Trade Period Wrap


With the AFL Trade Period finally wrapped up (at least in direct club to club deals), let’s have a brief look at the trades which are most likely to influence our Dream Team selections next year. Ah screw it, let’s do them all!

Chris Knights
Knights will have to be looked at in the preseason. His shift to Richmond, which is just one of many INs for the Tigers will have a positive effect all round. Firstly, he only played 5 games for the Crows at an average of 50, so he will be bargain basement. He may also have FWD/MID DPP giving a great option in your starting squad.

His addition may also lead to Dustin Martin getting pushed up the ground a bit more, allowing the Cockatoo haired Martin some more midfield time. This trade is a Win-Win-Win for the tigers, Knights and Dream Team coaches.

Brendon Goddard
Just lock him in to your backline now. Don’t try and be smart and think he will come down in average. Don’t assume his role will change at his new club. He will be highly priced, but if this season was a bad season, and he still averaged 97.3 points per game, you don’t want to miss out when he is feeding off Watson and Stanton. His addition however may hurt Heppell, who may be forced into a more defensive, half-back role. Watch this space.

Quinten Lynch
He is replacing Dawes/Brown. You wouldn’t pick them, don’t pick the Q-Stick.

Daniel Pearce
Usually I would say that he is certain to improve, going from a poor disposal team like Port, to the running game of Freo. But he now has Ross Lyon as a coach. Will he be the new Greg Broughton? Two games in the midfield followed by two months in the back pocket? Wait and see. But at a 70pt average midfielder, unless he gets DPP, I won’t be going near him.

Shannon Byrnes
He will be a cheap forward option, having played four games for the cats at a 45 point average, but unlike Knights, I don’t see Byrnes making a huge splash at Melbourne. Pass.

Troy Chaplin
If you like the idea of Chaplin at Richmond, good. Just don’t get offended when he isn’t in more than 1% of teams next season. He isn’t a great Dream Teamer and that won’t change much at Tipgerland.

Angus Monfries
Dual Position player, Monfries played 18 games at the Dons for a 69 point average. But with stiff completion for a mid-priced forward (Knights, LeCras etc) he would have to explode in every single pre-season game next year for me to even consider him. And even then I’d probably take a dive. Pass.

Tom Lee
His addition to St Kilda is to cover for the eventual losses of Justin Koschitzke and Nick Riewoldt. Despite 60 goals from 20 games for Claremont in the WAFL, I don’t see him having a huge impact in Dream Team next year. A possible watch list candidate if we get three spots on the forward bench, but then again, so was Tommy Walsh.

Brian Lake
One of the smartest Win-Win trades for clubs in a while, Lake will be a big help at the Hawks. Annoyingly he averaged 76 this season, which will put him at an awkward price, and you would want to be sure he will average closer to 90 if you selected him. In my eyes, its not worth the risk at his age, at a new club. Maybe a fix-it trade in round two should another mid-priced defender not pan out? Otherwise the risk doesn’t equal the reward.

Jack Martin
Like O’Meara for the Suns last year, he won’t be playing this year after being picked up in the Mini-Draft. But if he can stay fit throughout the season, lock him in to you 2014 team.

Jesse Hogan
GWS blindly robbed Melbourne for Hogan, who won’t be playing this year. Well done GWS. Put on your watch-list for next season, but based on the Demons history of high-selection Key Position Players (Watts), he would have to dominate for the Scorpions this year for me to want to commit.

Sharrod Wellingham
A great pick-up for the Eagles who will likely see Kerr and Embley heading for the door soon, Wellingham’s trade is more directly relevant to his impact on LeCras than his own output. He averaged 80 this season, and may be able to kick that up a few points this year, but his midfield time will likely push LeCras back to being a lead-up forward – something to consider when looking at blonde straight-shooter. As for Wellingham himself, you’d hope he averaged 20+ points more if you were to select him as a mid-priced midfielder.

Brent Moloney
This trade will make me look very closely at Redden next season. A tackle machine who will benefit from Moloney’s highly publicised clearance expertise. Moloney himself may be worth a look, averaging just 60 this season, from 15 games, and he should be able to get back closer to his 80+ average from 2008-2011.

Tom Murphy
Factors into the Broughton trade and may release Bock. But no, don’t bother.

Josh Caddy
You would think he will slip in front of some of the Cats younger players, but will be not certain of a full season. He is also very awkwardly priced at 60pts this season from all 22 games. Personally, I’ll wait until he has a strong season with the Cats before considering next year, or the year after. He has huge potential, even bigger risk.

Chris Dawes
No. Just don’t do it to yourself. Mitch Clark will be back as the #1 lead up target, Howe will use him as a step ladder, and Pedersen will be waiting in the wings to take his spot. If he has a break-out year, we should all feel really good for him, and celebrate that for once we used our minds over our hearts and still stayed away from him all season.

Jared Rivers
Good for the Cats, bad for your Dream Team. If anything, Andrew Mackie has just worked his way into contention for Griffo’s Fury next season, spending more time on the wing than in the back six. Rivers best season was in 2006 when he averaged 63.

Hamish McIntosh
One of the more interesting trades, as it will affect a number of players. Firstly McIntosh himself. IF he is seen as the number one ruck at the Cats, he should hold, and possibly improve on his average of 91. BUT his average is 91, and will be priced as such. He is also injury prone, and at a new club. It’s risky.

On the flip side, Trent West will go down in output, which runs a line through anyone hoping from a break out year with him, and all of a sudden, Todd Goldstein is North Melbourne’s new tower in the middle. After a very modest 79 this season, after a horrid start to the season (56, 71, 53 & 33) he will be priced below what he is worth and on many radars. I predict Goldstien and Leuenberger to be very popular ruck combo’s next year now HMac is gone. Oh, and it also means we may finally get to see Majak Daw at north.

Clinton Young
He will replace Ben Johnson in the Pies rebound. You wouldn’t pick Ben Johnson. Instead, cast your eyes to Isaac Smith who will be due for a breakout year after a 78 average from 19 games, and now has the left wing to himself.

Angus Graham
in the immortal words of Luke Darcy, I love the way he goes about it. But until the Crows work out where he fits, it’s a huge risk. If the Crows play him all preseason alongside Sam Jacobs, then he may be worth a look, having played one game for 68 at the Tigers, but really, there are better cheap ruck options available for you bench.

Jack Hombsch
He average 57 from his 9 games at the Giants this season, after being named the NEAFL full-back of the year in 2011. He will be one hell of a player, with Rutten/Mackie like run, and great positioning. Unfortunately that’s a few years off. A good pick up for Port having lost Chaplin.

Tom Hickey
I expect Hickey to play every game, and rest forward. He will be cheap after a 50pt average, but not cheap enough. You’re better off letting him develop a year and then looking at next season when interchange rotations are re-evaluated. A superb pick-up for the Saints long term.

Koby Stevens
The man Tbetta flagged for a breakout season last year, Stevens just couldn’t get a game. Now at the bulldogs, he’ll still be fighting to be in the best 22, however if he does break in, expect a 75+ average for a rookie priced player. Add to your NAB cup watchlist.

Greg Broughton
Sometimes it hurts to put your pride aside and do what you know is right. Sometimes people hurt us, but we know that they never meant to, and things were out of their control. Broughton must be looked at, no matter how much you hate him. He named the Greg Broughton Diagonal, The Greg Broughton Never Again List and the Greg Broughton Grass Watching Society. But if you don’t look at him next season, you are either stupid, or psychotic.

The Suns recruitment of Tom Murphy means he won’t have to play a lock down defensive role, and he has already been flagged for the halfback like with midfield stints. He is priced at an average of 80, which is fine for a defender, and although minor injuries late this season, he should have a full pre-season. Also, Ross Lyon doesn’t coach him anymore, and the young Suns like passing it to experienced players, just look at Ablett’s disposals. He will be in over 50% of all teams next year. Locked.

Edit: Oh, and in case you missed it on twitter, I confirmed with Champion Data that Broughton will indeed be a DPP Def/Fwd next season.

Tom Young
Who? Oh, a red-haired defender for the bulldogs, formerly Collingwood, who played 7 games and averaged 42. Anyway, what’s for dinner?

David Rodan
I swear to God that Melbourne are just in Trade Week for sh*ts and giggles. A great player when fit, he isn’t trustworthy, or should I say his knees aren’t, to warrant selection.

Jordan Russell
Priced below a 60pt average, could average 80 points, but he is there to help out the defense now that Tarrant has left the building. I expect him to stay in the defensive fifty more than rebound (like when he was at the Blues) as Heath Shaw and Harry O’Brien seem to be secure in this role. Personally, I wouldn’t have him in my team, no matter how nice the bloke is. Watchlist at best.

Lewis Stevenson
I’ve been assured that Stevenson was ripping up in the WAFL this year. He averaged 18 possessions from 18 games, with a 2-1 kick-handball ratio. If he is rookie priced, he may be the first Port Adelaide Power player in my team since The Chad. With the turnover the Power have had this season, it’s likely that he will get lots of game time, especially now Primus is gone. According to Tbetta, he is of the “Birchall mould”. Hopefully int his play style, and not in his late withdrawals. Watchlist.

Cale Morton
Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Cale Morton.
We’re not home, piss off!

Jordan Gysberts
It will be interesting to see where Gysberts fits into the North line up. His run is the concern for the young Roo, but at a 51 average, and one game to his name, if cheap enough, he may just be worth a look in the preseason.

Cam Pedersen
Another new Melbourne player. I kid you not, I think the Demons are just recruiting step ladders for Howe. Forward line solved! But in all seriousness, the bloke has potential, but with DawesClarkeHowe, & Watts, I just don’t know where he will play unless they use him as a consistent second ruck. Remember: they had Martin on the books, but it didn’t fit their game plan. The NAB should give us an idea of if the guy will get a good run.

Aaron Edwards
A nice pick up for the Tigers, which will also help push Martin away from goals. He won’t be Dream Team relevant though after his 9 game average of 62.

Campbell Heath
A rookie who may get a run, may not. He would have to turn it on in the NAB to even be noticed. Pass.

Matt Spangher
His addition to Hawks just suggests they are getting cover for their depth, after losing Murphy and Gilham. In my opinion, he won’t be hugely relevant in Dream Team, or to the Hawks.

Stephen Gilham
GWS needed a stay at home defender badly, and they got it. If anything, The Chad may get to roam free a bit more, and Phil Davis may up his output, but really, the Dream Team impact is minimal.

Jed Andersen
Hawks would be wrapped to get this kid. Brilliant off half back or forward, he has a creative game play with solid skills that will hold him in good stead for many years to come. I don’t think it will be this year though, as he will play understudy to Rioli for Box Hill.

Stefan Martin
Now in Brisbane colours, Martin should enjoy a more consistent year in 2013, however his 77 average will put him at an awkward price. Unless he gets a DPP status from Champion Data as a Ruck/FWD, he won’t factor in many teams.

Trent Dennis-Lane
Just breathe. Someone always does a stupid late trade; Sydney was due… WTF ARE YOU THINKING SYDNEY!

Anyway, if TDL can get into the best 22 at the Saints (unlikely) and gets a good run with injury (possible) and Kozy doesn’t knock him up (who knows) TDL could be a very good player. Sadly I think he will be used mostly for depth this season, increasing the Sandringham Zebras chance of a title tilt.

But you never know, the kid has skills, and at a 44pt average after only eight games this season, if he is cheap enough, he may warrant an extended bench selection.

Jamie Cripps
A player with a lot ff upside, Cripps moves back home to WA after only sixteen games with the saints, twelve from this year. At an average of just 47, he will be good value, but behind the likes of Wellingham, a returning LeCras, and Morton for a forward line spot. Just kidding. He’s way ahead of Cale.

If the guy can get a solid run in the NAB cup, he may be worth considering, but with the Draft just around the corner, and a whole new breed of under-priced fringe players coming into the competition, you may be better off looking elsewhere.


What trade do you think will work best for your Dream Team? Are you happy with your clubs showing? Do you disagree and think Cale Morton isn’ta joke? Hit us up in the comments below.


  • Thanks you have just convinced me to get Greg Broughton. Damn you!

  • “But in all seriousness, the bloke has potential, but with Hansen, Petrie, Tarrant, Daw and Goldstein, I just don’t know where he will play unless Hansen goes back into defence. ”

    Erm, Pedo’s at the Demons now…

  • great job griff – legend.

    • Cheers man. It was a bit rushed, but figured I should talk about some of the lesser trades, as they can alter the way other players score. Too hard on Cale? lol

  • Nice work, Griff!

    One point, though. Jordan Russell played on the smaller forwards at Carlton (namely Essendon’s Alwyn Davies). As such, he’s more likely to compete with the likes Nick Maxwell and Harry O’Brien for a game.

    • True. I was referring to more the hole in the Pies back line than a type-for-type replacement.

  • brilliant mate!

  • Russell wont be replacing Tarrant trust me Griff he’s probably closer to a Heath Shaw like player than Tarrant

    I swear to God that Melbourne are just in Trade Week for sh*ts and giggles
    hahaha well said

    • Cheers. I was referring more to the spot in the back six, than a type-for-type. I’ll update the article to reflect this.

  • Lock in Gregory! will average 90+
    GK has spoken…

  • Cracker article Griff, a few there that I’ll be keeping an eye on. I went back and had a look at some of Stevenson’s stats Huge Watchlist for me. Hope to be seeing more of these articles over the Pre-Season, and I’m looking forward to the Deck, where I’m sure a few of these players will be covered.

    • Yeah the Deck of Dream Team should look at some of the major players, and I foresee a few ‘smokey’ articles too. There’s plenty to come this off season.

    • Stevenson is talked about as a half-back, but currently listed as a Mid. I wonder what he’ll be next year, because I’ll only take him as a Def.

  • Good on you mate.

    I need to go have a few even to prepare my brain for considering thinking about picking Broughton again. A win-win scenario though. Goddard locked.

    Stevenson is Team Tooler’s bench at the moment.

  • You’re being very harsh on Cale Morton for mine, he averaged well in his first three seasons and was DT relevant, then he fell off the tracks a little, probably got homesick idk, but when he is at his best he is in the Dees 22, and I’m sure he’ll crack the Eagles best 22 next year.


  • I’m not sure what Cwood are thinking. Russell was on the outer at the Blues, Port knocked him back and apparently he has dodgy hips and groin. Cwood must think they can fix him up but be assured he is no Neon Leon nor Marty Clarke.

  • There’s even a little whisper that Broughts might be a D/F DPP!!!

    Great article Griff.

    • Not a whisper mate, I had it confirmed by Champion Data about two days ago. Broughton will be DPP DEF/FWD.

      • Great article Griff, any chance you can get some confirmation on other players that may or may not be DPP!

        • I think the Champion Data boys are a bit busy writing the Prospectus at the moment. Plus it’s much more fun to find out when Dream Team opens. Broughton was a special case.

  • Nice wrap up Griff. I’m particularly excited about the Tiger’s gains. Yellow and Black!

  • So what do you guys think of Stef Martin if he does get R/F? Should get a sneaky 10% discount to be priced an average under 70. He showed what he can do with that run of 105, 101, 118 in rounds 14-16, but that was as the main ruckman, as was his solid season in 2011. You’d think the Berger would take that position. I also think HMac just removed Vardy from many DT ruck benches. So who are the best options now? Thoughts on who to choose out of Grundy and Gorringe?

  • Never again Gregory Broughton!!!

    I swore to myself I was never again to select you under any circumstance…although playing for the GC and DPP…hmmm.

  • I am not sure if Matt Spangher will even get a game at Hawks, only if they have injuries.
    You’d think he would want to actually play games…..

  • Hope Stefan Martin gets DPP as Def/Ruck. Sounds like Jordan Roughead at the Dog’s is being gromed to take Lake’s spot down back and given his height and where he played last year, he could also get a DPP as Def/Ruck, whihc would be a very handy 2nd or 3rd ruck spot combo.

  • Do you recon you could confirm all of our specualtions??