Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 22

Arggg welcome back! Let’s not beat around the bush too much this week. Oh did you see my #1 pick last week? In case tyou missed it, Gazza Ablett had a massive 175pts to lead the way but things look a little different this week.

Ok… Ablett Vs Carrots (Carrazzo) is a huge match up this week and one that has me a little worried. Yes, he has been our little warrior and Superhero with Swanny out but this one does worry me. As I will mention later, Carrazzo claimed Jobe (98) last week and Simon Black (53) the week before. He is one of the best taggers in the game at the moment. He can clamp them down! Last year when the Suns met the Blues, he went to Gaz and held him to just 96pts from only 23d, his worst effort disposal wise in games when he wasn’t injured last year. Last week, Carlton didn’t allow any Essendon players to score 100+… not one! Last time Ablett was on his home track he scored just 99 (Vs Giants) but is still averaging 131 there in his last 3.Gazza is coming off a massive 175 from last week and is averaging 135 in his last 3 this year, but this game does leave question mark on his head!

The Others…

Paul Chapman – Had 131 on the Bulldogs this year and has averaged 115 at Simonds in 2012. He will be very good just like the Swans were last week against them when they scored 6×100+ scores.
Dayne Beams – Had 129 and 131 in his last 2 games this year and has 5×119+ scores in his last 6 games this year. The kid just keeps getting it done. Had 117 when these teams met in Rd. 13, 2012.
Brett Deledio – Had his career best DT score of 160 when they played Essendon in Rd. 8, 2012. Only had 78 last week but still should be great.
Marc Murphy – Had a massive 163 last week and had 129 when he played the Suns in 2011. Form has been down, but he appears to be back to his best.
Scott Pendlebury – Didn’t play in the Rd. 13 of this year, but has had 138 and 131 on the Eagles in his last 2. They are his favourite team to score DT points on over his career but only carries a highest score of 114 in his last 4 this year. Still will be good.
Stevie Johnson – Will be BIG. Had 148 on the Dogs in Rd. 9, 2012 and even had 143 on them last year. Averaging 129 at Simonds in his last 3, if we exclude his 1pt game he had when he got clobbered. He has played at Simonds 4 times this year and has massive scores of 163 and 146 during that time. Mark my words… big game on the cards for Stevie!
Trent Cotchin – Had his 2nd best DT of 2012 against the Bombers in that Rd. 8 game with 143. Carlton mids killed Essendon where Marc (163), Simpson (131) and Gibbs (125) all had a blast. Delids and Cotch should as well.
Brendon Goddard – Had 125 last week and plays the Giants at Etihad. Averages 10 more points a game there than he does at the MCG this year. Big roughie.
Bryce Gibbs  – He is averaging 129 in his last 3 games this year and had a huge 144 (36d, 15m) when he played the Suns last year. Very sneaky option!
Jobe Watson – Only had 98 last week due to the tag of Carrazzo but did have 134 in Rd. 8 when he played the Tigers this year.
Joel Selwood – Only had 100 in that Rd. 9 clash this year and is coming off previous scores of 67 and 88. Pffth.

The signs do look good! This week and many DT coaches all over Australia will be signally to each other the ‘double swan’ signal.

Before Dane Swan was sat out for the last 2 weeks, he was averaging 148 in his last 3 and now he returns as fresh as a daisy. He missed Rd. 9/10 this year and returned with a massive 142 and what makes it better this time is, he’s not returning from an injury!

Swan has already played these guys in Rd. 13 of this year and had a nice 132pts (38d, 11m) and top scored for the game. Before that, Swan has killed the Eagles with previous scores of 144, 89, 161, 158, 133 and 158! That little 89 you see there was in the lead up to Swan heading to Arizona. He wasn’t himself and I’m happy to pass that one off! West Coast are Dane Swan’s favourite team to score DT points on and he should kill it this week at Patersons Stadium, a ground where he averages 138 in his last 3 games there.

What about the tags of McGinnity and Selwood? Well, nah. In that Rd. 13 clash, there were no tags at all. But in recent weeks the Eagles have been using these boys to tag (like they did against Port). But I reckon we’ll see a head to head battle and Swanny racking em up big time!

Who will be your round 22 captain?

  • Dane Swan (50%, 909 Votes)
  • Stevie Johnson (12%, 222 Votes)
  • Dayne Beams (10%, 177 Votes)
  • Trent Cotchin (2%, 38 Votes)
  • Gary Ablett (17%, 312 Votes)
  • Scott Pendlebury (2%, 29 Votes)
  • Marc or Gibbs (2%, 32 Votes)
  • Deledio or Chapman (2%, 42 Votes)
  • Someone else (3%, 61 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,819

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  • Good Read

    • actually your second…

      • Actually it’s ‘ you’re ‘

        • cheers bud

          • Actually, it’s ‘bro’

          • Alright my friends, I know the english language quite well guys. In fact I got an ‘A’ in english last semester, I am also ranked very high up in my year, I am in the top 10 rankings for my year in 3 subjects.
            But thanks for the grammar checks guys.

          • well that’s the thing. it doesn’t matter if you’re book-smart if you can’t go out into the world and apply your knowledge.

            congratulations on doing well at high school, you can hang your hat on that forever.

          • Thanks Justin, I will keep that in mind!!

          • Actually… Its annoying as F#$% having to scroll thru this shit! Not to mention disrespectful to Calvin who writes these articles to create MEANINGFUL discussion.

  • Great article Calvin, I’ll be playing it safe with Swan.

    Which forward should I trade in?:

    -is in great form with 5 tons in a row and a last 5 average of 120
    -has 2 very easy games: Melbourne and Gold Coast
    -could get rested but after Crow’s shock lost, he probably won’t

    2. STEVIE J
    -spending more time in the middle, he has averaged 115 in his last 3 but is inconsistent
    -crucially, he has 2 home games at Skilled (Simonds) against DT friendly WB and Swans
    -very unlikely to be rested as Cats try to sow up a finals spot

    3. ROK (Ryan O’Keefe
    -averages 120 in his last 4
    -2 tough games against the Hawks and Cats away
    -very unlikely to be reseted

  • First week ever I have had all 5 picks in my team!

  • My mids stand abblett, watson, boyd, hayes, barlow, pends do I trade dane swan back into my team having traded him out, me having 2 trades and $101,200 in the bank, pfeiffer > brendan lee and match my opponent who has swan, must prob as captain [^_^] abblett, boyd, pens, selwood ROCKCLIFF emgs are gibson and coach who I have aswelll. Which of my mids do I upgrade to swan your help would very kind!!!

  • Beams or Swan.

    Prob Swan since he’s all rested up.

  • Guys, Adcock, Hanley, Enright yes all inconsistent but all I can afford.


  • No mention of Dean Cox? Especially since Jolly man not be playing? Hmm…

  • Who should i play on the field???
    Van Berlo or Jack steven??

    Steven vs GWS
    Van Berlo vs Melb.

  • Great article Calvin.

    A) Robbo to Chappy/Goodes
    B.) Buddy to Okeefe/Stevie J


  • Gotta go fat guts. My 2 opponents don’t even have him :D

  • Is Franklin likely to play??

  • Narrowed down my captain choices last week to Ablett (175), Murphy (163) and Pendles (97). Sure enough, I went with Pendles. That’s Dream Team for ya.

  • Do you think nick maxwell will captain gazza despite the worry of the carrots tag??
    If not, who do you think he will captain??

  • No scott thompson?

  • Ok i seriously need someone to help me.

    my midfield

    abblet, swan, beams, greene, priddis, gibson (emergencies Brad ebert, james mcdonald)


    Franklin, Stevie J, Dangerfield, Sidebottom, Zorko, Martin

    should i swap beams for martin then bench martin and be able to play brad ebert, or essentially play martin over ebert, or ebert over martin with the swap??????

    and this week im versing dr dream team and his mids are abblet, watson, pendles, thompson, boyd and priddis.

    shoud i make swan as captain seeing as he doesnt have him or stevie J plz help i think stevie will do well but knowing him

  • Nice work with the Captain Ablett picture with carrots in the background Calv.

  • and as a big west coast fan i still think swan could get huge but i would and wouldn’t expect it. The reason i say that is that scott selwood was best on ground last week because there was no one to tag in port whether the eagles choose to have his effectiveness or ruin swans/pendles im not sure. But if scott selwood hard tags i wouldnt expect much more than a 120 from swan. Seeing as abblet averages 130 at patersons against the eagles and only got about 100

  • My opponent doesnt have swan, but has Ablett. My team on average is better, he has more up and down players, but on a good week he could take me.

    Do I 1) choose ablett as captain to stop him getting an advantage if ablett gets 200.

    2) choose swan in the hope he will play better than ablett, and really seal my victory.

    • I think you would be better off choosing Swan as it is highly unlikely that Ablett will do better than Swan for the following reasons:
      – After Swan returns from a break, he generally scores higher.
      – Swan achives his highest scores against West Coast
      – Gary Ablett will have a low game (in his standards) as he will most likely be tagged by Carazzo, who did a great job on Watson last week.

  • Pretty sure you just answered you own question in the last part of no. 2 champ….

  • stevie j will have the C on him this week

  • ahh.. dont have swanny. will have to go stevie j. hope he pulls a 150.

  • Putting the (C) on Cox

    With Jolly out hopefully he and Nic Nat will dominate

  • Its been a pleasure reading goss here peoples, unfortunatly im going to be knocked out this week… Although this is my first season, i think next year will be a better one for me….

    Good luck to all, till next time.