Nix DreamTrader – after Round 18

Well here we all are preparing for the games of the 19th Dreamiad. To help you along here is the update of Nix DreamTrader, version name positive A sample.

Not much change this round from the last version, just all the data updated and calculations re-calibrated.

The MagnetBoard is interesting this Dreamiad:

  • Sick Aunts is the new overall leader.   That’s a very strong team with a player value of almost $12.5 million.  A lot of these players were never cheap so there has been some pretty good trading here.
  • Perfect R9 is the side that someone posted after round 9 that they said would be leading overall, without having made any trades.  So it is interesting to see where that side would be now.  If anything the capital value has decreased.
  • The Kings of Leon is a side we don’t hear much about any more and is added for nostalgia

On a side note for anyone whose browser struggles to load all the DT related websites out there, I can recommend Google Chrome.  I switched to Chrome last Dreamiad and it was much faster and more robust than anything I had tried previously for DT stuff.

That’s it.  Remember to read the instructions tab.  Happy to  respond to questions or suggestions here or on twitter @NixTrader.  Here linky, linky …

Nix DreamTraderR18p

The file is an MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet, so it will try to open in MS Excel 2007 or similar.
I am happy to try to export it in other forms if posters want to suggest something feasible. However, the formulas are quite technical, so I am not optimistic it will transfer to other platforms easily.



  • This tool is a guide only, you are responsible for your own use of the ‘T’ button.
  • This is a virtual MagnetBoard only.  If you do not like what you see or how your team is performing do not punch the screen.


  • First

  • F.I.R.S.T,,,,,,,

  • The dream trader is confusing as f**k

  • So i trade

    Higgins- baguly
    Stanton – swallow

    Is it a good trade

    • Yes provided you think …

      – Higgins isn’t going to be available, or isn’t required in your starting 22, and Baguley is just for bench cover (not a starter)
      – Stanton either won’t play or won’t average more than 90 points a game, and Andrew Swallow will continue to score at 104 or above.

      But Swallow is a bit overpriced you might be able to find an even better option for the same money.

      • Umm who do u think i should get i was going to put baguly as a statrr and i need another for stanton

  • 3 trades left FMDT

    Dan Nicholson > Matt Suckling

    Jon Giles > Dean Cox

    Save for injury