AFL Trade Period 2012 – Dream Team discussion

The AFL Trade Period unofficially commences today with the free agency stuff all happening this week and then moving onto the actual trade stuff beginning on Monday 8th October. Discuss all of the trade period stuff here… specifically what certain trades will mean for DT and their scoring!

We will update this post with the trades that matter for DT. Until then, happy commenting.


Here are the key dates around the Player Rules for the exchange process and the 2012 NAB AFL Draft:

  • October 1 – Commencement of Gillette AFL Restricted Free Agency Offer and Unrestricted Free Agency period.
  • October 5, 2pm – Nomination of Father-Son Eligible Players and Academy Bidding Players.
  • October 8, 10am – Father-Son Eligible Players and Academy Players Bid Meeting.
  • October 8 – Commencement of Gillette AFL Trade Period.
  • October 19, 2pm – Deadline for GWS Giants to pre-list balance of any uncontracted players under List Establishment rules.
  • October 19, 5pm – Close to Gillette AFL Restricted Free Agency Offer and Unrestricted Free Agency Period.
  • October 22 – Restricted Free Agency Matching Offer Response Closed
  • October 23, 5pm – Trade Incentive Rule (17 year-olds) Deadline for Trading.
  • October 26, 2pm – End of Gillette AFL Trade Period.
  • October 26, 2.10pm –Trade Incentive (17 year-olds) Selection.
  • October 31, 2pm – List Lodgement One.
  • November 1 – Commencement to Gillette AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period.
  • November 13, 2pm – End to Gillette AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period.
  • November 13, 2pm – Out of Contract Listed Player Draft Nomination Deadline, New Player Draft Nomination Deadline.
  • November 13, 2pm – Deadline for Nomination of any use of 2012 GWS Giants Compensation Selections.
  • November 15, 2pm – List Lodgement Two.
  • November 16, 2pm – Delisted Player Draft Nomination Deadline, Non-Retained Rookies Draft Nomination Deadline, Nominated of Queensland Zone Priority Selections and Nomination of NSW/ACT Zone Priority Selections.
  • November 22 – NAB AFL Draft, Gold Coast Convention Centre.
  • November 23 – Second Gillette AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period commences.
  • November 28, 2pm – Out of Contract Listed Players Nomination Deadline, International Players Nomination Deadline, Players Not Registered / Played Three Years Deadline, NSW Scholarship and International Scholarship Players Deadline.
  • November 28, 5pm – Second Gillette AFL Delisted Player Free Agency Period ends.
  • November 29, 2pm – List Lodgement Three.
  • December 4, 2pm – Delisted Player Nomination Deadline.
  • December 4 – Deadline for GWS Giants to pre-list balance of any previously listed or previously nominated for draft players under List Establishment rules.
  • December 11, 11am – NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft.
  • December 11, 11.05am – Brisbane Lions, Gold Coast Suns, GWS Giants and Sydney Swans Eligible Pre-Selected Rookies.
  • December 11, 11.10am – NAB AFL Rookie Draft.


  • Goddard looks set to go to the dons.

    Apparently, the saints are giving some of their players pay-cuts, so goddard can stay.
    Still looks unlikely

    • Worst case scenario is that goddard leaves and the saints get a first-round draft pick.

      • …and THEN that first round draft pick either:

        a) takes 3 years to get a game…OR..
        b) seeks a trade to another club after 3 years

        • Haha, very funny.

          I believe the saints will be very open to the “draftee”
          This year they gave opportunities to many rookies, and based on that, he will also get his fair share of game time

    • I don’t think the Saints are confident that they’ll match the offer.

      What will Goddard at Essendon mean for DT? Hmm… Goddard still a lock as he will now have increased midfield time. He will cop more attention… it will probably free up Stanton though. This will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

  • Any free agency talk related with the hawks?

    I heard they might have been linked with Jared Rivers, in search of a hard-bodied defender.
    Anything else?

    • Murphy, Osborne and Young are all free agents. Young is almost definitely going to stay, Osborne will most likely stay but Murphy is unlikely. There hasn’t been any talk about any current free agents coming to Hawthorn/

  • Talks that Essendon are getting rid of Hooker, Hille and Pears. Almost confirmed that there getting Goddard.

    • So both key position backmen and a proven ruckman who is a career long essendon player/former captain? Were these “talks” held around your dinner table with your grandmother?

  • Fremantle with the first offer, wanting port adelaide’s Danyle Pearce.
    He is a restricted free agent.

    • and Essendon with the second, officially bidding for Goddard

      • yeah

        He’s almost there.
        BJ knows it, good to see the saints not running after him. They need to put it all in perspective

  • Essendon will have Watson, Stanton and Goddard…..I wonder who will be tagged and more importantly who will be winning the cheap possessions

  • Chris Knights has signed with Richmond, DT relevance anyone???

  • Brian Lake has been linked to Hawthorn. Although he is still under contract for the Bulldogs next year. What seems a fair trade? Lake for Tom Murphy and a 3rd round pick?

    • I’m a hawthorn supporter, and I’m not too sure about Lake.

      Mind you that Tom Murphy was only in for guerra. I would prefer even Gilham infront of Lake. Hawthorn are unlikely to make an offer for Lake, and even then Lake would struggle to get a game.

      • Yeah, otherwise your idea of a trade with tom murphy and a 3rd round pick is accurate. The dogs will love that

      • Gilham was clearly struggling this year, maybe he really mucked up his knee last year and it still hasn’t healed completely? Gilham’s pace has always been questionable as well.

        If Hawthorn were to pick up Brian Lake, then he would give Schoenmakers some relief so Lake can play on the big forwards that Schoenmakers always has trouble with (i.e Cloke, Hawkins and Tippett) so Schoenmakers can play on the 2nd forward (in this case Dawes, Podsiadly, and whoever the 2nd forward will be at whatever club Tippett ends up with). Although Lake is turning 31 in February, he’s got another 2-3 years left in him, and by the time he’s gone, Schoenmakers should have FINALLY become the athletic bulky key position defender that Hawthorn have lacked ever since Trent Croad’s foot injury caused his retirement.

        • That will work out well if Lake can hold up well. I would still prefer someone like Rivers. He is in the mould of someone like Birchall and Stratton. If Rivers comes to the hawks, it would allow for the development of Shoenmakers. Also, Hawthorns defence strategy will not be interfered with if Rivers makes a switch. They can still be a rebounding powerhouse. Otherwise, they’ll have 4-5 quality key defenders to choose from.

          I still like your initial idea of recruiting a veteran with a couple of years left in him, which works well in terms of Ryan Shoenmakers and his position in the side

          • Only thing with Rivers is that he is almost certain to land at Geelong. Lake is a much stronger body that Rivers, and with Hawthorn’s current rebounders in Guerra, Gibson, Birchall, Suckling, Burgoyne and Schoenmakers, there really isn’t any need to include another defender to fill that mould, being Jared Rivers.

  • Confirmed, Goddard has signed a 4 year deal with Essendon.

    • I dont understand why the Saints didnt sign him for five years, BJ is great.


  • Daws will only play if the rumours are true and McIntosh goes to Geelong. Will he stay or will he go

  • Kurt Tippett has left Adelaide but hasn’t announced where he is going.

  • Others ahead of him imo, but Shannon Byrnes will become yet another legitimate mid-priced forward option if he goes to Melbourne.

  • Is it official, is Wellinghame off to the Eagles?? If so they shouldnt worry cos they got Lynch, unless they wamt stevens. But as an Eagles supporter, I am happy Wellingham joined us.
    Any other Eagles supporters happy about the trade!!

  • Ross Lyon and Fremantle have offered a deal to Kurt Tippet…..lucartive….not to sure he is interested.

    Also Fremantle have talked to Kane Mitchell who won the sandover medal about being recruited in the preseason draft (to bolster the midfield which is part of ross lyons plan) but also West coast are interested as well… wait and see…

  • as a eagles supporter i think its great we’ll probably get Wellingham but hes not worth our pick 17 but hes worth more than our 2nd round pick 38. Brad Ebert got traded to the power for pick 28 last year and look how good he is now. wellingham has done more than Brad Ebert did at the eagles, but Ebert has a lot more potential and is now the powers best player. He is also a bigger midfielder with more goal potential. also Koby Stevens wants to leave the club and is a very good player who hasn’t got a go. also Jamie Cripps from ST Kilda wants to go the eagles.

    so i was thinking straight swap Stevens for Cripps (i think there similar worth)

    then Wellingham for pick 38 and the compensation that the eagles got for lynch leaving to Collingwood.

    why is nobody talking about the compensation please can someone tell me? also tell me what you think of the trade situations i brought up

    • Don’t want Cripps, Stevens is better.

    • Eddie Mcguire says that Collingwood want a second or third round draft pick for Wellingham.

      • It would be a steal if Eagles got wellingham for 3rd round pick (this must be in the 50’s). I would imagine collingwood are asking a lot more. I think 2nd round (hopefully eagles get another as compensation for lynch) plus3rd round would be fair. Can’t really justify 1st round though for second string midfielder

        As an eagles supporter I would prefer Cripps over Stevens. Stevens has had 3 years and battled to get a game, doesn’t dominate wafl, and appartently (according to karl langdon) doesn’t work hard enough. Cripps has shown a bit, had lots of pace and has been atleast getting games

        • How about
          1. Kody Stevens to the Bulldogs for a second round pick
          2. West Coast recieve a second round pick as compensation for Lynch
          3. 2nd round pick (Western Bulldogs) for Wellingham
          4. 2nd round (Compensation pick) for Cripps

          • I like the way you think @Aidan.

          • i like that situation Aidan and if that happened id be happy but,

            i’m not sure Cripps and Stevens are worthy of 2nd round picks (especially Stevens cos he’ll be 23 when he’s at whatever club). Personally I think this situation could be done but coaches are so stubborn with draft picks -_-

  • and surely with Essendon they can’t keep hille, ryder, bell chambers, gumbleton, daniher, hurely, and crameri is a jack darling size

  • Ratten off to Hawthorn, good replacement for Cameron

  • What’s the wrap on Brad Crouch at the moment, is he going to be a DT relevant player next year?

  • WOW! …Swans might have a Tippett / Reid forward duo next year! The deal is not done as yet, but looks like K. Tippett wants to move to Sydney. A big loss for the Crows indeed. Even though, Tippett has had a quiet season, he is probably one of the best FWD in the comp.

  • Yeah big news, have to feel for defences out there facing a fwd line of Tippett, Goodes, Reid, Morton McGlynn and resting ruckman.

  • So what were the prizes for the DTTALK footy tipping this season?
    Did I miss the announcements or something?

    • No announcement… as we didn’t get anything. However, we might make it like last year… we’ll send you a 2013 Prospectus.

  • Warnie,

    Fair enough. Hope we have another good tipping season next year then.

  • If I was Adelaide I would be playing hardball with Tippett. You need to get something for him… and if not send him into the draft. Same deal with Josh Caddy…. play serious hardball.

    • ahahah unfortunately for Adelaide it looks like they’ll only be getting pick 42!

      today in the WA Sunday Times there was an article called something like biggest steal.

      apparently in tippets contract there is a clause saying if he requests to be traded at the end of his contract it can be done with a 2nd round pick (in this case pick 42 from Sydney). Adelaide were happy to do this apparently because at the end of 2009 they were afraid tippet would sign with the gold coast l. to prevent him signing with the gold coast they made this contract that lasted 3 years. I don’t know what the crows were thinking at the time but they really messed up this one. they would of been better getting a high draft pick at the time or at least getting Sydney’s 1st draft pick + some kind of player.

  • SOOoOOOOOO pumped for the trade period coming up tomorrow. Eagles are in and amongst it, hopefully we can prevail with some goods (wellingham, cripps, I am looking at you conicidentally).

  • I know that NSW and Vic have gone forward an hour – have Queensland and SA?

  • Great now I have to find room in my midfield for Viney.

  • Brian Lake at the Hawks now. Can he take his 72 average of this year back to 2010’s 99 average? Or will other Hawks benefit from him in their 22? He will be 31 when the season starts next year. Interesting.

    • I think some hawks will benefit from this. But I would hate to see the end of suckling. He was about to miss the GF and now lake’s at waverley. He’ll be nervous come selection time.

  • Does Tom Lee get a game ahead of Wilkes or Stanley???

    • The saints should give him a chance. If he has a good couple of games, I can see him holding his spot ahead of Milera and Wilkes. I’m not sure he will be more important than Stanley. He is a power forward (kept kozitsche out of the side for a while) and a very agile ruckman.

      Stanley should play most games next season and Tom Lee should too. Wilkes is interesting though. He could play out a whole season but then again could just get a handful of games

  • JPK to Richmond would be interesting…

    • Deledio could be a really nice treat if that happens as he goes down the tagging order:
      1. JPK
      2. Cotchin
      3. Deledio.
      But I seriously doubt that it will happen, the Swans will never trade their clubs best and fairest.

    • Absolutley no chance! And they’d want far more then Pick 9!

  • Great call Mr Miyagi.
    Lake to the Hawks, take a bow.

    I’m interested in how he’ll fit in. They have Gibson, Stratton, Guerra, Birchall, Suckling, Shoenmakers, Burgoyne, Gilham, Murphy, Boumann and now Lake.

    I suspect Hawthorns line up will be like this:
    FB: Guerra, Lake, Gibson
    HB: Suckling/Burgoyne, Shoenmakers, Birchall
    BENCH: Stratton, Suckling/Burgoyne

    Gilham and Murphy will have to be very loyal to stay. That leaves Boumann. He wasn’t too promising but was in Hawthorn’s 22 until he got a broken jaw. So will Stratton and Suckling keep their spots? If they do, how can Hawthorn fit 8 defenders in their starting 22. Will suckling cop the green vest?

  • I doubt there have been this many players in their clubs’ best 22 moving home in a single season since the draft was introduced. From a DT perspective I’m loving it.

    In addition to the fates of the guys on the table, there are more new opportunities created. Who will fill the roles of the departed Goddard, Tippet, Lynch, Lake, Wellingham, Momfries etc in 2013? I suspect that the holes left by the big names moving clubs over this trade period could be more DT relevant than the players traded. Plenty to consider for next year.

  • Anyone else thinking that with some quality Midfielders around him and just natural progression, Caddy could shine at the Cats next year, and potentially boost his average to around 90. Whilst this would not nearly be enough to become a keeper, he could be a very good cash cow. I’m thinking about it.

    • Not sure Jake, while I haven’t looked at his anticipated value for 2013 I would assume its around 340 – 400?? So even if he manages a 90+ average he would struggle to add 100k so as a cash cow he would be pretty average.

      He might be worth considering as a keeper if he gets DPP as a mid/fwd and you think he can manage 90+ average as that would be a solid result for a forward!!

      Not for me but

      • According to my basic calculations Caddy will be priced at around $328,200, an average of 63. If he increases his average to, say, 92 he should be priced at around $473,300. A $150,000 price rise is good enough for me. I still don’t think I’ll do it though, much more value to be had in rookies. I’m just thinking how good Bartel and Ablett were at the Cats. Caddy should be at least as good as Bartel. Even so, you would need big Cahones to pick him. Don’t think I’ll be going for him.

        • Caddy at least as good as Bertel!?!? Based on what? Caddy has done nothing yet, Bartel has won a brownlow and norm smith. Even if caddy does happen to improve to Bartel levels, it certainly won’t be in 2013.

          Being a high draft pick doesn’t guarantee future greatness, just ask Richmond

          • Yeh, he’s not as good as Bartel now, but he will be in 2016ish onwards

          • I was talking Purely about DT Numbers. Bartel’s best average was 114. I think Caddy’s best will be about 109. He will get pretty close to Bartel’s numbers.

            i agree about being a high draft pick not guaranteeing future greatness. Whenever I need to remind myself of that I remember one of the greatest players of the modern era, James Hird, taken pick #79 in the 1990 national draft.

          • Bartel’s average last season was 95. I think Caddy will break out this season and average around that. That was the point I was trying to make.

  • Reports this morning are Lions looking at Dawes. But is he worth recruiting?

    He could play the forward/ ruck role they were hoping Tippett would fill
    He is a strong courageous player which would fit the Lions Brand
    He could become very valuable as another tall in the mix if a couple go down injured. Think Staker, The Berger and Brown, all a bit injury prone.

    Is a bit of a spud really, can play a whole month without having any impact at times
    Could upset a couple of young forwards esp. Lisle who showed he could handle the forward/ ruck role
    with some solid games at the end of the year.

    In the balance as a lions fan Im not sure I want him, I think we should only trade in quality as our list is starting to look pretty good. If he is to come I hope its on a one year deal so as not to hamstring us in resigning current players for 2014 and beyond.

    • I agree. As a fellow Lions supporter, I think Lisle is a better tall forward option than Dawes. Remembering Leuenberger will act as a third tall, and he will be better at it than Clark. Personally, I don’t think any major changes need to be made to the list. In 3 years time Rich, Redden, Rockliff and C. Beams will be the best midfield in the comp.

      Don’t like the drafting of Moloney, I think Clinton Young or Farren Ray would be a much better option, but he may turn out allright. Hopefully we can use the number 8 pick to get someone good. Perhaps a tall forward, or Merret replacement.

      I think with Moloney, Black, Brown, Hudson and Merret in the team, we finally have the right mix of experience and youth. Watch for the Lions to challenge for finals this year, and turn some heads while doing it.

      • No chance the Lions will get Dawes he doesn’t want to leave Victoria Hes studing law there. The Lions took Moloney because a few times this season we got smash in the clearance and Moloney is a good clearance player so thats was we took him.

      • LOL, best midfield in a couple of years. Are you forgetting the Eagles anywhere?
        Gaff, Masten, Sheuy, S.Selwood, Wellingham, Mcginnity, Hams, Newman, Sheppard and the list just keeps on going mate.

        • Gaff – Future gun. Shuey – Future gun. Selwood – Spud. Wellingham – Spud. Hams – Spud. Newman – Spud. Sheppard – Defender. I’ll admit, I would love for the Lions to have Shuey and Gaff, they are both superstars, but the Lions’ will still be better.

          • Gaff very good currently and moving towards gun – Shuey is already a gun – Selwood won the best and fairest, has already proved he can be one of the best taggers but can now also get the ball and you call him a spud? ignorance. Wellingham – good player that can become more consistent. Part of the Lions midfield will be retired in 1-2 years (old man Black, Moloney and mature age recruit Zorko not far off either). Sit back, relax and watch the Eagles finish higher on the ladder and actually get in the finals.

          • austinpwrz,
            Zorko not far off retirement? At 23, one would think he is a long way off.

      • Best in the Comp? Get ya hand off it Jake…

  • Zorko is only gonna be 24 next year. I reckon that he might have between 6-9 years left in him. Make sure that you get stuff right before you post it.

  • Wtf Jake u know nothing about AFL. first of all selwood is not a spud he is a good tagger and gets 25-30 possesions most weeks. hams is not even a fucking midfielder and doesn’t even fit into our best 22 unless there is injuries. newman is a first year player and actually shows a lot of promise. at least he got a few games in a team that finished 5th. unlike your wasted 12th pick docherty who can’t even get a game in one of the bottom teams. brisbane lions only have 3 good/young midfielders (redden, rockcliff and rich). claye beams is not even good and doesn’t make your 22 most weeks so your statement he’ll be part of the best midfielders in the comp is completley wrong. as for Zorko he is a very good player but is a mature age recruit. and what are you going to do once brown retires, which other forwards do you have? look at all the eagle forwards (darling, kennedy, lecras, hill is good in big games, nickosci kicked 40+goals last season). so before you make stupid statements about a team who finished in the bottom 6 you should think.

  • @Austin Pwrz Zorko is only 24 next year he could play for another 6-8 years.

  • Okay. Looks like I’ve ruffled a few feathers. (No pun intended, just happy accident.) I may have gotten a little passionate and in the process, criticized some of the Lions trading decisions. When corrected, it was wrong of me to respond the way I did, by having a go at another team. I was merely attempting to offer my honest opinion that the Lions will experience a resurgence very soon. It seems my comments were badly recieved. I meant no disrespect to supporters of the West Coast Eagles. They are my favourite (West-Australian) team.

  • Broughton at Gold Coast… yes please!