My Team 2013: Version 1.1

The AFL Dream Team pre-season has already started for some dedicated coaches. They have been piecing together their 2013 squad ready for the kickoff in March, yes March… it is a long way away! Anyway, who are we to deprive people of a place to discuss DT 2013? It’s time to chat it up!

For subscribers to the Assistant Coach, you will be able to access the 2013 Team Picker shortly after club lists are finalised in mid-December. For now, we can use the Fanplanner to create a team. Just sign into FanFooty and then access the Fanplanner by clicking here and away you go! Once you have completed a team, you are then able to copy and paste it in a format that will look all nice and pretty here in the comments.

Make sure you have read Calvin and Roy’s “AFL Dream Team 2013 Radar” article to give you some hints of players worth picking up next year.

PLEASE NOTE: This version is 1.1 which has been released after trade week and the fixture being announced (but before any of the drafts).

Please be constructive with comments. Feel free to discuss players, positions, etc in the comments.


  • Any news on Dan Menzel guys.Will he be ready for round 1?

  • HOW DID COLQUHOUN NOT GET PICKED UP!!!! that sucks for DT’ers!

    • I guess if he gets rookie drafted it will make him 85k… but it makes you wonder whether clubs are really keen on him, so unless his team gets injuries you would have to question his JS.

    • Here’s to hoping Lewis Stevenson gets Def eligilibility, Toy finds a new club and Colquhoun makes it through the rookie draft, just to provide some options and a skerrick of uniqueness. If not, practically every rookie backline will be Pittard, Thurlow, Temay, Docherty (possibly in the mids for DPP link). BORING!

  • Grundy or Wiits or none?

  • No Colquhuon…..back to the drawing board

  • Can’t have Stringer now either. Vlastuin better be def/mid.

  • What do you think is the chance of Colquhoun being selected in the rookie draft. An average of 28 disposals and 8 marks sounds very good. All-Australian as well.
    I don’t think that he’ll last long at all in the rookie draft.

    • Even if he gets picked up in the rookie draft, he needs to be promoted to the senior list before he can play. For this to happen there has to be a long term injury, I’d just forget about him and move on.

      • Yeah. I suppose I should forget about him. I among many am surprised that he didn’t get drafted. Brilliant kicking skills. However, if I find that he is smashing it in the SANFL next year (2013) I would probably get him in for sure again. Or if he goes to one of these clubs:
        St. Kilda – low on rebounding defenders with Gram gone
        WB. – Lake, Gilbee, Hargrave retiring. They don’t have a lot of rebounding defenders any more.
        Port – they want players with good kicking skills off half-back.
        GWS – I suspect that he’ll get a look in if he went their in the rookie draft.
        I might have a look at him if he goes to those clubs, but even if he does I should probably leave him alone.
        PS. Did Dayle Garlett get drafted. This isn’t for my DT but I just know that he talked about a lot.
        However, I couldn’t find him on the list of draftees.

  • Thought I’d finally post my team.

    TEAM NAME: Adamant

    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, G. Birchall, P. Duffield, G. Broughton, S. Docherty (J. Pittard, B. Staker)

    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, S. Pendlebury, L. Ball, O. Wines, J. O’Meara (N. Hrovat, J. Viney)

    RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (J. Daniher, M. Daw)

    FWD: L. Franklin, T. Rockliff, M. Robinson, D. Zaharakis, M. LeCras, J. Stringer, B. Macaffer (T. Lee, L. McBean)

    CASH LEFT: $96,600

    Might go Broughton –> Pederson, Zaharakis –> Back to Broughton, then upgrade Ball to a super premo…only problem is, im not really sold on any other premo mids :o

    Here are the options:

    Boyd – An absolute gun, have started with him the last 2 years, but his average will probably decline and he may be a better upgrade target.

    Redden – Big Redden fan, love the way he goes about it…But I just cant see him being a top 6 mid with such a low ceiling.

    Watson/Beams/Murphy – The Round 13 bye kinda rules them all out. Murphy in particular would have been a massive lock if he had a different bye.

    Cotchin – Probably the best chance of starting as my M4, but after having Rocky this year…im not sure about starting guys who have only had one good DT year. I know Cotchin wont be stuck at full-forward like Rocky, but I think I’ll play it safe and upgrade to him.

    If someone could convince me one of the above, that would be great…also any thoughts on my team would be appreciated. Cheers.

    • I have no such hesitations in picking Cotchin. Like you said, he won’t be playing full-forward and he is almost universally considered untaggable, with Lids easier to nullify. He showed in the latter half of this year that he can consistently string together tons without those annoying 60s thrown in.

    • Like this team alot, well done Adamant,

  • Best news out of the draft is that AFL will be capping interchange rather than going to 2 subs next year! Thanks loud mouth Demetriou :)

  • I would think that with Grundy going to the Pies, Witts would have been removed from many teams.

  • Personally I’m not a fan of ommitting a player you’re itching to get purely because they’ve got the dreaded round 13 bye. The thing is even if you cop a few donuts round 13, you kill it round 11 and 12 anyway so whats the diff??? Also (2012 BIG example) its impossible to know how many changes you’ve been forced to make to your team before the byes as long term injuries and suspensions can dramatically alter what you envisioned your team would end up looking like come round 13. I think you should just pick the players you want most out on your field. You don’t want to be kicking yourself because you wanted your murphy or your fyfe etc… they go freakin nuts, and you left them out purely because of 1 game 13 rounds away.

  • Anyone else worried the amount of actual rookies available will be a lot less due to no expansion teams this year. Only because you would want all your rook’s starting round 1 to generate quick cash. I just think we have been blessed the last 2 years and people have forgotten just coz their a first round pick doesn’t guarantee them a round 1 start. Any other thought???

    • I don’t think we should be too concerned. Sure, there won’t be as many rookies playing as there were in the last two years, but there are a lot of quality players in this draft and many will be pushing game time in the early rounds. Players like O’meara, Crouch, Whitfield, Wines, and Toumpas should all get plenty of games. While there aren’t many quality rookie defenders or forwards, I think there are enough quality midpricers this year to compensate for this

      • Yeah it will be harder to find a point of difference with the rooks is what I was getting at too.

  • First post draft team:

    Defenders: Goddard, Grimes, Gibbs, Stanley, Hartlett, Staker, Docherty (Pittard, Vlastuin)
    Midfielders: Cotchin, Pendlebury, Murphy, Ball, Embley, Omeara (Viney, Crouch)
    Ruck: Goldstein, Leuenberger (Grundy, Daniher)
    Forwards: Johnson, Rockliff, Robinson, Roughead, Zaharakis, LeCras, Varcoe (Menzel, Hunter)

    Would like to get Ben Kennedy in there if he looks like getting a go.

  • Made quite a few changes to my rookies after the draft and price changes. Some prices i don’t really understand Like how Corr is 155k and Plowman is only 125k when Corr went 14th and Plowman went 3rd, its strange, anyway he is my team, i’m starting to like the looks of my rookies now knowing where they have landed:

    TEAM NAME: Hawkers
    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, L. Plowman (K. Jaksch, S. Docherty)
    MID: D. Beams, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, L. Ball, A. Embley, J. O’Meara (O.Wines, J. Viney)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, M. Leuenberger (B. Grundy, M. Daw)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, H. Bennell, D. Zaharakis, C. Sylvia, C. Knights, N. Bock, M. LeCras (B. Staker, T. Membrey)
    CASH LEFT: $3,000

    Players I’m a little unsure on:

    Broughton: Burnt me badly this year but hopefully can play in a DT friendly position this time round and average 90+
    Plowman: I’m just looking for a rookie than can play most weeks and is cheap for where he was drafted
    Jaksch: Should get games at GWS and looks like a great talent, also Def/Fwd is handy
    Embley: is quite old and seems as though there might be a few better youngsters
    Wines: Port have said they will give him game time straight away, but unsure if there are better options
    Sylvia: he is one of those players that keeps trying to get into your team even if you don’t wont him
    Membrey: If Tippet dosn’t go to Sydney he should get games with Sydney low on good forwards, seems as though he is a ready made footballer

    So everyone what are your thoughts on my team and the players i’m unsure on?

    • The knock on Jaksch and Plowman is that they are first year key position players. However, Plowman is supposedly very attacking for a key defender and if Davis, Cornes and Corr are seen as more shutdown players then he might be freed up, whilst Jaksch appears very mobile and competent at ground level. So their ceiling probably isn’t as high as other rooks but they do offer JS and in Jaksch’s case DPP. Wait and see on Membrey but could be a good option. Broughton could be prolific if he plays midfield and half-back playmaker but apart from his 21 games in 2011, his last for seasons have lasted 15 games each.

      • Don’t even think they have job security let alone scoring ability. Gilham, Davis, Frost, Mohr, Cornes, Corr, Plowman, Jaksch. There’s too much competition and Sheedy will rotate them like crazy.

    • Sydney aren’t low on forwards. They won a premiership with their current set up. Membrey will be fringe at best.

      I would not be going a rookie from GWS. Just a heads up good Evans!

  • My newest question is who tf is “12”??? After accepting their initial friend request he/she has sent me about 4 more, and I can’t recall ever seeing this person actually make a post or even a comment thusfar. It would seem other people I’ve chatted with are getting bombarded with friend requests from this potential spammer too. Aproach with caution!

  • TEAM NAME: WTH is Logic?!
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, P. Duffield, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, A. Mackie, J. Thurlow (J. Pittard, T. Temay)
    MID: D. Swan, J. Selwood, L. Ball, A. Embley, J. Toumpas, S. Docherty (J. O’Meara, J. Viney)
    RUC: S. Jacobs, M. Leuenberger (B. Grundy, M. Daw)
    FWD: L. Franklin, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, D. Zaharakis, A. Treloar, C. Sylvia, J. Daniher (B. Macaffer, T. Membrey)
    CASH LEFT: $33,800

    Mackie is the big P.O.D. I picked him because he’d be pushed further up into the midfield because of Rivers.
    Looking for Genghis Khan, Reprobates, Dools, Portetdaspet, Brappinalong and Adamant to give feedback.

  • Just to let everyone i (Afl_the greatest game) have changed my name to a much shorter one.

    And is it just me or is everyone pumped for Deck of DreamTeam? I loved it last year, it was great to wake up and have a great read. I can’t wait!!

  • Yeah not sure what Monty’s smoking, but this is how it should look assuming Whitfield is 168k(could be more)

    1 Whitfield 168k
    2 O’Rourke 164k
    3 Plowman 160k
    4 Toumpas 156k
    5 Stringer 152k
    6 Macrae 148k
    7 Wines 144k
    8 Mayes 140k
    9 Vlastuin 136k
    10 Daniher 132k
    11 Menzel 128k
    12 Jaksch 124k
    13 Lonergan 120k
    14 Corr 116k
    15 Garner 112k
    16 Thurlow 108k
    17 Simpson 104k

    • I hope you are wrong because that stuffs my theory completely, but i fear you may be right !

    • They might be a bit more, I think Patton was 179k this year. Monty definitely screwed up with Grundy who is listed at 116k.

      • Hope someone else can confirm but wasn’t the magic number increased over the past 2 years to account for the glut of rookies from the expansion teams? Thus I’m hoping it will return to the old prices.

        • Even if that is the case, I like the prices as they were this year. It meant only the better coaches were able to finish with a full team of premiums, rewarding them more deservedly in league finals as well as overall points. But it should at least be a reason to stop raising the MN.

      • I don’t think so. They would look at the Patton failure (not that he was the failure, just the DT scores) and realise that they are pricing top draft picks out of the game. I reckon that Whitfield should be priced at $168,200 as it currently is and then the rest of the first round is priced $3,000 less than the pick b4 them.
        That’s my opinion. It may not be yours.

  • TEAM NAME: third time lucky
    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, B. Waters, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, N. Bock (L. Plowman, T. Clurey)
    MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, J. Toumpas, B. Crouch, J. O’Meara, O. Wines (D. Towers, J. Viney)
    RUC: T. Goldstein, M. Leuenberger (J. Daniher, B. Grundy)
    FWD: L. Franklin, S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, J. Roughead, T. Cloke, C. Knights, M. LeCras (M. Shaw, B. Staker)
    CASH LEFT: $36,700

    Can’t see too many decent cash cows in the fwds or def so loaded up in the mids. Toumpas , O’meara and Wines should start round 1 and get plenty of games and hopefully the fwds and defs can pick up the mid slack untill the cows have fattened.

  • Post-draft Guns n rookies. Salary cap left: $218,500.

    Brendon Goddard, Jack Grimes, Bryce Gibbs, Hamish Hartlett, Greg Broughton, Lachlan Plowman, Tom Temay
    Sam Colquhoun, Tanner Smith

    Dane Swan, Matthew Boyd, Scott Pendlebury, Andrew Embley, Lachlan Whitfield, Jimmy Toumpas
    Jaeger O’Meara, Oliver Wines

    Todd Goldstein, Matthew Leuenberger
    Joe Daniher, Brodie Grundy

    Lance Franklin, Steve Johnson, Jimmy Bartel, Tom Rockliff, Mark LeCras, Jake Stringer, Taylor Garner
    Kristian Jaksch, Brent Macaffer

    LOADS of cash left, different team strategy, I believe all of these rookies can gain 150K each.
    Picking the best players from the draft that are highly rated.
    A little weak I admit, but when the real prices come out, this team will only have 10K left over. Current teams are WAY to strong. This team has a lot of upside: best money-making rooks, 3 guns on each line and loads of cash left.

    Downside: this is left for your opinion. All comments welcome upside/downside.

    Thanks, Nooie!

    • Colquhoun didn’t get drafted and I’d stay well clear of Plowman, Smith and Jaksch.

    • Yeah, Thurlow and Stevenson if eligible could be better bets down back and maybe Staker as the Fwd/Def rook over Jaksch.

  • Any decent Leagues forming at the minute, as i want to be part of a Top 10 kick-ass Combo, have been burnt in the past by Ghost Ships so i am very wary of joining just any wishy washy half baked bunch of Amateurs, only got one League left, cheers.

  • Well, I am sitting here pretty thinking what a great team I have..14 premiums, some great midpricers, waiting how the rookies will go.
    Be prepared for the real prices when they come will find that your well prepared team will be way over budget..happens every year.

    • Monty has the magic number at 5100 from memory, will be pretty close unlike last year where he had it around 4900 and ended up at 5045.

      • …still I would think 12-13 premiums max. a few mid pricers, then the way it has panned out before. Seems too good to be true at the minute.

  • here goes a crack guys, thoughts?

    TEAM NAME: just trying it on
    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, B. Waters, G. Broughton, B. Lake, C. Pedersen, J. Thurlow (S. Docherty, J. Pittard)
    MID: D. Swan, T. Cotchin, S. Selwood, J. Redden, L. Ball, O. Wines (J. O’Meara, J. Viney)
    RUC: N. Naitanui, M. Leuenberger (B. Grundy, L. McBean)
    FWD: S. Johnson, T. Rockliff, J. Roughead, H. Bennell, M. LeCras, B. Macaffer, B. Staker (M. Morton, T. Sumner)
    CASH LEFT: $147,700

    – fairly even bye structure
    – enough cash if prices change etc
    – roughead might move out and so mcbean, although i like the idea of some ruck cover
    – cows seem most likely to play and JS
    – strongish midfield as they are the hardest to upgrade too
    – hoping lake and broughton rack up the disposals
    – gibbs will become heppell if DPP isnt a go

    • My feeling is that this team still won’t fit under the real cap, but that is beside the point and beyond any of our controls.

      I’m interested in your midfield comment though. Premium midfielders may be the hardest to upgrade too, but they also cost the most to start with, so I don’t see an automatic advantage in overloading with premiums here at the expense of other lines. In fact, since most of the good rookies tend to be midfielders, I would generally favour making my starting midfield the weakest of the lines and racking up the cash.

      Mathematically, I don’t understand how, everything else being equal, a group of midfield premiums will score more than other players worth the same total value.

  • TEAM NAME: On the Turps
    DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, H. Hartlett, G. Broughton, R. Conca, J. Thurlow (S. Docherty, J. Pittard)
    MID: G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, S. Pendlebury, L. Ball, N. Vlastuin, J. O’Meara (O. Wines, J. Viney)
    RUC: Z. Smith, M. Leuenberger (B. Grundy, M. Daw)
    FWD: T. Rockliff, D. Martin, D. Zaharakis, C. Sylvia, C. Knights, M. LeCras, J. Stringer (B. Staker, M. Morton)
    CASH LEFT: $394,400

    Left some cash for the price rise.

    I was considering Goldstein but after the pain of last year; never again.

    Conca will play midfield this year with Vlastuin playing on the HBF

  • Hey boys, any decent Leagues forming at the minute, as i want to be part of a Top 10 kick-ass Combo, have been in good leagues over the years but you often get burnt by a Ghost Ship or two,especially last year was in a league that promised top 5, but due to one person Ghosting it for most of the year we ended a paltry 25th by memory. Very weary of joining just any wishy washy half baked bunch of Amateurs, so wondering if anyone is in the same DT Boat (not Ghost ship ) ,who needs a committed member, only got one spot left so don’t all flock at me like a large bunch of hungry seagulls ok……Top 10 is all i ask…cheers.

    • Fossil Fox the Fucktard grovelling for a super league spot…..u should just concentrate on being competitive in the fossil league brother ;)

      • Mal32, that sounds like an easy League mate, actually was wanting an offer from a Dead Set Cert Top 10 League , was speaking to a couple of DT Heavies at the Wheelers last night who suggested DTT was throwing up some interesting “A” Grade Leagues, just wanting to throw my name out there as DT is becoming extremely popular and wouldn’t want to miss the ride of my DT life, cheers.

  • Unsure whether I’ll get a ‘league invite’ from some of the DT experts on this forum but 2012 was my first year playing in the Toyota AFL Dream Team competition. Highest total points were 2468 in rd 18; finished 7763 overall after a relatively slow start.

    ‘Draft team’ as follows:

    DEF: B. Goddard, B. Gibbs, D. Heppell, B. Water, H. Hartlett, C. Pedersen, S. Docherty,( J. Pittard, J. Thurlow)

    MID: Swan, Ablett, Cotchin, Redden, L. Ball, Hrovat, ( Crouch, Wines)

    RUC: N. Naitanui, Leuenberger ( M. Daw, Grundy)

    FWD : Franklin, T.Rockliff , M. Robinson, D. Martin, H. Bennell, M. Lecras, J. Daniher,
    (B. Dick, B. Kennedy, )

    Your feedback is very much appreciated.