Sub Marine

Tigers O’Hanlon
Bombers Lovett-Murray
Saints Siposs
Giants Cooyou
Power McCarthy
Lions Hawksley
Swans Morton
Hawks Ellis
Eagles A Selwood
Pies Seedsman
Suns Hickey
Blues Bell
Cats Murdoch
Dogs Talia
Roos Campbell
Dockers Suban
Dees Nicholson
Crows Riley


  • is Nicholson really going to be the sub?!?!?
    should i play darley over him?

    • I doubt that nicholson will be sub, he’s easily in the dees best 21 but he is coming back from injury so…?

  • I’d be shocked if Cooyou was made the sub as the Giants are playing him to see what he can offer on the big screen. That said, I have no idea what the Giants are thinking with most of their selections.

  • would of thought mcginnity will be sub for eagles? like most games?