Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 23

Best Smokies

As I have said before – only go a smokie if you think you have no chance to win your Grand Final this week and you are hunting for a freak score and hoping a star like Gaz or Swanny fail. Big call, but that’s when and why you’d do it… so who do we have?

Your best option has to be Scott Thompson who loves playing the Suns. He had 135 on them in Rd. 1 and posted 135 and 151 on them last year. He hasn’t cracked 100 in his last 4 at AAMI and is only averaging 88 in his last 3 this year but will surely be better this week. Also look out for Patty Dangerfield. He has had 137 and 130 in his last 2 this year at AAMI and might shine again this week. Andrew Swallow Vs the GWS is also tempting after his 140 last week and he did have 94 on them earlier this year. Yeah, these guys might be ok, but I reckon these guys will be better….

BOOM – Will Get Nasty

Over the last 2 weeks, Essendon have been allowing opposition teams to score with ease against them (see fancy graphic)… and the top performing players have all been midfielders. This must be great news for Collingwood players this week. Dayne Beams has just kept flying. He has averaged 130 in his last 3 games this year with scores of 129, 129 and 131. He had 121 on the Bombers in Rd. 5 of this year and is averaging 134 at the MCG in his last 3 this year. The kid will finish off the year in style this week. Pendlebury has had previous scores of 113, 166 and 141 on the Bombers and has averaged 110 in his last 3 this year… he too should be good again this week. But it’s Dane Swan who should be the best! He had 171 in the recent Rd. 5 clash against Essendon with scores of 104 and another 171 before that. He has averaged 136 in his last 5 games this year and is carrying a lowest score of 116 in his last 5 as well. He’s been our man for the majority of the year and should finish off with style this week.

If not Swanny… then you must look at Gary Ablett. Now, I told you to avoid him last week when he had just 89 which was a ripping call by me (pat on the back) but this week I’m saying “get on!” Last time when he played the Crows (Rd.1, 2012) he had a very solid 136 and even had a huge 156 and 142 on them last year. He is still averaging 121 in his last 3 this year and should be huge like he has been in the past against them this week.

My Other Sea-Men

Lance Frankilin – He only had 67 last week and only had 76 on the Eagles this year. Nah, pass.
Brett Deledio – Had 107 in Rd. 6 against Port from only 24d without a tag. Will be better this week for sure.
Joel Selwood –
Has only had 76 and 88 in his last 2 this year and only averages 97 on the Swans in his last 3… another pass despite the game being at Simonds.
Jobe Watson –
Had 105 on the Pies in that Rd. 5 clash but with scores of 76 and 98 in his last 2 this year, he has gone missing recently.
Trent Cotchin –
Very tempting after he had 145 last week, which meant he has scored his 2 best scores for this year in the last 3 weeks! But he had his worst score for the year against these guys (63, 17d) in Rd. 6 and has had scores of 65 and 83 before that. Gotta pass unfortunately.
Stevie Johnson –
Only had 86 on the Swans in Rd. 13 this year and just 78 and 98 in his last 2 this year. Too risky but can have big scores at Simonds.
Matthew Boyd –
Had a great 131 last week, but only 70 on Brisbane in Rd. 13 even with the tag of Raines going to Griffen. Another pass.

Thanks heaps for the time it takes to read this shit each week guys and it has been a blast of a year. Really hope to see you all in 2013! Twitter follow: @CalvinDT to stay in touch with all the pre-season gossip!

For the last time this year, who will be your captain?

  • Dane Swan (56%, 669 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (24%, 283 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (10%, 117 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (3%, 39 Votes)
  • Scott Thompson (2%, 29 Votes)
  • Trent Cotchin (2%, 25 Votes)
  • Someone else (3%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,195

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  • Your da man!

    • Would be great iif Swan and Ablett were out this week. Would make capt choice a bit more exciting.

      Swan for me.

  • Gotta be Swan!

    Thanks for your efforts this year Calvin, always an informative and entertaining read!

    • Direct and to the point. Rather than the other comments, which was strange and, to be perfectly honest, rather trivial. Especially as it didn’t take into account 11th dimensional energy holographic principle. Such ignorance leads to laughable answers that seriously undermine thermodynamic physics consequentially causing temporally infinite quasi-symbiosis as a result of lunar proximity tidal fluctuations.

  • Top work Calvin, wether your choices are the right ones or not (they mostly are right!) you do all the hard work and present the facts and very good reasons on why to pick or not to pick players as captain.

    Top work, looking forward to many more years to come.

  • Cheer for the year Calvin!!! Would you trade in Cotchin or Swallow this week?

    • Thanks lads…. been a big year, a long year. Happy to get some time off to sail the 7 seas!
      Good luck this week all

    • gotta go Cotchin, is in brownlow form and is playing port.. his recent form is also more than encorouging

  • Oh and I don’t have Swan, I’m very tempted to go Pendles with 113, 166 and 141 in his last 3.

    Not only that, but Essendon are probably playing a lot worse than they did in his last 3 against them.

    I do have Ablett but the Crows are a good team this year and while I think Ablett will get 120-130, not sure if he will go massive…

    Although it is Ablett

  • Thanks Calvin, been a long year, thanks for all you effort, Come on Swanny!!!

  • Thanks Calvin for your work. Avast until next year!

  • thanks calvin!

    stuck with ur number #1’s all year
    and im in 4 league grand finals
    for my first year DTing

    this week no exception, go the PIG!

    also who to play out of sam gibson or scott selwood! both projected 107?

  • outting the C on Gibson, im only in a minon leauge final

  • First time I’ve had them all in my team… and it’s for the grand final! Perfect timing :D

  • Thanks Vin.

    I have all five!

    Hope your predictions come to pass.

    Swanny for the big C

  • Other sea men….. Gee I’m immature……

  • Thoughts on putting the mighty Zorko as captain this week? I’m a huge underdog for the premiership, nothing to lose. Should do pretty well against a struggling Dogs side at the Gabba

  • #WeSaluteSpike

  • Awesome work all year Captain, thanks for the effort.

    And thanks to all contributors and posters at DT Talk. Thanks to DT talk over the years i’m going for a three-peat in my money league

  • GREAT article Calvin have read it all year and has helped me pick a great captain every week. Who’s your tip for the brownlow?

  • Thank you Calvin for putting the hard work into doing what you love! (Assuming that you do love what you’re doing.) Week in week out you do more research than I do in any of my assignments and you should get heaps of loyalty and respect for that. In what was a very tough year with the unlimited amount of injuries and late withdrawls etc. picking a captain was proven vital, and you did a damn good job on doing that. Again, thanks!

  • Cheers captain for the years efforts!

  • Cheers captain Calvin, been a bumpy year for the Pirate, but you stuck to your guns against a tsunami of haters and whingers, great stuff! All the time and effort you’ve put in is very much appreciated.

    Round 23 Grand final Captain…Swanny <3 Go huge Dane!

  • I need some advice. Who do I put as an emergency, Buddy or Tippet?

    Also is Gibson expect to get 100+ this week?

  • just saying to any body with Franklin i’m an eagles supporter and Mackenzie has been sucking so badly lately he let Pav get 8 goals would of cost us a bag if tom hawkins didnt concuss himself and has been giving away other big goal numbers to other players aswell.

    plus last time eagles vs hawthorn franklin kicked 1 goal 6 behinds

  • If you don’t have Swan slap yourself in the face every day until DT 2013 starts up and you have the C on him.

    There is only 6 players valued over 500K and Swan is 612K and worth every bit. Swan has scored below 116 just 3 times this year and his 1 score below 100 (95) was due to getting injured. Playing Essendon at the MCG if you are in a GF and wan’t to win leave the C on him.

    Having said that Pav would be my smoky but not worth the risk that he will get benched, subbed, or Lyoned.

  • My captain average over the first 22 rounds: 128.

    Others? Calvin?

  • I got my first captain score above 128 last week, with boyds 131. YAY
    Needless to say not picking Swan/Ablett all year has been a disaster for me and for the first time in 3 years I am finishing outside the top1000.
    Next year I’m locking in the big guns first.
    This week its either Beams or Pendles (c)