Dream Team Extra: Round 18


It’s always interesting to see what’s floating around the Twitterverse, particularly when it comes to Dream Team. I’ve noted that quite a number of coaches are sitting on 2-4 trades. In previous years this would be highly unusual, but this year it’s typical of a season wracked by injuries on top of the MBRs and I’ve no doubt that some have struggled to upgrade amidst the non-stop carnage. Hopefully you either take comfort or, alternatively, break out in a cold sweat at the thought that we’re only two rounds away from DT Finals as the AFL’s home-and-away season draws to a close. It’s been a fairly quiet week for news, so let’s pluck a few gems that have been doing the rounds.


Avatar Returns, Gregory On Ice

This has got to be one of the most bitter-sweet tweets I’ve see so far this season from one of our fave sources of DT-relevant info from the west, @Atkinson_Tom

How sweet it is to see that Mister Fantastic himself, Nat Fyfe, is likely to get a run for Freo this weekend after a looong time out to get his shoulder right. While there’s no guarantee that it won’t pop out with some random chicken winging, I’m sure he’ll warm the hearts of many and etch himself on the trade-in short lists of coaches looking for a $380k (predicted) bargain next week. Oh, PS – we’ve missed you Fyfey!

Pooping on his coaches since R13

The Broughton brings us the bitter factor, possibly missing another week with his back complaint. This just tops off last week’s absence and muddling scores leading up to that. I’m pretty sure he, along with Hargrave and Malceski, have formed some sort of Club For Defenders Who Royally P*ss DTers Off! This deep into the season with trades running  low, there’s little choice but to hold Gregory and brace for whatever comes in the next few weeks… #Neveragain, I hear you say?

A 200th To Remember?

I don’t normally feature milestone games in #DTExtra, but as Goddard clocks up his 200th this round, I’m sure that all of us who have him in our back lines are hoping that he also pumps out a big score to help us forget his 73 point 3-round average. Maybe he needs to find himself a little Zen, or some ying to go with his yang or whatever, but c’mon BJ – a vintage 2010 game please!


Marc does Magnum – get some!

Marc-ed Down

As mentioned last week, Marc Murphy has bottomed out at a very tasty $384k. With a BE of 69, you’d expect that he’ll go alright against the Tiges this weekend, so grab him now if you’re confident that he’ll be able to break the hard tag in the coming three rounds. The appeal is that the Blues actually have a half-decent draw to finish off the fantasy season, with only 3 top eight opponents over the next six games. All things considered, Marc’s top value if you’re looking to finish your MID.


Cloke And Dagger

On a side note, the contract value of one Travis Cloke is possibly dropping in line with his Dream Team value (currently $296,800) as he continues his form slump amidst Eddie’s ‘no deal’ call. Hang on, I think I’ve pinned Eddie to the wrong arvo game show, but you get my drift… Cloke’s been a bit of a bust this year and all the wheeling and dealing may have taken his focus away from footy, so commiserations to all of you who have borne with him. Hopefully he plays himself into some form against the Giants this week, or you have The Zork to cover for him.


Anyways, that’s the rub for this week. Trading? Heard any juicy news bits, gossip or rumours? Got a rant or a rave? Stick it in the comments and let’s get some healthy chatter going ahead of team lists tonight. See ya next Thursday for another bout of media trawling and good luck this weekend!


Any questions, suggestions, general chit-chat or requests for next week’s #DTExtra?
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  • broughton not playing… another headache… with limited trades

  • team is:
    lids, god, bichall, hep, adcock, lake, waters (darley, spurr)
    stanton, boyd, hayes, priddis, rocky, gazza (williams, sexton)
    ryder, goldy (redden, big o)
    buddy, sidey, robbo, stevie j, ROK, martin, zorko (dickson, couch)

    i have 2 trades and 213k in bank.

    want a win this week… so i am willing to use both trades…

    what do you think i should do?

    if redden plays the next 2 weeks i will be happy as he will cover ryder…

    i really like to go:
    priddis – pendals
    dickson – beams


    hayes – swan
    dickson – pearson (not sure on this guy tho)


    lake – j.grimes
    dickson – danger

    • I’m a big fan of building depth when trades are low, so I’d be keeping guys like Lake, Priddis and Hayes. Upgrade Dickson to Beams if you must, though he’s likely to play out the season after being rested last weekend. That gives you depth in MID/FWD with Sexton’s DPP.

      I’d be looking to swap Ryder out cos his donut will hurt as Redden isn’t a dependable backup. Goldy looks good with a decent run home and HMac unlikely to ruck when he returns.

      • thanks TeeTee..

        makes scene…

        have to see with the teams tonight…

        • Plus Priddis averages 115 over last 3 games, so risky trade in my opinion as you will only gain a little or possibly nothing at all if Priddis finishes well and Pendles has a form slump

  • I’m glad broughton isn’t playing… I don’t want him I’m my side but I’m not ready to trade him out… Don’t want him to drop in price!!

  • Great article matey was wonderin, havent got too much cash left or trades. what your thoughts were on upgrading giles to nic nat or goldstien nic nat is a couple of K cheaper and has a higher ceiling niether will get a rest before the end of the year maybe slightly unique too.

    any thoughts appreciated

    • I’m in the same boat and looking at Giles->Goldy this week – he has bottomed out and has a nice run home against a few teams who aren’t particularly strong in the ruck dept. R23 against GWS could be the clincher for Goldy!

  • Seriously what is going on with Maric? Is he going to be a burden in ruck? I don’t want anymore late withdrawals from this guy.

    • Unfortunately it’s an ongoing groin issue for the Follicular Extravaganza, so a week-by-week proposition for him.

      • Thanks Teetee… hopefully the Tigers can continue to have a chance to make finals and keep playing him.

    • Thats exactly what I’m contemplating!

      Currently looking at whether or not to trade out Giles this week.
      He only has a break even of 117 and COULD get about 80 which wouldnt see him drop that much.
      On the other hand Maric has a break even of 147 and will probably only score 85-90 IF he plays. So he will lose more money.

      Cox is my big question, Break even of 152, will not get near that…

      Who will lose the most money in the next few weeks?

      Giles = 117
      Maric = 147
      Cox = 152

      • Maric and Cox will probably devalue at about the same rate after this round. The tough one is Giles, who can put up an 80+ but is just as likely to throw a 40-something this week. But he’s not as likely to lose as much value as Maric or Cox next week.

      • why do you care about the cash value of players that are going to stay in your team? get the guy that you think will score the most points…

  • Good Stuff Tee Tee. I’d almost be getting on Matty Wright ahead of Fyfe at the moment tho. A 3 round average of 110 and a permanent move into the Crows star studded midfield has seen him blossom of late. With the crows good run home expect a 110 average for the rest of the season.
    Genghis has spoken…

    • Great pickup! Might not have as high a ceiling (yet) as Danger, but been putting up very consistent numbers.

  • ryder – jacobs or j.roughead?

  • Best Trade?

    1. Marley Williams to Couch, Zorko to Swan (Retaining Mid/Fwd link) Gibson/Couch Mid Bench,
    Treloar and Hall forward Bench.

    2. A. Hall to Couch, D.Martin to Swan (Loses Mid/fwd link) Gibson Williams Mid Bench, Treloar and Couch Fwd Bench

    • sorry double post

    • Get Zorko in your forward line ASAP. Hes a F4-F5 easily. Shouldve got Swan long ago. Find another way then trading out a premium…

      • If i do that it will leave D.Martin on the bench as my whole starting 22 are premiums

  • Best Trade?

    1. Marley Williams to Couch, Zorko to Swan (Retaining Mid/Fwd link) Gibson/Couch Mid Bench,
    Treloar and Hall forward Bench.

    2. A. Hall to Couch, D.Martin to Swan (Loses Mid/fwd link) Gibson Williams Mid Bench, Treloar and Couch Fwd Bench

  • Sylvia, Wright or Fyfe in a couple?

    • Fyfe when he bottoms out – you know what you’re going to get from him for the money.

  • Hoping Cloke can bust out a ton this week and trade him out for Fyfe next week. Murphy is super juicy at that price as well!!

  • Looking to finish off my midfield by upgrading Sloane to either Murphy or Pendles… Would love some feedback on which way to go!

  • Only have tow trades left and want to trade out Giles and only $53k in the bank.

    So do I ether

    A) hold Giles (don’t really want to)

    B) trade Giles for someone less than $351k in the ruck(can’t find anyone) with 1 trade left

    C) downgrade porps to couch then Giles to cox with 0 trades left….. :I

    I’m in a pickle so help would b appreciated

    • 2 trades with just $50k in the bank means you’ve got to pull one downgrade if you want to upgrade. Probably not worth it if Giles plays cos those trades will come in handy in about 3-4 weeks time, unless you’re fighting to make the 8 in your league(s).

      • Thanks teetee got a really important league match this week so the extra 40-50 points or so will come in handy…

  • OK random question time – If Luke Hodge plays finals footy will his DT scores affect his DT13 price?

  • Nice article Tee Tee, good read!

    Would you consider benching Goodes and taking Porps off the bench? This is something i’m considering but don’t know if I will follow through with.

    Goodes, apart from his big ton has been scoring very poorly and has been spending little time in the midfield.

    Porps form has been very good and is a very consistent DT scorer. You can pretty much gaurantee a score between 80 and 100 from him now.

    The downside to this though of course is Porps won’t get a big 100, and Goodes can get a 130-140+

    • I got Goodes in for depth, so I’ll have the same selection dilemma you’re having once Buddy comes back. You’d think Goodes will kick a bag against the kids this week – that’s what I’m hoping anyway!

      • I made a rookie DT error! didn’t check to see who Goodes was playing!

        Goodes vs Gold Coast makes that decision a lot easier

    • Exactly what I am considering although I still have Porps on the ground for Buddy. I was going to trade Porps out this week and upgrade Horse to Pendles but now am considering trading Goodes instead (to Couch). I also have Boomer who will become cover once Pendles comes in.

      So Trade Boomer / Goodes or Porps to Couch – Horse to Pendles – Leave me with enough cash to upgrade Kreuz or Giles to McEvoy Jacobs etc next week.

      Or trade Smedts to Couch and Horse to Pendles – will leave me a bit short of cash to upgrade Kreuz / Giles

      Or do nothing. I have 6 trades left and look a lock to make both my leagues top 4.

      At this stage probably going to do nothing and hope Couch gets a rest this week.

      • Six trades?!? Wow, that’s epic! Sit tight – you’ll kill it come DT Finals with those trades up your sleeve.

        • Cheers mate, that’s what I think too.

          It helps when your in pretty weak leagues and give up on overall ranked just outside the top 2000 before the byes. (dropped to almost 10000 now lol)

      • 6, very handy! I have 5, I copped some carnage but avoided enough of it to pretty much finish my team with 5 trades left.

        I still have Nathan Van Berlo (thanks to his 120 average in his last 5 last year) but he has been average, so there may be one more trade left to do. I’ll be keeping an eye on Fyfe, if Fyfe gets a couple hundreds and VB gets a couple average scores I’ll be tempted to sideways VB to Fyfe. Although VB has Gold Coast and Melbourne last two rounds

  • Boys, ummm this is risky 4 Trades left Bartel to Pendles or just leave it alone because it is teasing me

    • It depends, are you going for league or overall?

      And if it is for league do you need to win to make the finals, or do you have an easy run home?

  • sidebottom is out… fark

  • No robbo, no steelo, no kennedy, no couch. My starting forwards and bench are all gone. Fuck DT 2012

  • holding on by the skin of my teeth………

    treloar and giles on field….. nervous territory!!!!

  • Trade plans have hit a road block with Couch dropped, was looking to downgrade Smedts to him.

    1 donut in the FWD line and counting and possibly one in DEF with Spurr named last on ext. bench!

  • ellis to michael johnson, shaw or heppel thats the highest i can go suggestions?

  • No donuts (but no forward emergencies)

    Smedts and Porps covering Robinson and Sidebottom

  • What to do. Only 2 trades left and 7k in the bank. Robbo and Franklin out with no cover and Giles as my second ruck

    Do I
    a) Do nothing
    b) Trade Milera to Josh Walker knowing that Milera could play again this year and Walker will likely be gone once the Pod returns then upgrade Giles to Jacobs
    c) Trade Sexton to Walker knowing that Walker will likely be gone once the Pod returns then upgrade Giles to Bellchambers and hope he keeps his spot once Ryder returns
    d) Trade Sexton to Walker knowing that Walker will likely be gone once the Pod returns then upgrade Giles to Hudson or Kreuzer
    e) do any of the above with Casboult instead of Walker, again knowing that his place in the side is likely temporary

  • Hayes or Barlow to pendles?
    I did get Barlow for my last mid spot and have had Hayes from the get go, but can’t pick the best option.
    less money to go Barlow but I’ve got the cash.

  • Team as follows for this week:
    B: lids, carrots, scotland, grima, heppell, ellis, Dempsey, bugg (b) and baguley (b)
    M: swan, pendles, Andy swallow, Boyd, Thompson, Stanton, couch (b) and treloar (b)
    R: cox, Jenkins, giles(b) and redden (b)
    F: beams, dangerfield, mayne, motlop, saad, porps, zorko, Franklin (b) and Sidey(b)

    Six trades left, request a trade nugget of info with 33k in the bank and currently sixth in my league. First year in dt and so glad I found this site!!!

  • TeeTee, you think Gumbleton is worth picking up for $165k to replace Hall/Milera on the bench? I know it’s more than a rookie costs but surely he has very good JS. Not sure what his scoring potential is like?