Lockout Chat: Round 17


After a massive week in AFL Dream Team, we are back for another round. How are you attacking Round 17? Did you make any big trades? Discuss it all here in the comments all weekend. We want to hear your scores after each game so we all get a good idea how the DT community is going!

POST YOUR SCORES: Show your scores as well as how many players have played… if you captain has played, count then as two. So at the end of the round, you have 23 players to have played.


  • If I had more than 2 trades left Goddard would be gone. He has been one of the big under-performers for 2012. A huge 25 at half time today.

  • ahh… with rok, mac and god underperforming I’ll be lucky for 2400…..

    • Meanwhile, Mummy was going great but has been subbed with a knee on 54.

      So far so crap, today…

      • Sundays are always like that for some reason… 47 on debut from Goodes. Bleh!

        Need Giles to stay under 57 for my first ever 5-0 week.

        Scored 2174 which is about 7th best of the 85 teams in my five leagues… not many scores over 2200.

  • anyone know how much Swan will drop to after this round? Only Swan could have a BE of 180 and almost pig it down.. oink oink….

  • Right.
    There is me with Deledio, Dusty, Gibson and Bugg + 100 against

    Houli, Conca, Johnson, Spurr and Greene

    I think I can say I’ve got this one in the bag

  • 5 trades left, I’m over Stanton so he’s going to become pendles ! Maybe Goddard out too ???

  • should not have gotten goodes:(

    • Can’t believe some people got him in when he was 600k

      • im talking about goodes not stanton!! haha
        but it was only stanton’s few big games that bought his average and price up which brought his BE down.

  • Want somebody from GWS (Apart from Treloar, Giles and Ward) to get injured early in the first quater so Townsend can come on early (Emergency for Darley who I was hoping would be a late in)

  • Fucking hell Goodes you’ve been shocking lately. Cost me my game 2 weeks in a row now.

  • hahahaha goodes didn’t even hit his BE

    • Why exactly do you need to post the exact same thing in 2 separate threads?

  • Should be looking pretty comfortably at 2300. Could lift it a bit higher if my Freo boys have a day out.

  • haha, just expect pav to get a 12 point play in the first minute.

  • Sitting on 2111 with Dusty, Lids, and Treloar in play at the moment.

    Was tossing up between Swanny and Boyd for captain, luckily at the last minute decided to go for Swan :)

  • The Pav looking like he will go huge…..potential Buddy game

  • 79 points from my freo players in the first quarter.
    Gotta be happy with that:)

    • an d i only got a 7 point quarter from Gibson:( after a 55 point first half

  • Mullet, why U no score eh? :(

  • OK here is the score so far:

    Him: harvey, wells, smith, folau

    me: mullet, gibson, pav, MJ +876

    who do you think is going to win cos I recon it is gonna get really close

  • need 20 from giles for 2400 in 2nd half…..

  • Top of the table clash in my league and i got f**king belted

  • I’m 627 overall and have scored 2266. How do you think that will effect my ranking?

    • The scores seem all over the place this week. With the Robbo doughnut and already streched back lines I would expect you to be about par. I think you will say put in the rankings, give or take 50 spots.

    • I’ll guess that you’ll go up a few spots