The Numbers – Grand Final Week

With next week signalling the end of AFL Dream Team for 2012 I thought I’d bring forward the last log for the year and make it a jam packed version that’s good for two weeks’ worth. I want to take a trip down memory lane and look through all of our WotW nominee’s before crowning the inaugural Whore of the Year for 2012. We’ll look at the heroes and villains and where things went right or wrong from a numbers point of view.

Did you make the Grand Final this week? Or is the year over for now and are you looking forwards to Season 2013 already?

With a huge amount of things to get through, let’s get going with the final Numbers of 2012…

2 – Goals that separate the top 3 players vying for the Coleman medal in 2012. With JVoldt only a goal behind current leader Matthew Pavlich and Tomahawk one back again; it’ll be a tense final round whereby any player could win. Whilst unlikely that Buddy or Petrie can win it from 5 back, a massive bag from either (Buddy v Eagles & Petrie v GWS) could put them right up there. With Jumping Jack playing Port and Tomahawk playing Sydney, the only question remaining is: will Pavlich play and wrap it up against Melbourne? If he plays – it’s his. If not, look for Jack to edge ahead and win his 2nd Coleman in 3 years.

5 – If you’ll recall back to my first ever Numbers article back in February, this is the % chance I gave Jack Grimes of actually playing a full season without injury. With 2012 being a poor year overall for defenders, Grimes was well worth the risk in hindsight. No. 3 in the overall defenders for the year, 20 games played and an average of 91.25 – this is one of those decisions I’d wished I’d stuck with. He was roughly $80k cheaper than Broughton at the start of the year too – bloody hell.

7 – Number of retirements declared this year. It’s only fair to pay homage to several AFL players who’ve graced the field and given their all for years upon years. The likes of Chris Tarrant and Brad Green are likely to get most of the attention come Grand Final Day, however players like Lindsay Gilbee and Ryan Hargrave have had 200 game careers for the Bulldogs. Unfortunately though, things don’t always go to plan – as is the way for injury-prone players Cameron Bruce and Kelvin Moore; as well as Tigers’ journeyman Brad Miller. Best of luck to all 7 blokes as well as anymore who hang up the boots at the end of 2012 (expect a few more from Geelong FC, be certain of that).

19 – This year has seen arguably more injuries than ever before. Clubs like Freo and Essendon have battled hard with long lists, while the likes of Carlton and Collingwood have been without several stars for considerable periods of time. West Coast at times have been without their entire first-choice forward line, with most clubs being affected severely at some stage. But the biggest number I’ve seen is this – two clubs both currently have 19 players on their injury list. The Suns and Port both currently share that title. Speaking of the Suns – with only 30 available players to pick from last week, their big win over Carlton is even more impressive, and one that the players will savour for some time.

52 – Premiership points that it took in Season 2012 to make the finals. With the top 8 now decided, the only thing left to figure is who plays who in the first week of September. With a few tasty clashes a possibility, here’s hoping the ladder ends up as many have predicted: Hawks to play the Pies’ in Final 1; Adelaide to host Sydney in the 2nd; West Coast and Freo to play off in a do-or-die final in WA; and the Scott Brothers to face off with Geelong and North in the other elimination final. Tasty indeed.

54 – With all of the talk earlier this year about the West Coast Ducks Eagles, I give you the highest total of Frees For out of the whole competition. Personally, I thought it’d be Joel Selwood (who’s equal 4th with 49) but surprisingly it’s a ruckman who tops the list – Mr. Dean Cox is currently sitting on an average of 2.6 FF per game, with Andrew Swallow, Luke Shuey and Trent Cotchin rounding out the top 5. Surely Coxy can’t duck low enough to get high contact frees, so maybe it’s just a case of the ump’s loving Cox…

95.28 – Average points scored over 18 games in his debut year by should-be NAB Rising Star favourite Toby Greene. But for a suspension, he’d be a sure-thing for the award. Consistently racking up 30+ disposals and smashing out 7 tonnes, he has to be the one rookie I’ll forever regret not getting as he’s been astounding fair well all year. If there was ever a time to bend the rules with the Rising Star, it’s now – this kid has been the best by a country mile in 2012.

121 – Special mention here to Sydney veteran Ryan O’Keefe. Overlooked in previous years for his higher scoring compatriot Adam Goodes, ROK has taken his game to another level in 2012. He will finish the year with an average just shy of 100 whilst he has finished the year like a steam train with 121 from his last 7. With Goodes’ looking to spend more time up forward in his final years, ROK will be very much on my radar if he’s a DPP in 2013 yet again.

684 – Whilst he may not get the glory or the plaudits (due partly perhaps to his sometimes frustrating inability to hit the side of a barn), Matthew Boyd has been as solid as ever this year. With this number he tops the overall disposal count, as well as the overall DT points scored with 2410 (as of R22). Another year with a per game average in the 115 range is ‘just another year’ for the Bulldogs leader. We all love the Dane Swan’s and Garry Ablett’s but every team needs one of these guys – and in 2013 he’ll be at the top of my list as a proven premium.

347, 600 – The biggest improver tag for 2012 (at this stage) goes to North mature ager Sam Gibson. After only debuting mid-season, he’s now played 11 games for an average of 87. He’s risen almost $350k and given us invaluable cover in the midfield in the absence of the likes of Pendlebury, Swan and Stanton. With GWS next week I can see another big score on the horizon so don’t be so quick to place him on the bench.

Heroes and Villains


Brett Deledio has done what many can only aspire to do – exceed preseason expectations. Touted to spend more time in the middle in 2012, his average has gone through the roof – jumping over 20 points per game all the while not missing a single match. Zero chance of being a DPP defender in 2013, enjoy him in your backline for the last time as he’ll be a pure midfielder for the first time in a long time from next season. Season Average – 112, No. 100+ scores – 17.

Jobe Watson is another who has never quite broken the hundred average. He’s been around the mark for some time but 2012 saw him truly break out into the elite category, not missing a game and bumping his average up almost 13 points per game. Like Lids, he’s scored 17 x tonnes and has been one of the best premiums around – Watson has finally lived up to his lofty expectations and become one of the competition’s elite.

Trent Cotchin has been somewhat of a surprise packet in 2012. Whilst many knew he’d be a star – few thought he could create what he has this season after only 4 seasons previously in the AFL. His average has risen 17 points per game since 2011 and like the two above – he hasn’t missed a match. With another big score on the cards against Port this weekend, he may nudge out Dayne Beams to make the top 5 top scorers for 2012 overall. Outstanding.

A few more heroes in DT land for 2012 – Dayne ‘Mini-Swan’ Beams, Patrick ‘proved my punters wrong’ Dangerfield and Steele ‘step-up’ Sidebottom. Along with Matthew ‘Mr. Consistent’ Boyd, Jack ‘finally played a whole season’ Grimes and Ivan ‘it’s pronounced ee-van’ Maric.


Without question the biggest disappointment of 2012 would have to be the out of sorts (yet still somehow in demand) Travis Cloke. Dropping almost $200k, 9 x scores below 60 and a paltry 71 season average – he has had a season to forget in all senses of the term. On a brighter note – he’ll be nice and cheap for when he bounces back next year.

Adam Goodes has been a solidly performing premium since our GWS rookies were suckling on their mothers’ teats. But due largely to a 6 week injury and more time spent in the forward line, we’ve seen his output drop significantly and he should finish the year with an avg around what is currently 81.80. Sadly, this is the last year Goodesy will grace my field in DT.

Tom Rockliff was out to continue his meteoric rise building on his avg of 112 from 2011. Instead, he has struggled at times to retain an even decent average – now barely being able to be classed as premium. After continuous let downs and countless sub-100 (nay 80) scores, he currently rests on a 95.9 average and has been one of the biggest let downs of the year.

Other also-rans of 2012 included Greg (Let me let you down) Broughton, Bryce (‘midfielder’) Gibbs and Brent (Two-Face) Stanton for their inconsistent, at times confusing seasons when all were popular preseason picks. I suppose recently retired Ryan Hargrave deserves a mention here as well… or maybe he doesn’t – such has been this disappointment of a final year for him.

Worst Trade of the Year

With so much confusion surrounding team selection and injury reports this season, even a simple upgrade has been perilous in 2012. I’ve heard endless stories of coaches trading in premiums for them only to be late withdrawals; or trading out a player (Scotland, Waters I’m looking at you guys) upon receiving a long term injury report only to see them named the following week. Many (myself included) have made cardinal sins with trades such as ‘never trade a premium’ and ‘don’t sideways trade’. I even brought in a mid-pricer (sideways) for an underperforming premium at one stage. No doubt these things will be discussed considerably in the preseason – but I’m interested to know: What is the worst trade coaches have made this year? Let us know in the comments.

The Benchmark

It’s been a long, challenging year and arguably the hardest on record. With injuries, inconsistency MBRs and constant subbage, it has been more difficult than ever to pick the right premiums, mid-pricers and rookies (let alone trade up targets) in 2012. But one team has negotiated the season above all; and should they hold on this week – will become the owner of a brand new FJ Cruiser. With a 69 point lead on the 2nd ranked team, Skinny Boys coach Dave is one round away from eternal greatness. He has all the right premiums, chose the right rookies to start, hold and downgrade; and has a team full of the best of the best. In fact, with the exception of Cotchin for Murphy, I can’t think of any players in his team I’d want to trade for another. Even his bench cover is brilliant – this guy bloody deserves the FJ. If you’re out there and reading this Dave – Congrats and good luck for this week!

Whore of the Year

Whoring is a lot of like fantasy football. In order to be the best, you have to throw dignity and pride out the window; you must be prepared to get down and dirty – going places no one else will go; and to get the job done with gritted teeth and a smile on your face. 2012 has given us some truly massive individual feats. With huge disposal tallies, big bags of goals and tackle counts that would give the blokes in league a decent run. Before launching into the top 3 Fantasy whores of this season, let’s have a look at all of those who put forward their name with a great individual performance:











B. Stanton



M. Boyd



D. Cox



G. Ablett



B. Deledio



D. Beams



S. Selwood



S. Johnson



D. Swan



T. Rockliff



L. Franklin



A. Swallow



D. Swan



D. Beams



H. Bennell



B. Stanton



A. Swallow



M. Murphy


Gary Ablett Jnr and Brent Stanton fired early in the year, before being surpassed by popular preseason picks Brett Deledio and Dayne Beams. Dane Swan has been prolific all year, whilst Andrew Swallow has had some huge weeks. Coxy, Boyd and Johnson have been solid yet again – plus we saw the highest individual DT score record broken – twice in 5 weeks! But for a couple more big scores, I’d have to give Buddy 3rd place – however this guy has been ultra-consistent all year and a ‘defender’ no less. Brett Deledio take a bow. With 3 x 140+ scores in 2012 and an average just shy of 112, he has his best year yet. I fully expect him to build on this next year as he tries to lift the Tigers into the top 8. Second has to go to young gun Dayne Beams, with 2 x entries into the WotW table and a season average of 116.50. With 8 scores of 129 or higher, he has taken a leaf from his namesake in the ways of DT whoring.

Then there was one. Whilst it may come as a huge surprise to some people (who may’ve been hiding under a rock and know nothing of DT) the fantasy pig Dane Swan has been everywhere this year. Despite missing the past two games through a club-imposed suspension, his numbers have been his best yet. An average of 130, 8 scores above that mark and 4 of those at 159 or higher (with a top of 171) – he has to go down as the best DT player of all time. With only 1 score below 100 (95 I might add) he has been as reliable as he has been high scoring and if not for a couple more games on the pitch, he’d likely add another Brownlow medal to his pool room. From a one-eyed Blues supporter and AFL Dream Team tragic, I thank you Dane – and Congratulations.

The Round Up                                                                                     

Highlights – It’s been a big year with a lot of twists and turns. We’ve seen one of the closest AFL seasons in memory and a lot of disappointments to go with it. My hat goes off to Beams, Sidey, Danger and Lids, who are my personal picks for the year and have been staples in my 22 every week. For all the bad luck I’ve been drawn I’m thankful for them churning out some great scores to keep me from spinning completely out of control.

Lowlights – There’s so many I can’t count to be honest. I’d say 60% of my trades were terrible, and some of my initial picks defy belief looking back. My beloved Blues have spun out of the race for the 8, suffered arguably their most embarrassing loss in their history over the weekend and may well lose their coach by the end of 2012. This season hasn’t given me a lot of good memories but I’m hopeful that 2013 will be one of improvement, good fortune and greatness as a way of equalling up the scales.

Team McRath – I’ve had an ordinary year. I’ve broken several basic DT rules, in the process nearly losing my sanity. I evened out with a 10,000 odd ranking and my tail between my legs. Somehow I’ve managed to scrape into 2 Grand Finals though, so a win or two there would certainly make me feel better about myself going into 2013. With a lot of lessons learnt from 2012, I vow to be back in 2013 with a ruthless approach and a persistent determination to be the best. Player bias and gut feel will go out the window as I replace it with true statistics and proven results.

In closing, I’d just like to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s read The Numbers this year and stuck with me from the start. For any punters out there keen to have a go at writing an article I say go ahead – I was merely a reader last year and am glad I’ve jumped on board in 2012. I’ve had an awesome time gracing your screens on a Tuesday morning and look forward to doing the same in 2013.

Also, a huge shout out to Warnie (and Roy & Vin) who gave us this opportunity and have been so openly accepting of our rambling and at-times biased commentary of AFL Dream Team. I’m looking forward to getting involved with the Deck of DT and jumping into the preseason – so keep an eye on the site for some post-season analysis and offseason ramblings.

If you’re on Twitter, hit me up @McRathDT


  • “Whoring is a lot like fantasy football”

    Um… no.
    It’s really not.

    • Did you read the next line?

    • Can’t take a comedic metaphor this early in the morning?

      • Mate,
        ignore that dude; clearly his name ‘slave’ is short ‘sex slave’ and he took it personally!

        Great, consistent article & always a pleasure to read!
        I’ ve also managed 2 Grand finals from 3 leagues, n that was with a big fat Mitch ‘Muppet’ Robinson donut on field (Jez Cameron’s early surgery wrecked my bench cover)

        Anyways, I’ll be back reading your carefully crafted scrawlings next season with great interest.

        Oh and head up Blues supporter, my Lions lost their very first QClash against the GC Suns in their FIRST BLOODY SEASON. But ya roll with the punches, n eventually knock over quality teams like West Coast and Adelaide.
        Catchya in 2013

      • Thanks McGrath for all the hard work stunning.

      • Sorry about that auto correct :/

  • An absolutely amazing article Mcrath, great read! One of the best I’ve read! Thanks a lot for your numbers each week, will seem very weird when I don’t see this great article popping up in dt talk next week!

  • Thanks McRath! Have really enjoyed the numbers this year.

  • Great Stuff again McRath. See ya in 2013

  • Great stuff McRath! Thanks for all your work this year.

  • Worst trade(s)

    Usually I reserve these type of trades for my ruck division, but …

    GAJ->Pig->GAJ (meanwhile after this Rook->Pig->Jelwood for 2 stinkers->Cotchin

    To rub salt into the wound this was while I held Pendels and Buddy (had been burnt with the GAJ/Pig saga)

    Could have used those burnt trades this week (or 2 of them)

  • Awesome year for the Numbers! Cheers for all the effort McRath. Very much appreciated.

    Now to decide what to read while having my Tuesday coffee. Tuesday mornings wont be the same for the rest of the year….

    • I’ll have a few review articles coming up in the next few weeks basically following up on the few I wrote in the preseason. More for interests sake than anything.

      Miracle Men, Point of Difference and a Captain Hindsight look at my versus articles…

  • Brilliant work McRath!

    As an aside (particularly now I’ve been bundled out of the finals) what’s the summer program look like for DT Talk? Any rest period or are you continuing on as if the game’s still being played?

    • Cheers buddy – we’ll probably take a few weeks off then you should start to see the Deck of DT articles start to come up closer to the end of the year. There’ll be some review articles coming out to fill the space but the activity will go right down once this week is over so most of us will have a bit of a break before launching into the 2013 preseason

    • Yeah – we will probably be quiet for the ‘real’ finals… and then have a few things rolling over the next couple of months – eg. some discussion around trade week, the fixture, draft, etc. Deck of DT will start in December (not sure how that will look or who will be involved as Calvin and I will be OS for November-mid January) as per usual. Along with other articles to get us prepared for DT 2013!

      We have a great team and this will once again the one stop shop for DT info this pre-season!

  • Great article.

    My two worst trades for the year were Golby -> Hargrave, and after Redden had a stinky start I traded -> Barlow.

    Not that Barlow has been bad, its just Redden been pretty great since I traded and it was a wasted trade. Other than that my trades have been pretty good.
    Held Gaz, held swan, held waters, traded Pendles.

  • Great year, Thanks to McRath and all. This site has had a big part to play in Skinnypark Drink’n making both leagues and SC finals.

    Umps loving Cox…classic! Good luck in the big day if you are still there!

  • Cheers McRath, love the whore of the year section, so many massive DT numbers! Buddy 204 stanton 193 Gazza 186 / 175 amazing numbers this season…wow! Scary thing about Swannys 95 was that Dane was injured and couldn’t play out the final quarter…robbed of a perfect statistical season by his hammy ffs.

    Big thanks to Warnie, McRath, tbetta, RLGriffin, Rainman, Calvin, Roy, Adzman, Dunny, Teetee, Chook and the entire DT TALK team for all the effort that’s gone into the 2012 season, without question the most important Dreamteam resource in existence…cheers lads! :)

    • Huge shout out to Shady, as Dream-stats is the heart and soul of LIVE dreamteam action throughout the season, great job running and expanding the site Shad’s, without Dream-stats DT just wouldn’t be the same. Cheers. :)

  • Great article McGrath, it is the best on the site by a mile and offers up something different every week.

    Worst trades:
    – Ablett to Scooter Selwood
    – Waters to Heppel

    Enough said!!!

  • Worst trade: Hayes > Rockliff

  • Heath Shaw to Bock
    Treloar to Cloke

    These have to be up there

  • Love your work McRath, appreciate the effort you and all the boys have put in this year.

    I was smashed with LTI’s early and never recovered (Goodes, Fyfe, Mumford, Murphy etc). Two of my worst trades have been in the last 4-6 weeks when I ‘upgraded’ to Rockliff and Michael Johnson – D’oh! Still made it to 2 GF’s though incl. a cash league.

    All the best for this week!

  • Have enjoyed your in-depth and interesting articles McRath. Indeed thanks to all the guys at DT Talk. Love your work.

  • Cheers McRath

    Loved your article all season. was good to highlight stats that werent that obvious which intern gave you a different view DT – great work

    Generally quite happy with my trades this year – held Ablett Pendles and Buddy – maybe I went too far the other way!

    My worst trades are probably Treloar to Goodes after his 143 or Fyfe to Christensen after his 2 tons back from injury. Giles to Griffin has appeared to ahunt me too.

    Look forward to reading of the numbers next year!

  • Worst trades:
    GAJ > Murphy > GAJ
    Treloar > Goodes
    Bringing in Suckling and Rockliff as special mentions!

    Although my best trade:
    Buddy > ROK, four weeks ago!

  • great articles all year McRath..

    was wondering why we are not seeing the usual image of you in your Carlton top… is this because of their loss to GWS?

    top article mate.

    my stupid coach trades would be:
    having Rocky/Stanton from the start…
    having mummy – Hmac – Ryder as my trade in rucks.

    but i have made the GF in one league… the only one i wanted… money on the line

    • Haha nar just a throwback to the vintage pic from the start of the year. Nothing to do with the total embarrassment that was the loss to the Suns on the weekend. Although it could hvae contributed to it. Or maybe not haha

  • Great article,

    Would love to tip my hat to Big GILES from GWS. No wasted trades on dud rucks this year. He was a perfect stand in man.

  • Talking about numbers, from the numbers this year which players are “tentatively” locks in their starting team for next year.

    • I heard a rumor lions might play doherty this week… Please please dont!

    • Will all depend on the bye rounds and the spread of teams BUT

      SWAN, Boyd, Heppell, Goddard, Watson, Cotchin, Danger, Jacobs are some players that immediately spring to mind for me.

    • DEF: Goddard Gibbs (D/M) Bock
      MID: Ablett Pendles Cotchin Lids
      RUC: Leuenberger + McEvoy/NicNat
      FWD: Stevie J Rockliff (if MID/FWD) LeCras

  • McRath, of course I’m out here and reading – you think I’ve got to Number 1 without studying your and the many other excellent articles on this brilliant website every week? Just had to read about my own team in an article to get me to finally register a site login…

    Going to be a long week with some big decisions: leading by 269 points and I’d be choosing the colour scheme for my car, 169 points and I’d be quietly confident but 69 points makes me very nervous!

    • Best of luck Dave…awesome work to get to the top of the tree.

      Hope your lads smash it on the weekend.

      DTDAVE reads well as a number plate ;)

    • Good luck mate! If you take out the big prize, we’ll have to get some words of wisdom for you for this site!

    • Nice work. I would take friday off work if I was you and check every lead for late withdrawls etc.

    • You can’t see it amigo, but I’m on my hands and knees bowing to your greatness right now… Congrats on getting to #1, and good luck holding on for what I’m sure will be a nerve-wracking final round!

    • Best of Luck Dave…not that you need it…i’ve been in the top 1000 nearly every year i played and yet still wonder how you guys do it so well and manage to succeed…HATS OFF TO YOU MATE….as a poker player, i known that you require great skill more so than good luck to reach the top….so again…WELL DONE

      • Thanks for the support guys.

        Warnie, if I take out the prize I’ll definitely put something together for the website.

        And Shags, it is funny but my wife has been saying exactly the same thing. One of the best things about being in contention for the car is that my wife has actually been encouraging to spend more time on dreamteam – needless to say that is a big turnaround.

        • Nice to see the leading contender going into the final round is a reader of this site. I am only 1,883 spots behind you so watch out as I may make my passin move to number 1 this week :) But seriously fantastic effort Dave – you must be over the moon at the opportunity but also nervous as all hell for this weekends games to arrive!

  • Awesome Matty….thank you for the time and effort you have put in.

    We will weep together over a frothie for our blue boys at some stage soon.

    Brilliant stuff mate.

  • 100 – percentage of numbers articles I have enjoyed. Tuesdays will be a bit more depressing from now on… but cheers McRath.

  • Great read mate, cheers for your awesome work this season

  • Made the nightmarish journey through “trades history” to uncover some nominations for worst trade of the year:
    Cox (443k) to McIntosh (382k). Cox immediately returns to form, whilst HMac gets an injury-affected score that week and hasn’t played since.
    Injured Pendles (502k) to Stanton (508k). Need I explain?
    Dev Smith (287k) to Couch (85k). Smith proceeds to go on a rampage, whilst Couch dishes up omissions, inuries and shitty scores.
    Giles (298k) to Bellchambers (331k). Giles goes nuts, Bellcha largely underwhelming.

    I should start my own article where I say who I’m trading out, so everyone else can trade them in because it’s a sure-fire sign they’re about to explode.

    • I look forward to your article contributions next season – knowing which players not to pick up will be of great assistance :)

  • Thanks McRath for you great articles this year. Is often this player or that to trade, more often than not picked the wrong one in DT, hence coming around 3,000. Picked the other one in SC and coming 60th as Courtesans..go figure.

  • Thanks for all your efforts McRath all year, been awesome reading. (LMAO @ the umps loving Cox line…)

    1 – the only thing i found odd in this article…no mention of perhaps the greatest HERO of them all this year……….a man whose DT greatness was assured at birth merely by his first name…..which is what we should all name our sons……. AND his second name is even more awesome than his first!

    He scored 7 tons (including 2x 140) and 3 ninetys and without has first game sub had an average…..IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR….of 100.8

    Once had a price of $450,500 which could have been traded for a profit of over $350,000

    His name is……………………………?

    • *his first game as sub

      He only played 15 games….

      ,,,and his profit actually would have been just under $350k sorry….(wish there was an edit option)

    • Ann Dayne Zorkomeister… What a legend.

      I’m sure he’ll be talked up many times in the next week but have to agree… He’s been my best pick up all season hands down.

  • Thanks McRath (and not MC Rath the gangsta rapper master of ceremonies) for all the info and stats. Very much enjoyed reading your work this year. Now how am I over 8,000 spots ahead of you in the DT rankings???

    • Cheers buddy. This year was what I’d call a ‘rebuilding year’ haha

      It’s easy to give advice… but to take it is much harder – that’s all i’ll say… :(

  • Thanks for th e numbers…

    Best trade
    Franklin to Pav (Round 16)
    Mosr satisfying trade
    Broughton (326,000) to King-Wilson (85,800)
    Worse trades
    Getting rid of Treloar and Greene too early

    • Chillbills worst subject in school – English (spelling &/or grammar).
      Just jokes man don’t get all angry on me.