Nix DreamTrader – after Round 20

Hi Dreamers,

Hope everyone survived the games of the 20th Dreamiad and you are still alive for the finals.  I lost a few qualifying finals, including one to Dr.DreamTeam – oh the shame!  But at least I have another chance.

Here is the update of Nix DreamTrader, version name revolving door.

Most dreamers only have LTI /emergency sideways trades left so they aren’t looking at upgrading their sides. However, I’ve added a bit more information to each trade scenario – the sides each player faces in the last few rounds, plus the proportion of teams holding each player.  You may find this useful.

There is a neat correlation between the Trader and RLGriffin’s Mad Monday article this week.

–  The Trader includes built in benchmarks similar to the numbers Griff was quoting for each position to discourage players who don’t score enough for their position.

– Also the MagnetBoard has a column showing season total points per $100k for each of the players in your team.  The benchmark for this is updated every round and is currently 390 points for every $100k in player value.  If your players are above this their number will be shown in blue, if they are below their number will be shown in red. So you have an easy way of seeing which players aren’t pulling their weight in total points.

Anyway here is the update file …


The file is an MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet, so it will try to open in MS Excel 2007 or similar.

I am happy to try to export it in other forms if posters want to suggest something feasible. However, the formulas are quite technical, so I am not optimistic it will transfer to other platforms easily.

I didn’t post an update last week.  In part this was because I was working on an extra matchup component to allow you to compare your side against the teams in your leagues, and monitor the progress of the head to head games.  But I decided to pull this out and make it a separate file.  I’m still finalising it and will post it in a couple of days.



  • This tool is a guide only, you are responsible for your own use of the ‘T’ button.
  • This is a virtual MagnetBoard only.  If you do not like what you see or how your team is performing do not punch the screen.







  • Probably coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I love stats.

    Any shortcuts for importing my team each week? I feel like I’m missing something. If not – that’s okay, worth the effort!

    • You can copy and paste players’ names from the previous version, although you can only do one position block (green section) at a time. So 4 copies for the whole team.

      This also applies to using the same players in trade scenarios – just copy the player’s name again. I looked at getting some kind of auto complete happening for text entries but unfortunately not possible in excel.

    • my trade last week stanton>fyfe….. said it was a terrible trade! :o

      I’m a bad coach…… although it was actually bad in the end the prediction was kind of slanted due to stanton’s high average…….. and fyfe’s low average I think.

      • Interesting question …

        If you look at rows 12 and 13 (on right side of box) you will see Stanton is priced at only 82% of his current average (111) whereas Fyfe is priced at 102% of his current average (87).

        So putting aside the issue of whether either will actually walk over the white line, the Trader calculations don’t like the fact that you are trading out a very underpriced high rated player for a lower rated and slightly overpriced replacement – particularly for one of your starting 6 midfield positions.

        However, most experienced DTers will think that Stanton isn’t a 111 player and Fyfe is better than 87 and be tempted by the trade. The benefit of the Trader box is that you can use line 14 to override the averages and put in whatever you want.
        Will the trade work if you think Stanton is a 105 player for the remaining games and Fyfe is a 95 player for the remaining games? Or Stanton 100 and Fyfe 100? Or Stanton 95 and Fyfe 105? Or whatever mix you want. So you can easily incorporate your own DT and football knowledge and the calculations will update accordingly.

        So you can find out the numbers to make the trade work – then the question for you is how realistic this is? Will Fyfe really score that well in your team under your expert coaching? Or are the less risky options?

        The position is important here as well. The Trader will be more encouraging if you want Fyfe as a forward, rather than a starting 6 midfield replacement for Stanton.

  • Week off this week, next week I will be using my final 2 trades and riding my luck into the GF!!
    Jon Giles $374,400 >>> Ivan Maric $447,800
    Joel Selwood $470,000 >>> Dane Swan $617,900

    Thoughts please?
    All positions are set, I have decided to go with Zorko as my F7 as he scored 120 against the dogs last time they played in Melbourne. Lions v Dogs @ GABBA on Grand Final week.

    Reason for trading Selwood, they play SYDNEY!!

  • It’s an awesomely cool thing.

    Thank you and well done.