DT Finals Week 1 – Lockout Chat

First week of finals. Top 4 get the double chance in their Qualifying Finals but if you’re 5th-8th, then you’re battling for survival in the Elimination Finals. How are you hitting this round? Big trades? Unique captain? Are you the underdog or do you have it in the bag? Chat all about it here!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.

Come back on Sunday night to post your scores and chat about the round and moving into next week as we all wait for lockout to end.


  • The first round of the finals has turned out to be a bit of a lottery so far..very much a piece of fortune given all the variables thrown at us,.

  • You know your farked when t.bell (61) scores more then:
    pav (58), m.johnson (48), robinson (48), goodes (58), waters (57) and nearly scores more then zorko (63) and thompson (65).
    Top that!!????!! I dare you!!!!!

    • In my main league my five uniques are Pav, Fyfe, Thompson,Johnson & Suckling. Unless Suckling gets 350+ points i am cooked

      • If Suckling manages to get that AFTER being named as the starting sub, you’ll have quite a story to tell.

  • 1544 from 15/23… hoping for 2250+

    Boyd, Heppell, Mitchell, Suckling, Whitecross, Deledio, Martin & Gibson to come.

  • SUCKLING SUB. don’t have him.. BUT feel for those..

  • Suckling sub is fantastic news. Prelim final here I come!

  • AFL officials must be sitting back in their chairs laughing at all the DTérs curled in the fetal position after this year. What a SHOCKER for LTI’s, “late withdrawls”,……..oh and FU Suckling/Clarkson, better be an early injury !!

  • im 4 points down and have dustin martin, birchall and sam mitchell to go,

    against boyd and jobe watson

    can i win this fucker?

  • Suckling, sub.

    Honestly, sub?

  • Suckling has just cost me the game

  • Suckling, Fyfe, Chapman, Swan = The train wreck that is my dreamteam.

  • Just last night opponent had a 109 point lead but I had 2 uniques in hand

    Now Suckling sub for me and Pfeiffer late in for my oppenent means they now have a 109 point lead and I only have 0.5 uniques in hand. Will be forced to trade Swanny now which I know is the wrong thing but I need to win my Semi

  • Jorddoga, I hear you.

    Finished 5th or 6th in my 4 leagues.

    Dreamteam = traded in Fyfe and Goodes this week, have Chappy, Riewvoldt, Hurn, Pavlich,

    Supercoach = traded in Chaplin this week, have Rioli, Robinson, Suckling (seriously considered him as emergency given his recent form but thought I’d better start him on the field).

    No need to wait for the last two games of the round. I’ve crashed and burned already!

    • why would you EVER even consider chaplin….. baffling as mr genghiskhan would say….

      that ones your fault!!!!

    • Do you mean Chapman?

      • No, Chaplin, you heard it right and yes, its my fault … actually in my defence … ah, stuff it!

    • at least you’ll have a meathead moment for next year… just pretend it was dt ;)

      hes come back from a knee injury for crying out loud….. to top off hes a spud!!! (and I go for port….)

  • After chapman fyfe doughnuts and suckling sub,
    a big one from Sam Gibson could still win Qualifying Finals in both leagues.

  • If jobe watson does’nt get the brownlow this year then the umps and all AFL people in charge should be sacked

  • on that note… we should have a dt brownlow were we all vote..

    j. watson – 3 votes

    r. okeefe – 2 votes

    b. delidio – 1 vote

    n. fyfe – fucking -10 votes!!!!!

  • When Warnie said Roughead was out on the live show, i figured he must have said that by mistake… it wasn’t documented on the AFL site on the teams list even right up until lockout, WTF

  • Losing to nick maxwell by three points ATM.
    He has Bagueley and Watson vs heppell and Gibson.
    My uniques Suckling, Rockliff, Robbo sure haven’t helped.

  • just hoping stants doesn’t play this week…..

  • My backline probably couldn’t have performed any worse this week, and all while paired up against a guy with 15 common players in an eliminator where my main point of difference was my backline.
    Suckers and Heppell, thanks for repaying the faith. Assholes

  • The Reject Shop massive END OF FINANCIAL SALE.


    Port Adelaide Football Club now just $2,500,000 ono. Used. Needs restoration.

    Warning: Choking Hazard, keep out of reach of finals.

    (*Coach not included)

  • Dear Gary Hocking. Please do the DT World a favour and do not play Nathan Blee again this year. An average of 12 will have him priced as a rookie next year. We are sick of coaches needlessly inflating rookie prices (Yes James Hird, I’m looking at you.)

    Blee, Mitchell and Docherty. Please fail to play.


  • Gibbo gets me across the line by four! You little Anzac!