Topical Tuesday: Brian Lake at Hawthorn

Does Brian Lake’s move to Hawthorn make him an option in 2013?

The artist formally known as Brian Harris is probably on a few ‘Never Again’ lists after a rollercoaster season, but the move to the Hawks could mean a new lease of life for the defender. He definitely has DT game about him. Lake had 7 games with scores over 90 this year from his 20 games and back in 2010, he averaged a touch under 100 points per game… awesome for a defender.

The move to the Hawks suits his game. Lakey loves the cheap ball. If Gibson and Shoenmakers are the key defenders, then Lake can play the third tall and rack up plenty of the ball. I am slightly worried about his age. Lake will turn 31 at the start of the season and his body is showing some wear and tear.

I think if you’re going to be picking him you’ve gotta think he is going to be a keeper… so averaging 85+ in my eyes. This would mean he is a bargain after averaging 76 this season.

It’ll be a big pre-season watch for role for me, not written off… but I’m not overly confident at this stage.

Who will benefit from Lake at the Hawks?

I’m not too sure at all. Like I said, it will be a massive pre-season watch. What role will Lake play and what other personnel come into the Hawks and who goes. What does a best 22 look like? My first thought was that Birchall will love it a lot. He can be his partner in crime… just like Shaggy Hargrave was at the Dogs when they were in their DT slutting prime. Maybe Gibson gets freed up a little? Hmm. Not sure.

Very tough question, so I’d like to hear your thoughts.



  • Not going anywhere near him, he’s getting a bit old now, if i were to go a hawks defender it would be birchall.

  • Look to Suckers to benefit from Lake’s arrival. Birchall may get a bit more attention in 2013 where as Suckers loves to run around and get the cheapies. With Suckers booming left foot they will love getting it in his hands.
    If Lakes body holds up he too will benefit from the move. The Hawks are already renowned for chipping the ball around. Whilst previously there was an emphasise to half the contest and bring the ball to ground for the defensive smalls to whisk away the extra big body will help with contested marks inside their defensive 50. Lake takes the monster allowing Shoey and Gibbo to take 2nd and third talls.
    As to Lakes body this year will be the first off season in a few years he hasn’t had to have surgery.
    I’ll be following his progress pre season but for now it’s a big tick from me. :)

    • Needs to average 80+ in pre-season and remain injury free to get a run in my team.

    • Yeah, but what if forwards start to play the defensive forward role. Like quite a few tams do when they play against West Coast. Suckling and Birchall are much like Waters and Hurn.
      Hurn and Suckling have that big boot and love to gather cheapies and run down the wings, while on the other hand, both can either be tagged or start tagging.
      Birchall and Waters are a bit alike as well, their both hard-bodied and also loved to run down the flanks, through the middle and kick goals.
      But the problem is these 2 (Birchall and Waters) are probably the most tagged defenders in the games.
      Don’t know why this is relevant, but I am just a bit bored, haha.

  • Too early to call – will watch his preseason very closely. Lots of cheap ball to be picked up in the Hawks backline.

  • No chance. To old, depending on injuries may not even play many games. Too many better options.

  • In my opinion, you are probably more likely going with a younger player. If I was considering Lake it would be a choice between Lake and Conca, both of whom had very similar averages. Each of them has pros and cons, but I think that Conca offers less risk. Having said that, I will not be selecting either of them. I will be locking in Birchall, as I have for the last three years, if he benefits, that’s great, if not, then he’s still a gun. The only mid-priced older player I would be considering for my defence is Bock, who is a 90% chance to start for me.

  • FUCK YESSSSSSSS Wellingham has finally come to West Coast.
    Draft round pick no. 17 for Wellingham. I am soo happy

    • Wow that’s quite a reaction. How good do you think he is?

      • He is not extremely good, but he is probably what West Coast need.
        He is fast and hard-bodied and is good with the ball, so it gives us extra speed that we needed in the middle.

        • What, aren’t Gaff, Rosa and Embley fast enough for you liking?

          • gaff and embley are outside runners (wingers) there good with space but cant burst out of packs like dangerfield wellingham is a bit more explosive