an aggressive attack on the ball, Nicky V (oh, I make up nicknames now, just like BT) will be listed as a slightly inflated rookie price, and will be a Def/Mid.

Sam Mayes – Pick 8 by the Brisbane Lions, South Australian Mayes, who is a medium sized forward will be listed as a Fwd/Mid. But under Michael Voss, it’s a big risk to look his direction (see Polec, Beams, etc).

Ben Kennedy – He slipped through to Collingwood at pick #19, and he may be a great steal, if only the Pies had room to play him. The small forward who loves a stint on the wing will be a Fwd/Mid in 2013.

Kristian Jaksch – The GWS fourth pick of this draft (#12) can play either end of the field. He may be behind Haynes, Cameron, Hoskin-Elliot & Patton up front, but in defence he may just find a few games against Hampton & Frost. He’s Def/Fwd next year.

Joe Daniher – One of the few first round picks people were almost certain to see on the DPP list, Daniher misses out and will only be available as a forward next year. Fwd only!


To note:

  • In 2012 there were 7 Ruck/Fwds. In 2013 there will be at least 14.
  • This article will be updated throughout the Christmas period with further changes.
  • Follow RLGriffin85 on Twitter for instant updates on changes and all things AFL.


What are your thoughts on the changes? And will they change who you will pick in 2013?


  • feathertopDT

    No….. Must…… avoid….. Broughton……… Can’t fall for it………….again……..

    ah what the hell might as well

  • Surely Daisy will not go back to being M/F, that wouldn’t make sense.

    Loved the Didak interchange comment.

    • As someone who owned him this year, he spent way to much time in the forward line to not be considered. Ditto with Gibbs re-gaining Def/Mid status. Champion Data have shown they are willing to look at all players and correctly change their status, even if that’s been removed before.

  • broughton will be def/fwd i reckon

  • Surely Paddy Ryder gets the Ruck/Forward DPP?

    • If he is, is he on people’s radar? He’s a maybe for me.

    • Would have thought more likely outcome would be RUCK/DEF for Paddy Paddington. But I suppose it only takes into account the previous year, not full history and likely playing position.

  • The Zac Dawson / Murray Newman link up would be huge if they were both given D/F status!

  • Will br grabbing Broughton, as I avoided him last season and he is therefore not yet on my ‘never again’ list. Gibbs on the other hand is, but I may take him off it if he returns to DPP status.

    All in all, lots of food for thought.

  • Didak mid only? that doesn’t make sense, surely Luffy meant fwd only?

    • Good point. I will aim to try and confirm this today. Either way, it would be a huge risk to even look in his general direction.

  • I was hoping Nat Fyfe would remain Fwd/Mid, oh well

  • Jeppa

    Im disappointed Cox and Nic Nat arent DPP!!!

  • If we’re going to be facing the multi-bye rounds again this coming year, then the DPP has to be some sort of answer to the problems associated with getting a full team on the park over those weeks.

    It would also add another aspect to the challenge of putting together your list – flexibility!

    Which may also bring about a bit of diversity in teams, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • 2 players joined my ever-growing ‘never again’ list last season, Broughton and Rockliff…

    Nek minnit – 2 of my first picked this year thanks to DPP!

  • I gave Broughton the year off last year, he’s putting his hand up for consideration for 2013.

    Rockliff is the one who burned me this year, still averaged 90+ over the year but was terribly inconsistent… Rockliff certainly put his hand up for a feature on my NEVER AGAIN list but this DPP link might be the make or break for him making my squad.

    Bartel even is an interesting one.

    My pick for the two RUC/FWDs are Ryder and Majak Daw, but wouldn’t it be AWESOME if Cox got given DPP there!!!

  • Cox + NicNat = Ruck/Fwd
    Gibbs goes back to his trusty Def/Mid.

    Well that’s at least two spots of everyone’s starting players filled.

    • Only one spot of me Griff.
      Just upgrade to the best ruck/forward sometime before the byes and your set. That way you can find out the best one instead of guessing. Too many better options to start with in the foward line this year. Especially now with less spots with the new structure. #Bang

      • NicNat would have been the 6th best scoring forward of last year, taking out those who have lost forward eligibility. Hard to pass up!

        • What about those who have gained it?

          Personally very likely to start with Rocky and Thomas, throw in Franklin and SJ and thats ya forward line. All those 4 will score better then any Ruck/Forward. IMO better off waiting then upgrading to the best option going into the byes.

  • I am thinking about Big Cox in either forward line or in the ruck and Joe Daniher in either forward line or in the ruck. It provides cover for both positions and having a 100+ point player (Cox) as a forward is always handy. I am not sold on NicNat as a high scoring player.

  • Thomas confirmed Mid/Forward along with SJ Mid/Forward

  • Daisy!! Get around him.

  • i see naitanui improving again this year
    depending on his price, i may chuck him in my forward line

  • Much more good news in here than bad. Good job Griff.

    Opens up a lot of opportunities for Forward / Ruck rotations.

  • Woohooo Good Stuff

    Caesar is coming!!!

  • Docherty now listed as Def only on FF. Has this been confirmed by VS?

    • Yep Dr DreamTeam broke the news. Somehow got hold of the player lists.

      • I think most midfields should be able to find room for DPP links now. With Docherty gone it looks like Vlaustin and Temay are the only real rook candidates at this stage, unless someone like Lewis Stevenson pops up with Def/Mid status.

  • Any news on Grimes’ position for 2013? Would not surprise me if he becomes mid only too (but am hoping for D/M!).

  • Gibbs never got a look in last year due to being a mid only but this year….BOOM! back in there!

    Broughton…..sigh….here we go again. Please pay off for once!

    Really want to squeexe Daisy, Rocky and Bartel in the forward line but will be tight. Might have to go without somewhere else :(

  • Im sure Taylor Swift’s inspiration for her Never Ever song was based around Broughton’s performance in her Dreamteam last year…

    but still, he’s a changed man Taylor, isn’t he?

    And you only said Never Ever Ever. It’s not like you said never Ever Ever EVER right?

    One more go… you’ve got 6 extra trades to waste anyway.

  • Any news on Daniher as a DPP?

  • Is this page still being updated? There have been quite a few releases over the last few days and they do not seem to be getting added…

    • The article has been updated in two major blocks. Griff might just wait until Team Picker comes out, then either update it to point out changes or just let people find out for themselves.

      • Fair enough, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the article… updating changes as they occur to advise those that do not have access to the other sources. I will consult my AC tonight or tomorrow I suppose.