Big Bash League Fantasy 2012/13

We loved the Big Bash League last year and especially the Fantasy competition that went with it. It’s back again with some epic prizes – including the awesome best league prize. Get yourself invovled and enjoy some DT before the AFL stuff starts.

Unfortunately as Calvin and I are overseas at the moment, we won’t be able to play the game like we would want to, but we’re setting up a few leagues for people to jump in (without us as we would bring the league rankings down). Jump into one of these.

There is a fair bit of strategy that goes into this comp, so make sure you are on top of your game. With teams having byes or playing two games in some of the rounds, make sure this goes into your thinking when selecting your team. (Hopefully there are some keen DT Talk writers who might do some blogging about strategy and hopefully help our leagues to the top of the table).

Anyway… here are some league codes. Once full, let us know in the comments. Feel free to create your own league using DT Talk in there. Would be great to see some high up in the rankings. – 271173
DT TALK BBL – 415361
DT TALK BBL #1 – 176205
DT TALK BBL #2 – 398641
DT TALK BBL #3 – 429749
DT TALK BBL #4 – 856078
DT TALK BBL #5 – 319059
DT TALK Hurricanes – 445226
DT TALK Renegades – 754454
DT TALK Sixers – 350999
DT TALK Strikers – 124500
DT TALK Stars – 557969
DT TALK Thunder – 229493
DT TALK Heat – 173384
DT TALK Scorchers – 681210

*If any of our regular DT Talk writers are reading this and would like to contribute to doing up some blogs with strategy, tips, etc… let me know and we’ll get some stuff happening on here (similar to Chook’s NBL stuff).