DT Preliminary Finals – Lockout Chat

Woohoo! It is Preliminary Final weekend. If you have a game this week, then well done! None will be bigger than Warnie taking on Roy in our main league Prelim for the ultimate bragging rights to get into the Grand Final. How does your team shape up for this weekend? Keep the chatter happening over this huge Round 22 of AFL Dream Team!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.

Come back on Sunday night to post your scores and chat about the round and moving into next week as we all wait for lockout to end.


  • Stevie J better not be a late out with Smedts and Guthrie not playing VFL.

    Who does everyone think will be rested ?

    • Fingers crossed Stevie J isn’t out, wasn’t it not long ago he only played the first couple minutes of a game? Chappy has also missed time from injury too.

      Which of their guns have played every game?

      • Stevie J had a rest in rd 15 and only played 10 seconds coz of the bump in round 18, but you never know.

        Either one of Bartel, Corey, Enright, Mackie or even Duncan is sure to be out i reckon

  • 1747 5 players still to play, toughest opponent this week is 1723 6 to play projected for 2258. A Pav late withdrawal will help me as I get Jack Riewoldts 103 and he will only get Gumby’s 47. If Pav doesn’t play then stevie J or Chappy (I have neither) also missing will be a bonus as some teams will start copping donuts.

  • Who would you rather be.

    81 infront and Sam Gibson or Stevie J and M Johnson?

  • FMDT!

    Uniques Mitchell and Hayes decide to have their worst score for the year, and GAJ (C) has his 2nd lowest score! Hoping for a miracle that either Sam Shaw or Scotty Thompson are late outs. Come on Sanderson! It’s a frustrating game sometimes.

  • 18/1898 Captain played.

    Still got Thommo Danger Boyd Lake and MJ to play
    Cruising into Grand Final week in all 5 of my leagues :D :D :D LMDT

  • 1601 with 5 left minson,lake,gibson,porps and murdoch

    oppenonts on 1643 with 3 to play jenkins dangerfield and dalhaus

    whos gonna win ;)

  • Chappy, Fyfe & 36 points vs Stevie J & Gibson.

    Who would you take?

  • who needs swan when u have cotchin as captain, haha hells yeh loving it, its lake, barlow,danger and grimes and 60 point lead, against my bros enright and steve j captain.

  • In the Prelims for all 5 of my leagues!
    This one will be the closest!

    Me: Jacobs, Grimes, Chapman, Gibson
    Him: Stevie J and 231 points

    I’m projected to win by 13 points.

    What do you guys think?

  • I was shitting myself when I saw 2 late changes for the Cats but thankfully Chappy and Stevie J are both playing :)

    Lake out will hurt some people though

  • For who I’m playing in the big dance in my main league

    Fyfe, M Johnson, Thompson, Jacobs, Howe and 62pts


    Taylor Hunt, Minson, Walters, Pavlich, Barlow and Bastinac

  • Pavlich confirmed as out

    Source: Triple M

  • 3qtrs of Fyfe + 47 vs 3qtrs of Gibson.

    Can’t lose…..can I?

  • Me: 1879 with Gibson in play

    Him: 1855 with Mundy and Harvey in play

    Surely I’ll just make it?

  • Two most stupidest decisions of my life.
    In one of my teams (i have a couple because i was bored and decided to make more) i benched van berlo and played de boer (van berlo vs melb and de boer vs nmelb) and played goodes of all people over murdoch (murdoch vs wbd and goodes vs hawks).
    If goodes doesn’t score a ton next week he would officially have made the never again list for me.

    • Bad luck mate I had Goodes.

      • Feel your pain.

        • Next year rough burger? hoping Daniher is f/r and can swap him and Daniher around.

          • I’ve had a Crocker as well mate… Goodes, Birchall, Hayes and SJ were my uniques (amongst some others) that I was looking at 100’s for each… Instead they combine for a rubbish 259. Now I’m just watching my pitiful lead evaporate!

  • I stuck to my guns and went against the tide, keeping Brad Ebert on the field, despite average (not horrible scores) and Sam Gibson consistently out scoring him.

    I finally bench Ebert for Gibson, Ebert 114, Gibson 36 near the end of the 3rd quarter (still yet to score for the quarter)

  • Michael Johnson u cheap stat cunt has cost me my Prelim win with my opponent having him

    • MJ, goodes, hanley and hurn are on the never again list for me.
      After being such good premos and me not having them, I wanted them (not so much hurn).
      I get them in and for a few weeks they are doing great, constant 80’s and 90’s from them.

      Since I got:
      goodes (round 14), he has scored 2 tons, two 70’s, one 60, one 50 and one 40
      hanley (round 9), he has scored 3 tons, two 90s, one 80, one 70, two 60s, one 40 and two 30s
      hurn (round 10), he has score 1 ton, one 90, three 80s, one 70, three 60s, one 50 and one 30
      MJ, (round 9), he has scored, 3 tons, two 90s, one 80, one 70, two 60s, one 50 and two 40s.

      Together they have scored:
      9 tons, five 90s, five 80s, five 70s, eight 60s, three 50s, four 40s, three 30s.
      Although there are quite a few good scores, all of them were in the earlier times that I had them.
      The bad scores however were all recent.
      The highest score in the past 5 weeks is: 137 (goodes)
      The lowest score in the past five weeks is: 35 (hanley)
      Their combined five round average is: 70.85 (goodes-81.4, MJ-69.8, hanley-67 and hurn-65.2).

      I recon you have got to be pretty chapped with that, what do you think??

      Pheww, rant and stats over. and by the way I would probably be able to make it to the GF if it hadn’t been for them.

      So how is everyone going this round??

  • Disappointing Gibbo but you still beat Mitchell, just wanted an extra 70 not 7

  • Bye till next year thanks to
    Mitchell Suckling Franklin Birchall.

  • Sweating bullets.
    Me: Jacobs + 60 points at 3/4 time V Him : Danger, Thommo, Grimes.

    Gunna go down to the wire.

  • Good finish to the year…
    GF in DT
    GF in DT pro
    GF in supercoach
    All strong leagues too, don’t play in multiple leagues but top 8 in DT average was 2087 so stoked to be in the big dance….held the nerve and haven’t traded last two rounds either so going in with a trade…
    Win in all three next week would be fantastic, but I’ll take a loss in all three if west coast can beat the hawks!!