Good Trade, Bad Trade: Round 22

Prelim week is upon us! Are you still recovering from your Mad Monday after all the late outs over the weekend? Or did you have the week off to sit back and laugh at all of us peasants whining about Buddy? Last week was an absolute $hit of a week with late outs to Buddy, Michell and Griffin. Some were lucky to miss this, while others copped all three (like me; ok that’s the last of my rant). We are now starting to see the true value of solid bench cover as coaches decide to mess with our minds on a weekly basis,  Thursday teams are starting to be harder to figure out than the murderer in a game of cluedo. Does it look like ending? You bet your sweet ass it doesnt!

This week, if you are lucky enough to have trades, you should definitely consider if you should trade to match your opponent or trade as a further point of difference. This can apply if you are both miles ahead or miles behind at the start of the game.

Carnage Normality ahead

There are plenty of whispers around of the general hitting the crows this week. DT favourites Thompson, Danger and Sloane have all played every game this year and could get a mysterious injury for a week, while there has been an article on  Mitchell being 50/50 this week and I don’t think we will see Griffin again (‘injured’ or not). Add this to Pendles going down at training today and Buddy being ‘a near certainty’ this week and we are going to need at least 10 playing emergencies to not field a donut.



There have been no notable omissions (so far) this week in the back line, so it should be the least of your problems. Pearce Hanley ($312,900, b/e 41)  looks to be a bargain at his price. Scored a handy 94 last week, but trying to predict who in the Lions back line will score big week to week (much like Sydney) is harder to pick than a broken nose. A whole 105 coaches have fared giant Tommy the Bugg for the Irishman, which makes it one of the most popular trades this week! Brendan Goddard ($439k, b/e 60) has hit form at the right time of year with three 100s and a 99 in his last 4, while ol’ Grimey ($454,100 b/e 70) continues to not only play every week, but perform with 3 100’s in a row. Paul Duffield could provide a hail Mary POD with an average of 95 in his last 5, but then you look at his coach and decide to keep your sanity.


DT Messiah Dane Swan returns this week to play one of his favourite teams on one of his favourite grounds! Seemed like the longest 2 weeks in history!  Hopefully the 70,000 coaches who held him are still around to fight another day, as Swan will no doubt cause many a headache to the coaches who traded him out. The other tattooed laden Dayne (Beams) continued his stellar season with 129 last week and a lowest of 113 in his last 6.  has been consistently in the top 10 traded for the past few weeks and  is now the 13th most popular pick this year. will still be that popular next year, even if as a mid only. A hail Mary POD could be Jack Redden ($461,700, b/e 78) who loves playing Port and 4 100’s in his last 5 games. It takes true balls (and pride) to bring in Bryce Gibbs ($476,000 b/e 51) but a 3 round average of 132 may help that decision making process.


I swear all 3,857 Jon Griffin ($349k) owners have risen from the shadows to complain of their heartache of his ‘late’ out and their lack of coverage (either no one playing or no E on that line). As the AFL were satisfied with Freo’s excuse of a late out, Griffin may not be seen again. What is worse, if you were like me, you could of traded him for the then under-performing Jon Giles. Coaches were also required to look into their crystal balls and predict if Sandi was going to come back in time, or if he would be put in cotton wool ala 2011 if their finals chances were gone. An extra $15k would get you in form Swan Mumford ($365k) who has a 3 rd average of of 94, an extra $50k could get you Sandi ($378,600) or Goldstein ($393,200) who will likely play lone hands in the ruck.



Stevie J ($427,000) continues to take to his midfield role like a fat kid to a cupcake, and is the 2nd most traded player in this week. Excluding his run in with Thompson, it was his first week under 100 in 5 weeks. Calvin thinks he will go nuts this week, so is still great value. Taswegian Mitch Robinson has not returned from injury as coaches had hoped and is the fall guy for Johnson. Robsinson is playing the GC this week so could get a reprieve for one more week.

One player whose form seems to mirrors his team success is Boomer Harvey($454,400). Has had 6 100’s in his last 7 and could be that hail Mary you need to get over the line. Projected to get a huuuge 140 this week, yet has scores of 85 and 39 in his last 3 vs the Dockers, go figure!

One last thing in the forward line to consider is to ensure to have a playing emergency for Buddy!

Good luck to all this week (especially my best friend Funky who LOVES my article!)


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  • thanks…. just need bench cover and with a fwd/mid under 200K … any thoughts…. Thanks warnie for advice last week…. Gibson was the man !!!

  • Opponent has murph, was thinking of going Mitchell to murph with my final trade?

    Also need some selection advice on who to bench this week:

    Mids – gibbo, Thompson, daisy, pendles

    Fwds – dusty, boomer, goodesy, zorko

    Leaning towards gibbo & boomer due to free factor…..

  • if i can trade griffin for any ruck (apart from cox) who should it be?

  • Hmm Good Trade or Bad Trade:

    Franklin > S.Johnson
    Cloke > Roughhead

    3 trades left and fighting to get to the grand final….

    • Absolute madness trading out Franklin. (Only do it if he isn’t named this week)

      • What do you think of a straight swap

        Martin > S.Johnson

        Leaves 2 trades for the grand final but I will get StevieJ’s score this week which should be good…..

        Stuck with Cloke on the field though….

        • If Martin is the weakest on your team and you still have 3 trades left you could do it. But surely you still have a rookie on your bench you could upgrade to SJ and keep Martin as cover…

          • FWD line at the moment is:
            Beams, Franklin, Sidey, Zorko, Martin, Goodes, Cloke, Murdoch and Patton

            I am thinking you are right. I can trade out a weak bench player….i.e. patton for cash and then upgrade:

            Patton > Roberts (WB – played 2 games)
            Cloke > S.Johnson which leaves me with 1 trade and $8k for the GF if I make it.

            FWD backup is poor though with Roberts and Murdoch on the bench and no DPP is move the team around.

            Will have to see who is listed as playing tonight and then make a decision. But that seems better than ditching Martin and keeping Cloke…..

      • Franklin was also named last week….

        • I like the trades. there is nothing to say buddy will be named and how well he will do. I’m assuming you need some cash whoch the buddy trade will give you. Johnson will go BANG this week and roughhead is waaay better than cloke at the moment. for overall team strength i think the trades are good.

          good work for holding 3 trades. i hope you get rewarded

  • M Johnson –> P Hanley
    Giles –> Sandilands
    Priddis –> Stevie J

    Can do 2 of these trades or do 1 and save 1 for next week

    What should i do?

    • Kerp giles but i dont know about the otger two

    • Priddis -> Stevie J definitely

    • Definitely Priddis to Stevie J

      you would kick yourself if Giles continued his good form ( I have for 5 weeks)

      Johnson to Hanley is a much of a muchness and not worth it IMO.

      I would go the one trade for now.

    • I’d leave hanley well alone – consistency isn’t exactly a strong point for him or any brisbane player for that matter.

      Priddis to Stevie J is the only one I woud consider, but only if I had another trade in the bank for next week

  • One trade left… can keep for GF or –

    Play Spurr
    Play Shaw
    Trade Spurr -> Enright or Hanley

    Not guaranteed a win but can’t see Enright or Hanley scoring more than 20 above Spurr/Shaw

    • Spurr has been consistent since his return, and enright is no guarantee to outscore him, i’d honestly save it.

      if it was Spurr to grimes or waters then i’d say do it…

  • Selections pending the only obvious problem I can see with the below team is I don’t have Swan.

    Def: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Carrazzo, H Shaw, Waters, Birchall, (S Shaw, Darley)

    Mid: Ablett, Boyd, Thompson, Pendlebury, Jelwood, Barlow, (Gibson, Couch)

    Ruck: Goldstein, Roughead (Redden, Stephenson)

    Fwd: Beams, Sidebottom, Franklin, Dangerfield, Fyfe, S Johnson, Zorko (Martin, Treloar)

    I have 2 trades and 10k and provided everyone is selected I have worked out i can trade

    Darley – 85 k defender who probably won’t play
    Barlow/Jelwood – Swan

    My question to everyone is, is it worth it bringing in someone who won’t play to afford Swan?
    If yes who would you trade out?

    Barlow has the better form but I think Jelwood has the higher ceiling and plays his last 2 at home so probably leaning towards trading out Barlow.


    • I like the trades

      Shaw have proven himself to have good JS and be reliable cover.

      Jelwood and Barlow – flip a coin i think

      if Scotty thompson gets a rest this week i would maybe consider him too…..

  • One trade left, no certainty to make the grand final.

    Kreuzer/Giles –> Cox or Priddis –> Murphy?


    1) Joel Selwood >>> Dane Swan DONE!
    2) Jon Giles >>> upgrade??

    I’m finding it extremely difficult to trade OUT Giles this week due to the fact he has scored 3 tonnes in the last 4 weeks.
    * 3 tonnes in 4 weeks
    * Low Break Even
    * Plays against McEvoy & Goldstein
    * Could be due for a rest

    Thoughts thanks fellas

    • Tough one Totto, anybody could be due for a rest. I can only suggest Giles>Cox for probable maximum points, particularly this week against a ruckless Pies.

      • Dean Cox
        vs JOLLY/Collingwood (Patersons) PROJ 92, Last Time 83 @ MCG
        vs HALE/Hawthorn (MCG) PROJ 102, Last Time 81 @ Patersons

        Ivan Maric
        vs RYDER/Essendon (MCG) PROJ 106, Last Time 124 @ MCG
        vs LOBBE/Port Adelaide (MCG) PROJ 89, Last Time 124 @ AAMI

        Todd Goldstein
        vs SANDILANDS/Fremantle (Etihad) PROJ 91, Last Time 72 @ Patersons
        vs GILES/GWS (Skoda) PROJ 93, Last Time 71 @ Blundstone

        Ben McEvoy
        vs GILES/GWS (Etihad) PROJ 95, Last Time N/A
        vs KRUEZER/Carlton (Etihad) PROJ 88, Last Time 103 @ Etihad

        Can you see my dilema haha

        • -Cox will dominate this week and struggle next week
          -Maric could struggle against Ryder but dominate next week.
          -Goldstein has a tough task against Sandi but SHOULD dominate Giles next week.
          -McEvoy should beat Giles and Kruezer but just dont like him haha

  • Last 2 trades this week:
    Horsley > Andreoli (for the back dpp link)
    Murdoch > Johnson
    Good trade, Bad trade. Got bench cover of the likes of D SMith and Martin. Thoughts?

    • Geat trades! with cover like that, the M8 position can definitely be made expendable.

  • 2 trades this week, and 2 for next week.

    This week

    Mitchell to Murphy
    Cloke to Tex Walker

    Next week bring in Swan/Spud for Shuey/Spud.

    No one talking about Walker with Adelaide having 2 easy games left and his recent scoring pretty good – much better than Cloke. And he is a safer bet that Mr Concussion.

    • Nice find. good POD if anything. Port are down on Key position players so Tex should go well and is a very small chance for a rest.

      Mitchell may be forced to trade and Muph should have a day out against GC

      Good work for having 4 trades left

  • I have 2 trades left. My team is complete, and assuming all play will have a premo as bench cover in mids and fwd ( martin/robbo).

    Suckling bothers me down back. should I trade him to Hanley?

    Or should I use both my trades to upgrade a premo def (grimes) and bench suckling.

    Or shouls I just back suckling and save trades for grand final.

  • Plan B. I can straight trade barlow -> murphy (or even trade out jelwood, as barlow has been really consistent). I reckon murphies form is co

    ming good, and could smash it on GC.

    • Plan B looks good. suckling to hanley is a sideways trade that doesnt give your team an overall advantage. Barlow/Jelwood to Murphy looks to be the better trade.

      • Who would you trade out, Barlow (very consistent , nearly always 100-110) or jelwood (Very bad form recently, but is playing the Dogs, and has a higher ceiling).

      • Of course Plan C is to make no trades, as on paper my team should really have the measure this round, and two trades in the grand final would be oh so handy.

  • Does anyone else think Stevie J has been stealing Jelwoods points in the midfield?

  • Which Teams looks the likely winner?

    no trades left for either team.

    Def: Deledio, Scotland, Goddard, Waters, M.Johnson, Carrazzo, Gram ( ellis, )
    Mids: Swan, Ablett, Boyd, Mitchell, Scotty T, Jelwood ( J Mac, Gibson )
    Rucks: Cox, McEvoy ( redden, campbell )
    Fwds: Chapman, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Martin, Zorko, Fyfe, C.Pearce ( treloar, d.smith )

    Def: Deledio, Scotland, Birchall, Goddard, Heppell, Carrazzo, Ellis (, Baguley )
    Mids: Stanton, Jelwood, Barlow, Pendlebury, K.Simpson, Scotty T ( gibson, l.hayes )
    Rucks: Maric, Jacobs ( campbell, stephenson )
    Fwds: Beams , Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Chapman, Franklin , Fyfe, Goodes ( porplyza, zorko )

    • You should just write down the opposing uniques, makes such analysis easier.

    • A)
      Def: , , Goddard, Waters, M.Johnson, Gram ( ellis, )
      Mids: Swan, Ablett, Boyd, Mitchell, Jelwood ( J Mac, Gibson )
      Rucks: Cox, McEvoy ( redden, campbell )
      Fwds: Martin, Zorko, C.Pearce ( treloar, d.smith )

      Def: Birchall, Goddard, Heppell, , Ellis (, Baguley )
      Mids: Stanton, Jelwood, Barlow, Pendlebury, K.Simpson, ( gibson, l.hayes )
      Rucks: Maric, Jacobs ( campbell, stephenson )
      Fwds: Beams Franklin Goodes ( porplyza, zorko )

      Just looking at uniques, I would have to say that Team A with Swan and Ablett surely has the edge.

    • Very even teams! Team A should have the advantage but Ablett may be tagged this week, while Beams may go high.

  • Treloar to Johnson

  • Got 4 trades left. $168k in the bank

    Team is:
    Def: Deledio, Goddard, Scotland, Birchall, H Shaw, Carrazzo, Spurr. Emg (Paine, Darley)

    Mid: Ablett, Watson, Pendles, Boyd, Thompson, Ebert. Emg (C Smith, Miles)

    Ruck: Cox, Giles Emg (Redden, Stephenson)

    Fwd: Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Johnson, Robinson, Franklin, Zorko, Treloar Emg (D Smith, Murdoch)

    Any Ideas? Was thinking maybe Robinson or Franklin to Beams, which would mean I would have to wait until next round for Swan. Or would it be safer to do a downgrade and use the cash to upgrade Ebert to Swan?

  • 1 trade left and $123 grand in the bank.

    Should I hold it for the GF or trade Sam Fisher >> Scotland or Waters, Gibson>> Watson (leaving Rockliff as bench backup) or Martin >> O’Keefe??

    • It really depends. If you believe you can win it this week, hold your trade. Also, if your opponent is easier this week than next week then also hold. However, if you have a tough game or your opponent is harder this week than next week, use the trade.

      I wouldn’t trade Gibson as he has been very consistant.

      If you don’t have Swan, Beams, or Stevie J (for this week), get these players in first.

      • I like the Fisher to Scotland trade, but this depends on your bench cover.

        As Andrew said, if you dont have Swan Beams or Stevie J, I would try and get them first.

  • Good luck Funky? Like to say I’m addicted to Jimmybobs article too, but unlike you(Funky) I read it to see who I shouldn’t trade in and that’s usually the good trades ;)
    Love ya stuff Jimmy, and I’m not kidding this time. (I will cop it for that)

  • Well thanks alot Mitch Robinson!! Now I’m stuck with Giles for the entire year :|

    Last 2 trades
    Joel Selwood >>> Dane Swan :D
    Aaron Hall >>> Stevie Johnson (with Robinson on Bench for next week)

    Ended the season with $8,700 in the bank which Im stoked with