Big Bash Do’s & Do Not’s

Big Bash DT Do’s and Don’ts 2012/13

Okay, there are a few simple rules to Big Bash Dream Team. Most are similar to AFL Dream Team but you need to these in order to have some success. Make sure to read the point systems and watch the Ryobi Cup for info on form.


Firstly pick players on form (sounds simple enough) this summer stay away from Peter Forrest he’s is in shocking form, besides a recent unconvincing 50 he has really struggled. If you want someone in form try Aaron Finch. He is in blistering form in the Ryobi Cup and looks likely to bring that form over to the BBL.


This one is simple enough, pick David Hussey and Chris Gayle. They are your Gary Ablett and Dane Swan. Gayle with the ability to make the best bowlers look like that uncle everyone has who bowls the wide full tosses after 12 beers. Other players to seriously consider are Brad Hodge, Nathan Rimmington and Tim Paine who are over recent injury concerns and ready for the summer…hopefully.

Value 4 Money

Players like Peter Handscomb a $36,000 Melb Stars batsman has to be in your team. With Wade playing for Australia Handscomb is likely to get the gloves most weeks.

I can’t figure out why but the man himself, S.K Warne is only $68,800, that’s a bargain as far as I’m concerned.

All-rounder James Hopes is only $59,800 and could see himself opening with the bat and the ball this summer for Brisbane and is worth a look.


You might see the best batsmen in the world Michael Clarke sitting there at $77,800 or the big hitter David Warner at $115,500 but “IT’S A TRAP” they might wiggle some value at you with Matthew Wade at $74,400 but remember players in the Test side will NOT play much of the Big Bash because of test commitments. Warner played only 1 match last year, Nathan Lyon only played 2 and then wicket keeper Brad Haddin also only played 2…thank god for that. Watch out for players that are in the Test squad as well, for example Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazelwood who are all very good options for your team, but they could find themselves wearing the baggy green instead of the magenta.


Do not pick to many players from the same team, especially batsmen because you’ll probably find that at least one of them will have a mare per week. Finally I leave you with a warning. Don’t pick Phil Hughes

Good luck!


Oh and stay away from those Marsh boys!


  • H.Gibbs, T.Birt, A.Finch, B.Hodge ( A.Coyte )
    D.Hussey, J.Hopes ( A.Agar )
    T.Paine ( D.Smith )
    B.Edmonson, N.Rimington, B.Lee, B.Cutting ( J.Holland )

    Q1. Will all these players play every week?
    Q2. How can i improve this team?

    – First year, be nice;)

    • None of your subs will play. Especially not Holland who’s out for the season. There are ‘as cheap’ options that you could select such as: Reardon, Handscomb or Lumb as a batsmen. Floros as an all-rounder, Hartley as a keeper, and Gary Putland as a bowler.

      Apart from that the team is solid!

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  • First crack –


    I’m sure there is a lot wrong with this team!

  • My team so far:

    Birt, Gayle, Finch, Lynn (Reardon)

    Wright, Maxwell (Armstrong)

    Paine (Triffiit)

    Hogg, McDermott, Faulkner, Warne (Feldman)

    Also have a few spaces for a couple more leagues if anyone has spots available.

  • First time doing this any tips would be great.

    Warner,Birt,Finch,Klinger. Handscomb. (Warner for Gayle after round 1)
    D Hussey,Hopes. Agar
    Paine. Hartley
    Malinga,Faulkner,Doherty,Cutting. Putland. (Malinga maybe for Narine after round 1 too)
    Thanks in advance if you can give us any pointers.

  • Newbie seeking options

    Birt, Finch, Hodge, Ferguson (Reardon)
    D.Hussey, Maxwell, (Floros)
    Paine, (Dunk)
    Malinga, Rimmington, Cutting, Faulkner (Putland

  • anyone know where there is a live stream of games?

  • thoughts on pomersbach as a cheap batsman?

  • Reardon or Ferguson?

  • First time doing BBL fantasy, any tips will be appreciated :)

    Birt, Gayle, Finch, Blizzard (Doolan)
    Hussey, Hopes (Flores)
    Paine (Hartley)
    Steyn, Warne, Bird, Bollinger (Cutting)

  • Ok critics… about 3 hours to go – thoughts on this team? First crack at BBL fantasy so not expecting it to be great haha…

    Gayle, Harris, Hodge, Reardon (Handscombe)

    Hussy, Watson (Armstrong)

    Haddin (Neville)

    Hogg, Warne, Faulkner, Bollinger (Cutting)

    $15k in the bank… Thoughts? Considering replacing Gayle for round one then bringing him in for round 2 like 99% of everyone else.

    Thanks in advance!

  • My team currently stands as

    Batsmen: C. Gayle, A. Finch, C. White, R. Ponting (P. Handscomb)

    All-Rounders: J. Botha, D. Christian (J. Floros)

    Keepers: B. Haddin, (P. Nevill)

    Bowlers: B. Edmondson, N. Rimmington, B. Lee, B. Cutting (G. Putland)

    I’m putting Gayle in for Round One, because I’ll be out of internet range all of next week and won’t be able to make any trades.

    With about an hour to go, are there any glaring mistakes?

    • I don’t mind that team at all. If it was me I’d rather have someone in for Gayle this week and just trade him in when you can.

    • Floros just disappeared out of my team, did the same thing happen to you?

  • Gibbs, Birt, Finch, Hodge (Handscomb)

    D.Hussey (C), Hopes (Armstrong)

    Paine (Hartley)

    Edmondson, Bird, Faulkner, Cutting (Putland)

    $5200 left.

    Reasonably happy with the squad, not overly sure with my bowlers (and it goes against my spin policy from last year’s BB fantasy team) but let’s see how they start off.

  • Birt, Finch, Blizzard, Reardon (Lumb/Handscomb)

    Hussey, Hopes (O’Brien)

    Paine (Nevill)

    Coulter-Nile, Faulkner, Rimmington, Putland (Cutting)

    Just one thing, Lumb or Handscomb? I was thinking Lumb, and bring in Handscomb when Wade is on international duty.

    Blizzard will become Gayle, and Hopes will become Pollard/Samuels.


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  • anyone elses glitching in the head-to-head section?
    my oppositions players/points aren’t showing up

  • Nice tip about Phil Hughes! Don’t wanna sound like a smartass here but he has an excellent T20 record and is in form this summer, why the hate for him???

    Obviously now being picked for the test means he wont be fantasy relevant now but I’m happy I picked him just for the first match and would have been first picked if it wasnt for national selection.

  • Keeping in mind that I had a donut (Aiden Blizzard), is 616 a good score?

    • alot better than my score, dont even ask… although i am annoyed that warner got -20 when surely he didnt even bat?? and that was the only week i got him in for he get -20!!!! :(

      • Yeah Warner would have annoyed a lot of people haha, get Gayle/Finch/Birt in for him this week maybe?

  • so i got caught out by Thomas and North not playing for perth, is this going to be the usual or will they maybe play this round?