Jeppa’s Draftees – Rd 17

Suspensions, rested players and injuries are well and truly taking their tole on a lot of DT coaches out there. After having the luxury of three reserves last year, most of us have been cruelly reminded that team depth is critical and trading in players that will play consistently is of the utmost importance.

Remember even your back up needs back up! So when you need cash to bring in your last few premiums, choose wisely and hopefully this article puts you in the right direction!

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Three-or-More Gamers

The most impressive of the three-or-more gamers this week was Tom Bugg who scored 102. He had his hands full being matched up against Ballantyne but ran off him well and was able to accumulate possessions. Bugg is perfect bench cover as he well loved by those within GWS but his inconsistent performances over the year could cost coaches who need to play him as their seventh defender. Toby Greene and Sam Gibson were again very good with 80 and 87 respectively and both should play out the season barring injury. Jamie Elliot, played a forward tagging role on DT favourite Grant Birchall but still managed to win the ball and score a 73. I rate Elliot! He is very good overhead for a small bloke and I’d be licking my lips if I had him as my eighth or ninth forward.

Billie Smedtshad somewhat of a break out game against the Bombers with an impressive 86 but I still don’t think he is suitable back up as his job security remains an issue. Steven Morris on the other hand is great back up and probably played his best game for Richmond against the Roos finishing with a solid 73. There are no job security worries for Morris, Hardwick loves the way he plays and frankly so do I.Josh Jenkins took me by surprise scoring a whopping 99. He was very good up forward and in the ruck against the Eagles but I’d still be worried about job security unless Tippet is ruled out for a few weeks.

The disappointments of the multi gamers this round were Cory Dell’Olio (43), Nathan Brown (33), Aaron Young (29), Ahmed Saad (26), Murray Newman (22) and Jonathon Giles (36) which was felt by most. Obviously you should look to trade these players since all of them except Newman still have some currency but if you can’t then they are suitable back ups.

Two Gamers

Well if you’re like me and you brought in Tom Couch this week then I’m guessing you’re pretty nervous. An output of 47is not whatmost coaches hoped for. DT points aside, Couch cant kick to save his life (I’d hate to see his golf swing) but his intent and determination is second to none. With Brent Moloney still on the outer, my gut tells me Couch will either be dropped or cop a vest this week. If you have Couch as your M8/F9 then I reckon you can breathe easy but not those who have him as M7/F8.

The most attractive downgrade option from the boys on the bubble is definitely Anthony Mileswho has a break even of -113. Miles collected 27 possessions for 94 DT points and even though he really didn’t have an opponent all day, you still have to give the kid credit.On the downside, Miles is not that great overhead and lacks pace. He missed the whole month of June with a knee injury but that aside, questions have to be asked why he has not played more games at AFL level.All in all, I think it is viable to bring in Miles as your eighth midfielder but if you need to bring him in as consistent back up as a seventh midfielder, it’s a bit of a risk as his job security is not proven. Miles’ teammate Josh Bruce caught my eye on Sunday with a 78. He started at full back against Pav and was left for dead but after half time Bruce was moved into the forward line and showed a bit. He was a decent target taking a couple of good marks and ended up kicking a goal. Even though he looked solid in the second half, Cameron and Patton should both come back in the side this week so you’d think Bruce would either be omitted or have a lesser impact on the game.

If you asked Mark Baguley what he would give himself out of 10 for his performance on Friday night, he’d probably say a 4. Baguley struggled with the pace of the game & got caught out on Geelong’s fast break numerous times. He scored a mediocre 54 and I can’t see him staying in Essendon’s 22 much longer even with Hibberd out.

Geelong’s Joshua Walker was a presence in the first quarter marking anything in his vicinity but slowed down to finish with 63 after an impressive 37 in the first quarter. He looked to have copped a knock to his lower leg that restricted him somewhat for the rest of the game. With Mitch Brown breathing down his neck with good VFL form and the jPod not too far away, I would stay clear of Walker as a forward downgrade option. Jackson Sheringham also started well for Geelong but faded to finish with 59. Even at rookie price, I would not contemplate bringing him in to my teamas I think he will be one of the first in the Geelong side to be dropped.

Sam Dunell 30 points,bobbed up for a goal after starting in the green vest but that’s about all he did. I like the way he moves and he’s got good touch, but it’s all about job security and Dunell is just too much of a risk in my view.

Don’t waste your time on ‘old man’ Stephen Clifton (52), Caolan Mooney (20) & Josh Hall (11).

One Gamers

Both GWS and Carlton unleashed three first gamers on the weekend with the Blues forced to play the kids due to injury and the Giants due to ‘development.’ Tom Bell looks to be the pick of the first gamers after scoring 62. He’s a no nonsense footballer, well built and has a very good aerobic capacity. Ratten loves the tough players (e.g. Robinson, Duigan, Tuohy, etc.) and gave an early indication in his post match interview that Bell would play again next week. The first time I heard about Levi Casboult,was when he had one too many on a Carlton post season function. Against the Bulldogs, Casboult made a different name for himself after being thrown into the ruck on debut and scoring a 49. He doesn’t look set to stick around at AFL level with Warnock coming back from suspension and Kreuzer set to return from a hip issue. Fraser Dale was a late inclusion for kamikaze Robinson and started in the green vest. Dale came on in the fourth quarter and scored 24, which included a goal. Given Robinson is expected to play this week one would assume Dale will be dropped.

Sam Frost scored 57 against the Dockers and was ok considering the Dockers played keep it off most of the match. Gerald Ugle had a tackle as his only stat up to half time. He bounced back in the second half to kick a goal and finish with 38. I watched the game on Sunday and I hardly sighted Kurt Aylett. He collected 6 touches and scored 27 before being subbed off in the third quarter. You don’t need to be a talent scout to realise that these three GWS boys are not DT material.

Keep Your Eye On

Stephen Wrigley –was named in the NEAFL team of the year two years running and subsequently picked up by Brisbane in last year’s rookie draft. He is a rebounding defender who loves to break the lines. Brisbane Reserves coach, Nathan Clarke has been quoted as saying that Wrigley would have played AFL earlier in the year if the opportunity to be elevated onto the senior list presented itself. Something to note however is that Wrigley is likely to be competing against Sam Docherty for the next available spot in the Lions defence. I am pretty sure Docherty would be ahead in the pecking order but if Brisbane cop a few late injuries then Wrigley could play some games.

Jason Johannisen–runs like the wind and aint too bad with a footy in his hand either. Johannisenwas in good form for Williamstown earlier in the year before succumbing to a knee injury. Since coming back from injury only three weeks ago, Johannisen has been close to BOG in the last two VFL rounds.The Bulldogs are playing very poorly at the moment and one of their major weaknesses is their ability to run and carry the football. Given the finals are out of reach, I would like to think Brendan McCartney would give Johannisenan opportunity at AFL level.

Brendan Lee – averaged 29 touches for East Perth last year with Essendon taking notice and picking him up in the rookie draft. He was recently edged out by Mark Baguley to be elevated off the rookie list but given he’s an accumulator, Lee could be a DT smokey if he is given an opportunity at AFL level. If Lee doesn’t get an AFL game or two this year, keep your eye on him for next year.


  • Who to trade out of Smedts or Shaw to Baguley or Bell. Need cash for my final upgrade.

  • Good article mate, would have a lot more interest if the kids had more trades!! I noticed Kavanagh was named Bendigo’s best player, then again Raph Clarke was for the opposing Sandy team…

    I have a bit of a ‘concern’, as I want to bring in another downgrade. Currently have Kennedy, Gibson and Smith as my permanent bench fixtures, with Zorks covering Pendles, then Buddy. I want Miles but like Gibson for his JS, if I trade one of the others I lose my DPP link. Worth it?

    That brings me to Couch, is he worthwhile? Any other DPP rooks yet to play? If I got Couch, should I trade Kennedy for less than 100k profit or do I lose Dev Smith and get bigger profit to use for ltis but lose his JS also…

    • Do not get rid of your DPP link! I’m all about playing it safe especially with players likely to be rested coming up to finals so I’d do Kennedy to Couch.

      Keep your eye on Tom Bell from Carlton also, he’s a backman but if Carlton miss the finals he should play out the year…

  • Treloar was a handy forward for me in the three plus category over the weekend!

    • Treloar’s suprising burst carried me to my first 2300+ of the season – voted for him for the Golden Stubby (had Swan as captain and am very thankful to him as well, but the Treloar was more of a suprise and he was my last player playing along with Giles…).

  • Nice one Jeppa. Pity I have no spare trades to downgrade.

  • Treloar and Ellis are obvious oversights unfortunately. Both of their games on the weekend was simply awesome. Congratulation to Ellis for his Rising Star nom. Very much overdue!!!

    The problem with Jenkins in regards to his job security is McKernan. McKernan has been listed as 1 week on the injury list on the Crows website with his broken jaw. He wont be a straight inclusion into the team so will have a run or 2 in the SANFL. Adelaide are reluctant to play McKernan and Jenkins in the same team. Tippet wont affect this.

    Overall all though not a bad job mate! Cheers mate.

    • I agree that Trealor was a miss as he earnt me some quality points with the Robbo Donut!

      If the kid can get some consistency then he’d be awesome.

    • Treloar definately slipped through the cracks…apologies.

      I reckon Ellis played a better game last week against the Gold Coast, two good games on the trott though are very good signs for those that still have him.

      • It’s more like 3 good games for Ellis, since he looked very solid against Melbourne as well. He looks to be a classic example of a first year player who is growing into a role and improving as the year goes on. If Broughton is back this week then him vs Ellis is not the fait accompli it should be.

  • Cheers Jeppa, great article.

    Need to downgrade either Shiel or Hall but don’t know who to trade out or in.
    Which is the best combination of M8 and F9 taking in account JS and DPP which are very important:

    1. Shiel and Couch (M/F)

    2. Couch (M/F) and Hall

    3. Baguely (M/D) and Hall

  • Don’t think Branden Lee will be playing this season. We’ve already elevated Dell O’lio and Bagueley. No space for him

  • Advice please.
    Need to downgrade one of my bench warmers to get Goldstein for Giles.
    1 Big o to Josh Hall.
    2 Big O to Casboult.
    3 Spurr to Baguley.
    4 T Adams to Baguley.

    I’m leaning towards Option 1. Big O does not look like playing soon, Hall is 20K cheaper than Casboult. Trading out Spurr or Adams gives me more cash.

    • Big O has been flat out dominating at VFL level.

      He’s either going to get back into the side this week or he’s not going to get back again this year IMO.

    • This is a hard one! Casboult is a FWD only so option 2 is out and I reckon Baguley is unlikely to play most of the remaining games this year. That leaves Orren to Hall but you dont want to be relying on Hall for any points…he’ll average 30!

      If you feel like a punt, do Spurr to Baguley especially if Spurr is dropped and Baguley gets named

  • Haha Dr Dreamteam is telling everyone to grab Cloke…wow he’s terrible

    Anthony Miles is interesting by the looks of it he will keep his spot after doing an interview this week about how ‘we’re ready for the pies’. Was hoping he’d stay cheap for next year. Branden Lee looks good for ’13

    • I comprehensively defeated Nurse Dreamteam last week in one of my leagues, it felt so good to wipe the smirk off of his masked face! He had an article last week saying something about Heath Shaw being as dependable a defender as they come… I nearly fell out of my chair laughing!

    • At times I wonder if the esteemed doctor is a real person at all given the beginner errors he made when I beat him (her?) earlier this year. Is it possible that the doc is actually a desk, somewhere, where this week’s work experience person sits and take a turn at doing the job for the week?

    • Haven’t read the Doctor’s article and wont be.

      I am not totally against Cloke at < $300,000. He would provide decent bench cover for the last 6 weeks of the season and if picked this week would be nice cover for Buddy. At that price he would be just that.. bench cover.

  • Great Job Jepp!
    enjoying reading your articles……….now to work out what to do with G Ablett if he seriously does have a knee injury!
    Keep up the good work!

  • very good jeppa – some interesting players, interesting thoughts. For me I hope they stay off the park til next year!

  • 6 Trades Left going for finals win. Should i

    1. Trade A.Hall my 9th Forward to T.Couch then go D.Martin (worst fwd/mid) to D.Swan

    2. Hold trades for finals


    • Since Couch will be your 9th FWD I dont mind that.

      Not so sure bout getting rid of Martin though!

      • Who should i trade then? Zorko? my team is

        Deledio Scotland Goddard Carrazzo Birchall Heppell Broughton (Morris) (Spurr)

        Ablett Boyd Watson Pendlebury Thompson Zorko (Gibson) (M.Williams)

        Cox Maric (Redden) (Stephenson)

        Beams Sidebottom Franklin Robinson Chapman Dangerfield D.Martin (Treloar) (Hall)

        • I assume you dont have enough cash in the bank to do Treloar to Swan.

          Since you still have 6 trades you can afford to do Hall to Couch & Martin to Swan. Chappy would be the next up on the chopping block though.

          Keep a trade for Maric!

          • Best Trade?

            1. Marley Williams to Couch, Zorko to Swan (Retaining Mid/Fwd link) Gibson/Couch Mid Bench,
            Treloar and Hall forward Bench.

            2. A. Hall to Couch, D.Martin to Swan (Loses Mid/fwd link) Gibson Williams Mid Bench, Treloar and Couch Fwd Bench

      • Option 1 Brad!

        • cheers mate thanks for your help, liking how your replying to all the posts in your article nice debut keep up the good work.

  • Good Read Jeppa!

    When is it the right time to get rid of darley and spurr for my last defensive spot. Got 40 K in the bank!

    • Depends who you want for them?

      Spurr has one more really good price rise in him (approx $30K). Darley is predicted to go up by $17K this week.

      Unfortunately, I suspect both wont be named this week

  • You are spot on Jeppa
    Jason Johannisen is likely to debut this weekend and will be elevated off the rookie list

  • Hi guys n gals,

    Quick question;
    Priddis -> Pendles?
    They cost the same, have 5 trades left, only one other trade left b4 finals. (aiming for league finals win)
    Would you do it?

    • i would keep priddis… he is in top form at the moment…

    • Yeah, keep Priddis although his kick-to-handball ratio is affecting his DT output (see JP Kennedy).

    • If you have premo’s lined up in all of your other starting positions then fine.

      Sort out premo players first before sideways trading!

  • Nice article, love that you add info about 0 gamers so we have players to keep an eye on if we don’t like any of the 1 or 2 gamers.

    Good work!

  • Nice work Jeppa.

    Looks like Miles will miss the next few weeks though.

  • Downgrading to Baguley (from J-Mac) so I can upgrade Adam Kennedy (that way Christensen is F8).

    Which last forward should I get?

    Colin Sylvia now? Or Fyfe after he drops?

    Also, If I’m to bring in Dayne Beams, I’ll have to upgrade Jamie Elliot instead, but I’m not entirely comfortable with injury-prone Christensen and Adam Kennedy (rotation) as cover.

    Leaning towards Sylvia, but I don’t know… What do you think?

    • Gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Get Beams worry about injuries if and when they happen.

    • Im with Brad!

      You need to get Beams in. Fyfe will be a really Premo smokey that not many teams will have!

      Im waiting to get Fyfe…Im hoping he starts as the sub this week!!!

  • I’m thinking of going either

    Morris-Bell and then Gibson-Beams (this allows me to keep my def-mid link (Baguley in the mids) and make a fwd-mid link (sub Couch from the fwds into the mids)

    or Morris-Miles and Treloar-Beams (leaves me with no links)

    Anyone got any thoughts on either Miles or Bell and their respective JS?

    • This is why its so hard to get an answer to questions around here because all people do is ask their own questions and ignore other ppls its a 2 way street if you want your question answered try answering the guy above and maybe hell do the same for you.

    • You want a DPP link mate.

      Can you do Morris to Miles and Gibson to Beams?

      From what i gather your reserves will then be

      DEF – ??? & Baguley
      MID – Treloar DPP & Miles
      FWD – ??? & Couch

      Just make sure the ??? are decent cover too!

      Remember even your cover needs cover!

  • “It was great experience for Tom to play the last two games at AFL level and we look forward to his continued development at Casey,” Football Mgr Josh Mahoney
    Doesn’t sound like Tom Couch will be playing too many more games this season …