Lockout Chat: Round 19

After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 19? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • 1383/14 petrie as captain haha if he would of kicked a little straighter maybe the ton, grant birchall has a bullshit free against hawkins did any1 else see that shocking umpire decision.

  • 1898 from 19 with Carazzo, Kruezer, Heppell & Ablett to come.

    Should pull around 2280 mark.

  • 1419/15 played. Pretty Happy with the score considering Hurns 36. Still got Grimes, Watson, Heppell, Carazzo, Danger, Jacobs and Ablett Captain. Hoping for 2250

  • 1772 from 17… Ablett, Heppell, Scotland, Carrazzo, Thompson & Dangerfield to come. Hoping to get somewhere around the 2350 mark.

    Happy with the scoring which has helped soften the blow of West Coast and how shit they were today.

  • 1063/12 absolutely disgraceful DT week but hurn and hanley 35 & 36 disrespectively!!!
    Birchall, MJ, priddis (sought of) all spudding up.
    Extreme :(

  • 1508/16.

    Lake, Rockliff, Mjohnson and Cloke are a bloody concern going into finals. Hope I avoid injuries and can upgrade a couple of them with my remaining three trades.

    I brought in Rockliff for Hayes. A lesson I should have learned by now, especially after trading out Pavlich for Sidebottom in Round 5. It is probably about time I learned this lesson properly.

  • 1836/19

    U know that this was gonna be a shit round when ur 3 premiums combine for a score of 210 in Suckling, Birchall and Mitchell on the Friday night.

    • If Gibson is a def/mid next year he will be in my team take out his sub score he has averaged around 90

  • Me – Cox 66 Opponent – Giles 124
    The rest is fairly similar.
    Not happy Jan.

  • It kills me to say this….but the eagles are not a top four team, not even cose. We haven’t beaten anyone in the top seven this year (except that debacle of a game against hawks) and we have “glossed over” our injuries by pumping shit teams at pattersons…not enough time left for JK, embers etc to come back in and make a difference.
    On a good note, take out birch and suckers puss bucket effort fri night and coxy barely getting near it yesterday my DT is looking ok, don’t need the win but should end up around 2300, go into finals in second spot with 150k and 4 trades….happy days

  • who had pendles as [C]

  • does any body have goldsack

  • Suckling, Birchall, Cox, Rockliff.

    Enough said…

    • forgot Enright too FML

      This could cost me not only a top four spot, but also knock me out of the 8 the way the other match ups in the league are going…

      Suckling was traded in for Broughton this week, talk about trading like for like!!

  • traded franklin for fyfe not such a bad trade as I thought. :)

  • 16/23


    not too shabby….. but not as good as last few weeks. hoping for at least 2200… and if I get in 2200 it will be my first for the year!!!!! thats right Iv’e had (excluding MBR’S) 3: 1900s, 4: 2000’s, 2: 2100’s (first two rounds this year….), 4: 2300’s and 1: 2400 and 1:2500!!!!!!!!!!

    anyways have grimes, ablett, carrots, scotland, dangerfield, rok, watson….

    so if I can get a 100 average 2300+ if not that at least 2200+ but I am known for having a sunday fadeout……

  • Sam Gibson = Gun.

    That is all.

    • IMO Gibson is a must have If he gets def/mid link next year has averaged around 90 takin out his 17 ‘sub’.

  • DT traffic on every site so low. kind of sucks!
    mckenzie out. GAJ for a huge score – 170+ please!

    • +1

      Yes please :D

    • I’m hoping that means everyone who isn’t commenting is scoring horribly…I’m only on track to get 2100-2200 this weekend. I feel like 2300 is needed to climb the rankings. (No chance of winning but ranked in the 9,000’s and my target all year has been top 5,000)

      It’s hard to tell what par might be because of the lack of comments.

      Theres a few high scores but perhaps all the lower scores aren’t commenting

  • Doing an EPL Fantasy League if anyone is interested… http://fantasy.premierleague.com/

    101986-154944 is the league code, get around it!

  • Gotta find room for Pav next week.

  • 2013 Dreamteam Watchlist

    Harley Bennel
    Colin Sylvia
    Lewis Jetta
    Kieren Jack
    Bryce Gibbs
    Trent Cotchin
    Travis Boak
    Allen Christensen
    Matthew Luenberger
    Tom Rockliff
    Dayne Zorko
    Richard Douglas
    Rory Slaone
    Toby Greene
    Luke Parker
    Billy Longer
    Dyson Heppell
    Dustin Martin
    David Zaharakis
    Andrew Gaff
    Nic Natanui
    Scott Selwood
    Luke Shuey
    Tom Mitchell
    Jake Melksham
    Travis Cloke
    Brandon Matera
    Luke Russell
    David Swallow
    Jack Steven
    Tom Libertore
    Mitch Wallis
    Ryan Bastinac
    Nat Fyfe
    Shane Savage
    Liam Shiels
    Isaac Smith
    Jaeger O’Meara
    Devon Smith
    Adam Trealor
    Hamish Harteltt
    Reece Conca
    Daniel Rich

    If anyone can recommend any further addition please comment :)

    • Ben Howlett – 89 avg
      Very consistent (scored between 75-120 in all but one game), a tackling machine and will be underpriced with his sub-affected 31 today.

  • Carrots having a mare!

  • wtf is with dangerfield…. gets a crack in his hand and then dominates!!!!!!!

  • Shouldni trade out porps for buddy

  • Wow Poplezia

  • Damn…looks like Porps will be the difference between winning and losing.

    I should just scrape in to the 8 though thanks to a lower team on target to lose

  • Hi, what forward is the best upgrade?
    No trading limits and cash isn’t a major deal.

    My choice is out of Fyfe, Chapman, Johnson, ROK, Pavlich, & Dangerfield.
    At the present moment I am going with Fyfe, but would love all other opinions.