NixMatchups – for Round 21

Hi Dreamers,

As indicated earlier in the week I have another spreadsheet file.  This one is for looking at head to head league games and can be updated as the games progress during the weekend.

The file allows for monitoring up to 5 league games, or teams you might have to face the following next week.

You can update team changes such as emergencies or late withdrawal donuts as they happen, and get an instant forecast of what this means for each of your matches.

Here is the link


The file is an excel 2007 spreadsheet.  Be aware that the file includes sorting macros.  So it might trigger some concern from your virus checkers or corporate firewall.

Read the instructions tab.  Post questions here or on twitter @NixTrader.

Good luck for the finals,





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  • Sam Mitchell out …

    OK for those using NixMatchUps

    Go to Games tab – Go to last game (9), look in Matchups column for which of your opponents have Mitchell.

    Go to MatchUps tab for those teams – replace Mitchell with their emergency player (if they have a valid one) or put a zero in My Est column (to give Mitchell a donut) if they don’t.

    Press PAIRS button macro.

    Voila all your forecasts, tables, projection graphs are updated and you will have correct information for rest of round.

    Whereas all the forecasts provided by DreamTeam website will be wrong till the end of the last game (if either team has Mitchell).