It’s On! Warnie v Roy

This still from the latest DT Talk Live episode shows there is no love lost between Roy and Warnie this week as they face off against each other in a knockout DT Final.

Families across the DT-verse are being split as members declare their allegiance to either Team Warnie or Team Roy and refuse to talk to each other until the result is known.

We can follow this epic boss battle here live on DT Talk as it unfolds.

Hopefully Warnie and Roy won’t be too stressed and can give us Coach’s perspectives on:

  • Their final selection choices for Captains, emergencies, and possible late withdrawals.
  • Any Ross Lyon like trades they swung in during the warm up.
  • Where their team is after each group of games.
  • What they have instructed their boys to do in the next quarter.

Anybody else is welcome to join in and be an expert comments DT guru.

I have linked a pdf file with the scoreline and a projection based on current averages after the opening exchange.  Warnie is currently projected to win by 8.  But as we know anything can happen between now and Sunday evening.

Edit: Updated link  Warnie v Roy 3

I’ll keep posting updates as the games progress.

In a final dramatic selection twist Roy seems to have benched his boy Rocky and played Gibson ahead of him. There are reports of  chaotic scenes in the Brisbane rooms as Rocky says he isn’t even going to play now since Roy has abandoned him and he wants a trade next season to a coach who will give him more midfield time.




  • Breaking news waiting confirmation ….

    Warnie seems to have traded in Stevie J to upgrade his side this round.

    But interesting to see who he traded out … could well be Dustin Martin who just scored 119?

  • Actually Warnie more likely traded out Robbo for Stevie J.

    Correction to pdf: Both Teams are playing Treloar (not Robbo). I’ll correct that in the next pdf but it doesn’t change the outcome.

    Both Coaches selected Treloar ahead of Martin (119).

  • Update after Saturday day games … see new pdf file

    After a dramatic day when at various stages both Coaches would have been confident of winning by over 100 points, it’s now back to pretty much square.

    Warnie projected to win by 3 points (based on averages).

    Current status – Roy leads by 180 – 753 / 8 v 573 / 6.

  • Sunday morning update …

    It is still neck and neck – Roy leads by 107 (1763 / 18 v 1656 / 17).

    The critical match ups have been:
    – Pendles smashing Gibbs (+ to Roy),
    – Franklin only slightly better than Whitecross who was subbed (+ to Roy),
    – Scotland much better than Waters (+ to Warnie).

    Linked pdf file is updated.

    There are only 3 uniques left to play. For Roy it’s Goldstein + 107 pts V Warnie’s Grimes + Jacobs.

    Based on averages it’s Roy by 10 points. But both Grimes and Jacobs are capable of scoring high enough to bring home the Dawgs.

  • Goldstein… ouch!