DT Grand Final – Lockout Chat

The big dance is here, it’s AFL Dream Team Grand Final time. If you’re playing this week, then you’ve done a bloody fantastic job in navigating this crazy season and have a chance for those big bragging rights that will last until at least March next year. What trades will win you the flag for your league? Are you going crazy with your captain or are you playing it straight? Let us know!


POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.

Come back on Sunday night to post your scores and let us know all about your DT Grand Final weekend. There will be other review articles plus plenty of other chances to review your season next week.


  • Swan finishes with an average of 133 :o He’ll be almost 700k next year.

    • Big question, is he too expensive and can he continue to be as good? Are you better off getting an up and comer like Danger or Cotchin in his position?

      But this grand final has taught me, being without Swan when your opponent has him as captain can hurt a LOT

  • Swan (C) – 374 points – I am officially kicking butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok here it is, down by 225 with his scotland to play against my cotchin,lake and m murphy,hoping zorko or dusty are a late out as we both have them but he has de’llio back up and i have porps arghhh.112 on the bench is killling me.

    • Going to be close. Would rather be him at the moment.
      Which Lake turns up will be critical.

  • Simple for me just need Zorko to score 124 to draw. 125 + for the win.

    About a 30% chance I reckon.

    • probably not gonna be simple. Zorko has a ceiling of 140 but can drop as low as 60 – 70.

      Its asking alot of him because his average ton score would be around 110 – 115

  • Playing my brother in the grandfinal,
    me: dusty vs scotland +24

    Who do you guys think will win?

  • Been too scared to check my head to head scores until this morning…78 in front with Rocky in hand and have emergency scores covered. My captain Dane vs her captain GAJ has got me over the line, thanks Swanny!

  • and thats why we wait two weeks in the qualifying and semis for swanny!!!

    absolute game breaker!! :D

  • Well Carrotts, that just fantastic.

  • me maric & boyd + 77 vs murphy, lake & lenny hayes

    what do you reckon?

  • F’ken Carrots OUT!!!!

    Cost me a granny you f’ken spud

  • Carrots out, damn lucky my opponent has him too, and both have s.shaw as emergency.

  • why you no play carrots??? you need to win for your coach!!!! … shaw emg…. lucky my opponents have him… but have lake on the bench also so if he does well he could of given me an advantage!

    oh well…. such is life… at least it doesn’t affect me too badly…

  • I think Swan to Boyd (to cover his 2 weeks away) has been a very costly trade.

    If I held on to Swan Gibson would of been on my field outscoring Boyd, then I would of had Swan’s captain score to keep me in with a chance in both grand finals.

    In hindsight it is a bad decision, but logically if Gibson flopped, I might not of made the Grand Final.

    Still sucks though

  • do something murphy……

  • Drummond out, poor Tit-ed

  • Martin to play no further part in his game

  • Have had Brock McClean for half a year and hasnt failed me, a definite lock for next year for me

  • Rockliff on 17 nek minnit on 11

  • need 61 from lake and ive won the grand final haha gd luck…..

  • Too little too late Pearce Hanley…

  • Oh Rockliff, what have you done?